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Dell 3422DWG $495.20, S3221QS $369, Dell G15 5515 Gaming Laptop $899 Delivered @ Dell eBay (Monitors Start 7pm AEST)


Edit - extra stock added for the Alienware 38" Curved AW3821DW Gaming Monitor and S2721Q

Negotiated a few more deals with Dell overnight. The monitor deals will go live at 7pm AEST.

Now available -

Starting 7pm AEST -

Original Coupon Deal

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    Here before the 'BuT ItS OuT oF StOCK' remarks.

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      And 250 nits……………

      • +32

        stop nit picking!

        • πŸ˜†πŸ˜‰

  • Legend!!

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      No Love Deep Keanu

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    Was gonna get the G15 BuT ItS OuT oF StOCK

    • +1

      That was quick. The sale hasn't even started yet!

    • Laptop deal now live.

  • +2

    What desktop equivalent is there for the 3050rtx?

    • +6

      a 1650 super. Not bad for mobile

  • +1

    Any deals on a 24" monitor?

  • Any chance for 30+" ultrasharp goodness?

  • Another 34" …. make me think again 😲

  • +1

    this would have been a fantastic gaming laptop if it didn't have a shitty lcd panel

    • +2

      250 nits :(
      Colour is not that great as well?

      • +7

        that's right. same panel Dell has been putting into entry level gaming models for a couple generations now. 120hz 250nit is the dead ringer for it

        proper panels are 300nit 144hz they are good

        120hz sounds attractive, but it sucks, and colors are washed out.

      • I have the 32 inch monitor and its too bright with a white background.

        It also has readonable speakers which means you can declutter.

        • +4

          They talking about the laptop screen not the screen screen 😁

  • RTX 3050 is about the same as 1660Ti?

    • +1

      depends on TGP of 3050

    • +3

      less. 1650 super, or 1660

      • Anyone's know what the TGP on this is? As far as I am aware they can set between 35w and 80w for a 3050.

    • I'm seeing PC GC 1650 Super around $450 to $650 so not bad deal when the whole laptop costs under $900, my 2 cents

      Edit: people agree,.. I need a reason too buy it lolz πŸ‘πŸ˜

  • Does anyone know if the Dell ebay team work on the weekends, and if so what their turn around time is when you message them? I'm trying to get extra warranty added for a custom deal but worried it will sell before they respond.

    • +1

      In my experience, I always hear back from them the next morning, regardless of how early in the day I messaged.
      Buy it first and ask them to create a separate link for you to pay for the extra warranty before they ship.

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    was intrigued at first about the Dell G15 5515 but did a review and now think it's only worth $900

    • +1

      What do you mean?

      • +2

        well the fact the screen is not good, it's all plastic, sound quality is poor. for a dell who pride themselves on quality, this is a fail. Like the 3050 for $899 though

        • +10

          you're asking too much from a sub $1000 laptop

          • +7

            @ln28909: No, he literally said it has the specs of a sub $1000 laptop therefore isn't the amazing bargain it first seemed to be.

            he is asking all those things from a $1500 laptop which is on sale for $900.

  • +2

    RTX 3050 exists? huh

    • +2

      it does, but wattage (TGP) is the key. wide range of TGP available for 3050, and performance will vary a lot accordingly

      • It will be tricky to distinguish between all different version of the gpu in future unless the laptop page specify the TGP.

        Nvidia ditch the max q name too?

        • +1

          yeah. now it can be set by the manufacturer to whatever the hell they want, and they still don't bother telling us what it is

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    Considering replacing my 2 X 24" on my work setup, but cannot convince myself between the 32 or the 34.

    32 seems to tick more boxes for me, but worries about getting it and not enjoying the experience.

    • +1

      That's me exactly but I want the 4k so I'm going with the 32
      Not that I know what I'm talking about!

    • think of how you're going to use it.

      34 for windowed side by side work (good for wfh), and ie full screen movies without any bars.

      32 for a bigger full 4k experience.

      If you're gaming.. i wouldnt really do it on a VA panel (personal preference, I dont like the ghosting effect) and would rather the IPS panel or TN (for response time, but rarely see those on the market these days).

    • I have 3x 24 setup for wfh.. Ive replaced 2 of the 24 with a 34 ultrawide and then umming about a 27 or 32 to replace the one 24 so I can combine mail and teams on that one screen and I'll be happy. The 34 ultrawide was way better for documents and confluence etc than I expected when splitting it to 2 seperate windows. I love it

    • i have the 32. don't really game on it but for a VN the colours are quite good. it's a great screen for productivity and the price is good

    • We run 3x 32" 4k DELL at work. So much screen… But also so good.

