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[Prime] Echo Wall Clock $24.50 (50% off) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Echo Wall Clock - see timers at a glance - requires compatible Echo device

50% off at Checkout!

Only one per customer. See terms and conditions for details.

For how it works see a video review

PC mag Review

techradar Review

Main Benefits (from the discussions below)

  • To visualise multiple timers at a glance when cooking or performing other activities.
  • An analogue clock that sets its own time and changes for daylight savings automatically
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  • +2

    Thank you op. Was eyeing on this.

    • There's one of these clocks at Erasmus Hall High School, if you want to check it out first…

      • +17

        Welcome back jv I guess you have been standing in the naughty boy corner for a while .

        • +2

          naughty girl. but they/them whatever.

        • What's the story behind @clear constantly featuring JV's avatar? Is he like the anti-JV? :-P

  • Thanks OP! Just bought

  • +5

    That's really neat! I've not got any Alexa devices but if I did, I'd for sure grab one of these.

    • read the review below. Imagine a conversation with Alexa:
      hey Alexa, what's the time?
      Alexa: need to connect to the internet to tell.

      hey Alexa, connection fixed, can you tell me the time
      Alexa: are you blind dude? look at my clock

      • +4

        Real handy for my FttN 1.3km away NBN…
        Me: Alexa, what time is it?
        Alexa: I'm having trouble connecting to the internet. It looks like a router problem, please try restarting it.

        Wife: Is the internet down?
        Me: FFS how many time have I told you to ask Alexa? (probably 25x)

        • +5

          can't believe Australia internet is so behind other 3rd countries

          • +8

            @ntt: Better believe it, it's more of a cultural thing though… we like to do things 2x or 3x, instead of just doing thing properly 1x. And we have unaccountable politicians who can make stupid miopic descisions, looking at you Malcolm ($120Bn Citroën subs and MTM for the most congested areas)

            • +10

              @raybies: It's the silly Lib/conservative approach to money management that people keep falling for. Save a few cents today, and lose a few dollars tomorrow. It's all short term benefit, no actual plans or thought beyond the next fiscal period.

              Just in the last few days it's been revealed that Pfizer approached us earlier than the gov had claimed, offering us as much vaccine as we wanted last July. And the gov “started nickel and diming on the costs” before going with the cheaper AZ, putting all eggs in one basket and dragging out covid as long as possible.
              Better money managers indeed.

              • @crentist: Apparently there are also Liberal links to management of AZ too.

            • @raybies:

              And we have unaccountable politicians

              That's not true, every 3 or 4 years they get held accountable, it's just most Aussies think the incompetents they keep voting for is as good as it gets. Perhaps.. perhaps its the voters who make really bad choices ?

              • +1

                @ruprectaus: Nobody holds any minister accountable for their deplorable decisions unless they allegedily touched a female, but completely screw up critical infrastrcture that affects the whole country…

                I've been promoting direct democracy for 20yrs… hard selling the idea though, and there's only one party promoting it.
                Even making analogies with open source sw and participation TV, still doesn't convince people they're smart enough to make decisions for themselves.

  • will this work with google home/assistance?

  • +85

    This product is absolute trash. I returned it after a few days of usage.

    **my whole house is setup with Alexa and Alexa enabled devices
    ***the clock itself failed multiple times to connect to AMAZON ECHO DEVICES
    ***there is no glass covering the front of this device, exposing the hands of the clock (which are fragile)
    ****this is not a bargain, even at half price

    • +5

      Nice review, time too echo this one 👍😁

      • +4

        I have 2 - one in the kitchen one on the deck with a device close to each.

        Have not had disconnection problems and I really like to use them - the visual countdown is good for the young children to get a concept of time. The design is also simple and stylish.

        Once it was hung on the wall we have only had to take it down to replace batteries and although there is no glass and the hands are fragile you really only have to touch it every 6 months.

        • +1

          In those 6 months would you say you used the timer feature a lot or a little. Just wondering how big of a drain the lights are

          Wish there was away too light up where the hands are so you can see it in the dark

          • +2

            @Lost-Sons of dallas: used the visual timer a lot -
            in the kitchen it is good to see how much longer the stuff in the oven needs (eg turn something with 10 minutes remaining/do I wait here and take it out straight away or go and do something else). We also use it for a visual timer for the children "you have 5 more minutes of playing then a shower - when the lights run out it is time to pack up"

            The one on the deck we use mostly as a clock but again a timer for the children "10 more minutes in the pool and then we hop out" or time to come inside.

            Probably wouldn't be using it as much without children but still handy for cooking.

    • **my whole house is setup with Alexa and Alexa enabled devices

      Jeffries ideal customer; can he sell you a Ring doorbell too?

      • Yup- and ring cameras- and I’m paying the subscription for ring cameras. Going away now to rethink my life choices.

    • +1

      I just watched a review that stated these were recalled at one stage, and are now back on the market.

    • +1

      Thanks for stopping me from pulse buying this. If you have an echo device with a screen that displays a clock, why would you need this?

      • For the wall….

        Wall vs desk.

        If you have a phone why need a clock

    • I find the lack of glass a bonus to reduce glare

    • was going to upvote but you're on +69…

  • +1

    Looks like beta, should be free for when the real version comes out, if this passes tests

    • This has been around since early 2019 in USA

      • Its a shame all the Echo devices aren't on sale anymore I would have bought both to have some fun with .

        • You can buy this now and buy an Echo device soon on another sale!

      • +2

        Damn and they didn't think to add a glass panel on the front? What would I know though, they're trillion-dollar company, I get back into my box.

        • +1

          What are people doing with their clocks that requires protection exactly? Serious question - you don't have to touch the clock except to change batteries is there something that I am not aware of that destroys clocks?

