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Dell XPS 13 9310 2-in-1 Laptop | 11th Gen i7-1165G7 16GB RAM 512GB SSD Win10 FHD+ | $1839.20 Delivered @ Dell eBay


Deal ends today, although knowing dell there will always be another one… Seems like a decent price for a premium 2 in 1.

I know the new Dell XPS laptops just came out with the new 11th gen Intel chips… not too much different though. Also available is a UHD4K screen although probably not worth it due to the effect on battery life and that the screen in only 13".

Main Specs:

Model: XPS 13 2-in-1 9310

Operating System: Windows 10 Home

Processor: 11th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-1165G7 Processor

RAM Size: 16GB 4267MHz LPDDR4x Memory Onboard

Graphics: Intel® Iris Xe Graphics

SSD Capacity: 512 GB PCIe NVMe x4 Solid-State Drive (Onboard)

Display: 13.4" 16:10 FHD+ WLED | anti-reflective 500-nit brightness

Battery: 4-Cell Battery, 51 Whr (Integrated)

IO, pretty light on: 2 Thunderbolt™ 4 ports with Power Delivery
1 headset (headphone and microphone combo) port

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  • +3

    Actually this is already the 11th Gen Intel and latest version of the XPS 13 2-in-1.
    The new models are the XPS 15 and 17 only, which were previously only 10th Gen and RTX 2000 series graphics.
    The XPS 13 was upgraded at the end of last year I think, and the reason for the delay in the XPS 15/17 being upgraded was because do to their form factor they use the high power chips not the ones designed for ultrabooks.

    • +1

      Ah, thanks for the info. I did notice the new XPS 15/17 have the 11400 / 11800 and 11900 CPUS. Which have the higher core count.

      • +1

        Yep and to go with it much hotter and more power hungry - which is why the XPS 13 sticks to the lower power processor.

    • The xps15/17 also share chassis with the precision models

    • the new i5 11400 and i7 11800 are literally double the performance of the previous of this one. I would wait for the new model tbh.

      • +1

        Unlikely Dell will release a new XPS 13 until a new generation of Intel processors. This is already the "new model". As I explained the reason this processor performs less is because it is an ultrabook processor. Not many 13 inch laptops at all have the high power "H" processors like the XPS 15/17. Even when the 12th Gen Intel comes out is unlikely the XPS 13 will beat out the 11th Gen "H" processors.

      • +2

        The i7-1165G7 CPU on the XPS 13 runs at 15W and the i7-11800H on the new XPS 15 runs at 45W.
        the i7-11800H CPU is in a different power class and can't be used in 13" laptops.

  • +9

    I’ve got the 4K version, my partner has the FHD version. Battery definitely better on the FHD and screen looks pretty identical considering it’s 13”.

    Excellent build quality and haven’t had any issues as of yet.

    • The optimal distance to watch (compare) 4K with FHD is reduced by ~1/2
      4K on 33cm (13") is not comfortable for text with older people.
      metric calculator (eg max 50cm) http://www.hometheaterengineering.com/viewingdistancemetric....
      Most of the others are useless non-Metric (born metricized & I insist on standards to not constantly waste time with calculations)

      • +1

        Look tbh, the only reason I bought the 4K version was it was $900 cheaper than the FHD version at the time. Just dell doing dell things really haha

      • wtf .. not comfortable for anyone trying to use 4K at native resolution on a 13" screen ..not only older people.

        • +1

          Why? Win10 autoscales so the icon and text size is the same on both FHD and 4k. The higher res makes everything more crisp

          • @1st-Amendment: I said using 4K at the 'native resolution' .. not a scaled resolution.

            Many people hate 1080p native resolution on a 13" screen (but I love it and it's not too small).

            • @matt-ozb:

              I said using 4K at the 'native resolution' .. not a scaled resolution

              But since autoscale is the default option in Win10, you would have to go out of your way to enable something that you don't like? That makes no sense…

              • @1st-Amendment: Exactly .. that's the whole point of my comment .. please talk to the guy above that said ..

                .. " 4K on 33cm (13") is not comfortable for text with older people. metric calculator (eg max 50cm)"

                Not just older people .. I can't see anyone using 4k at native resolution on 13".

