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[Afterpay] Hisense 65Q8 65" 4K TV $1,163.65 + Delivery (free in metro Sydney) @ Powerland eBay


I saw the inferior model of this posted earlier on. From a quick search this looks to be an all time low in price although I may be wrong.

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    Great tv with entry level tv price tag.

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    Good lord, this a great price.

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      Yep its basically at US prices. Which we usually pay double for TVs

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    $90 delivery to the arse end of the world.

    • $160 delivery.OoooMmmmGggg

  • Really good price, I got the older, inferior range 65R7 approx last year around this price.

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    Crikey this is amazing value! Fantastic TV!

  • Yep, great bang for buck.

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    This or Sony X9000H?

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      For gaming the Sony every day of the week for VRR. But good luck finding the Sony anywhere near this price. This is very good value and hands down better than all the low-mid range models from most of the competition (LG, Samsung etc) for normal TV/Movies.

      • Isn’t VRR still coming soon™ to the X9000H? Was the software update to add that released?

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          The coming soon will soon turn into a class action…

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        I agree. Beats most middle range Samsung and LG, TCL models. Has really decent sound for built in speakers too. Amazing rich blacks, very bright screen so don't need to shut curtains and does HDR well due to bright screen.

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      Upvoted you (back from neg) - it’s never wrong to ask questions!

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        Agreed, especially when people are cross shopping, Xizor's reply is helpful to the OP

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        no idea why people down voted me for lol….

    • Is there even any stock left of the X9000H near you? The 65" model is depreciated, and very hard to find these days.

      • nope…gonna get a 55" X9000H

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      I bought 75 x90h 2 days ago. I went in looking at hisnese q8 Samsung q70 but the picture quality wasn't the best. The sony has better refresh rate and looks 100x better. It's costs more but is definitely worth if it's in your price range

  • Great price, finally made the purchase

  • They have a soundbar I am looking for but 42 delivery kills the deal.

  • Sold out but then 4 more added….

  • Thanks, finally bought one.

    The last TV I purchased arrived broken and I had to jump through a few hoops to get a refund. Because of this I'm more comfortable with Paypal for buyer protection but fingers crossed all is ok this time using afterpay and first time buying from powerlandau.

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    holly shit 70 sold, i checked this deal when it got posted it was 2 sold

  • Listing has ended.

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    For anyone who has this TV, can these tv's play movies off a USB? mp4, mkv..etc formats?

    Also, can you get the Kayo app on the Q8?

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      • Abit confused now.. I was just talking with a sales guy @ JB and asked him about the Kayo app and he said no Hisense tv's have the Kayo app? Can anyone who has this Hisense Q8 TV confirm?

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          Yes. That latest firmware added it. I can see the app but haven’t properly tested it.

  • Not a bad deal

  • This or TCL65C715 ?

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    $160 postage to WA. Damn, that ruin the deal. Clear discrimination at it's best :-)

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    The item has been restocked.
    3 left at time of posting.

  • this or the Q7?

    • This easily.

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    I paid not much less than this for the 55 inch model. Wow this is a fantastic price!

    Buy, buy, buy.

    Value: A+
    Screen quality (FALD in particular): A
    Sound: A (for stock speakers)

  • Is this better or just as good as the usual x9000h and LG C1 if im just using it for netflix and movies and normal tv and a bit of nba?

    Hows the OS? If it's no good, I suppose I could just use google chromecast

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      The OS is linux based it's faster then the android variants but doesn't have many apps. Netflix, Youtube work fine and it supports screen mirroring and media network shares. If you need android get a cheap box or use your chrome cast.

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      Value wise this is almost impossible to beat for normal (non gaming use).

      There is no point comparing to the C1, that is OLED, completely different display technology and market segment. If money is no issue of course you go OLED.

  • Apparently last one available….

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    Got free postage to Adelaide 😁

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    this or the SX through TGG, same deal ebay $1325 delivered?

    • I have the same dilemma at the moment, just visited TGG and saw both of them. The SX quite impressive but the reviews make me feel very hesitant.

  • Tried to open an afterpay account to buy this, what a useless unhelpful website interface. Plus more colourful language

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    I got this less than a month ago for $1340 thinking I nailed it. Should’ve waited… great tv though! You should buy it if you’re in the market for one

  • Thanks OP just bought one

  • Thanks OP just got one too. Looks to possibly be the cheapest it's been for a while? I was looking at the LG Nano85/86 but I think for the price, I'll buy now and think later :)

  • Does it have Prime Video App pre-installed?

    • I’d say yes, and there is also an Amazon Prime button on the remote control

  • Thank you. Purchased! Was looking to get one for E.O.F.Y.

    Can anyone comment on appropriate distance to sit away from a TV like this? I hear its ok to sit closer with 4k then you would for a 1080p for a screen of this size? Lie, it doesnt cause eye strain as much? Thanks!

    • +1

      I have this and I'm about 3.5 MTRS away from the tv. Personally, I wouldn't want to be any closer than that. It took me a couple weeks to adjust to the extra size coming from a 50".

      I haven't experienced any eye strain. 4k and full HD look amazing on this. If you do watch free to air tv, all the major networks have HD channels now. I wish I got it at this price though.

  • When you pay using 8 gift cards and remaining with afterpay, afterpay still shows payment plan for $1163 though checkout is saying $363 before I log into Afterpay?

    I didn't pay as yet and don't want to lose GC discount.

    • I’m pretty sure that if you use After Pay then you have to pay for the whole amount using after pay (after any applicable discounts).

  • Can anyone who actually has this Hisense Q8 confirm whether Kayo app can be installed?

    The Kayo website says that it is available on the Q8… However the sales guy at JB just told me that it isn't. FWIW, he also said that Disney+ isn't available either on any of the Hisense models..

    • I wonder if it’s better value to just pair this with an Apple TV or nvidia shield for apps and 4k streaming

    • +3

      Yes, it has it Kayo. No Disney though.

  • Bugger, missed out. Had drama getting a new Afterpay account and now it's ended. One of those weeks :/

    • now you have TGG ebay for $30 more C&C or pay for delivery

  • For those who already have the Q8 Model, what are the picture settings out of the box? I have tried looking up recommended settings/tweaks on youtube and in online forums but most info is in relation to U.S Models and I'm not sure which one is equivalent to the Q8? Cheers

  • What kind of ETA is being shown by your order?

    Mine is 8th July.

    • Arriving by 7th July

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