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Chromecast with Google TV - Snow $79.20 ($64.20 via LatitudePay) + Delivery or C&C @ The Good Guys


This Google Chromecast with Google TV GA01919-AU allows you to enjoy all the entertainment you love, in up to 4K HDR. No more jumping between apps to decide what to watch - get personal recommendations based on your subscriptions, viewing history and content you own all in the same place. Use the remote to search by voice command, switch between apps and change the volume.

Credit BAM & CachePC

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$15 off $60 Spend @ The Good Guys, Catch, Kogan, Dick Smith via LatitudePay (New and Existing Customers)

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    From this deal:

    May be $64.20 with LatitudePay. - Credit to CachePC.

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    allows you to enjoy all the entertainment you love

    Cheese Rolling?

    • On YouTube maybe 😊

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    A better deal if you pay for a Netflix subscription:

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      It's been out of stock for ages now

      • I ordered one two months back for my spare TV and for the fact that previous Netflix credit from my first device was all consumed and the device was worth it for the $. So my guess is they keep dropping some and they all get cleared quickly.

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        I ordered one on the weekend, delivered yesterday.

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        I ordered one last week and got it on Friday.

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        What are you talking about??? Its been in stock for ages, is even in stock now?

        Did you even click the link?

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        Mine arrived yesterday. I think I ordered it on Sunday. It's the white one, so maybe there are more in stock than the others, but nothing seemed to be out.

        If you already have Netflix, or are planning on getting it, then it means the actual Chromecast only ends up costing you $45 when you buy the $140 deal.

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          ~$6 X 6 months = ~$36. Doesn't add any value if using an alternate Netflix billing region. The Chromecast would cost ~$104

          • @Lukian: I use it with Australian billing. It's 6 months of standard, so 6x$15.99 = $95.94. It gave me $95.94 worth of credit on my Netflix account towards my premium subscription.
            $140-$95.94 = $44.06. I like keeping my billing straightforward and consistent with the library I use.

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      What you can do is buy that one, redeem the Netflix six month subscription, then return the unit to get a $99 refund.

      Then buy this one for 79.20

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        massive effort.

        Brogden the deal!

    • Does the Netfix subscription include 4k? Says standard subscription in the description.

      • It covers 6 months of standard. You can use it towards a 4k sub, but it will then only cover 4.8 months rather than the full 6

    • I noticed that the Netflix deal fine print specifies that the deal only applies to skus GA02764-AU, GA02765-AU, GA02766-AU. Are they any different to TGG one which has sku GA01919-AU?

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      not if u live in turkey or Argentina :P

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      Omg thank you, yea better value with this.

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    I just bought one and returning it as it doesn't function as per previous Chromecast's.

    Read my comments here on the last post to avoid disappointment if you regularly have people over who cast to your chromecast

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      Yeah, this is rather annoying. My partner and I have different Netflix accounts so it sucks when I can't watch something on her Chromecast TV.
      Not sure if it's a feature or something they are working on fixing / a work around for.

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      Sounds like you just convinced me not to get one!
      My house has 3 adults each with our own YouTube accounts, playlists, recommended videos, etc. Each one of us could find an interesting video, cast it to the TV for everyone to see. Or I'll ask another person to use their phone to find and cast a particular video if I'm busy.

      I was hoping that you can have the Chromecast TV log in to a account, but anyone else can still cast a video from their phone to the TV. Does it work this way?

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        I got mine today. You can use multiple Youtube accounts. (Maybe just one Netflix acct though)

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        Seems to work fine in our household (for YouTube anyway) - have 5 users on different accounts (3x iOS, 2x Android) and all can cast independently with no troubles.

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    I have a Hisense Smart TV and added the 4K Fire Stick to it (on prime day for $59) and wow - it's absolutely sick. It controls my soundbar, my TV and has fully integrated my entire streaming network.

    I was debating between that and the GoogleTV but could not justify the Google at almost double the price.

    • I got that as well and it is so much faster that the Roku I was using earlier. But I cant seem to install Disney on it - did you manage that or you dont use Disney,

      • I have no issue using Disney+ on both of my Firestick 4K

        • I had an issue with Disney plus. Logs in okay but cannot play anything. Gave up

      • No issues with Disney+ for me. Try to give the app an uninstall/reinstall?

  • I have one of these and the charger that comes with it doesn't fit behind my mounted TV. I went to Jaycar and bought a smaller one that fits.
    The output of the stock one is (printed on the back of the charger): 5V=1.5A 7.5W PS1
    The output of the one I bought from Jaycar: 5VDC 2.1A (Powertech PLUS Mp-3449)

    When I use the one from Jaycar, I get the not enough power error. Shouldn't the new charger work as its 2.1A output and the stock one is 1.5A?

