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Pay No More than $1 in Final Value Fees on The Next 5 Items You Sell @ eBay


Saw this link on a banner on the front page of ebay.

Love the sales, keep them coming!
Pay no more than $1 on Final Value Fees on the next 5 items you list and sell

Aircrafts and a whole bunch of other usual categories are excluded too - T&Cs link:

Banner screenshot: https://imgur.com/TtNEx7g

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    Unfortunately, this promotional offer is by invitation only.

    Seems targeted.

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    Aircrafts and a whole bunch of other usual categories are excluded

    Bugger, I have a slightly waterlogged Malaysian passenger jet I need to flog.

    • +2

      Too Soon

      • +7

        It's been 7 years! Those onboard can be legally declared dead - at least according to Australian law(s).

    • Bummer! I used to fly with them and a new garden shed would come in handy.

  • Works for me, thanks OP

  • Worked, thanks OP

  • +1

    Targeted, doesn't work for me as usual…

    • Likewise, haven't been targeted for these offers for quite a while now.

      • +1

        Used to get them often, I've had one I the last 2 years now

  • Guys, does that mean I only have to pay $1 after each sales. Thank you :)

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      Yes, includes both FVF and payment fees so you only pay $1 in total.

    • Will be more if you select optional extras.

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    Just sold two items with my offer from a few days ago and the FVF was calculated correctly. This is the first time since the new eBay managed payments update that it has worked. Finally!!

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      Yeah everything I've sold on one of these offers has resulted in multiple live chats to get charged the correct $1 fee.

      • +2

        That live chat is painful especially via the app. I'm convinced the chat operators are running 5 customers at once going by the delays.

        • 2x Gumtree listings still doesn't work. I'm on chat every month to get my FVF back.

          • @Vita85: Did you ever get your money back? Mine is in escalation for the past 2 weeks.

            • @bobokingdom: Not OP, but I did after a week or two.

            • @bobokingdom: After much arguing yes. Took 4 weeks though. Will see how long it takes this time.

              • @Vita85: Took me about 4 weeks as well but got it back eventually… their email said that they were having problems with the promotion, and had to manually apply the refund

      • Everything to do with Ebay Plus and these promos I've had to go onto live chat to get applied. The system they use is useless.

      • Same here, I've had to get onto the painfully slow ebay chat to be reimbursed the correct $1 fee. Takes a long time and they will try all kinds of excuses to put you off.

    • +1

      that's interesting I have reported eBay to accc and fair trading in the last month so maybe they've finally fixed it. Just got email yesterday saying:

      "As promised to you, we had our promotion team working through the manual credits for the items you have listed under our “List and Sell for free up to 2 items per month when you post your Gumtree Ad to eBay” promotion. I am happy to share that we have successfully credited the fee for the items under this promotion.

      Unfortunately, we have experienced a few technical difficulties with this promotion which has taken this additional time to process the credits manually. We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding."

      this is after processing numerous over credits instantly for same thing.

      My advice, still check you payments carefully.

      • Damn… I wonder if it was on purpose to hold moneys for as long as possible, only to distribute ALL credits owed on the 30th June as a tax offset. I, too, received an email only yesterday about a $88 credit that was owed to me back in APRIL. I was so close to giving up on it altogether because live chat was that useless.

        Whereas previously I've been directed to a chat rep in Ireland and credits were applied on the spot.

        I have received the $1 sell promotion and have already sold my first item with it. All calculations were correct. "Saved" myself $130 in FVF as well. I put saved in quote marks because 12% fee is ridiculous to begin with.

        • yes my fee on one transaction was $260

          • @Captain Hindsight: Still doesn't work. I was on chat again today for last month's FVFs not being returned from Gumtree. I've been doing it for 3 months now. The only way to get the credits is by getting on chat multiple times until they manually credit it.

            • @Vita85: please report it to fair trading it will add to number and hopefully prevent more.

              I know its a hassle but its for the greater good.

