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10% off $100 & $250 Coles Gift MasterCards @ Coles In-store ($4.50 or $6.30 Fee Applies)


Huge $18.70 saving on the $250 card after the $6.30 activation fee. Please note the terms state the activation fees reduce by 10% as well. Starts June 16. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

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    • you may want to ask service desk, some Coles kept it there.

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        I did and was told they were all out on the GC stand.

        • I checked multiple and they were stacked full of $50 and $100's. Not a single $250 in sight tho… Must have been that particular store only, someone is hoarding.

          • @ATangk: At my store, saw the manager literally opening up boxes of the $250 and putting them up, there werent any on the shelf, then i did a round and they were up.

            • @Turd: I suppose that means the stores I checked with heaps in stock shouldnt be where I should visit haha.

            • @Turd: Which store?

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    Tried closest store & they had heap of $50 ones, but didnt want to know about the $100 or $250 ones.
    Asked several staff & got the same response.
    Its advertsied in their damn weekly catalogue, so they should damn well honor it. 😜😜
    END of Rant.

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    My local store stocked heaps of these just now. Might hit it tommorrow at 6am if I can wake up lol

    • Which store?

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          Yes thats right!!

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            @Turd: I just been there hiding them all behind the condoms

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    I remember when they were not popular way back when and I managed ~20k from like a few stores. All self check out and the staff were like wtf you buying these for..
    Just some here…

    • wtf did you buy 20k of this card for back then…lol ?!?

      • Yah @ 5% discount.

        It was great and stocks were abundant. Since I was the only person buying them up.

        • was there any activation fees then?

          • @F1ProjectOne: Yeah 5 bucks.

            But cost of 100 card was 95.

            Due to 10 bucks off.

            Was targeted to fly buys only

            • @Turd: Limit 1 per FB, and what are you paying 20k for? That is a lot to pay.

              • @samehada: Life lol

                There was no limit in 2017

                • @Turd: There has never been %off sale promo on this GC before this year. It was always 2000pts which is $10 and that is limit once per FB.

                  • @samehada: Back in the early days it was no limit. And targeted offer. I got it.

                    Then they made it like 10 then 5 then 1

  • -2

    All these cards suddenly disappeared this afternoon in my local supermarket. Someone must “hide” these cards in their pockets. Believe or not, people in this forum are using the word “hide” to defend themselves from legal issue. I’ll suggest Coles to lock all the cards for now, people are only to purchase or activate cards from the counter during the promotion period.

    • If someone takes these cards away, it may be larceny and consequence can be serious. However, if someone hides these cards somewhere inside Coles, it is perfectly legal. Of course you may argue that it is immoral, and Coles has the right to refuse entry.
      P.S. Some Coles are hiding these cards themselves. But I can't tell you more on it.

      • +1

        Coles hiding the cards themselves as in keeping them at the service desk?

    • +1

      Coles should sell these from the service desk counters, so that everyone have a fair chance. I just want to buy 1 $250 card within this offer period but not confident if I can grab one, and I feel it is not fair.

    • I think you'll find we're using the word 'hide' because we're quite literally… hiding them because we suspect something fishy is going on. Not some premeditated legal defense in case we get arrested for relocating them from one part of the store to another, lol,

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    Went to a Coles at 1am that opens at midnight. Had a tonne of $100 cards which I wasn't interested in and no $250 cards. Talked to the cashier and she said there was a question of older asian men waiting for the doors to open. Then they all ran for the $250 cards. Was it was midnight the offer wasn't live yet and they all had to wait around 30mins until it worked. She said they were all heading to the other 2 stores at open a midnight. Absolutely nuts, never heard such craziness. I thought they had either secured them at the service desk or other people or staff hid them, to hear people sprinting for them or even queuing before the door open is pure insanity.

    • Oh…
      I get up early now, ready for heading to the Coles open at 6am. But it seems not the earliest…

      • I just happen to be close by so thought I would pop in and see. Now I'm intrigued how crazy people are that instead of going to bed I'm going to head in to my local coles at 6am and see for myself. I have a feeling this is organized where people from large families take turns, like some waited for midnight opens and now some others are waiting for the 6am stores to open. Will see, seems crazy to me plus I have an injured back so I can't compete with the runners haha

        • Coles opens at 12am?