          • +4

            @leyton01: dust and kids treating everything as projectiles

          • +1

            @leyton01: Well dust is one. When you're wiping the dust off you have to be extra careful. There's more spots for dust to gather in too

            • +3

              @Lost-Sons of dallas: dust is not something I had to consider for ours I suppose - all the horizontal surfaces (the top and inside bottom of the clock) are above eye line and you cant see. Might have to get on the step and have a look :)

              It sits above the shelf with our phone chargers and electronics so I suppose projectiles are more of a concern for those than a clock - not something we have had to deal with (yet).

              • @leyton01: I'm thinking of getting one. I might glad wrap it as a 2 second fix but if it gets glarey or looks too ghetto ill cut a piece of clear plastic for it (like the stuff they use on blister packaging)

                • @Lost-Sons of dallas: at $24.50 it is probably worth a try - amazon's returns I have found to be painless.

                  for your Q above - I do not think there is a way to light up the clock in the dark - our kitchen is usually lit by enough light from other rooms.

  • +2

    dont forget 7% cashback!

  • +3

    Will this notify you when prime day is?

    • Would be interesting if it does for amazon deliveries like alexa does

  • +9

    Seems like a pointless device and destined for landfill.

  • +6

    "Alexa, tell me the time?"
    Oh wait.

    • So I need internet for Alexa to tell me the time of this clock.

      Is it the same as a solar torch which requires another battery torch to make the solar torch working?

  • Does this require an echo device to use?

    • +1

      Yes it does

  • Thanks OP ordered one👍🏼

  • +1

    Does this come with the time?

  • +3

    looks like a waste of money. no mic, no speaker. Actually, you need to have an echo device for its full use. Nothing different to Kmart's $10 clock

    • +3

      Does the Kmart one do countdown lights?

  • +1

    Time to cancel my order…

    • yes, check the video OP posted

    • +3

      I ordered and cancel after the reviews here lol.

      • Which reviews

        • From talks of ozbargainers above👆🏻

          • @kanij: the ones saying that a kmart $2 clock automatically sync time, and has countdown timers

  • +10

    Looks like waste of money. Even smart OzBargainers here shouldn't take the bait.

    • +1

      I love technology, but like you I really can’t see the point, it has to be close to a “real” echo device to work, can’t give out any sound, and setting multiple timers are hard to work out which is which.

      I doubt if it would even be a talking point for visitors, and looks like 4 batteries every 6 months or so, will mean it goes into a drawer fairly fast.

      Thanks op for the video link, it helped to make me realise how pointless it is.

      Btw liked the history in the background, the Mac 128k and Apple IIgs

    • +1

      did you mean: Even dumb OzBargainers?

      • No definitely smart ones who look for best and cheapest deals possible and are witty enough to get them will not want this lol.

  • Hey guys what will happens if I switched off echo device that connected to it?

    • +8

      The lights go off in the room, the light s on the clock come on and then it starts counting down 30 seconds for you to switch it back on before alexa gets very very angry

    • -1
      • The part when gormon and razkaz hug the echo clock?

        Edit: your comment changed lol

        • Edit: your comment changed lol

          Haha sorry :p

    • Bezos shows up, punches you in the throat then sells your children to slavery.

  • +1

    Am I the only one playing this video at 2x speed

  • 90 day warranty, that’s really poor.

    • and invalid in Australia. You still have statutory warranty so don't worry.

      • It says it’s Australia, not US.

        And a cheap clock would not have much of an extra stat warranty..

        • I thought statutory warranty was always minimum two years?

          • +3

            @Gumbootboy: Statutory warranty is "reasonable amount of time".

            It's funny though, cos saying 90 days warranty, is pretty much saying. We only expect this product to last for 90 days. so yeah, bugger that, even for the annoyance of getting it replaced.

            • @ONEMariachi: From the Amazon Page

              Warranty and Service
              Echo Wall Clock is sold with a 90-Day Limited Warranty provided by the manufacturer. This Limited Warranty does not restrict or alter any non-excludable statutory consumer protections or rights you may have, including under the Australian Consumer Law. Use of Echo Wall Clock is subject to the terms found here.

            • @ONEMariachi: huh. For some reason I thought it was always a minimum of 2 years. No idea why, given that doesn't appear to be the case.

        • I bought one of the earliest models and Amazon replaced it at about the year and a half mark. The first ones that came to Australia auto-adjusted daylight savings time based on the pre-2009 changeover dates.

  • +4

    Sorry pass. I prefer the IKEA Tromma clock for $2.5: https://bit.ly/3qjkohf

    • does that have a clear plastic face?

    • "The numbers on the dial are small punched holes". Great!!

      • It actually looks fine on the wall. I have one on a bright white wall and looking at it right now, all the numbers are clearly visible - but it also opens up opportunities for backlighting it.

        For two fiddy, it's a lot more worth the risk than this overpriced-even-at-half-price Amazon clock. I'll admit I think that auto time setting on an analogue clock is pretty cool though.

    • +3

      It has holes for less weight time

  • does Samsung SmartThings works with this one? or still need to connect through Echo dot?

    • +1

      "requires compatible echo device" is in the first line.

  • +3

    I have one and we all love it. I think this is a kitchen only device- where it can show you a visual of the remaining time.

  • +1

    Now we start to talk to a clock 🙄

    • +1

      Now talking to a clock, your car and talking to yourself is a norm. If you do the same 20 years ago, everyone believes you have mental issue.

  • +6

    I think it has 2 big things going for it the quietness and the flashy lights .
    Not to mention the 3rd accurately of Bluetooth internet connect ( whilst its working lol ) that the people peddling $2 clocks don't understand .

    • +1

      oh something I had not even noticed (as it is absent) - no ticking sound!! definitely a plus.

    • Those people dont understand Daylight savings exists as well