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20% off Storewide @ Dell eBay (S2721D $199 (Exp), S2721Q $269, AW3821DW $1499)


Another eBay sale from Dell. All time low for some of the monitors.

Pay with discounted eBay gift cards for further savings.

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    Not fair. I bought S2721Q at $289 in April and it's still in box.

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      Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows.

      It's a very mean and nasty place and I don't care how tough you are it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life.

      But it ain't about how hard ya hit. It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done!

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        Thank you. I decided to buy another to balance out the loss by half (ie. $10).

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          What if it drops again? For a long lasting thing, it does not make sense to buy more due to the price drop. You have enjoyed one+ month more than someone buys it today. BTW, I bought the S2721D in Nov for $219 like many others.

          Edit: Since the previous one is still in the box, it may mean you actually do not need it.

          • @Neoika: He hasn't enjoyed it yet, his expensive monitor is still in box :)

        • That was my crypto strategy. It hasn't worked out well recently.

  • Legend, bought 2x S2721Q :D

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      Should have got the 2721QS deal for $280 off Dells website, only $10 more!

      • Oops, was S2721D not Q :)
        I also don't need a stand, on arms

      • is there a sale? link please :) ?

        ah nevermind, there was a sale (expired).

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    I guess that "n + 1" formula proved accurate today…

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    Awesome price for the S2721D. Got 2 for work a week ago and loving them. I paid $239 on the last Dell eBay sale.

    • Did you get them for a dual monitor setup or for two different people? I'm debating whether to get two of these for dual monitor or just the one 34" Ultrawide. #torn I have a dual monitor arm on which I currently have a single 27" old Shimian monitor with a beefy bezel. Trying to picture two 27" monitors on it. Seems a lot of real estate.

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        I've got them side-by-side on a dual monitor mount. Absolutely massive improvement over my old 27" and 24" 1080p combo. I would 100% recommend 2 mounted together.

        I'm now also using the Dell Display Manager software to help with snapping windows and dividing up the real estate

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          I had a 38 inch ultrawide for about a year, purchased 2 of these 27inch monitor to go either side and ended up selling the ultrawide. For multitasking I find having the seperate displays is much nicer, and 2 27inch 1440p monitors is definitely a lot of realestate, but def my favourite combo.

      • I have 4 (S2721Q) in a 2x2 arrangement it's a lot of real estate. I have learned I can always find something else to put on a new monitor apparently.

        Ultrawide might be better for movies or a long timeline video editing, or playing games. For productivity I like multiple monitors but I'm a bit of a power user. The bezels are great on this, compared to my old dual setup. Check the max monitor width etc for your monitor arm just in case.

        The other variable is what you're connecting them to. For instance the M1 macbooks will be better with a single external monitor as they only have a single external 'real' video output and the tricks to get more than one monitor on them have some issues.

        • May we ask what is in use to drive 4x 4K monitors? Which graphics card works so hard? All with 60Hz?

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            @Al123: 2070 super (so very happy I bought that when I did!)

            It’s not working that hard most of the time because it’s typically showing security camera streams + occasionally video conferencing and most of the rest just development work. Or security cameras + tv + 2 productivity displays.

        • What monitor arm(s) are you using? I'm having trouble finding something reasonably to stack two 27"

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            @smmoove: Not cheap unfortunately but was on sale (eBay or Black Friday or something) when I got them, https://www.ergotron.com/en-au/products/product-details/45-5...

            Figure they’ll last, probably cheaper options and there’s one with a slightly shorter pole that might also work, there’s much shorter post options that won’t stack 2x27’ vertically.

            At the moment using two tall posts but might consolidate the 4 arms to the one post at some point. It was much cheaper to get the double mount on sale than pay silly prices for an additional arm.

            Oh and flipped the top two monitors upside down to reduce the bezels in the middle, which is great except when your OS hasn’t loaded due to some issue and it’s upside down.