          • @Turd: Yeah a few

            • @WilkyBoy: Ah must be sweetie areas or such I think I know the ones.

          • @Turd: Coles Adelaide. Open from 12am to 9pm.

    • +2

      Is the race of these old folk meant to add to the story?

      • -2

        Ever heard the urban myth that the Caucasians living by the paycheck and their bank account usually doesn't have much of the saving for the rainy day?

      • -1

        Observed reality is what it is. A cultural mindset of some i suppose from the old timers with nothing better to do to the "Daigou" life crazies. Annoying and a bit sad the selfish extremes some people go to, but it is what it is. I've seen it more times than i care to remember. Grabbing a couple is one thing, taking dozens going in and out, multiple stores, a team of people…. welcome to becoming a negative stereotype.

    • Which Coles was this?

    • Was there a limit of 5 per person or per transaction? They can rampage the whole stock?

      Unless Coles has an unlimited supply, otherwise, limit 2 per person per transaction per credit card so everyone can get some (like a Communism), or no limit at all (Capitalism).

      • Five per person.

    • at least you earn money buying this, what about those who stay overnight to queue up outside Apple Store back then to buy an expensive phone. That is nut, having to spend over $1k and still have to stay awake whole night.

  • +1

    Free money for those Sydney house prices!

  • Damm woke up too early now 8mins too early at local coles.

    One elderly old guy next to me though . Don't think he is here for the cards. Maybe weekly or daily shop?

    • +4

      Tell him there is 50% off porridge in aisle 4, that should sort him out :P

    • Maybe he ran out of smokes.

      • nah he didnt go straight to the counter, went to buy some fruits or veggies, this was at 5.59am when it opened. I guess older people wake up early…

  • All gone at the store near me 😂

  • Bought 5x $250 cards at my local store, still plenty there and I seemed to be the only one going for them haha.

  • +4

    I got my local staked out with 6 minutes until open. Competition doesn't look fierce, kind of second rate, one guy having a ciggy playing out his game plan in his head and another bloke who is clearly tweaking out waiting with anticipation for some glorious crumpets. Now let's see if there are any card on the shelves, I stand to be victorious unless sabotag is afoot from shelf hides, more updates soon.

  • +1

    Been to 2 stores already and got 5 x $250 in each. Now going to a third store.

    • Location pls

      • Kununurra

        • Sorry I saw @capslock location is Melbourne so wondering which location as close to mine available

          • @Ozfanmel: I won't reveal locations to be fair to everyone still hunting but I think stores got late deliveries as the ones I visited today have $250 cards even though they didn't have any on Monday.

          • @Ozfanmel: I can give you some hint based on my experience, it maynot be true all the times though. Usually the rich areas, since most likely they won't care too much about saving a few bucks or the poor area for the obvious they won't have much cash aside to buy many. Most likely regional area if you live there, less competition for these sales.

            And even if the store that is out of stocks now, you should check again everyday since they can restock anytime even on Tuesday night. You never know, maybe you will hit the Lady Luck.

    • Did you buy 5 in one transaction?

      Does system allows it?

      • +1

        5 in one transaction works. No need to split it. I went to a human cashier though.

  • Been to three stores just for the learning experience, all picked clean aka hidden beforehand. Apparently it is the same people as the baby formula as one employee told me people would hid baby formula in the store to get around the limits.

    • How do you hide a tin that large?

  • Lots of $100 at Broadway NSW. No $250 at all. Saw 1x $50. Bought 5 in one transaction at self checkout but required staff to sign in several times. Suggest go to manned checkout if you’re buying 5 as it’ll be quicker.

    • Lots of $50 at Zetland NSW (in East Village shopping centre). Couldn’t find any $100 or $250.

    • Coles have changed it recently, after you scan the 3rd card there will be popup warning about the scam and staff will needs to approve it, then another approval before you can pay.

