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Oppo Find X2 Pro Telstra Version (Ceramic Black) $699 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ Select Area) @ JB Hi-Fi


Very decent price for a very decent phone.

120Hz QHD+ Ultra Vision Screen
Ultra Vision Camera System
65W SuperVOOC 2.0 Flash Charge
Snapdragon 865 Processor

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  • This looks like single sim version

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      All Oppo Find X2 Pro are single sim in Australia

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      Telstra variant what do you expect? Second slot for you to use another carrier?

      Any phones from carriers don't have dual sim

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    12GB 512GB?
    Nice phone, Nice Price

    • it is really nice

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    Opps $1600 to $699 in one year

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      Great for consumers!

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    Wow this is all time low for such a great phone. Have been using one purchased from last JB deal.

  • Finally I missed it ( for wife). Bought the neo for 3xx, and I think she won't mind. Lol

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      She won’t be giving you a SuperVOOC tonight

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    Brilliant phone. I bought my Oppo a few weeks ago on the $759 deal. The camera is outstanding and the phone is smooth and quick. No real bloatware either (Telstra variant) I'm thinking of buying another Oppo X2 Pro for the wife and retiring her Google Pixel 3…..

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      Same experience. Great phone indeed.

      • Guys ! I am using the same phone, bought from JB 6 months or so , Do you have a call disconnecting bug in your phones where the red call disconnect button is frozen and you are unable to disconnect any calls?
        I've been trying to look for info on this everywhere. Please help

        • No mine working fine.

        • Nope, my phone is fine as well

        • nope, which mobile provider are you using? And have you updated the latest version?

        • My old boss had that bug on a Pixel 3XL about 2 years back. Weeks of back and fro with optus, they ended up swapping both the phone and sim card to resolver her issue.

    • Does the Bluetooth gets disconnected during a call l? Is there any occasional lag? That's my complaint for my oppo Reno 5G

      • hey I also find my bluetooth cuts out when listening to music headphones on my Reno 5G… I try and turn off bluetooth on other devices, eg. work iphone that might be nearby, and this usually helps a lot..

    • +1

      Just do it. She will love you. it is way better than the pixel3 which I also upgraded from.

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    Fantastic phone! Battery runs out quickly if you're a heavy user but full charge in under 35 mins!

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      I concur, including battery life :/

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    Yea its a great phone, charges really quickly!!! I have had mine for a year and love it!

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    Such a shame it isn't dual sim…

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      Would have been an insta buy if it's dual sim

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      I think it is dual sim? Unlock from telarra via XDA forums, and buy a dual SIM card tray?

      • I actually started wondering about this after I posted… I'll have to have a look on the XDA forums!

  • Father of one plus?

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      Maybe OPPO = One Plus, Plus One

    • +1

      More like big brother of OnePlus, they are all BBK brands.

  • +1

    I'm tempted to sell my S20 FE and get this.

    I have always wanted an Oppo phone and plus I'm over Samsung.

    • Do it. This phone is a beast. You won't regret it

  • If only the battery life was a little better. I'd buy this instantly.

    • +3

      It charges insanely fast - 35 min from 0 to 100. Almost forget battery like many other phones.

      • Does Oppo regularly update the software? Which android Version will be the last one for this phone?

        • Just updating now to latest security patch (probably comes out every 2 months?). The phone runs Android 11. Can concur that it's a really good phone

        • Every month for my x2 neo

    • The recharge on this more than makes up for it, my note offers similar battery life but takes over 1.5 hours to fully recharge. Can confirm oppo's claims, you get a 40% charge on this in about 10 minutes.

      In lockdown the mrs has been on the phone a fair bit more over the last 2 weeks, for the added screen on time, I'd still say it's close to an all day phone, but it's not like she games on it. Out of lockdown she was charging it roughly every day-day and a half.

  • Current users, what SOT do you generally get?

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      5ish hours with full 120hz and 2k turned on

      But srsly you won't worry about battery. If you need to go out, slap it on charge and by the time U get ready it will be at 💯

      Charges so fast I always used to say wow 🤣

      • -1

        SoT isn't always a good indicator to battery life but seems to be an unofficial pointless metric that continues to be used.

  • Mine is going great after a year of use. An amazing deal at this price!

  • +1
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    Great phone and for this price definitely outstanding value…
    I switched to Samsung and after the 1st few days of excitement, I actually miss my X2 Pro a lot! I'm switching back to Oppo but upgrading to X3 Pro. Can't wait for my delivery!

  • Does anyone know if this phone is going to work with overseas carriers? (assuming they use the same band)

    • +3

      Yes, definitely. It is factory unlocked

      • Great thanks, the below description from JB's website is bit confusing that's why I asked.
        'Australian carrier variant only. Device is unlocked, and works on all Australian networks'

      • This will be awesome.

  • +1

    Do not have any concern about battery life. I am moderate to heavy user and very rarely have to recharge before charging at bedtime. Best phone I've ever owned by a mile . Buy with confidence!

  • +6

    If only the screen edges were flat instead of curved.

    • Agree

    • I like the curved. Felt great though not great for tempered glass 😭

      It's the no quality case problem for this phone… with UAG made something for this

  • What's the update policy for oppo as this phone is already 12 months old.