              • +1

                @Captain Hindsight: Will do. I'm tired of being on chat so many times for something that used to work seamlessly before being forced on to managed payments.

                • @Vita85: I'm glad it's not just me… it was flawless before managed payments was forced upon us.

                  "Allow me to inform you that this technical issue has not been resolved as of now and our teams are working on it. We don't have a definite date we are hoping this issue will be resolved the soonest. Regarding reaching out to promotions team you can request the agent in live chat to transfer the chat to promotions department and they will transfer the chat for you. Our promotions specialist are not available via phone or email they are available only via live chat."

                  This is a bit disconcerting… every time I've been on live chat (recently), I've had to be transferred 2+ times before I got onto the promotions team and they would have to "take the request away" and "confirm with GumTree" before crediting it. When I was first put onto managed payments, live chat would credit me on the spot when this didn't work. It was quick and relatively painless - given it was typically resolved on the spot. Now? Now it's a bloody pain.

                  We'll see how we go next time…

                  • @wellzi: Yep, you won't get credited on the chat. It will come via an email apologising for the technical issue.

                    • @Vita85: Yeah that is my most recent two experiences. I don't sell on eBay much, but prior to this it was so easy to just chat and get it credited at the same time. Stupid, if you ask me. They know it's a GumTree promo, it's just not automated… yet they make it ridiculously difficult to get that credit.

  • +4

    The hidden risk of being a seller on Ebay might end up more costly than the Final Value Fee reduction…

    • Ominous…..

    • +1

      Like this

    • Yeah eBay sucks for sellers. But they do seem to have a larger market than FB marketplace and Scumtree if you're trying to sell a niche market or want a marginally higher price.

      • Yes because you're selling to an Australia wide (or worldwide) audience. eBay used to be a great place to sell stuff, now it's just a risky and stressful proposition.

  • Aircrafts and a whole bunch of other usual categories are excluded too

    Damn it. I have a private jet to sell.

    • What about lambo's?

    • +1

      Toys aren't excluded.

  • sweet, looks like it worked for me.
    I had the same offer last month and managed to sell a bunch of old games for more then I expected. So I may try to sell some more again.

  • +1

    Take a screen shot of the offer once saved in your ebay account. I had a similar offer removed from my account but fortunately kept a screen shot. However, it was an awfully painful experience to get a credit on each individual sale.

    • +1

      Same experience.
      EBay are painful to deal with

    • Also beware they claim "relisted" items are not eligible for this promotion. However when the promotion counter actually works, the counter deducts when your unsold item is automatically relisted and counts it towards the 5 $1 promotions. Yet they will try everything in the book to claim your item wasn't eligible for the promotion.

  • +2

    eBay is a monopoly that cares not for it’s sellers nor buyers

  • Eligible! Thanks :)

  • +1

    This activated for me, although it's a little worrying that I never got the invitation by email.

    • same same

    • same same

    • +1

      Just take screen shots, and be prepared to wage war with the customer service agents on the live chat if the $1 fee is not applied automatically. Painful process.

  • Perfect timing, thanks!

    • I have that banner. But it says only eligible if you received the email, which I haven't.

  • Can anyone who sees the banner screenshot it?

  • You've accepted the offer "Love the sales, keep them coming!"

    Promotional offer summary
    Love the sales, keep them coming!
    Pay no more than $1 on Final Value Fees on the next 5 items you list and sell Learn More - Love the sales, keep them coming!-

    Start date * 01/07/2021 11:36:24 AM
    End date 27/07/2021 11:59:59 PM

  • +3

    Thanks. The final value fees are ridiculous. 11%.
    And what do you get for it? No protection at all as a seller.
    I removed my listed ad and reposting with this promotion because protection is important. I mean the fees.

    • That’s better than the 13.4% final value fee I’m paying.

  • Thanks

  • +2

    Sellers beware

    After reading this thread I doubt I'll use ebay again.

    • Yes make sure document everything just in case…..