      • +6

        If I had that much area, I would probably be spending time searching where the mouse pointer is.

    • I have 49" super ultrawide (32:9) and it's amazing for productivity work.

    • Was close to buying but made myself stop!

      Figured I may instead look at upgrading the monitor on my main desktop (27" 165hz that was pretty expensive at the time and 27" Dell 4k) and then use these two monitors for work.

      Not quite convinced about moving to a big screen for gaming, for other games great but not a perfect experience playing Dota 2 on a ultrawide I have been told. I moved from a 12 year old 30" to this newer better quality 27" just a few years ago.

  • +1

    The G15 is insane, wish I didn't bought my laptop

  • +1

    Can we pleeease get some deals on the 4K Ultrasharps? I can't justify them at full price but I'd consider picking up a pair of the 27" or 32" models for the right price.

  • +12

    Information for whoever interested.
    The difference between S3422DWG and S3422DW is that, the DWG has a higher refresh rate (144hz vs 100hz), faster response time (2ms GTG to 4ms), is brighter (400cd/m vs 300cd/m on DW), has display port 1.4 (vs DP1.2 on the DW), picture in picture and picture by picture features which the DW doesn't have. On the other hand, DW has speakers and the DWG doesn't.
    Comparing the DWG with the Xiaomi, the Xiaomi has wider colour gamut, a more aggressive curve (1500C) but the Xiaomi has no USB-A hub and shorter warranty.

    • -1

      I am currently have a 1660S, would I have any issues pairing with the S3422DWG? Also would it be good to pair up with PS5 later? No black border issues? Thanks

      • -1

        Nope, would be bad for PS5, you'd have black bars on the side

      • 1660 super should be able to support 1440p 144hz, but don't expect optimal performance, you probably won't be able to get more than 60fps on average.
        Don't think PS5 is designed for 21:9 at all, so black bars are expected. Consoles are designed for TVs tbh.
        Mind you the S3221QS which is also on sale at 7pm can only do 60Hz so not the right choice for gaming either.
        There is the S3222DGM which is available now, if you want a large monitor for both PC and PS5.

        • Ok thanks many, S3222DGM sounds good for what I want then.

      • Also, PS5 can't output 1440p like the Xbox can. You only have 2 options with ps5: 1080p and 4k. So on the 34" it'll be an upscaled 1080p stream with black bars on the side. There are some 34" monitors that can receive a 4k image and downscale it to 1440p, like the Gigabyte G34WQC, but I'm not sure if this Dell is one of them.

        • oh god, not making things easy……….as I currently have the dell 27 s2721d monitor.

          Really wouldnt mind going to 32 or 34 in size

          • @Aerith-Waifu: I've been in your exact same spot recently lol. I ended up going with a 34" IPS ultrawide (Acer x34p) for work/productivity/pc gaming and beside it a 28" 4k TN for the PS5 (Asus VP28UQG). If I had to choose just one, I'd keep the 4k high response panel as it would check all boxes for me on its own, natively, just a little less "room" for productivity.

            I just personally don't like VA panels at all (prone to ghosting and black smearing) - you should look into this and make the choice for yourself before buying.

            btw, unless you're buying a tv or an OLED, you're not gonna find a 4k panel >60hz (to take full advantage of PS5's 4k120hz capability). Don't let the other comments diswade you from a 4k monitor now. The 120hz capable 4k monitors simply don't exist at this point in time.

    • From here
      S3422DW vs S3422DWG https://www.displaydb.com/compare/dell-s3422dw/dell-s3422dwg

      Says the S3422DWG also has 4 x USB 3.2 (Type-A; Gen 1; downstream) and 1xUSB 3.2 Upstream.

      So for an extra $59 au you get all the above plus some and minus speakers.

      Is it possible to ask dell to pay the difference and change over the order to this monitor?

      or also comparing the Xiaomi Mi 34 curved

      • USB 3.0 (Type-A superspeed) on the DW vs USB 3.2 (Type-A Gen 1) on the DWG are actually the same (both 5 Gbit/s data signaling rate over 1 lane using 8b/10b encoding). The only difference is you get 4 downstream ports on the DWG vs 2 on the DW.
        I think there are mistakes in that link you quoted, DW doesn't support picture-in-picture & picture-by-picture as far as I am aware.

        • Thanks for the update on that, I thought there were print issues in the comparison on that link but thanks for the USB clarification. πŸ‘

  • +2

    Just purchased the G15. What a deal. Surprised it was available tbh at $899.

  • +1

    The RTX 3050 concerns me as not having much grunt compared to a 3060?

    • +9

      It's only got 10 less grunts. How much do you want for $900?

  • Still waiting for my last Dell monitor to arrive, 1 month for delivery is piss poor

    • when did you order and which model?

