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Chromecast with Google TV - Snow $84.15 + Delivery or C&C @ The Good Guys eBay


Great device, family loves it for its simplicity and how easy it is to use. Works with your XM4s you probably got from all those previous deals :) (or any bluetooth headphone/ speaker on that regard)


This Google Chromecast with Google TV GA01919-AU allows you to enjoy all the entertainment you love, in up to 4K HDR. No more jumping between apps to decide what to watch - get personal recommendations based on your subscriptions, viewing history and content you own all in the same place. Use the remote to search by voice command, switch between apps and change the volume.

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    It is a good deal for this unit on it’s own. If you are a Netflix subscriber (or want to be), the Google store is offering this unit plus a $95.94 Netflix credit (equivalent to six months for two screens) for a total of $139.99.
    This means you’re effectively getting the unit for $44.05 and paying for Netflix six months in advance.

    • +30

      Unless you live in Argentina or India ;-)

      • Does the credit transfer to overseas accounts?

        • From what I have read from other users, it is not transferable.

      • +6

        Then you check ArgBargain and InBargain!

      • +3

        Or Turkey 😂

      • +2

        turkey baby

        • Can I use this google chromecast tv unit then sign in with netflix turkey despite having everything else as 'australia'?

          I also have youtube india, so I'm assuming I can just sign into youtube as I normally do and have ad free etc??

    • There was a deal recently with 2 units for an extra saving. Not sure its still on offer.

      Yep $219 for 2 units + Netflix. Save $19

      • still cheaper to the a single unit with netflix

    • Or you could get 6 months netflix for $40 ~ $6.70pm by ordering, redeeming returning.

      "If you return the device within the allowable return period and have already redeemed the Netflix offer, you will be refunded $99.00"

    • Is it pure credit? I have one of the 4 screen accounts so I'm not sure if that'd apply.

      • Yes, pure credit, can use it on your 4 screen account. I did.

        • Awesome, thanks!

        • Yes I did the same

    • If you happen to have the 'Google store spend $150 get $30 back Amex deal' this would be a great deal for two individual chromecasts with the Netflix deal. Effectively works out as around $29 each

  • +6

    Just something else to note, when I set this up for someone that uses YouTube I'd recommend installing SmartTubeNext :)

    • Android TV friendly NewPipe?

    • I had that installed a while ago and within the last month, it started to show ads again despite the box "hide ads" being checked.

      Anyone else have this problem?

  • +1

    Anyone know if this is good for casting beat saber from quest 2 to TV?
    I tried searching the web, looks like 0.5-1sec delay on chromecast ultra, but nothing on the chromecast with google tv..

  • +1

    Good deal grabbed three.

    • why 3?

      • +4

        why not?

      • +1

        I bought my original unit from Google direct but have since bought 3 more from FB marketplace. Paid $50-$70 for them $65 on average. Keep a look out for them. Wasn’t worried about warranty as the unit is so new. One in in my travel bag for work trips around the state. Has connected fine to most (not all) hotel free wifi no problem.

  • +1

    How does this compare to the Amazon Fire TV stick 4K?

    • Also interested in this. Going in and out of the different streaming apps is a pain

      • Also interested, my fire sticks lags and is unusually when I connect the echo dot via Bluetooth

      • amazon fire tv is faster, feels snappier and less buggy than Google TV. Google TV UI looks much better than Amazon's one. If prime video is your main man go amazon on the other if you use Netflix, stan, disney, binge go google tv

        • +2

          but if you want an experience like no other, look no further then the Apple TV

          • @vinnychase: But it's also 3x the cost.

            Wonder if Apple will ever make a "stick" version…

          • +1

            @vinnychase: Another fanboy heard from.

            • @Wardaddy: Not at all. Apple TV is both best and best value. I pretty much have, or had all of these smart TV devices, and I find myself almost exclusively using Apple TV, despite the fact that my primary phone is a Galaxy Note.

              • @mrau: Will i be able to install Android apps on apple tv??

                • @Amr911: Lol, can't tell if you're serious

              • @mrau: That's a large sweeping statement with no evidence whatsoever.

              • @mrau: I'm sure Apple TV is a great device, but it is also 3x the cost as i pointed out above.

                The Google TV (and Amazon Stick) are "stick" devices and designed to be simple and cheap.

                If we really need to compare, the Apple TV should be compared to NVIDIA Shield (Android TV). Both are flagship full featured devices and similar in pricing.

