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[eBay Plus] $5/ $7/ $10 off Select Items - e.g. $0: Digital Thermometer, 50pc Mask, Logitech H110, $3: Belkin Dual USB Charger

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          • @spy: It definitely works, but you need the seller to be responsive and cancel before promotion ends.

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      Thanks! I need 1 of those

    • Cheers skido & cam muchas gracias! (btw I'm not spanish if you're wondering)

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        Are you spanish?

        • Not that I'm aware of but I am a giftedly stable genius.

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      Seller is going is going to make an absolute killing from this promo! 1 generic usb c cable for $10. Lmao.

    • Photo 4 in the listing (incorrectly?) shows a C-to-C cable.

      Maximum power input 100W

      Yeah, right.

      • Hmm was it removed? I'm only seeing 3 photos lol

  • Any toys link if anyone noticed with these offers

  • Ops, missed out on the headset which I actually need haha. Used 1 of my codes on the masks, thank you from VIC.

  • Crazy deals

    Thanks Op

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    Thanks OP!

    Mi USB-C Cable 1m White $0 w/ $10 voucher

  • i have a strange urge to buy this playstation watch https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/323824371717

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      <whispers> Playstation

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    • haha oops you found it

    • That’s a kettle bell

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        look through the options and pics

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          I hate that eBay allows people to do that sort of s*it. This is why people go to Amazon…

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            @sqeeksqeek: Idk about you but I love it, I think everyone else agrees

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              @I Smell Pennies: You love doing a search for something, sorting by price lowest to highest and then clicking the first few hundred items and then finding that the item that’s actually that cheap is some old junk adaptor or a cloth and what you want from the drop down is actually 10x that?

              Really? Really?

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                @sqeeksqeek: Some people like being kicked in the nuts

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                You love doing a search for something, sorting by price lowest to highest and then clicking the first few hundred items

                That's what I do

                Also I didn't buy anything from the drop-down for the exact reason you stated. What I meant was I love the ebay promos, not the sellers making this listings.. I should have been more clearer. Sorry

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    anyone who joined the party late, don’t worry I got you fam <3

    Check this link out: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/294172035709

    some cables, accessories etc

    • any deal for lightning cable please? :)

      • Same couldn't find any lightning cable.

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        I checked with them. Ugreen lightning cables cost more (but they're also higher quality), so wont be able to do free. They're updating to the lowest price which will be $17 ($7 after code) if interested

        edit: updated!

        • How about USB A to C?

        • Any lightning OTG that actual works? Bought one from Amazon before didn't work, keep getting too much power required but it is only a midi drum.

    • can anyone actually check out? i keep getting "A seller made some changes to an item listing."

      • try again, it should work. they were adding some photos for other products

        • yep. after 5 or 6 attempts later i forced it through lol

          bought a strange variant of cast iron micro sd card ;)

      • Try it again. Mine did that first time, but went through second time.

      • Same "A seller made some changes to an item listing."

        Tried a few times still the same.

        Finally gone through

    • That mousepad looks quite nice. I went with a waterproof phone case so I can bring it into the bathroom with me.

    • Nabbed three $10 cables three time for free on the 2nd plus account.

      I think the seller is a bit sneaky to add cable stuff under the wrong category. Initially, probably Kettlebells only.

  • Between this and the Afterpay deal, I'll never have to buy a charger again! Lol.

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    $10 wireless charging pad if anyone is interested


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      Only interested in free stuff 😜

    • Plus it was $5 last week.

  • 1 ac to go will just go the 3 X free masks and not worry about increasing feedback :)

  • Looking for a free/cheap headfone

  • thanks OP. scored 50x masks, samsung evo 32gb micro sd and lexar 32gb sd. used some of the free $10 paypal gave me and paid absolutely nothing out of pocket ^_^

    will be quite peeved if i do end up with two kettle balls though lol

  • Those who recently bought officeworks $146 Samsung Galaxy S21s. They may consider this for $12.99 . https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/233466703181?ssPageName=STRK%3AM... Amazon selling this for 19.99

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      I guess you mean Galaxy A21s…😉

      • Yes, Galaxy A21s . sorry.

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    To buy or not to buy:
    Wooden Foot Massager Roller Relieve Plantar Fasciitis Acupressure Massage Tool - $5.85

    • happy 2013 lol
      hope the stock's not that old

  • Bought "Smart Games IQ XOXO Puzzle Game" at $12 for kids

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    if anyone wants to request a product, please check out the store

    have a look if any item within the $1-$20 range interests you. Then PM me the item number or reply to this comment, and I will reach out to the rep to see if it can be added to the list

    Mod: OP requests to not send any more requests.

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    Any Usbc to usbc cable?

  • 32gb sandisk endurance micro sd please?