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          Wow. Nice setup. Yeah, I checked my monitor arm. Should be ok. I have one of these I bought from Newegg a while back. Specs suggest it should be ok.

          • @bigrizz: Yeah that looks good for side by side.

  • I pull the trigger on https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/624338
    I should have waited :(

    • oh just realised S2721Q =/= S2721QS. Maybe still not too bad to me?

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      The QS which we purchased has height adjustment this does not

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      S2721QS is a better monitor.

      • It's negligable if you're going to be using a monitor arm.

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          yes but you have to spend extra on the monitor arm.

    • No, that one is S2721QS, only $10 more and comes with adjustable height etc.

    • You got the better deal, $10 extra for a $40 stand that is extremely handy. You did well!

      • Felt the same as door999mo.Thanks for comforting us :')

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    $1999 for the Dell G5 Gaming Desktop Intel® Core™ i7-10700F 16GB RAM 1TB SSD RTX 3070 is not bad, it may take a month to arrive.

    • Yeah it’s not bad. Just make sure you know about potential future issues with non-standard parts like motherboard and power supply


      • Thanks!

    • I am looking at an XPS 15 at the moment. The deal is a bit better direct on the Dell website.
      I am not sure if I buy now I will curse when 11th gen models soon become available, which will apparently have new dedicated GPUs as well.

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    $479 Dell 34" or Xiaomi?

    • I personally have the Xiaomi and it's been great.
      At a cursory glance, they look very similar. Both have an 8bit VA panel with 300nits brightness.

      sRGB color accurate looks to be higher on the Xiaomi. The Xiaomi has an extra DisplayPort but the Dell has USB 3.0 ports and the Xiaomi doesn't. The Xiaomi is DisplayPort 1.4 and the Dell is 1.2


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        Xiaomi is 144hz vs 100 for the Dell.

        • Yes, good spot! I forgot to add that as well. Thanking you kindly.

        • Is it big difference between 144hz and 100hz? Still thinking should go for Xiaomi 34 or Dell 34, Similar price $485.1 vs $479.2

          Any comments appreciated. Thanks.

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    S3221QS for $383 is a cracking deal. Yes it's not an IPS panel, but 32" 4K IPS displays are way more expensive.

    I recently replaced my U2719D with a S3221QS and love it :)

    • It's tempting me :O

  • Any quick comments/advise on this 34 inch monitor?

    • I can't get ebay at work, which model is the 34" monitor?

  • Bought the last one Alienware 34”

    Thanks OP.

    • 38"?

      • AW3420DW,34” only one in stock,out of stock now

        • How much was it after discount? That's the old model right?

          • @Knightelf: After 20% $1023.20,pay with 7 $100 GC bought from Woolworths,
            About $953.20 probably.

            AW3420DW Seems to be the latest.

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              @coolim: Thanks! I meant old as they appear to have stopped selling the 34", I think the 38" replaced it, and 144hz vs 120hz. But it is still the latest in terms of 34"

  • AW2721D is $799.20 great price paid $872 in Jan

    GSync works

    Tad of overshoot in Super Fast mode but still extremely smooth monitor and awesome colour

  • +1

    no docking stations

  • Anyone have the S3422DW? Seems that its only on the Dell USA site?

  • For DELL 34, does it have a monitor in monitor support? That is, I can split the same monitor into two different monitors? I see it has some software that allows windows to be organized, but I need something that physically divides the monitor. Yelp?!

  • Thanks OP, got a S2721D for work/study purpose.

  • Just bought a s2721d, says the delivery can be expected on 22nd June, so a whole month delivery.
    Does anyone know if they will deliver quicker than this, I need it by 4th June.
    So i need it to be delivered within 2 weeks max to be honest.

    • +3

      Yeah, for their last sale I got something similar (delivery expected in 5-6 weeks or so), but then it arrived in 4-5 days. YMMV.

      • Great to hear, hopefully i can expect the same!

      • Which part of aus do you live in mate?

        • Delivery was to Adelaide cbd.