  • +1

    I have the previous version with the Intel 10th gen processor. Great little machine. Only thing that annoys me is the placement of page up and page down on the 2-in-1 models (I use excel a lot). Ended up buying a 9510 OLED through this 20% off ebay deal.

    • link please?

    • I was looking at getting a XPS 15 9510 for the OLED display but I'm going to give it a pass due to Dell's poor QC. The XPS 15 is infamous for it's wobbly trackpad.

      • Yeah, I heard a lot about the trackpad issues on the 9500. Really hoping they've sorted them out by now!

  • One more USB 3.1 would be nice

  • Anyone having thermal issues on this or previous 13" models, e.g fans kicking in without too much stress

    • +2

      Yeah, fans a constantly spinning on mine under little or no load.

    • I haven't specifically. The fan will eventually kick in when it's been on for a while and I've got 30+ tabs open, but I've found elevating the back a little to allow for air flow seems to resolve this issue

    • You can adjust this somewhat in Dell Power manager, but it is not surprising really given the form factor and that Intel processors are inefficient. It would be better if there was an AMD option.

    • Intel cpu throttle even with windows update. I wish they went with AMD chips.

  • Dell refurbished is even cheaper and has free delivery/returned postage included.

    • Could you post a link please? :)

      • +7

        This is the webpage https://www.dell.com/en-au/outlet. However what you really want to do is call them and have them email you a list of all their stock (or at least them models you care about). Those have detailed specs, prices and even why they are refurbished. My current one was a return due to power brick issue (I got a new powerbrick). They have new stock monday/tuesday each week. I've bought my last 4 laptops this way

        • sweet thanks for the info.

        • 100%

          Not all their inventory is on the website. Call or email them with what you’re after.

    • +3

      Can confirm Dell outlet is great, have purchased 4 items for myself/recommended to others and they've all been flawless at great prices.

      • Same here. I've purchased a couple of XPS's and a couple of big screens over the years for nearly half retail price. They look and work the same as new, the only catch is the limited warranty, but I've never needed it so far (touch wood)

  • +1

    Soldered SSD

    • and RAM, but that is common with the regular XPS 13. One way this does beat out the regular XPS 13 is on cooling as this has a vapour chamber so performs slightly better apparently.

      • +1

        Soldered SSD is especially bad, because it makes it much more expensive to get more storage if you need it. Also, if your any part of your board goes bad, you lose your data.

        • because it makes it much more expensive to get more storage if you need it.

          This is the same argument as the people who demand SD cards in their phones. For most people this isn't a concern, hence why manufacturers don't waste money on it.

          Also, if your any part of your board goes bad, you lose your data.

          Same applies for a faulty HDD/SSD which is why backups are a thing.

          • @1st-Amendment: The biggest problem is that most people don't do backups. Case in point is if you accidentally spill water on your laptop and it's not spill-resistant, so the board dies and it can't power up. If your SSD was removable, there is more than a good chance the drive is still working and data is recoverable. If the drive was soldered, then you're stuffed.

            SD cards in phones are good, but not nearly as useful as a removable SSD, which most PCs have. There is no good reason why it needs to be soldered. Whereas in a phone, you have a much smaller space and the internal storage of pretty much every phone is not removable and you have automatic backup systems that are much more common on a phone than is a computer.

            The other thing is that computers are much more expensive than most phones and should last longer, given the software is not generally locked (besides Apple).

            • @happychappy1:

              There is no good reason why it needs to be soldered.

              There is a simple reason, cost vs benefit. While you might find DIY upgrades useful, most people don't, and these companies know that.

  • +1

    Had to return 2 of these for hardware issues.
    Changed to HP Spectre.

    • +1

      Dam very unfortunate… I have heard of Dells QC problems. What were the issues?

      • first was overheating issue with battery and mobo i think
        second one was screen issue it was failing to 'connect'; still unreliable once they replaced entire screen so I gave up on the model

    • +2

      Wow that’s bad
      My HP spectre is still going strong after 4 years.

    • I returned two due to serious display issues, very unfortunate, ended up with a surface book 4, no issues so far but appreciate it is a different machine.

      • The Surface Book 4 ain't out yet, do you mean the Surface Laptop 4?

        • Ah ha yep correct was in a rush earlier!

    • Have one for work and the quality issues make these a PoS

  • I bought this yesterday with 3 years warranty added which they have on special for the same price as two. Came to $2,059.47 all up.
    I'm sure ACCC warranty should be about the same anyway, but this should at least save the hassle if it's required down the line.

