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[Afterpay] Hisense 70S5 70" 4K TV $760.75 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ The Good Guys eBay


Cheapest ever for this TV. They seem to be out of stock for C&C in most locations, particularly metro areas. Still a very good price even with delivery cost.

The 50" S5 is also available here for $420.75 + $35 delivery if you're after a smaller size.

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      So VR headsets are the new hip thing? :P

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        Underrated comment.

        • Some real hoopla right there..

  • How does this work? Do you have to use the code and pay with afterpay? Or can you use the code with paypal or debit card?

  • Can you get these in 43" size?

    • Why, oh why? Treat yourself to the 50! the only reason I'll accept you want a 43", you are building a virtual pinball?

      • My parents have tried a 50" one but insist that it is too big. They sit 3-4m away from the TV too.

        • Buy them something second hand then, you can pick things up for nothing in that size, doesn't need to be 4k

          • @Jackson: They are looking at 4k screens, because they want to see an improvement from their current 1080p 32" TV

            • @YahooChess: 32"!? Anything bigger will be an immediate improvement anyway :) consider that they may not even have much 4k content, so size would be the main issue for mind. I have a 4k TV in the other room, but I hardly use it, prefer my 1080p the 4k isn't too bad, but it's not really a benefit for me. I expect your parents will probably be in the same boat

              • @Jackson: Yeah I just thought that if they are getting a new TV, may as well get an improvement in image quality and resolution too.

                • @YahooChess: Well, check the second hand market upgrades for your parents can be gotten for next to nothing, so it's still the cost of a new TV if you buy new

  • Size doesn't matter……..THATS WHAT SHE SAID!……..

    Joking, she lied.

  • Looking on the GG website, the Hisense 50S5 is available in most stores in my area. Why does Ebay make you pay for delivery (adding $35) and not allow C&C for this television model?

    • At the checkout change to click and collect. I avoided the delivery fee. Not sure if there's an issue between store availability on GG website and eBay.

      • I can't change to C&C at checkout https://i.imgur.com/Voup4d1.png

        Would you mind taking a screenie showing that you can change it?

        • Sorry I was looking at the 70 inch. Couldn't see a click and collect option for the 50 inch.

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    We bought for $1199 delivered at HN in March. They then dropped to $899, so I did a price protection claim and got the difference back. The TV is good value if you are after a big screen at a good price. It's definitely not perfect and people who really care about picture quality will obviously be disappointed.

    Short story, damn good value if you want a big tv at a good price.

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      So the size is impressive but the pic motion is disappointing?

      • Interested to know as well, especially for watching football ( euros and EPL)

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        I will definitely say yes. It's nothing major but I do notice issues now and then. I've come from a hisense 50", can't remember model, but it definitely is not a tv for people who really care about picture quality. However, it's not shit. I find it great and wife loves it. But we don't care about how black the black is and things like that. Great TV for the price but pay more if you are a movie buff or watchba lot of sports and really care about motion jags etc.

        • Thanks. I think I will get a smaller tv with better pic quality for upstairs new tv room.

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    Thankyou just bought one after reading the reviews on the good guys.

    This is to replace a 10 YO aging Samsung.

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      Carefully curated reviews on TGGs website

  • Couple of worrying reviews about TV failing <2 months.
    Maybe I'll pay a little more and wait for the Samsung deal
    You really only buy one of these and its every 7-10 years

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      Same applies to Samsung, Sony, LG etc. if you care to read avs or whirlpool forums… the days of brand quality, especially in terms to build quality and life, are long dead.

      FWIW we have 2 Hisense TVs now 5 years old. My Samsung died 3 times, repaired twice under warranty/ACL then they told me to get stuffed at 5yrs.

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        then they told me to get stuffed at 5yrs.


      • Don't know about Samsung but my experience with Sony over the years has been pretty much flawless, I got 10+ year sets still going strong. Some brands do matter.

        • I too have Sony gear soldiering on including a TV almost 15yrs, i wish it was still the case. But that is largely the past. As i said before, in recent years they have been a basket case as much as their competition especially with their LED/LCD TVs plagued with quality control issues despite premium pricing and broken promises about features. Its well documented in forums by users if you care to see.

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      If it dies in 2 months, get it replaced under warranty.

      Don't go outside, you might get sun burnt.

    • It should have 3 years warranty

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    I bought one at a similar price and it's good value at this price if you're looking for a budget TV or maybe a secondary TV. Black's aren't amazing and the motion rate is below average on FTA sport (Kayo has been good though). 4k content looks great as do the colours and brightness. I use a Chromecast but the native operating system is not bad either.

  • Thanks OP, this will go well with my Audi S5 lol

    • A true OzBargainer would be buying one to go with an Aldi S5.

  • Is there any way to buy this at 760 without After Pay? I am concerned about credit checks for After Pay sign up.

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      Afterpay do not check credit history so no worries.

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      Afterpay did not hurt my credit rating, it's been 6 months since joined Afterpay and not 1 point dropped on my credit rating.

      • How do you check your credit rating?

        I mean without handing over all your personal data to some 3rd party website.

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          Paid membership you can opt for Equifax, if you want free membership then Credit Savvy is one of many choices.

    • Once afterpay is paid off the impact on your credit ends

  • Plus Delivery $55

  • This or 65q8?

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    How does this Hisense 70S5 70" 4K TV picture quality compare to the EKO 65" QLED?

