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ING Home Loans Owner Occupied - 1.84% Fixed 2yr, Variable from 2.45%, No Annual Fee @ ING


Plus $3,000 ING cashback per application (>$500k, <80%LVR), no limits on applications eg. $6,000 for 2 properties, $9,000 for 3 properties etc.

ING first time refinance cashback offer is unlimited and potentially highest on market for multiple properties.
T&Cs: https://broker.ing.com.au/assets/pdf/ING_Home_Loan_Refinance...
ING has the best customer satisfaction/customer service amongst our clients and has been the 5th largest retail bank for household savings and retail mortgages in Australia for over 20 years.

ING Fixed rates under Orange Advantage Package. (+0.1% under "Basic" Mortgage Simplifier no annual fee)

1.84% (CPR 3.73%) owner fixed 2yrs
1.89% (CPR 3.56%) owner fixed 3yrs
2.34% (CPR 4.56%) investor P&I fixed 1-3yrs (same rate under "Basic" Mortgage Simplifier no annual fee)
2.54% (CPR 4.65%) investor interest only fixed 1-3yrs (same rate under "Basic" Mortgage Simplifier no annual fee)

ING variable rates "Basic" Mortgage Simplifier - no annual fee, no offset, free redraw. Rates below (<80lvr)

2.45% (CPR 2.48%) owner occupied P&I (>$1m)
2.49% (CPR 2.52%) owner occupied P&I (>$150k)
2.64% (CPR 2.67%) investor P&I
3.04% (CPR 2.67%) investor interest only

ING variable rates "Package" Orange Advantage 100% offset $299 annual fee

2.49% (CPR 2.85%) owner occupied P&I (>$1m)
2.54% (CPR 2.89%) owner occupied P&I (>$150k)
2.69% (CPR 3.03%) investor P&I
3.09% (CPR 3.42%) investor interest only

All fixed loans can be split with variable 100% offset if you add Orange Advantage package annual fee $299, including offset account, redraw, credit card.
ING one off legal fee $299

Always worth doing a calculation for your situation, eg:

If you have an existing loan and your rate is 2.34%, fixing at 1.84% will save you 0.5% each year.
On a $500k loan, that is a saving of $2500 every year.
If you're saving 0.5% and go with a lender giving rebates eg $3000, plus our Bundle Rebate worth $1,500, that's a benefit of $7,000!

Other Lenders with up to $4k PURCHASE or refinance bank rebate, rates from

1.89% for 2 years fixed for home loans (Comp 2.75%)
2.09% for 3 years fixed for home loans (Comp 2.72%)
2.19% for basic variable rate (Comp 2.21%)
2.49% for variable with offset (Comp 2.89%)

Up to 0.4% ie $4,000 value Bundle Rebate (via broker only)

In ADDITION to bank rebates, Bundle Home Loans gives a rebate of 0.3%-0.4% of loan size (net at drawdown) for ANY bank or product,
We have some of the lowest rates, and can get pricing discounts up to 2.2%. Our policy is to beat any competitor/broker/lending manager with our rates and rebates

Bundle Property Home Loans
T: (02) 9698 7186
M: 0422354868
E: [email protected]
ACL 445947

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Referrer and referee will each receive $50 for opening new Orange Everyday & Saving Maximiser Accounts ($1k deposit + 5 card transactions/month required). Do not participate in the referral system if you do not have a $50 referral code.

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  • Hi,

    Do you know the Max LVR for high density?
    Also which other banks are offering cash rebate on new purchase?


      • +2

        Hopefully someone plays-along, and pastes the response here… Everyone wins

  • -1

    Thought this was from ING directly but it's via a broker. Please update description. Reported post.

    • +5

      $3k cashback is both via lender directly and via broker. Our broker rebate up to 0.4% is via broker only (as already posted)

  • +1

    HSBC a better deal.

    • +1

      ING is one of the most highly rated lenders for customer service. HSBC is not from what we hear

      • +2

        +1 for this. We couldnt wait to get away from HSBC. Their app is dreadful as well as their online banking.