  • +5

    I also will never buy dell product again. Horrible experience with the g15se. From day one. No QC, no recalls of known product that shouldn't have left warehouse or made it to production phase. Bad service. Chit tier quality. I have been extremely happy with my hp spectre and highly recommend them to anyone that can afford it.

    • +3

      Fair enough man, I too have heard of many people complaining about Dell products. Maybe its a loud minority? IDK, Dell are a huge company and offer very goood products in my opinion. Not defending faults on a 2k+ laptop that just should never happen but the XPS line is (in my opinion) the best looking and most premium Windows laptops you can get.

      • +1

        Thanks for posting anyways. I'm sure the xps line is fine, I'm still butthurt for wasting 1300 on g15se.

      • I too have heard of many people complaining about Dell products. Maybe its a loud minority?

        Yeah and you get this everywhere. Sell more products you will have more noisy complaints.

  • +5

    There's no way I can in good conscience buy a windows laptop when the M1 air exists. It's cheaper, better build quality, almost double the battery life and better performance than anything Intel could come up with.

    This is one of those major paradigm shifts that we only have once a decade. As a lifetime windows user I'm seriously thinking about switching.

    • +4

      Likewise dude, I would love to but have been on Windows my whole life. I also have literally never purchased/owned an apple product. But you cant argue with the numbers.

    • +3
      1. No touch screen or 2-in-1 capability.
      2. MacOS.

      I agree though M1 and macbook air amazing products otherwise.

    • +2

      You do realise that there is more than just Intel CPUs in Windows based laptops? AMD makes the fastest CPUs at the moment and they are not matched in multi-threaded performance. They are much more competitive with the M1, despite Apple having the node advantage by using TSMC 5nm, vs 7nm for AMD. If you want to see a comparison against the M1 just use a reputable benchmark site such as Passmark, which has been around for decades and has a native macOs support.


      There are also laptops such as the Lenovo S540, which could be obtained at approximately $1106 with very good specifications such as an 8 core AMD Ryzen CPU, 16GB RAM, QHD IPS screen, 512 SSD, aluminium chassis and up to 13hrs battery life.


      The other advantage with these laptops overall is that I'm not stuck to one operating system. I run Windows, BSD and Linux on mine, so I have access to multiple applications.

      • Hey Shellshocked?

        Do you know where I can still find the s540 for that much? It's sold out on Lenovo edu store and I really want that laptop lol

        • Unfortunately sold out online. However if you go to Lenovo's website now, you will notice the updated higher end models are starting to be displayed. This includes the Ideapad Slim 5 PRO 6 16" and 14" with QHD displays and a 120hz option.

      • Yeah, of course i realise that, I run a Ryzen 3900x on my main desktop. Mainstream laptop manufactures are only just starting to adopt AMD. Some still dont offer AMD (cough… DELL). I agree that the deal on the lenovo Idea pad was great. Although no where near the premium look that the Dell XPS' have.

    • +1

      There's no way I can in good conscience buy a windows laptop when the M1 air exists.

      I'm in the same boat. Been a Wintel guy my whole life but bought my daughter a Macbook Air and it is pretty hard to go past. It looks great, works perfectly, battery lasts all day, and for the price of a new XPS (my current machine) I can get a new MBA and a new iPhone which work seamlessly together.
      And it's not just the tech, MS and Google's approach to privacy is steering me way from wanting to use their products.

  • Bought one of this recently. Fan was spinning loudly at times but after updating the driver, it seems to settle. However I do notice a coil whine when I listen closely/ put my ears right beside the laptop. Is this acceptable or should I contact them for a replacement?

    • Up to you, if you don't like it ask for a replacement.

    • I had coil whine on mine, they replaced the motherboard, but that had coil whine too, though it seems to have quitened down somewhat since.

      • Thanks for feeding back on your experience. Is coil whine harmful or detrimental to the laptop in the long run or is it just a noise nuisance? Mine is audible only if I were to listen closely to the laptop but if this is something that will affect the lifespan of the laptop, I’ll look to contact dell for options…

  • When will Dell do amd xps?

    • +2

      Nobody knows really because official thunderbolt certification is a sticking point. It also seems like the general trend in laptop manufacturering is to only include AMD in select budget or mid-tier products to avoid annoying Intel, probably because AMD supply is limited so they are relying heavily on Intel for sales.