  • +2

    From a quick Google search, the RTX3050 is about 30% improvement over a 1650ti. Laptop editions.

    For $899. Bargain.

    • +2

      The 1650ti weren't too good :-)
      So I am guessing this 3050 would be about 1660Ti?

      • Yes, but that's what you were getting sub $1000. 1650 and 1650ti.

        • Yeah. It’s an ok deal for a new CPU.
          But the deal could be better at $700-$800

  • What RAM does Dell use? Looking to buy another stick of 8GB DDR4 3200MHz to upgrade.

    • +1

      Unfortunately it varies depending on supply. Same chassis can have a variety of RAM suppliers. My last Dell gaming laptop had Hynix 3200.Timing will be the slowest as well. Better to get two sticks with same timings, BIOS support dependent, and sell the 8gb.

  • Grabbed the lappy would a 16 or 32gb kit of cl16 3200 make much difference?

    I prolly won't game to much on it hell my monitor is 32" 1080p which I'll keep this docked to.

    Will just be a uni laptop I dare say.

    • +1

      16gb is plenty enough

    • Only if your gaming timings will matter. However the laptops BIOS needs to support the timings, or it will default to the slowest JEDEC standard supported by the laptop.

  • +1

    The S3221QS is already showing the 20% off code available, which brings it down to $369.

    Does it get better if I wait till 7pm?

    Also, looking to replace 2x24" (Dell ultrasharp) with 2 of these. Only gaming is flight sim, no movies, some graphics work (Photoshop & Painter) & office. These seem ideal and a good price.

    I got the ultrasharps originally because I was doing a lot more graphics and needed calibrated, accurate colour. Much less need now.

    Has anybody got any reason why these wouldn't be a good buy?

    • +2

      Does it get better if I wait till 7pm?

      No. The ebay listing has been set up with the correct price but there is currently no stock.

      Stock will be added at 7pm.

      • Thanks

    • I personally don't like VA panels at all (prone to ghosting and black smearing) - you should look into this and make the choice for yourself before buying, if you haven't considered it already.

  • Where can you give the discounted eBay gift card for the purchase later today?

    • Only Cash back from Shopback or Cashrewards

  • +1

    Well I’ve just commited. To get slightly better performance I’m thinking off having 16gb ram and a 512gb SSD.

    • Thinking of doing the same with the laptop. Seems to be a great deal.

    • What ram are you going to run?

  • +3

    Thank you dealbot. Just ordered that laptop. Was contemplating on buying 5800H, 512GB, RTX 3060 model for 1815$, but this seemed to pack an amazing bang for the buck!

    The laptop has 1 extra M.2 Slot for upto 2TB of Gen 3 x4 NVMe. (1 supports upto 1TB & other supports upto 2TB)
    2 x 4GB, Dual-Channel DD4, 3200 MHz RAM. So, both the slot are full if someone is thinking of buying an additional 8 GB.

    And for extra display output, it has USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C port with DisplayPort.

    • +1

      How much would it cost and is it possible to replace with 2x 8GB, Dual-Channel DD4, 3200 MHz RAM?

      • +1

        I didn't contact Dell on eBay for the possible upgrade.

        However, You can buy 2 x 8GB DD4 3200 MHz SoDIMM for around 159$.
        Don't know what you will do with the 2 x 4GB installed memory. Sell on Gumtree or FB marketplaces?

    • Looks it extra m.2 is wireless and Bluetooth combo card.

      • There are 2x M.2 2230, out of which 1 is used by the Killer 1650X (WiFi & Bluetooth combo card)
        And 1x M.2 2280 for extra SSD.

        Check the official PDF on Dell AU website for detailed info.

    • +1

      I am unsure if this laptop has been made difficult to install another m.2 ssd like this one though.

      Buyer beware in case it is.


      • Thank you, this was informative and definitely worth sharing.
        I think I will manage with this one easily, no idea about other people who got it.

    • JB hifi has got the same series but only intel version. I went in store to have a look and all the 8Gb models have 1x8Gb, its probably stock standard but at least better resale value to someone else with same laptop looking to upgrade and not bothered about ram timings

      • Yes, It was a 1x 8GB Micron 3200MHz CL22
        I added another stick of Crucial 1x 8GB 3200MHz CL22 for 69$

        • Good to know thanks. I added a kingston 8GB 3200MHz CL22 and its working fine.

          Something else is weird though, the laptop comes with a PM991a NVME, crystaldisk info is showing my power on hours as 35 but the power on count is over 3000.

  • Would I be able to cancel my order from yesterday for the S3422DW .. =(

    Jumped on the deal from https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/635054 .. but would rather have this even tho there are no speakers.

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