  • Before I see if I'm targeted, are the promo counters working now?

    Last month I had this promo, the counter didn't work but for some reason my items that sold where being applied to it (they weren't before). While a step in the right direction, it kind of sucks when you have no control and sell items of very different value.

    • +1

      Promo counters worked for me when selling an item and the $1 fee is instantly applied on sales now.

      • Did the counter go down as soon as you listed? For me they only went down when I sold.

        • +1

          It went down after I sold the item, not when listed. That should be how it works as the offer is for $1 FVF when the item is actually sold.

          • +1

            @doweyy: I see.

            If they have changed the terms then sure, before managed payments though the counter went down when listing, the good thing about that is I could attach the promo to high value items.

  • So a lot of people don’t seem to know that you can get free FVFs on eBay by simply posting the item on gumtree first then follow the link to list it on eBay.

    Has worked for me for over a year. Think it’s 2 items a month

  • None of these have ever worked for me or applied to the items.

    To eBay's credit though, they've fixed it every single time it was a problem, I just merely linked the transcript from the original chat and every other time (4 times after) was piss easy compared to the first.

  • I sell 6000 items a year on ebay and I get nothing…

    • They tend to target low volume sellers. you're less likely to get this type of promo if you sell a lot

    • +1

      That's how all sales promotions work these days. Lure in new customers, don't give two stuffs about the existing.

  • Tough choice on rolling the dice between being scammed by an eBay buyer or dealing with the deadbeat, lowballing, no shows on FB.

  • Has anyone listed an item for sale with this promotion?

    Usually if I have a promotion, say sell 40 items for free in this month, once I list an item regardless of it being sold or not, the promotions say I have 39 listings left.

    With this one I listed an item and it still says I have 5 items left. Has the promotion been applied then? Will the item need to be sold for it to apply or do I need to contact eBay support?

    • You need to sell the item first to see the counter be used up.

      • I’ll see how it goes, it didn’t do that for the 40 free insertion free promo

  • damn wanted to sell my G5 private jet, no deal :(

  • The promotion is a pain. Last time i used $1 promotion to sell 2 high value items and they still charged the fee. Contacted them and they said there was technical issue hence one of the transactions fee was fully refunded. The other one i had to pay for an international fee being, the buyer registered an account oversea but lives in Australia and item was delivered with in Australia. How stupid

  • I only got the offer on my account which has eBay plus. Can confirm this works with no issue, sold an $800+ item payed $1 and no PayPal very good for high value items.

  • Odd I listed an item after accepting offer and the counter did not trip. Went to have a chat and they said its a glitch but I am eligible for the promo, so time will tell after selling the item!

  • This promotion they seemed to finally fix all fee calculations! Everything is being calculated immediately, even postage costs! It's about time they did something about it. Terrible experience with the last one + gumtree promo.

  • If you want some form of control this worked for me: Listed my cheap stuff first, activated the promo (good luck), list your high value items. I sold items in both categories and the promo only applied to the higher value items I listed after accepting the promo.

  • I just received payment for my first item, and I was charged the full 13.4% final value fee!

    • Did you post the listing after you accepted this offer? If so, just jump on live chat and they’ll credit you the fee.

      • Actually, turns out it did work—it was the postage cost that was deducted from the final value, which was unexpected because the postage cost was deducted after receiving payment on the last item I sold, not before.

  • +1

    Not sure if anyone got hit by the FVF fees but many folks who used the free Ebay listing through Gumtree apps were affected. Some waited for over 2 months for fee to get credit back after multiple contact with customer service and endless time wasted. See https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/583761

  • +1

    Interesting, seems my offer start date is in the future - 30/07/2021 12:00:00 AM and it's now 28 July. I've been allowed to accept and RSVP so I'll just wait to start listing. You'd have to wonder that the offer was probably going to appear for me eventually, I've just jumped the gun.

    • +1

      Worked for me too yesterday, same dates showed, and just now it has actually appeared on my selling page.

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