      • +1

        That's a good point. I guess dell would have agreements with Intel on the specs and contracts for the xps.

    • +1

      Unfortunately Intel MDF has been helping Dell's bottom line for a long time. You will notice this with a few other manufacturers. In the mid 2000s Intel paid the likes of Dell up 1 billion not to buy AMD, which landed up in court. AMD at that time had the fastest CPU, like they do now.


      Dell recently got caught crippling the Nvidia GPU VBIOS in the AMD based Alienware for no reason, whilst the Intel version had no restriction. Most likely to make the AMD version seem slower, despite being faster.


      It's only until recently have Asus, HP and Lenovo started using AMD in their high end products.

      Intel also charges fees and royalties for Thunderbolt 4. Which if you buy their chips is most likely waived. Only Thunderbolt 3 was changed to be without fees, due to lack of market penetration.

  • Pity no afterpay or use now pay in bite size chunk with no interest nor fees $1800 up front is steep if unable to pay in bite size albeit chunky payments in quads

    • -1

      If you can't afford this laptop outright, you shouldn't be purchasing such an expensive laptop in the first place. There are plenty of more affordable offerings that are equally/more performant that grace this page every day.

      • +2

        purchasing with afterpay does not mean you cannot pay outright - paying minimum payments of $20 with Visa Mastercard Credit for the next 5 years is considered cannot pay outright. Splitting your payments into 4 with no fees or interest is not only smart, it's good planning, it frees up your money for other purposes.
        You need to be smart about buying things - that's the spirit of an ozbargainer.

      • Just think how many people buy a house outright? Even though it is considered a smart appreciating purchase we still pay hundreds and thousands of dollars of interest by the time we done and still everyone agrees it is a smart purchase. Laptop are depreciating purchase no point forking upfront payment when you can do it in a couple with no interest no fees - and that is way smarter than paying interest for 30 years

        • Even though it is considered a smart appreciating purchase we still pay hundreds and thousands of dollars of interest by the time we done and still everyone agrees it is a smart purchase.

          What makes it smart is that even thought you pay interest, your capital gain is higher than the interest so you end up ahead.

          Laptop are depreciating purchase no point forking upfront payment when you can do it in a couple with no interest no fees - and that is way smarter than paying interest for 30 years

          Well it depends. Interest free payments can be a good use of cashflow, but nothing beats an appreciating asset. Property prices are up 50% in a lot of suburbs this year, which means those owners could buy a new laptop every year for the rest of their lives with just the gains made this year alone :)

          • @1st-Amendment: You only end up ahead when prices do not fall and interest rates do not go up the roof and unemployment is absolutely low plus you have no building defects, no compulsory state acquisition, u are in perfect health with perfect salaries and perfect employment and immigration is high, all these have to work in your favour and all at the same time.

  • Is it touch screen?

    • Yep

    • Yep, should come with a stylus pen too (last gen definitely did).

  • Hoping for a deal for the UHD version thats currently only $100 more


    • +4

      I have the UHD version and FHD version (wife's). Literally can't tell the screen apart given its so small. Where you can see is she gets twice the battery I do, so I wouldn't neccessarily say the UHD is worth it for most people.

      • fair enough, thanks for that

  • -1

    Wouldn't trust dell to deliver anything

  • Have this exact model. Both rubber grips at the bottom have fallen off within a year (have a Lenovo which is twice as old without any of that wear).

    Also has a faulty Bluetooth to mouse connection which requires editing Regedit to make it work (regardless of mouse)

    • Same here, Rubber grips on bottom fell off as well as video cam switch plastic has split all within first year.

      Fan sound when charging is very loud as well as USB-C falls to charge now

      Complete PoS all within the first year !

    • Is this the issue with the mouse going to "sleep" and taking a second or two to resume again? If so, I'm having the same issue on my 9510. Can you link me to the instructions to fix it please?

  • +1 returned an XPS13 purchased late last year, repeated issues with lack of sound straight out of the box, and screen (replaced), overheating/unresponsive (never resolved), fan whine (‘normal’), Bluetooth failure (never resolved). Admittedly I likely got a lemon but still it was the worst laptop I’ve owned.
    MacBook Air M1 is not perfect but craps all over the xps13.

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