        • +2

          Yeah we are the same with Suncorp… Don't know who the hell they paid to win all these "money magazine bank of the year" awards and other BS.

      • -3

        Imam with HSBC and their attitude is very Asian

        • +5

          Which Imam?

        • +1

          Typo I am

          • @SW2020: What do you consider to be a "very Asian" attitude?

            • -1

              @ely: Go and experience it yourself

              • @SW2020: I'd rather have some guidance from here so that I have a better understanding of whether I want to experience it myself or not.

                I know their banking experience is awful and that's enough to put me off, barring an extremely good deal.

                • @ely: Paperwork's are painful
                  Exciting - good luck
                  Relationship manager akin to pain in the bu##
                  Just simple things are harddd

                  Guess their approach is customised to riskier jurisdiction rather than first world nations I think

      • -4

        Highly rated by who?

        A year ago I applied for a home loan and the customer service who are just another Indian call centre appointed an ING staff member. Calls to the ING staff member always went to voicemail, never called back and customer service told me that he was the only person I could talk to about a loan and tough luck.

        In todays housing market, no one can afford to wait even 2 days little own 12 months for them to call you back.

        Basically every other bank beat them hands down in customer service by just answering the phone.

        Reviews pretty much confirm it wasn't a one off problem.

        • Call centre is in Tuggerah, Central Coast. Perhaps the person was of Indian descent?

    • Can you please provide more details of the HSBC offer?

      • +1

        $3288 cash back 2.19% variable rate, redraw no fees basic home loan, 70lvr.

        • +2

          Plus, it is for any amount over $250K compared to +$500K from ING

        • +3

          No offset option at that rate though

      • Their process is vastly different from local counterparts
        I would say 90% are Asians no offence I am an Asian too but if you take CBA they are miles ahead
        You have to talk to your relationship banker for everything so getting out isn't easy
        Simply not worth it HSBC is a global Asian bank certainly not something we are used to here in Australia

  • +5

    Would be nice if they dropped my variable rate to this as I am already with ING. I can keep dreaming.

    • +5

      you need to ring them up. I got mine redcued, they are helpful, but you have to ask. Fixed mine for five years, and went from 3.4% to 2.2%

      • +1

        Was there some persuasion needed or did they drop it without any issues?

        • +5

          I was with ING and they never dropped mine. Ended up leaving.

          • +1

            @charzy: Yep we got told they don't negotiate on rates. Will probably leave them within the next year

        • No persuasion, they were helpful.

        • +1

          We did this with Rams before I refinanced. Called a handful of times to discuss a rate reduction and was always told they can't, but I could go to a cheaper product (off my package) for a lower rate. As soon as I mentioned I wanted discharge papers, all of a sudden it wasn't call centres in India anymore but a Sydney office and the rate dropped 0.25% instantly. Said no deal, had them go 'back to head office' for approval on an even lower rate. In the end they didn't go lower than what ING offered so we refinanced, but it was an interesting experience up to that point.

      • Yeah I have spoken to them before and got a slight decrease but they did not drop it to the rate new applicants get. I will try again but I think I know what they will say. Happy to be wrong, though.

        • Screw them and move. Banks read their shitty verbatim. Worth the effort to stick it up them and their snark disgusting attitude.

          How else does one bank make billions off 24 million people? Absolutely criminal.

          • -1

            @RocketSwitch: The argument that 'banks make billions' is one I've never understood. Profits aren't retained and predominately distributed to shareholders in form of dividends. Almost everyone benefits when banks make billions as almost everyone would be a shareholder through their super.

            • +1

              @thebigV: My point was that with 24 million people, they're able to make billions in profit from such a small population. How do they do that exactly? Yeah, my point. Not sure how bleeding people dry of money benefits us all.

      • Wow, don't know many people who would fix for 5 years.. that's a fair bit of risk considering the break costs banks charge. If rates drop or you need to unexpectedly sell that's not really ideal. I suppose everyone's situation is different but personally wouldn't consider anything over 2 years especially in the current climate.

