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HYCHIKA 12V/18V Cordless Reciprocating Saw $19.54/ $30.59 ($19.08/ $29.87 with eBay Plus) Delivered @ Hychikashop eBay AU


Included Components:
1 x HYCHIKA Reciprocating Saw
2 x 12V/ 18V 2000mAh Batteries
1 x Fast Charger
4 x Saw Blades
1 x User Manual

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  • I got one of their screwdriver kits, seems to be good gear.

    • How about their battery?

  • how come so cheap?

  • +80

    Is this genuine Hychika?

    • +3


    • +1

      It's Hychika-esque.

    • +6

      Bless you, sorry what brand is this?

    • Lucky i had no drink in my mouth at the time…

    • +2

      It sure is! Just like Panaphonics, Magnetbox and Sorny

      • +1

        You really want the Carnivale!

    • +3

      I prefer their premium line, Hychika Wow Wow.

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    Less than $30 and comes with 2 batteries + charger… should i buy? i have no use of it now .. haha

    • +4

      Excellent for pruning in the garden (if you have one)

      • be care though..
        could end up pruning or killing yourself


        • +3

          That was a hedge trimmer in the article.
          This is not a hedge trimmer.

            • +4

              @pinkybrain: Are you driving?

            • +5

              @pinkybrain: It sounds like the problem was you, not the tools.

        • +2

          Sounds like he had a medical emergency then was hurt with the hedge trimmer. Very unfortunate ☹️

        • Thats pretty poor form to use that sort of news in the context of this thread.

    • +2

      I have an Ozito and Ryobi, they're useful for anything inelegant. I mostly use mine to chop up old bits of wood that will be used as kindling. I've also found two other very specific uses - using a long blade to cut lines in grass where I want to pull it up for new garden beds, and cutting dog bones in half so they can get the marrow.

  • Are the batteries compatible with any other manufacturer/rebrander?

    • same questions, i have Ozito X skins, hopefully they are compatible

  • They look like Ozito batteries - anyone had one of them and able to confirm if they are compatible?

    • +4

      Different shape.

      NOT Ozito, Aldi or DeWalt - have all three in front of me.

      Or Triton - 4 batteries now…

      • Doesn't appear to be Makita either..

      • Maybe it's B&D I'm thinking of. Might go look at lunch.

  • should i go with 12v or 18v if pruning for garden?

    • 18v

  • so cheap.

    • longevity?

      • most of these powertools are made in china nowadays (even the well known brands)

        this is just the chinese brand vs the makita, bosch, ryobi brands..

        not sure quality or longevity though

        • +2

          Lots of Makita products are still made in Japan.

          • @haru: i guess it depends

            Are the cheaper consumer makita brands sold at bunnings made in japan?
            There are the professional makita models that are more expensive than the consumer version.

            anyway if need to use it for small occasional jobs then no need to pay alot for a makita.

          • +2

            @haru: Yep it's kind of like a Tamron lens I purchased recently. The lens cover had "Made in Japan" prominently written on it. The lens itself had "Made in China" in small font.

  • I have a corded from ALDI, it's big and heavy, and can't imagine something like that doing the work I subject ALDI's saw.

    • Try a battery powered version - they're surprisingly good.

      I have several, Triton, Aldi, Ozito and DeWalt and all do the job okay. The DeWalt is obviously the best but for normal work all work fine. Lots of Youtube videos back that up. My wife prefers the Aldi one with a long blade for all tree work.

      I've also got several chainsaws but now my main one is a DeWalt 18V battery model. Sure, not as powerful as the 2-stroke ones but always works, can easily cut through large gum tree branches and just does the job reliably. I was shocked how good it was when forced to use to cut up a complete gumtree (approx 14" dia trunk) when my regular saw died one day.

      Seldom use a corded tool now, or an air tool for that matter.

    • +1

      This will

      I have a huge weighty ozito corded one and a cordless Chinese one.

      Cordless wins Everyday because it's so much lighter and compact.

  • +7

    BTW - if someone has Aldi batteries, you can use the PowerG range that Autobarn sell.

    Can confirm direct compatibility having used with a few of their $10 tools of late.

    • +2

      Thanks for the heads up

      Would be awesome if there was a wiki page with a compatibility matrix so we can cross shop. It seems the cordless market is mostly cheap Chinese tools anyway.

  • +2

    Buying this just for batteries, surely it's worth more than that already. Thanks OP

    is this the normal price? (excluding vouchers i mean)

    • Normal price is about $45, their other list for 18v is $50.

    • this is is only 17% cheaper

  • +2

    Ordered one for the motor, batteries and charger. I'll make something with my kids.

