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10% off Sitewide ($50 Min Spend) + Delivery @ Shopping Express (Gigabyte Radeon RX 6700 XT EAGLE 12G RGB Card $1079.10)


10% Storewide, prices below are after Discount, add item to cart, discount appears in Checkout

Minimum $50 spend. Limit of 1 order per account and 10 items per order. Excludes Epic Hour deals.



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  • Is it really sitewide discount? I tried HP OMEN 300 Gaming Mouse Pad Extended 900x400mm and it didn't put the discount in?

    Plus the shipping cost rather kills the deal with small item too; $10.74 to VIC.

    • +2

      Over $50

      • Thanks, obviously I missed that in the OP descriptions

  • +8

    Nice deal imo. The 6700xt is the true value card at the moment. Sad that value is a grand but this is really the card that rips you off the least at the moment imo. At these 1 to 1.1 k price points.

    • According to Tomshardware GPU Hierarchy, the 6700XT scores 73.3 and and GTX 1080 scores 45.2…
      So if my friend replaced his GTX 1080 with a 6700XT he should expect roughly a ~62% effective performance increase?
      *I wonder how much he could sell the GTX 1080 for at the moment… Hmmm

      • +9

        IMO you're better off looking up a GTX 1080 vs 6700 XT benchmark on YouTube and seeing what the real numbers are. I doubt its a 62% increase.

        • +1

          depends at what resolution but yes its around 60-70 % better (at 1080 or 1440 p)

          • +3

            @botchie: Wow, seriously? The 1080 isn't even that old!
            I wish I had looked into AMD's cards early, I put all my eggs in the NVIDIA 3060 basket and now the eVGA card on PLE has gone from $759 to $999.

            Hoping that the 6700 XT or 6800 drop $200+ before I buy them.

            • +1

              @Runite Oar: yeah i think for prices right now its not worth getting any card , 6800 xt should be $1500 max
              its unheard of that prices go over RRP

              • +2


                its unheard of that prices go over RRP

                It has been happening for years. How have you not heard about it?

              • +1

                @botchie: Do you live in a hole in the ground?

                • @mickeyjuiceman: Explain , you could easily get a 1080ti for RRP, sure it went up a bit, not 100% like now so what exactly are you on about, before 1080 there were no price increases, we are not talking about AIB cards

            • @Runite Oar: Yeah it really is that much faster.

              I'm waiting this gen out and just playing GeForceNow to get the raytracing goodness on my old 1080Ti.

              The prices are nuts, and not really worth it to me personally.

            • @Runite Oar: The 1080 is 5 years old!

              Hard to believe

            • @Runite Oar: 3060 is one of if not the worst card to release this year. 6700xt is way better and is probably the most available.

      • +2

        I have a GTX 1080 too and the best upgrade is to go to a 6800XT or RTX 3080. I don't personally find the jump to the 6700XT worthwhile.

        You get about 20-30fps more (in 1440p) using a 6700XT compared to a GTX 1080.

        • +1

          no you don't, check that again, you get quite a good performance bump at 1440 p with 6700 xt card

        • You can't really say how much fps you get as the fps variance on a game to game basis is very different. That said, whether the upgrade is worth it to someone depends on what they're targeting but a GTX 1080 which is ~ 2060 is definitely much slower than a 6700 XT which is ~2080S-2080Ti.

      • +1

        Probably get 600 in this market for a 1080

        • Can easily get $600 looking at the sold ones on eBay.

          Pretty tempted to sell mine.

    • +1

      True if you need a GPU right now, although if you have an ok card ATM (eg GTX10 series), personally I'd wait.
      Supply issues will improve, Intel looks likely to enter GPU market early next year and crypto is falling, so I expect these cards to start drifting back toward actually MSRP's later this year/early next year… But who knows really.

    • -5

      How good is it for ETH mining?

      • 6700xt? 45 to 48 mhs

      • It's not amazing for eth mining. That's why there's so many in all the stores. The 30xx series is better in all respects including gaming.

        • +1

          30xx might be better for gaming but in not in proportion to their price by a long shot.

        • All respects except availability

      • +1

        ETH profits are in the toilet now so I assume the GPU shortage should come to an end pretty soon, especially once people start dumping their rigs while prices are still high.

        My single 5700xt I got for 500 bucks on release was making about $10 a day at one point, now it only makes about $2 due to the price tanking and Matic making gas fees low so miners aren't paid $5 per eth transaction.

