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Apple MacBook Pro 13-Inch M1/8GB/256GB (2020) $1699 C&C + Delivery @ Harvey Norman


Usually $1897 for the 256gb model.

Bonus One Year Apple TV+ Subscription, via redemption

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    Store in title please

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    Think they are doing more deals to get people in as more people are boycotting HN

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      People vote with their wallet…

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        Thanks HN for providing an OW price match opportunity ;-)

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          You're better off price matching at JB and then paying with 10% off gift cards.

          • @neilpatrickharris: How do you get 10% off gift cards?

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              @Dealzallday: You can get them tomorrow

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                @neilpatrickharris: Unfortunate timing as several states are in lock down and you’d need to go into a physical JB to price match and redeem the cards…
                Alternatively, use HN gift cards via SB app (5-7% cash back), you don’t need to leave the house.

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                  @Buy2Much: For once, We in VIC are not in a lockdown ! Feels weird lol

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      No, HN is helping officeworks moving stock.

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      Why are people boycotting HM? Out of the loop here

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        Heaps of reasons but most recent example is how they decided to rort jobkeeper so taxpayers like us pay for the maintenance of his horse stables. They also shut down their twitter account after trolling their own employees

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        Whilst also reporting huge profits and trying to lobby for minimum wage to be decreased….

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        Thanks to Mr Gary, I have to pay 10% extra for vintage film camera gears from Japan. Some of the items cannot be find in Australia thus wont harm local business at all. Personally, I dont like Harvey Norman…

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        He's the main reason we have to pay GST for under $1000 purchases, even though it is not economical to collect it

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    Air is also available for $1349, good price https://www.harveynorman.com.au/apple-macbook-air-13-inch-m1...

    • mac mini seems decent too

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    Waiting for the "8GB is not enough" meme

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      Waiting for the haters to say they can get a wintel laptop that is twice as fast for half the cost ;-)

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      8gb is more than fine for most people, really wanted 16gb as my work actually requires more than 8.

      Couldn't find it in Australia, settled for an XPS13.

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        My X1 Carbon has 8gb ram, fans kick in and the machine slows down with 20+ Chrome tabs open, even had the odd shut down when watching a video on Youtube. But according to the reviews for M1 this Air/Pro can handle it no problem with no noticeable slow down. Much more efficient than Windows machines. For my next machine I had every intention of getting 16gb RAM or more, until I read up about the M1 Air and now I have no concerns about 8gb ram. You cannot find a more capable machine for the price.

        • If you are doing any Dev or work that requires virtual machines… 8gb unfortunately isn't enough. For everyone else bar the odd case 8gb is plenty. Unfortunately I need 16 to run virtual machines so direct it is or special order through JB etc

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        You can always order a 16Gb version from the apple website right? I recently ordered my 16 Gb MBA from their website

        • Not from what I saw, it had 8gb only. Tried both.

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            @joshx: Is on there, choose the 8GB version and customised it to 16GB.

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      I'm a fairly heavy user (software dev) and had the M1 air for a few weeks now. 8GB is sufficient for me most of the time. I have had a couple of situations where it has run out and started running pretty badly. I certainly wouldn't recommend only 8GB for heavy users long term (but its still worlds ahead of any laptop I've ever used even with only 8GB). As soon as the 16" M1X/M2 MacBooks come out I'll be getting 32GB of ram option and giving this air to my wife.

      • In exactly the same boat, except that I ended up returning the 8gb and purchasing the 16gb upspecced model. I've still hit red memory pressure in activity monitor on the new one, so will fingers crossed be upgrading to a 32gb model soon. Haven't decided whether to sell this one to fund that or keep it as an ultralight travel laptop, because it's pretty much perfect for that.

      • I bought the 8gb M1, Returned it after a week and ordered the 16gb. Zero. Regrets.

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      Its not really, you can get away with it for light tasks but its a silly bottleneck to build into a product with such an advanced SOC. Its all done to slug a consumer for $270-300 more for 1 module of 8gb ram.