      • +3

        Transformed our TV viewing. After trying one I bought another for the bedroom TV, it is so easy and simple, and the only remote required now. Have running on both my "smart" tvs and it is way better than the apps on them.
        Also great if you dont have Bluetooth on your TV as you can pair headphones via the Google tv also.

        • So I looked into the bluetooth performance of the Google TV and it's sketchy to say the least. Lag/latency is the issue, nothing unusual there but if you use certain apps (Kodi) that offer ability to adjust this lag you can work around it.

          • @sim36: Well I use 2 on 2 different tvs and watch a movie on them most nights and I have found no sync issues at all. (Using XM4's)

    • this is just my 2 cents but haven used both over the last few weeks i find the fire stick was easier to set up and a little smother in use.
      the google did not like that i have my 2.4 and 5 G wifi as one SSID. the amazon stick had no issue at all.

      • Odd that it didn’t like the frequency sharing as that is how the Google wifi router works

        • its work fine after the update but you still need to get online first.

        • My Google tv works just fine with frequency sharing.

    • I got this recently to be used with a lagging Sony smart Android TV and was amazed by the ease of use and super smooth navigating (I'm a long time original Chromecast and smart tv user). I went to buy another and saw the Firestick 4k on sale for $59 and thought why not and grabbed that instead. My kids have been using the Fire Stick 4K and they are happy. It's easy to use and navigate too, however the remote doesn't feel as responsive as the Google one and I do feel like it takes half or one more second to respond with every click. It does do the job perfectly though, if I haven't used a Google one.

      I'll say for $85-$99 I'd go with Google TV without hesitation. But if Amazon is ever doing a promo price for Fire stick 4k at $59, then by all means go for it, it's totally worth it.

      Another small thing to add on though, you could easily get a silicon cover for the Google TV remote cheaply and quickly from some eBay Australia based store. For the new Fire stick 4K remote, there aren't any covers out there available to be shipped from local warehouse yet. I've placed 2 orders on AliExpress and they both got cancelled after a few days. I eventually bought it from Amazon US store and received in two weeks. Not cheap, but it got my remote kids-proof🤣

      • Yes I probably should have grabbed a Fire Stick on Prime Day

    • I also wonder which will run Kodi better

      • Purchased a firestick to double as a media player for parents. Turns out it doesn't read ntfs drives. You can use a file explorer to browse and open with kodi, but afask, no real fix from what I've researched.

    • Fire TV feels a lot more smoother and faster but chromecast has a more variety of apps on the play store then the amazon store.

  • May have to put in a claim, paid $92.
    reminds me I've still got a new one in the box with the netflix deal.

    ps. Does anyone else notice sound can cut out for an instant now and again (I've got it plugged into HDMI input on a soundbar -> ARC to TV. The Q70T has Atmos and the GTV is capable of broadcasting also (Netflix). Just using the HDMI cable that was supplied, think it's a 2.0, I could test with the Dell one, just one of those bugs i think. Likewise the GTV reverts to 1080p quite often instead of 4k, need to power the soundbar off and on again, fks me.

  • +4

    I have 2 older Sony TV's which have the pre-android Sony OS and 1 new Samsung TV. I bought two of these for the Sony and they worked a treat, so to make the experience seamless on all 3 devices I bought another. No regrets!

    • +2

      "NO RAGRETS" - We're the Millers movie

    • make the whole experience great on any tv, better than the built in on most (including new tellys).
      nothing is as good as a pc plugged in for browsing and stuff though. i've get a k830 couch keyboard and odd things still dont work like the enter key

  • +1

    How does this handle multiple users?

    I don't exactly want my grandmother's youtube watches views in my feed lol

    • +1

      I'm guessing you'd need to change/switch user log in details on YT.

    • You tube has not implement a who is watching page so it’s the default account all the time. Netflix / Prime all have a user log page to select account.

      • +2

        Not true. YouTube ALWAYS asks who's watching, both on Google tv and on my tv remote. You just need to get YouTube set up properly.

  • +1

    Thanks, was looking to grab one for my 65Q8 as it doesn't play some of my video formats correctly…never had dramas with the old chromecast, so why not upgrade and used 35$ credit from cash rewards

  • Can someone please recommend a good Browser app for Google TV /Android TV?

    • Doesn't Google chrome work?

      • You'd have to sideload Chrome I think

    • Try Puffin TV Browser

    • Opera.