  • +2

    They've just jacked the prices before the discount. An item I was watching is now jacked up, effective discount is around 3%, not 10%

    • +4

      Just checked, the price after discount for the 6700xt is $1070. Imo thats about as good as anyone can get in current times. The 2070 Super i bought last year for $450 is now going for $1200+.

      • -8

        not anymore, gpu price is going down, there are excess stock in Australia

        • +2

          of which cards?

          • +3

            @Runite Oar: 3070 drops from $2k to $1700

            3080 drops from $3k to $2500

            3090 drops from $4k to $3300

            And it's in stock all the time now, don't know why people are negging lol

        • BS

        • hit me up please, my gfx card is dying and i can't find a replacement.

          and I only want a 1660ti :( at MSRRP

          • @fillit: If its worth anything the 1660 Super is about the same performance for a bit cheaper

            • +1

              @Runite Oar: They are still around $650-700 retail atm?

              • @fillit: Can get them in bundles for $450-$500 if you sell the other stuff.

                • @CompulsiveOzB: Yeah have been tempted but I’m not really running any AAA titles atm, there wasn’t a lot of urgency but it has been crashing more often than I prefer atm.

                  I think I’ll borrow a friends old card until prices are a bit more sensible.

                  It’s more of a nice to have - atleast until the gfx card completely dies

    • +1

      Are you surprised? They do exactly the same on their eBay stores every time there's a "sale".

  • For anyone interested in the powercolor version -> https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/265184036603 for $1099 +Shipping

  • god i really want a new gpu, my rx480 has been servicable.

    kinda tempted to get the 6700xt, coz can't really upgrade from 1080 without a new gpu lol

    • +2

      If it's $600-$700 in 6 months will you feel ripped off or ok that that you got better performance through that time?
      That's about the worst that could happen.

    • what are you on about - you can sell 1080 for $50—600 so this card is only costing you that much

      • +2

        He has an rx480 but wants to upgrade from 1080p to either 1440p or 4k monitor.

        • ohhhhh, well this is a good card for 1440 p obv , if you pay more you get better performance but $ to frame ration you wont better right now

  • +1

    Is it worth to get 6800XT at 1.89k?
    RTX3080 is around 1.8k if you get an EVGA ones from PLE.
    Feels bad man

    • +1

      you cant get 3080 for $1.9, they are all over $2.5k so in those terms yes its worth is 100 times
      6800 xt is on par with 3080 and beats it in most games at 1440 p and below
      the only thing you wont get it DLSS so if that is important to you then pay double

      • Why are you advocating this so hard, 6700xt has been this price for weeks now

    • +1

      you can wait til august and see if there is any price drop

      • Yeah I might just wait
        It just feels bad when I have all the components ready except a GPU…..

      • what's happening in August mate?

        • i mean just wait another 1 or 2 months and see

    • +1

      Is it worth to get 6800XT at 1.89k?

      LOL no of course no.

      Some people are desperate and have the money, but I don't know if a single one of them won't come to regret it. Depends on how long it takes for GPU prices to come back to sanity though. Maybe they'll end up relieved they bought before it got worse!

      I'm hoping the re-release of the RTX 2060 using the less-critical last-gen fab capacity should help at least a little, though.

  • -3

    These were $729 when they launched

    • and 3080 was $1.3, whats your point?

      • $1230 delivered for mine

  • I wonder if the MSI B550 motherboard in the 5600X bundle has had the BIOS updated to allow 5000 series CPU's? You would assume so being bundled but I saw a post on a previous bundle deal that wasn't.

    • If it doesn't have updated bios the MSI Flash bios function is quite easy to use, doesn't need the CPU installed to do the update.
      I had to update my X570 Tomahawk mobo when I purchased it.

      • +1

        Thanks CheapGit. Just read that but also got confirmation from SE that they pre-install the CPU and update/test the motherboard

  • How does the 6700xt gigabyte eagle compare to powercolor hellhound? I know the hellhound reviewed pretty well and is only $30 more at pccg. The Red devil is only $50 more then the hell hound - pretty good for a top tier thick heatsink card compared to the other brands.

  • +3

    Now if this is available for near 1k, why would people want a 3070 for 1.5 - 1.9k?

    • +4

      Nvidia fan boys….

    • Better performance and less bugs in OpenGL

      • Maybe at RRP price differences but is the difference in performance worth an extra $900 in this market?

        That's a hard no from me dwag.