  • +2

    Just saw some guy straight up walk to the giftcard section and pretend he pull them off the shelf, but instead rips them out of his jacket pocket lol

    • …Hollywood Actors

    • As I predicted before, “hiding” in pocket.

  • +1

    saw a guy with like 10+ cards in his hand refusing to let go with the cards. then all the cashier refuse to proceed the transaction XD

    • +1

      How un-Australian

  • Very interesting stories in above comments…
    My local Coles stores have these cards close to the checkout cashier, so I guess it will be hard for anyone to hide these in store. Glad to see it's fair that 5 for each person, early come first.

    • +1

      Same here. Some were located at the entrance and the rest were at the gift card section. Still more than 20 X $250's available at Bundoora Coles if people are looking for it.

  • +1

    Plenty of 250 at Westfield Doncaster

  • There was no $250 cards at Rhodes at 7am

    • -1

      Ask the staff, they may not have removed it from the storage. There were none one the shelf at my store as well, but they had plenty. Bought 10 5x2 transaction.

      • Staff not trained about the limit of 5 per customer?

        • Agree, the staff said to another customer (as they saw me buying 10) that they can buy another 5 in a separate transaction..Lol

      • The staff said there was none available

  • Just curious if you can pay for these using the Coles master card, I guess you can’t?

    • The same card? Yes, but it is a real PITA and will raise suspicion. Do not do this.

      Unless you're talking about the Coles Mastercard run by Citibank then yes you can, just like any Credit Card - https://www.coles.com.au/credit-cards

      • Got ya.. also I was charged $7 fees for each card. How does the discounted fees ($6.30) work?

        • +1

          Re-check your receipt, the fees is also discounted.

          • @Turd: You are correct, it says each card is $257 but the final total is including the discounted fees.

  • Any chance withdraw cash from these at a ATM?

    • +1

      No chance mate.

    • pay your bills with them, online purchases and subscriptions etc.

      • Direct debits can render your account closed. Read the T&C’s.

  • -1

    Why are these so popular?

    • +4

      To launder credit card points (QFF, AMEX Points, Virgin etc etc) and get a bonus $18.70 per card purchased.

    • Closest thing to cash when shopping online.

    • +2

      It's like free money. You essentially get $18.70 back which is some sweet arbitrage. You can pay bills, use at shops including Aldi and even if there is a surchange, you are likely to still be ahead, plus as an Amex user you get good points.

      • Issue is some people dont have enough credit to "cash to pay" since they are living paycheque to paycheque. Esp if due to this Pandemic they have lost their job.

        • +1

          Every little bit helps. I always pay off my cards at the end of the month, so buying something like this is a benefit. If you are getting in to debt to buy this then its obviously not a good deal then.

  • +1

    Thanks for posting!

  • +1

    I went to my local coles. I only saw plenty of $100 card there. So I picked up one and ask staff at checkout for $250 one and she said whatever is there. Went back to collect more to have $100 instead and all $100 cards gone as well.

  • forget about top ryde coles. saw two staff cheating with the game. taking all the $250s and start scanning in front of customers and say someone has reserved more than 10.

    • +7

      Report the staff / store to head office, they are not allowed to reserve stock for customers, and esp if more than 10.

      Go back to the store and speak to the store manager as well, store manager name will be on your receipt at the top.

    • Hahaha 😂

  • If you scan the flybuys card, will it count toward the weekly spend bonus?

    • +1

      No, it will only increase your spend and offers.

      If buying 5x$250 cards you're only saving ~$5 worth of FB points.

      • +2

        just grab a new flybuys for this exercise, get 2000 point redeem and dump the card.

      • Yes, you are 100% correct. Last time it bumped my offers to massive spends. People should not scan their flybuys card.

  • I'm assuming these pieces of plastic would exist in a warehouse somewhere. After the dust settles this morning, has anyone heard from their local Coles if they are likely to get more stock before the promotion ends?

    • +1

      Generally they dont get more stock, unless the store manager is nice and tries to order for you.

      Highly unlikely they get more stock from my exp, ~2-4weeks they get more stock usually.

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