  • Couple of questions.
    1. How does this compare to the Vodafone TV? I have the VTV and so far its been good but I wanted to get something more "compact". Would the Shield "tube" be better?
    2. Does Kayo natively work on it? Currently Kayo does not work with VTV directly (Using Kodi as a workaround) so hoping this will do the trick.


    • +1

      upgraded from old amazon firestick, difference is day and night.
      Chromecast works with Kayo directly no probs.

    • I too am interested in this from a Voda TV perspective.

    • Likewise from voda TV. I've got an Ethernet connection to it, does Google TV have this as it's nowhere in the specs or pics (yes, that should tell me it doesn't have it but you never know with the copy paste specs they use)

      • +2

        You'll need a USB c hub that has both a USB c port and the ethernet.

      • +2

        You need a separate adapter for it. It is basically a power adapter+ethernet port.

    • +2

      Have got a couple of vodaphone TV boxes and while great, there's a few draw backs. The Google TV will let you install prime video, which you can't with vodaphone.

      Can still side load apps which let's me use stremio etc. So probs going to move the other TVs over it as well.

    • Thanks @Cpt Archer and @TheBean
      Ordered the device. Hope everything works as expected :)

  • Not sure if it works with Stan

    Friends have an LG OLED & Stan buffers all the time

    Wondering if this would be better

    • +2

      Works fine with Stan.

  • These have a few bugs that need squashing.
    Random flickering and some units won’t update to latest firmware.
    Aside from that, great device if you can’t justify the price of a shield.

    • +2

      I have a shield and a google Tv. Honestly it makes virtually no difference but I prefer the google tv's layout slightly more.

      • Yep, all I use it for is Syncler.
        Literally no point owning a shield for my needs.
        Used to have one and don’t miss it at all.

  • +1

    Code seems not to be working when checking out. "This code can't be applied to your order" Anyone having the same issue?

  • Does this link to local media easily or comes with free plex app on it?

    • Can install Plex :) Has Google Play apps

  • Does this work on a monitor instead of tv?

    • If the monitor has HDMI….yes.

  • Do you HAVE to cast from a mobile device, or does it connect to your WiFi, and handle streaming directly? My kid doesn't have a phone and I'd want him to still be able to watch Netflix. Thanks!

    • +1

      Wifi streaming directly. I never use mine from a mobile device. If you use Netflix buy direct from Google store with $95 Netflix credit.

      • Thanks. Too late about the Google store one… I bought first and asked Q's later 😐

  • Does Officeworks pricematch ebay stores?

    • ebay: maybe?

      ebay with a coupon: definitely not

  • I hear you can watch standard free to air on these without any subscription/cost, like channel 7, 9 etc, is that correct?

    I don't have any android devices in my house; and I notice there is no "Google TV" app for iOS. Is this detrimental or can control everything using the boxed remote/voice control and not needed?

    • iOS has a Google Home app which is pretty much all you need to set it up, don't need a phone to control it other than that as the remote does everything, you can even forgo the phone and set it up with a remote too. iOS can still cast to it as part of the "Chromecast" feature also. No detrimental impact depending what phone you have.

      You can get the FTA channels like channel 7, 9, if you get their corresponding app, 7plus and 9now iirc.

  • Just picked up my Chromecast. Noticed the serial number on the package box did not match the one printed on the dongle - they are off by one letter only. Anyone has the same issue? Wondering if I got a refurbished item (box was sealed though)?

  • +3

    just an FYI to anyone that might come up with the same problem.
    bought google TV.
    signed in with my google account.
    went to download aussie apps like Kayo and Stan etc, got this notice: This app cannot be played in your country.
    what the… i'm in australia?
    did some digging around, turns out my google account was set to argentina for my premium subscription. tried to "switch" to my aussie address but still not recognition on the google tv side. i don't want to remove the argenitinian address as maybe it'll play around with the YT premium subscription.
    solution: made a fresh google address, remove "argentinian" google account from google tv and sign in with new account, download all the australian apps your heart desires. then remove new account and resign in with "argentinian" account. either way, the apps work with both.

  • +1

    also, if you want to remove a whole bunch of ads and customise your UI there are some tips at the top of this thread. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/626154

  • -1

    Paid $49 at JB Hi-fi



    • How?

      • -1

        Call the sales team at 13 52 44 and ask for a JB Deal

        • And they’ll happily offer half price right?

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