    I have the EKO 65" QLED and the remote is horrible and does not work most of the time unless I stand within 6 ft from the TV and it the remote needs to be exactly in the middle of the TV. Standing in angles greater than 20 or 30 degree does not work. EKO sent me a replacement remote and it has the same issue. Picture quality of EKO QLED is good value for money.

  • agh, motion blur at 70 inches.

  • Where I work minimum one TV goes to graveyard one a week so manufacturers don't care about the quality anymore

  • Is Hisense as reliable as the established makers?
    All my TVs lasted 10 years +

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      I've had a 75" hisense for 5 years with out a problem.

    • I've got a 40" Hisense from 2011/2012 Christmas/new year sales still going strong

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    Panel waste

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    Wow can't seem to find a review on this anywhere.

  • Could you please explain which is better, the 65Q8 or this? I'm looking at buying a tv for my new place's home theater. I'm resigned myself to buying a Chromecast tv regardless. Buying a soundbar anyways so I don't care about audio quality.

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      This is a Hisense budget range TV

      You should also consider the TCL C815 as it has Android TV and an inbuilt Onkyo soundbar

      • How would this compare to the Samsung UA65AU8000WXXY for $1279?

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        I would personally avoid TCL. I ve got the one you mentioned 75 C815 and I recently bought the 65Q8 and there is no comparison. I would NOT buy the TCL again. Stick with Hisense; much better quality and at a similar or even cheaper (if you can hunt for deals) price.
        It is true that they are different sizes, but I paid around $2k for the TCL 6 months ago and got the Hisense for $1200 a month ago

        • I'd agree. But I'm interested to see what the new series of TCL screens are like.
          From all reports they're very good. (New model is C825 with mini led, HDMI 2.1, etc etc)

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    If you want the cheapest but biggest TV, this is the one. I have it and think it’s a bang for buck budget TV, but if you care about picture quality, please get Q7/8.

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      please get Q7/8.

      Such manners

  • How's the viewing angle on this guy? We currently have a ~10 40" year old Sony Bravia (it's a plasma!) as our main TV and while it works fine, there's only so much time it can last for you'd think? We have a big L shaped couch in front of the TV - would this guy be OK for people sitting on the end of the couch closest to the TV and still be able to see it fine? I haven't been able to find this guy on display anywhere nearby unfortunately.

    Also, how is this for text - specifically with gaming? My SO and I love gaming (PS4), and we love the Borderlands series until we got to BL3 with its stupid horizontal only split screen for ages. They've finally given us the option to use vertical split screen, but the text is very small, as if it's the same text used on horizontal view. On our small TV, the text is so small we have to lean forward quite a bit (we probably sit around 2-3m from the screen). In theory if this TV is good with text, especially on the smaller side, that combined with the large screen should make it easier for us to play BL right? Or is that just completely wrong thinking?

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      I came from a 15 year old Samsung 42" Plasma to a Hisense 65Q7. No regrets and glad I made the change. No viewing angles issues.

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        All the reviews I've seen have spoken about the viewing angle and how it's kinda average - I guess though they're comparing it with something from the past year or two as an upgrade option instead of a 10 year old plasma :P

  • Wow, so cheap for a 70" TV

  • $680 before the code @ appliance online?

    • That would most likely be the 58" model

      • nope, said 70? cant link to it on work pc…

        ah, it says ebay pribe is 680, when your read deciption they say 790

        surely they would have to honour the 680 if thats what they say… if i had the $$ id buy just to see…

        • The seller for that isn't Appliances Online haha, it's just someone using an image showing the TV at $1199 from AO for their main listing image and saying that's the RRP in the description (which is deceptive as the TV is $895 at all the major stores right now). Also only one available, local pick up in Port Macquarie, and seller only has 3 feedback. And of course the code wouldn't apply it.

  • Great deal OP - bought one!

  • 2 questions please:

    1. Will Kayo work on this TV? Doing some research it says Kayo is available on 2021 Hisense TV's and newer….

    2. Is this ok for the Playstation?

    Looking at buying one for the kids play room. 90% of the time they will use the Playstation on it, and the other 10% it is watching sports via Kayo……don't really care about picture quality on free-to-air stuff or anything else. As long as the quality on the PS and Kayo is half decent.


    • Not 100%, but this likely does not have Kayo app native.

      It will be fine for playstation on youtube/netflix etc.

  • https://ibb.co/DCkf0L9

    Image fidelity is much better irl.

    Does the job pretty well, responsive, has the usual streaming apps preloaded. Internal speakers are okay, as in fairly loud. Inputs are on the left side.

  • The colour accuracy of these Hisense tvs always seems so way off. Can't say I'd be keen on one, but how do they tune up with calibration?

  • Thanks. Bought one.
    Replaces my 10+ year old 58" Panasonic plasma which has been an absolute warhorse.

  • I love the 58" but out of stock last week. And I am about to purchase the 50" (8" smaller but really, who notices.)

    But TGG out of stock and eBay recommended another seller, which is Power Land. Honestly, have not heard about this seller before (I am in Vic), quickly do some research, and they are legit (Physical store in NSW).

    But the price no longer $420.75 (TGG). It is now $449.65.

    Question is, should I or shouldn't I buy for $30 extra.

    • Purchase the 58" from Binglee Ebay store

      • They charge for delivery fee. I hate that