    • +1

      Considering the subject of the deal, I'm getting Dexter vibes from that.

    • +2

      Turn your kids into cyborgs?, sounds like a fun project… (picturing Edward Scissorhands but with saws)

      • Ha ha.

      • I was going to say Edward sawshands but you beat me to it. Lol

      • Resistance is futile

    • +5

      My husband tried to make our toddler’s 6v trike run off an 18v battery (from his old hitachi/hikoki cordless drill that died) and the power made it instantly wheelie lol there’s video evidence of our kid trying to ride it, wheelie-ing and being caught mid-air by my husband before he rolled around on the floor in a fit of laughter.

      Hubby tried to add in some power regulation device but his sparky skills are amateur.

      Anyway, long story but good luck with whatever your project will be!

  • Thank you OP!
    I have bought one, even though I don't think I will ever need it. 😒

    • +1

      sell me!

  • It’s almost tempting for me to buy it just for the charger and modify my 110v 18v Hitachi Li-Ion Charger (from an Amazon deal many years ago) to 240v…and the batteries…gosh…so much perceived value.

  • 18v or 12v? What's the main practical difference?

    • power

    • 18v more POWER and will bog down less but is heavier and bulkier to handle.

      12v less power and will bog down on dense cuts but in theory should fit into tighter places and won't fatigue the user as it's lighter and can be used one handed.

      If this is for your mum and all she wants to do is prune a few small bushes then 12v.

      If this is for heavy duty applications such as tree trunks, timber framing, demotion, nails, screws, metal pipe and open areas then 18v.

    • Go 18v. Not much heavier.

      18v has more power.

      But with good quality blades, even the 12v should be ok

  • +2

    The only thing these tools will achieve, is filling up landfill sites.

  • +1

    Jesus. Honestly. Some common sense. You cannot get a decent battery for less than $60, let alone 2 batteries and a saw and a charger.

  • Which version for cutting up pallets to use as firewood?
    Will either of them work at all for this purpose?

    • +1

      Not good for pallets. I have tried it with mine.

      Pallets are hard wood. Chainsaw is the best.

      I used this to cut up pallets instead.

      Uses same batteries as the reciprocating saw:


      • Thanks mate. Saved me a few $$.

      • +1

        really depends on the pallets. Most throw away pallets are just pine.

        Most hardwood ones are painted (like chep) which you probably wouldn't be burning either.

      • +1

        Whats with the fake 88V?
        Is China now doing for Volts what they did to lumens and mAhr ?

        • Yeah no idea why they do that… 88 is a lucky number for Chinese so I guess they are trying to market that way.

          It's 18V and 2Ah from memory. Works well enough

    • the 18 should work fine for that.

      Make sure you are not using treated pallets though. Some you really shouldn't be burning


      • Yes, these are untreated ones.
        Would love some insight on how to distinguish among treated vs untreated though.
        Also, if they have been tying around in the elements for an extended time, wouldn't the treatment wear off?

    • Careful with chemicals in the wood regarding burning pallets.
      Also a sledge hammer would work with some safety glasses.

      • crowbar and hammer is the way to go

      • Wood flying around …. in some sharp pointy form ….. does not match with unprotected arteries …

        • +1

          Are you a vampire?

  • Purchased the drill kit a while ago, works great

  • anyone knows of the batteries will work with Black & Decker?

  • +5

    Price is now 80 for the 18v

  • 18V version price has jacked, now $79.99, less coupon.

    Try other sellers, $41.50 with code here:


    12V is still cheap.

    • Both are more now after i refreshed.

    • +4

      Yep, seller has jacked prices, rather than make a new listing. Deserves a neg.

  • +2

    price jacked

  • Got the 12v for $19 before the jacking

  • Think they have another listing for the 12v i think? $28.21 with Plus. They seem to have some crazy cheap stuff.


    edit: sold out now

  • +2

    Mr Jack is here

  • -2

    All those 2000 clicks in two hours - weren't you suppose to work from home?

  • Oos now

      • +3

        it arrived within 4 days i think in a good condition and i already used it to cut timber fence palings. it is working well so far. it came with nice bag as well to keep the tool after use.

        this is a best value tool i bought so far. it came with two batter and both works fine, plus four blades (2x wood and 2x metal) and a bag.

        with this price tag i won't expect it to last 10 years but even a year or two is good for me… as i only use occasionally around house.

        this type of product can tell us how much bunnings ripping Aussie customer with their prices… !

        • agreed. received my lowly 12v one now and its excellent value. enough power for most small jobs. cut up some metal guttering with it no problem

  • Shipped. Thanks OP

  • anymore of these discounted saws?

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