    Appreciate any help, cheers

    • Have you tried another, third charger, just to test?

      Perhaps that one from Jaycar is faulty. Also Jaycar's listing says that charger comes in a 1.0A version too.

    • Try another cable

    • If you don't mind me asking, how much was the lead? I need something similar for my Voda TV streamer

    • +4

      The problem is you bought a USB charger and not a USB power adapter. A charger is used for devices that have a battery and pulses the electricity which is why you're seeing an error on the chromecast that needs a constant supply. Good description of the difference here:

      Take it back and see if they have a suitable USB power supply.

      • Thanks mate, I went back to Jaycar but the rep said they don't have any…… Do you know anywhere online I could find one? The model Powertech PLUS Mp-3449 is actually called a USB power adapter too only the Jaycar website.
        Another thought, I'm using the same powerpoint that my TV is plugged into, could it be that there's not enough power from the same point?

    • I just bought a 1 meter extension cable from bunnings like this

      With the flat plug and ran the lead around the bracket and rest at top of bracket.

      Worked fine for my wall mounted TV.

  • Code also works on the nest hub.

  • Good deal, buying another to probably replace the Firestick 4k.
    Nothing wrong with Firestick 4k though, but it doesn't support voice recognition for searching when you are speaking another language to it. Our Google works fine with that

    • What city you in… May be interested in buying thr stick

  • Great price for a great device.
    Running Syncler like a champ.
    No need for a Shield TV anymore.

  • No C&C in ACT.

  • Still waiting for Foxtel Now on Google TV, surprised they are taking so long to support what is now the default Android TV.

    I got the free Foxtel Now box recently, they removed Kayo support, I don't want to support Foxtel but my housemates need sport package and my grandparents need BBC, Foxtel Now supports dual-streams. I have sideloaded FNow but doesn't log in.

  • I just watched a youtube clip on how to set this up. At one stage it was asking for your TV brand. Does it have an extensive list of TV brands? I'm intending to use this for my Kogan TV (which has got a crap 'Smart' functionalities) and it may not be on the list. Can anyone here help me with this please?

    • +1

      I set mine up a little while ago on a Samsung TV and remember the list of brand is quite extensive, I'm pretty sure I saw Kogan there. It needs to know the brand to pair the frequency of the audio control.

      • Thanks so much…Just out of curiosity, why do you need this for your Samsung TV? I thought these more expensive TV's have really good smart functionalities…

        • +1

          They do have smart functions but like mobile phones they get laggy and slow over time, because they don't normally put good chipsets in TVs.
          We've got a Sony Android 4K TV which is about 3-4 years old max, it still works alright but with the updates it's getting buggy and laggy. Our Samsung is a smart TV but not Android, which means you can't install the apps other than the ones available in Samsung's own store, same story to our Hisense- in its own smart system I can't install Disney+ which is a pain, but I could cast Disney+ content to it from my phone.

  • Any issues with Kodi and the Foxtel Go add on with this? My Vodafone TV seems to be struggling with running it lately. I’m assuming it’s just time to look at something newer.

    • +1

      Just replied elsewhere about this very setup. It works just fine. Mine is running KODI 19.1 presently (just auto-updating) as was fine with all the AFL over the last weekend via Matt Huisman's addon.

      One thing I have found is that there isn't too much space on this device so I do think once or twice I've had to clear a load of old crap from the KODI temp folders. There's probably some addon to automate that tidying I'd imagine.

      • Thanks for confirming. It’s just been really slow and I’ve had to do a few hard restarts before it decides to load each time. Gets quite annoying

  • +3

    Perfect timing with my $20 concierge credit coming in this evening.

    • +2

      same pinch!

    • +1

      I couldn't use Latitude Pay and concierge credit. I had this issue last time I wanted to do this

      If I take off the store credit then the Latitude Pay option appears again, which is no good

      • +1

        Yeah same problem I had, I used the credit as it worked out cheaper and I wouldn't have used it otherwise.

      • how many concierge credit can you stack?
        my order only allows me to stack 2 …

  • Concierge?

  • Works fine with discount code + Concierge $20 credit, bought it for $59.20 from TGG

  • Can't buy online now. Getting the message "This product is available in store only".

    • Looks like this happens only when I'm logged in before adding the item to the cart. Got it working by adding the item to cart and login after that.

  • Rang store was told discontinued item, backorder 2-3 weeks ETA

    Since when is chromecast tv discontinued?

    • It will be continued after promotion ends probably

    • Well it's recontinued again now, just without the discount. Dodgy as

  • fksake waited to get home to grab dads concierge credit and they removed the item before i could buy it!!!

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