    • +1

      I ordered 2 during the last sale on the 29th of April. Delivery estimate was the 5th of June but they arrived on the 14th of May.

      • Which part of aus do you live in mate?

        • +1

          Sydney metro

  • Bought an S2721D for $239 two weeks ago from Dell eBay. :(

  • Very good price on the 2421HS as well which is a great workspace screen

    • Yep! Back to around $138 each again….. I missed that deal from a few weeks ago, so I grabbed two for the home office this time 🙂

  • +1

    Cheapest ever price on the S3221QS as well ($383.00)

  • Anyone know the best place to get replacement Dell batteries?

    The battery on my Inspiron 7000 died this week out of nowhere, 16 months after purchase.

    • Try Ebay otherwise ask Dell directly.

      • Ta mate, will try both fronts.

  • Thanks OP:)

    Finally placed an order for Dell 32 Curved 4K UHD S3221QS with 20% off for $383. save more if you got discounted eBay gift cards.

    The only thing is the Estimated delivery Tue 22 Jun - Tue 29 Jun.

    • I would ignore the est delivery date. I purchase one off the Dell website on Thurs (20th), shipped out Fri (21st) and scheduled to be delivered on Monday ( at least according to the startrack website).

  • If anyone's considering 17" G7 gaming laptop with RTX2070 (with possible thermal throttle issue), they dropped the price further to result in ~$1600:

    • Yep better to discuss in it's own separate thread

      Reasonable value nothing outstanding

  • That 34 price is awesome.

  • +1

    Sigh… I just want one of the USB C monitors on sale. It would be nice to clean up all the cables instead of using adaptors.

    • Yes usb c monitor. I got one from work, just one cable to connect macbook with monitor for display/charging. Usb hub is added benefit.

    • +1

      I bought the 34" USB-C monitor a few years ago when they first came out, it is awesome. One monitor, one cable.

      • at least 2 cables, 1 for USb C one for the charger.

        • at least 2 cables, 1 for USb C one for the charger.

          Laptop charges over the same USB-C cable.

  • Thanks OP bought 2x 27 inch S2721D monitors!

  • if i'm understanding correctly, for the S2721 line, the Q and QS are identical displays with different stands? so if someone uses an arm there's no difference at all?

    also, is the S2721 a good display for ps5? i'm fine with 60 frames, but wondering if everything else about the display is worthwhile for ps5 or if i should spend a bit more? i use a (pretty good) 1080p monitor at the moment so this would be a decent upgrade regardless.

  • Great find! OP.

    Before pulling the trigger, just a noob question - Has anyone face any issue mounting the S2721D on a (3rd party i.e. not Dell) Single Arm Desk Mount Monitor Stand? Thanks.

  • Ahh S2721QS is more expensive than the last deal. I need the height adjustment :(

  • I am having trouble understanding in plain English the difference (other than price) between the 2721D and the S2721Q. My use will be for everything other than gaming. Appreciate constructive advice. Thank you.

    • +1

      i think q is 4k whereas d is 1440p, but the d is 75hz and the q is only 60hz

      • +1

        Thank you. So for office work and general browsing 1440p and 75hz is suitable?

      • This is correct and also the color support is 16.7 million on "d" whereas "q" has 1.07 billion and better contrast levels.
        Can somebody please explain the color support difference?
        Is it related to the SRGB?
        Besides these factors relating to the panel the monitor build is structurally the same.

        • -1

          i think the colors are due to the fact its 1440p vs 4k

        • +1

          The d would be 8 bit colour or maybe by 6bit with frc. Where as the q could be 10 bit or more likely just 8bit with frc, Ie flashing the leds to represent colours to the puny human eye. This would mean that the q could do 10bit HDR to some level. Whereas the d doesn’t.

          HDR uses 1.07 billion colours and this is done either with 10bit panels or 8bit with frc.

          • +1

            @sillyhead: Thank you both for the information, great to learn something new.
            Essentially both great for office work, 4k if you enjoy better pictures and movies