      Its only compelling for the customer because 8gb base is a handicap that will reduce the useful life of the machine. Its consistent Apple strategy, they don't really want you to hold onto their hardware long term.

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        Weird then that they provide software updates for so long.

        • There's no reason not to when they have a simple product line. Plus security is one of their core selling points, if they didn't security patch their ecosystem their reputation wouldn't be worth much. Apple is a hardware company at its core, users replacing hardware often is in their interest.

          I think the M1 Macbook air is probably the best laptop on the market but anyone can see their ram and storage prices are ludicrous and base models are gimped for higher margins from power users.

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      For most people it is. It you like running After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator at the same time you might want more. Even if you like running After Effects alone you might want more.

  • Can we price beat at Officeworks?

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      • How can you price beat when OW is selling for 1697? I thought their PBG applies only to items that are lower than their listed price?

        • It's been adjusted. It wasn't that price until recently

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    • Plan B, HN gift cards via SB app (5-7% cash back).

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    Damn man wish I could cancel the one I ordered via eBay Afterpay sale, delivery ETA is 15th July…

    • Yeah I am not impressed with that deal at all. Very long wait. And other deals have been cheaper with discount gift cards, and immediate availability..

      • Yeh sht lol jumped the gun

      • Yeah not impressed with Wireless 1 communication.

  • How are these for gaming?

    • It's great, but unfortunately it wouldn't run most popular games. If what you play is from Apple App Store it would be great.

    • Check Reddit.. There's a Google sheet with a list of games and how well they run.

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      They aren't designed to be gaming machines. Better choices out there if you want to play games tbh.

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    Save your money and get the Air if you just use it to browse the web and light tasks.

    • Even pros can get by with the Air this time around, and it's a better form factor anyway.

    • Yeah the price difference isn't worth it as all you get is a slightly brighter screen, bigger battery and Touch Bar.

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        Depends on your usage. For my purpose, brighter screen (485 nits vs Air 389), better colour accuracy (91% RGB vs Air 79%), longer battery life and better speakers swung my decision. The touch bar although not a main criteria, is useful to me too. I'd recommend the Pro if you use it for photos and videos.

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          Depending on the test unit and the reviews you are using as reference, this review shows the M1 MBA covers 114.3% of the sRGB spectrum vs 110.6% on M1 MBP
          If you doing print-based stuff and need good Adobe RGB coverage then surely you would be connecting it to an external monitor rather than working from a 13" display?

    • Can confirm. Got the M1 MBA last year when it was released and it’s an amazing machine. Fast and responsive and more than capable for all office tasks and light photo editing.

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      I like the touchbar, personally.

    • Agree, the Air offers MUCH better value at the moment. I can’t do anything to get my 8GB model hot or stuttering

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        Have you tried putting it in the oven? :P

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          That’s where I do my Work From Home!

  • Thanks, but waiting for M1X.

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      same waiting for m100

  • Is buying from Apple Edu store portal better?

    • Only if you wanna try and possibly return within 14 days. Otherwise always go for the cheapest price.

    • Apple Edu store discount is about 9-10% off RRP, unless you want to add RAM or storage, otherwise, it is always cheaper to just stack discounted GC with one of the 10% sale at retail stores. However, as zzzman has already pointed out, buying direct from Apple is the only way to benefit from the 14-day no fuss return policy.

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    I wouldn’t buy from HN at any price.

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    I'm surprised how long the battery actually lasts for on this new model.
    I use it for light browsing, music etc. for an hour or 2 a day and have only just had to plug it in again.

    According to activity monitor, this was 306 hours since last time plugged in to power before I got the low battery warning, or almost 13 days

  • bought gold air
    with SB giftcards

  • MBA for $1349 would be my pick, don't get the point of the MBP. FWIW, the touchbar is annoying as heck if you actually use the function keys as shortcuts (e.g. in Excel).

    I have a MBA - M1/16GB/1TB as my daily driver and haven't looked back. Not missing anything vs. the Pro. Perhaps the battery life would be the biggest differentiator IMO, but the MBA is still excellent.