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      Just had a quick search, it's getting coloros12 which is based on Android 12.

      • Yes, but is that on the Telstra variant? Any delay?

        • +1

          Yeah the Telstra variant is very delayed, but I just followed the XDA thread which shows how to change region to Australia rather than Telstra and you get all the updates straight away. Super easy process, I would link the thread but I have no idea how I would find it. Someone will probably chime in and post it here.

          • +3

            @MHXVX: The link/post you want is this one. Needs to be done before the phone is updated though, as newer versions don't allow the change.


            I've done this to switch to Singapore region (and with some modification of a dual sim tray bought on Aliexpress) got it to work dual sim, however do at your own risk

          • @MHXVX: Does this void warranty?

            • +1

              @02LyW: From what I could find about it, people said that it doesn't void warranty but I guess it is just a do at your own risk sort of thing.

              • +1

                @MHXVX: Thanks. I took that risk. It's not like rooting and installing custom ROMs. So I'm pretty satisfied that technicians doing repairs probably won't even notice

  • Has this a screen protector pre-installed and a phone case out to the box?

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      Yes. When I bought last year, it came with screen protector pre-installed and a transparent soft tpu case.

  • Thanks OP. grabbed one.

  • Will this be an upgrade from a s20+ exynos version? Looking to change phones my current samsung is quite poor on battery life.

    • +1

      It's considered a competitor to the s20 ultra, albeit with a better processor. Battery life should be comparable though, the battery in this is smaller but is made up for with the super fast charging.

  • Has anyone used this phone with Android Auto? Good experience?

    • +1

      Very good, never had any issues before switching to S21 Ultra.

  • This or pay $300 extra for x3 pro in 8gb + 256gb???

    • Where can you find the Find X3 pro for $999?

      • He's mixed it up with a different model

        • Sounds like x3 neo

          • @OZTechGuy: There is no x3 neo in China, only x3 with sd870 and x3 pro with 888.

            • @moneytomyway: Is there a link or do you have to import?

              • @Caped Baldy: You can find them on offical oppo store on taobao or jd, taobao does offer direct shipping to Australia or you could use a forwarding service.

      • Its rrp for $999 in China which offers international warranty.

  • +1

    This or wait for Pixel 6 Pro???? damn it's compelling!

    My only concern is the camera. To be honest the photos don't look as sharp as my Pixel 2 XL.


    • -2

      pixel 2 xl still has the best camera of any new phone.

    • Hard to compete against pixel 2xl in camera. Even after almost 4 years.
      Everything else, I think Oppo wins.
      Still Oppo has more versatile lenses and maybe better video quality.

  • +2

    Fantastic phone at a fantastic price( picked my one during the EOFY @ mobileciti), battery lasts just over a day of heavy use which includes - music, Youtube, emails, Genshin etc. Thoroughly enjoy the camera experience, night shots are a bit meh. ColourOS is an enjoyable experience, and found it a welcome transition move from my S7E (Exynos). The free case is a little rubbish because of the camera bump and the phone is a little slippery.

    I personally used these for those issues:
    https://www.xtremeskins.co.uk/products/oppo-find-x2-pro-skin... ( I picked the textured skins more grippy)

    If you need a replacement charger:

  • -1

    All oppo phones 2 years top performance from the date of manufacturing.
    I have Reno 10x zoom with SD855 more than 2 years, it's 20% slow after new update colour 11, android 11
    Other features also effected
    Battery half day max
    Bluetooth horrible

    • My 5g is still going alright…

  • how big is the screen? can't see specs on jb site.

    • +2

      Size: 6.7 inches (diagonal)
      Type: OLED
      Screen Ratio: 93.1%
      Resolution: 3168*1440 (3K QHD+)
      Refresh Rate: up to 120Hz
      Touch Sampling Rate: up to 240Hz

      • +2

        Thanks mate.

  • I was using s7 and now using this phone from the last JB deal.

    I'm expecting for the selfie photo to be wider, quite often I need to move around to be able to get everyone in the frame. I suspect this issue is happening to me only? Unless I missed a wide selfie setting?

    Unless my body is healthier and unable to fit in the selfie frame, due to the long-term effect of lockdown… :P

  • +1

    Solid phone, sold my S10+ Exynos for it and got one for $700 new off ebay and no regrets.

    Fast, decent camera and the 65w charge is insane!

  • +3


    $664.05 with eBay plus

    • +1

      Good find
      Australian stock !

    • whats the ebay plus code

      • You need ebay membership and pay with zip to get extra $30 discount $634

        • +1

          Where is the $30 discount advertised? I can't find it on the zip app

  • +2

    Do not update to android 11!!
    Join the Oppo owners group on FB, and learn how to change the version to non-telstra. I wish I'd known this when I bought it. I wasn't worried about delayed updates, but there are 2 showstopping bugs, that were fixed last year. Telstra is 6 months behind with updates.

  • Such a great price! already had one otherwise would all over this again .

  • Bought this.phone months ago. One concern is the image ghosting issue randomly. Looks like only happen when taking images in day time .

  • Worth upgrading from S10 5G? Anyone moved to oppo from samsung can share their experience?

    • I also have a S10 5g and in the same boat.

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