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Big Man Tyrone Video US$10 (~A$13.60, 90% off, Was US$100)


Long time no see! Grab a $100 Big Man Tyrone video for $10. That's 90% off. Use it for anything. YouTube channel trailer, birthday, wedding, business promotion or just to send a fun message to a friend. I am ready to film your video.

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Big Man Tyrone
Big Man Tyrone

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  • +36
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      Lol congratulations!

    • +6

      My eyes can't unsee that.

      • +2

        i can't unhear it either

  • +2

    I used Big Man Tyrone's last promotion for a friend's birthday message - was soooo worth it.

  • +1

    THE GOAT !!!

  • +11

    Why are you gey?

    Oops wrong one…

  • Haha sooo good

  • +5

    'I will rain lulz all over you and you will drown in them.'


    still gets me

  • +6

    He's one of the reasons I like Africa so much

    • +9

      WTF! This is the reason I dislike the down vote setup on OzB and rarely use it. I post an innocuous statement like this and it gets negged big time.


      I grew up in Africa, and know it's people like Tyrone who help make it such a great place. That's it.

      Some on here really need to get over themselves.

      • +1

        dont worry, the upvotes have arrived

        • My belief in the goodness of OzB has returned!

  • Ordered! Can't wait to see that laugh

  • +2

    most important vocabulary to be used

    • toilet paper
    • lockdown
    • rtx 3090
    • Bitcoin
    • more toilet paper
    • neighbours coughing
    • isolation
    • +4

      Bunnings/Aldi rechargable drill batteries
      Seiko watch deals

      • +1

        80k high yield investment

  • +94
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      I don't know who JV is, but that was beautiful

      • +32

        You're a lucky person Larry, you're in a position that most of us could only dream about.

        • +2

          Do we know if jv is actually human or a very exasperating ai algorithm

      • +1
      • +9

        I recommend blocking the 'jv' user on ozbargain. 10/10 would do again.

        • +1

          Improves the place immensely, assuming you're not a mod

          • +3

            @mickeyjuiceman: Ah thanks for this, I got sick of downvoting every one of his useless comments.

            • +3

              @jjsnacks: But if we all block JV then who would neg the comments?

              • +2

                @plmko: Nobody, which would also stop giving him the validation he craves. If everyone stopped it'd be a great outcome.

              • +1

                @plmko: Hmm that's a tough one!

    • +1

      what a tribute :P

    • +3

      Holy shit. That was the best!

    • +6

      OK, I must admit I did laugh at that one.

      • +1

        So did I and I was in a Zoom meeting (with the other monitor watching it)!

    • +1

      Holy smokes I'm so glad you shared this. Can't stop laughing!

    • I came looking for a Tyrone deal and saw this, I think the subtitles gave it even more hillarity!

      I have a birthday coming up and think it could be pretty funny :)

    • +2

      If you don't get this, you'll have to hand in your OzB Licence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Zm1hPbmzPw&ab_channel=BigMa...

      • +1

        Wasting money on something frivolous is not a bargain, in my opinion.

        • +4

          You're not going to find another person with such a history and reputation in the community to make a short video with such class for $14.

          But I'm open to being proven wrong

        • Pretty sure 90% of my Ozbargain related purchases are frivolous…

  • How long will this be going for?

  • +12

    Yes finally! As you're all aware I've had many OzBargain ones made. The next one I have planned I hope will be even better…. just need to write the script now.


  • +1

    Is there a way to purchase and write the script later? Might need to wair for the weekend to do it.

  • What is this??

    • Some random YouTuber who just made 2000 USD to make short videos for 200 people. What's even more comical is that he normally charges 100 USD for this.

      • Most people here will buy anything if the supposed discount percentage is high enough.

        • Thanks.
          Good on him I guess!

  • Diego Blanco, President of Argentina, gets me errytime: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SjgYMLJW0k

  • +26

    So sorry guys but the 200 spots have been taken. I will see if I can launch another deal not too long from now. Thanks for all your support. Much love. Big Man Tyrone.

    • +1

      Oh man i missed out! please do another deal if you can :) Love your work!

      • +11

        Will do. Stay strong and safe.

        • +1

          I really look forward to another deal. I've got the script and wallpaper ready to go :)

    • No, i was trying to come up with a script and it sold out….next time

      • +1

        Buy now, think later

  • Received mine over the weekend.

    Very happy with it, thanks Big Man Tyrone!

    Please come back to OzB in the future.

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