    • Do all the main MS Office applications work the same as on Windows? (Particularly excel.)
      Are there any apps you miss from Windows which have no alternative in MacOS?
      Unless the Windows world are able to produce something similar, I am almost certainly going to switch to a Mac.

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        Yes they do re: Microsoft Office. I haven't noticed a difference anyway

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        Some major trading programs have windows versions only. But then you can always use VM fusion to run it seamlessly as if it was another Mac app.

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        Yes and no, Mac Excel is not exactly the same as Windows Excel, I still find the VBA editor in Mac to be a complete pain and it's debugging implementation to be sub-par (e.g. step-into is Command-Shift-I - what even?!). That being said, for the most part, it's completely fine.

        That being said, I still think that Windows is an all-round more refined OS from a usability standpoint. Many Windows features need to be "patched in" with paid apps in MacOS - e.g. window snapping is something I took for granted in Windows. Scrolling using a mouse is also far superior in Windows (it's a smoother scroll). Overall, despite having used MacOS full-time for at least 3 - 4 months now, I still find that I'm continually having to come up with hacky solutions to get functionality that I originally had with Windows.

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    FYI, 1 year free Apple TV sub is one redemption per family group. If you have already redeem the offer from other products like I did, I will suggest to create new account to redeem the offer. Learn from my mistake .

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    First I had the battle between getting air, or pro. Then the battle between 8 vs 16.
    Bought the 8gb pro, returned it after a week. Ended up settling with a 16gb space grey M1 pro for $1850 after edu discounts and a sweet apple CR cashback.

    8gb is enough for 90% of the users. But those using external monitors and have a habit of opening a lot of crap and intensive softwares at once. It just provides peace of mind to have 16.

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    Go for the Air. Touch pad is nasty!

  • I've bought a M1 earlier this year, anyone know if I can still redeem my free year of Apple TV subscription?

    • I believe you can just open the app on your Mac to activate it

      • Keeps referring me to the 7 day free trial, even after checking my eligibility through the online website.

        • Tried apple live chat? They should be able to sort it out

  • Our store tried to flog me an old i5 powered claiming that it was several times faster than the M1.
    They had the price covered for extra teasing. Still waiting on many non-provided warranties

    • +3

      In my experience, Harvey Norman salespeople are the absolute worst to deal with. I've got friends who have been ripped off by Hardly Normal after being told they need an i7 for a school kids laptop.

      Maybe I've just been unlucky:

      • I've had them try and push phone plans onto me even when told very explicitly I don't want a plan
      • lie about extended warranties post-purchase even with the manufacturer's site open
      • tell me their extended warranty is better and "international"
      • have 5 salespeople freak out in front of me when I turn down the warranty
      • lie about product codes/grey imports to avoid price matching
      • attempted steering toward low rated products claiming they're better (maybe they have better profit margins)
      • stock issues with online orders

      I've never left a Hardly Normal store with a good feeling. I've stopped shopping at Harvey Norman due to the awful experiences and Gerry Harvey.

      My advice would be to price match elsewhere in addition to doing research yourself before heading into any retailer.

      • +1

        Paid $10 over the normal retail price for an acessory. When I came back the next day showing that it was faulty they made me wait 45 minutes and then explained that on below $100 items there was a point blank no warranty! The manager is good friends with OFT staff so they refuse to do anything at all!!!

        • +1

          This reminds me of a Galaxy S8+ I bought from HN

          The phone did not hold charge and literally went down a percent a minute. I went in there and after waiting 45 minutes the person said it 'needed to be sent for assessment' which was literally within the first 60 days (might have been even quicker) of owning

          I ended up putting in a complaint and eventually they agreed to swap for a new phone (which was not problematic)

          I have to say this experience has put me off dealing with them

  • I have never price matched at JB, just wondering if it's just a matter of asking them to do it?

    • Yes. You can also send them an email or call them, and they will send you a link with the price matched price to complete your order.

      • thank you boss, I will try to get JBs gift card and get the M1 Air :)