        • Interesting - why?

          I am far from an expert, but the chance of a rate drop is incredibly unlikely. And in the extremely unlikely circumstance this does occur, OP has locked in 2% repayment - this is bloody competitive in the scheme of things and a decision they (PO) has obviously done because they can afford to remain paying off this rate for 5 years.

          If OP doesn't think they will be selling/relocating in that timeframe, locking in that rate for 5 years could actually be a very clever move. Break fees are never nice, but in worst case scenario territory hardly a deal breaker?

          • @Rocket6: I'm an ex-banker so I guess I've just been exposed to a large range of scenarios. I had a client with a 5 year fixed rate at high 6-7ish% when the variables were around mid 5's.

            I personally had a 3yr fixed rate at around 4.75% back when rates had dropped from 6's to mid-low 5's so I also had the same mentality that even if rates drop a bit I'm happy paying 4.75% because they were at historic lows. Then due to unforeseen reasons had to sell my house and copped an $8500 break cost which wasn't pleasant (but not as bad as we had charged other clients).

            The issue is break costs are basically impossible for the average person to calculate so you cant make an educated guess as to what the pro's/con's are of fixed rate terms.

            The other issue with fixed rate loans are most banks don't allow you to offset them or have redraw facilities so the product has pretty limited features and isn't suitable for everyone.

            Again, everyone's personal situation is completely different but I think a lot of people jump blindly at the low rate and don't understand/consider the consequences. (not suggesting OP hasn't considered all this).

    • Seriously just call them and tell them you’re looking based on competitive interest rates and convenience (eg. better app or whatever). They’ll drop it 0.1-0.2%, then might go even further if you’re a valuable customer. I’ve done this three times now.

  • +1

    UBank had 1.75 with no annual fee fixed 1 year expired 30 June
    But 1.85 fixed 3 year [2.24 CR] is still better than this with no annual fee in my opinion

  • What other lenders are doing $4K rebates?

  • Note to others: if you go with broker you lock yourself in for a contractual period or else there's fee clawbacks.

    • +1

      Its usually pretty irrelevant though as most times the loan occurs for fixed term loans.

      If you change loans early the fixed term break costs would be a much bigger issue than the rebate clawbacks.

      • +1

        There's professional mortgage flippers on ozbargain that make tens of thousands flipping multiple times a year.

        • Tell me about it

    • +1

      We don't charge fees for commission clawbacks or lost commission

      • You're saying there's no penalties or claw backs if I change banks before the agreed holding period? How do you make money then?

        • Our extra broker rebate requires you to stay up to 24 months. If you plan to refi before then, pls go direct to lender

          • @Len -Bundle Loans: So how does your "In ADDITION to bank rebates, Bundle Home Loans gives a rebate of 0.3%-0.4% of loan size (net at drawdown) for ANY bank or product" work

            So if my loan size is 500k, do I will get $1500 - $2000 extra?

            Do you mean staying with ING for a min of 24 months to get the extra broker rebate?

  • +3

    From the Ts&Cs:

    1. The Promotion is limited to one $3,000 refinance cashback per Application irrespective of the number of:

    a. properties or borrowers included on the Application;

    Wouldn’t this mean you can’t claim it for multiple places?

    Also, does this allow current ING customers who are on their initial first loan to also take up this offer? (That’s the boat I’d be in)

    • +1

      Can anyone confirm? OP says $3K for each property but ING T&C says no?

      • +2

        Can confirm Tuttle is correct and OP is wrong/falsely advertising.


        source: am broker.

        • Can Ozb admin then correct this? not sure if it's ok to leave it like this unedited

        • -1

          Hi officersean, my BDM advised it can. Appreciate if you can you pls check with your BDM and clarify

      • $3k for EACH application >$500k, with one property. You can lodge 2 applications for total $6k, if each appl is >$500k, 3 for $9k etc. Have confirmed with ING.
        This is not inconsistent with T&C's.