  • -1

    I bought bought the other 6700 XT from this : https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/615877
    It was 900 bux, and I am super happy with it. Massive upgrade over the 1080 I had and it can run my ultra wide monitor (the reason I was forced to get the card)
    No problems with drivers. Not sure how I feel about them being $1100 now. they were $1250 briefly as well.
    Some stupid site said it was going to be just a 3% upgrade over the 1080. Definitely check benchmarks for your specific card.
    The powercolor hellhound that i have has a DaggerHashimoto hash rate of 43.193MH/s if you are trying to work out if you can mine some of your cost back.

    • -1

      What are your memory temps mining with nicehash?

      • I don't have anything showing me memory temps. If you can suggest software that shows it (that doesn't look dodgy to me), ill report back at some point
        My visible temps are:
        Room temp : 16C (Yes this place sucks)
        GPU: 62
        Hot Spot: 72

        • I am on HiveOs (Linux based), Hellhound gives me 45.5 mhs and gpu temp is around 40.. Mem temp around 48-49. You can certainly get some more hash out of it and with the right settings keep the temp below 50, plus winter helps :)

          • @Rajrajinin: Well it's very winter in here.
            If you have any more info on mods/settings/drivers/resources you used to get those temperatures low I am all ears.

          • @Rajrajinin: Those are very good temps. I've got a red devil on the way and will try it out.

        • HWinfo64? GPU-Z? Does either one of those show you temps for Radeon cards?

          • @g1: Every piece of software shows Gpu and Gpu hotspot temperature. Only HWiNFO shows memory junction temperature, that I can see.
            Temps after stabilised
            Room tempereature: 16C
            GPU Tempereture : 64C
            GPU Hot Spot : 73C
            Memory Junction: 70C
            Power 171W
            @Rajrajinin 's info is interesting. I know I can lower power consumption a bit but don't have the time to do appropriate testing atm. Won't be looking at it for a long while.

    • How much power are you drawing on your 6700XT while mining? Should be able to do more hashrate 46-47 MH @ 90-95W using the radeon MorePowerTool.

  • Would many of the newer cards just be bottled necked by my i5 6500? What would be a good upgrade option from rx580 4gb?

    • What games do you play?
      I have an i5 6400 I am testing for a friend. Is there a benchmark you use?
      A lot of focus in reviews is on e sport titles where resolution and detail are turned WAY down so the cpu kinda becomes the de facto bottle nack. In real life where you want to see some of the textures, it becomes a little less of a case.

      • To be honest 90% just CS:GO (been playing nearly 20 years… please help!). Occasionally pubg or some others. But also like to do a bit of video and photo editing.

        Built 4-5 years ago and I don’t feel like I desperately need an update, but the 6500 x RX580 combo seems like no obvious bottleneck. Thinking maybe my 2x4gb 2333mhz could be a simple upgrade.

        • +1

          That's definitely going to be a stupid upgrade :D. 100% It's STUPID overpriced. Meanwhile ram is the only part reasonably enough priced in the current market and you can take it with you to the next build.

          • @alumunum: I’ll keep an eye out for a bargain on some 2x8gb 3200+. Thanks

          • +1

            @alumunum: Actually the next generation of Ryzen should be using a new platform with DDR5 so the RAM won't carry over. There will probably be some boards made with the old DDR4 controllers though for people reluctant to upgrade.

  • Hmm no campaign?

    • +3

      Assume ur kidding?

      • +1

        he never intended to buy it even with free shipping.

        • Would have 100% bought it, but I am in no rush whatsoever

      • +1

        Im being legit lol most websites offer free shipping over a certain amount and this would be a tiny package.

        • +1

          And they put the price up to cover the "free shipping." This is not a complex concept.

  • +1

    Does officeworks price match shopping express?

    • If they don't normally, they probably would if you rang up enough times since it can vary from agent to agent on the phone.

    • I was gonna ask the same thing. Wanted the MX Master 3, but didn't wanna pay $10 shipping =/

  • PLE has a XFX Radeon RX 6700 XT Speedster SWFT 309 Core for $1049 + shipping which may be more enticing. Not sure the exact differences between the Eagle and XFX SWFT but it is in stock and not sure how much longer Shopping Express will be.

    • Yeah, just saw this too. XFX also seem to make way better quality AMD cards than gigabyte.

  • -1

    A year ago I said to myself…self 6700 xt 12gb for $399.00 on special from mwave..well …I said to self their completely nuts if they think anyone would pay that.
    The takeaway is I will never listen to self again….grrrrrrrr
    Let's see if gut feeling works better…lol

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