  • Cheers, bought 3.

    • +1

      Only 3 ?

      • Yeah, 4 would be stretching the budget a bit. After all, this is just an impulse buy.

  • Anything for existing customers ?

    • +1

      ING are happy for customers to walk, negotiating rates is next to impossible

  • +2

    Knocked back by ING because I'm self employed…Wouldn't even look at 10 years of excellent tax returns

  • What's the ongoing rate on the fixed home owner loans? Based on comparison rate it looks to be 3.8%?

    Based on the number of people complaining about ING not matching rates it sound like it's a case of having to transfer the mortgage again at the end of the locked in period, or lock it in a second time?

  • How often do people change mortgage providers and does it affect your credit rating badly? I changed from my original bank about a year ago (for $4K cashback).

  • +2

    ING don't care about existing customers.

    • +1

      I am an existing customer. Called them and they reduced my rates.

    • That's every bank. They're assholes. Reduce for some and don't for others. Just keep moving!

  • This reminds me when ING offered cashback on all their products back in a few years, and then they removed all the cashback and slowly increased the rates, introduced fees. I left them and never look back.

    • Where did you go?
      Still one of the best apps on the market plus no one else is offering cash back etc.

      • I just refinanced from ING to St george - better rates and $4k rebate

        ING reduced my rate after a lot of haggling but could not get close to what I got at St George

        My experience with ING was a good rate going in but then they weren’t good at passing on rate cuts and eventually start offering new customers the best deals whilst shafting existing ones

  • +1

    Any of these cover construction loans?

    • Doubt it, construction loans aren't offered by most banks and are also typically 'interest only' during the build phase to help keep costs down whilst you don't live there. Also don't think you can have a fixed rate on construction loans due to the progressive drawdowns. (I could be wrong - not financial advice)

  • We need interest rates to double the current offer to control house prices.

  • +4

    This is just a sales pitch from any broker.
    What’s the bargain???
    Oh sorry the lender doesn’t want to publicise

    • $4k cashback lender will not allow brokers to post publicly about them anymore. PM me for details.

  • -1

    Mother efffer, I refinanced with ING last week of June….. Going to have go give them a call and try and weasel a cashback

  • +2

    ING is the worst lender, their customer service is terrible.

    they bring you in with a low rate then after a year or two you are guaranteed to be paying more than public advertised rate.

    • +2

      as with all banks? - tell me a bank aside from athena which will apply the new to book rate to back book

      • its the way they treat you in the process that sucks most.

        • Ah okay gotcha

      • A question for people in the know, is Athena actually a solid choice? From the moderate research I've done about refinancing, they seems like a good option. Currently with ING and they are not willing to drop rates at all. Big bummer, I would not recommend ING if you could avoid it. Just another typical big bank.

        • Ask for retention team. Tell them you are looking to go to x bank. See what they can offer. Else just leave lol

      • This is most banks. But if fix 2yrs then no rate increases

    • +2

      I didn’t have a great experience either

      Wouldn’t match what that offer new customers so I left - switched to st george with a $4k rebate

  • My loan is 465k, does this mean I won't qualify for the cashback?

    • +2

      Val your home and see if you can draw down 500k plus and maybe leave the cash in the offset?

    • As long as you apply for $500k its fine to get $3k

  • HSBC: $3288 cash back 2.19% variable, redraw, no fee. Anyone with UBank or ING and tried negotiating for a price match?

    • +1

      ING don't negotiate on rates. They also don't make it any easier to get another loan even if you have one already. Forms, process, etc is pretty much all from scratch

  • +3

    Not a bargain .tictoc is 1.89 variable

    • ING has $3k cashback.
      Don't just look at rate. If loan is say 300k, $3k is worth 1% per year.
      Higher variable is less important if you will be offsetting/paying surplus, esp if you fix most.

      • Isn’t the $3k cashback only for loans more than $500k?

  • +2

    Fake deal!

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