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nbn Unlimited 25/10 $54.95/M, 50/20 $54.95/M, 100/20 $69.95/M, 100/40 $79.95/M for 6 Months (New Customers) @ Superloop


Superloop have dropped the 25/10, 50/20, 100/20 and 100/40 plans by $10-20 per month for 6 months.

Returning customers [who have previously been with Superloop and already received a six (6) month discount promotion] will not be eligible for a new promotion for a period of twelve (12) months.

25/10 T&Cs
50/20 T&Cs
100/20 T&Cs
100/40 T&Cs

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      • Could TIO help you get out of the contract for unresolved issues or have they been defanged for nbn?

        • Could be a covid thing with network congestions. Have had a few issues with online meetings, with drop outs and lags. By the time their support responds via mail; the issue would have already rectified itself, and would be too zoned out to chase an active non issue. Never had such issues when with superloop.
          Might need to consider discontinuing the contract or approaching TIO if issues continue.

    • That 30plan is not available anymore, not sure when my contract ends whether my speed will change or drop…

      • That stinks as I'm moving out soon.

        We should be grandfathered in, touch wood. I've had the plan for 1.5 years so the 12 month contract has expired. It's still going…

        • I got on live chat yesterday, the guy said my plan would be the starter plan yet my speed wouldn't change (and then said again that my speed will be 25, currently getting 30+) so I'm more confused than before. Not sure if it's worth staying as I wouldn't want to be on a $60 25mbps speed.

          • @MeesusEff:

            Not sure if it's worth staying as I wouldn't want to be on a $60 25mbps speed.

            Yeah, same. It's a pain in the ass. I can't find any plans that are cheap and decent speeds. Having 20mbs upload is great. There is something good in Melbourne…

            The best alternative is churning every six months.

            • +1

              @Caped Baldy: I was churning before but under my husbands name and he got sick of calling to cancel every 6 months haha. Maybe I'll try out a 100 plan somewhere just to see how fast my fttn actually can get..

    • Not possible to get the $55 plan for a long time. You must have got them long time ago

      • Yeh, I'm pretty annoyed. Moving out and will have to pay at least $10 more a month.

  • Any way you can get around the 12 month wait if you've already been with them?

    • interested in this as well

    • +1


      You could possibly take advantage of ABB 6 month discount (if you have not been a customer with them for the last 6 months), then sign up with Mate for 6 months. Then go back to Superloop.

    • +3

      It's 12 months now? Used to only be 6. I've swapped to ABB for their 6 month deal (was honestly surprised Superloop didn't want to match to keep a customer), but will swap between ISPs now.

      I think the whole sales structure of ISPs needs to change now, back in ADSL days they focused on new customers only because it was so hard to move ISPs, but now with NBN they should be focusing on keeping customers as it only takes an hour to change ISPs now.

      But they stuck in the past I guess.

      • +1

        NBN do some of these promos. The ISPs just pass them on.

        • I get that, but does NBN have in their terms to the ISP they can only be for new connections? If so that seems weird (and stupid imo) but I'd understand but I guess that's were it needs changing than.

          • @Narull: I assume so but it depends on the promo. NBN are looking into changing the wholesale pricing structure.

      • I just signed up today, after leaving them like 10 months ago, no issues to report, got the special pricing.

    • Time travel

    • +1

      Sign up in your partners name. This works.

      • Sign up in your partners name.

        In that case you could sign up under any name.
        IIRC, they don't do credit checks (unless that has also changed).

  • I get these rates permanently with Exetel, 5 year old grandfathered plan and nothing better has come along yet.

  • Exetel may still be running their $50/month for first 6 months promo if you call up directly. I called up directly yesterday and they still let me sign up.

    • For which speed?

    • The Exetel website says Extra-value nbn™
      $75/mth nbn 50/20 Mbps But will try calling.

      Was anyone able to get Exetel 50/20 Mbps for $50 for 6 months by calling them

      Will get a free ZTE ZXHN H268A modem if you stay with them for 6 months

      • $50/ 6 months is the right price.
        Is that modem any good, using a belong one still which has been fine. May call them up

        • The Belong Sagemcom modem is 4+ years old and takes a while to boot; This modem is free if you stay with them for six months and better to try it out.

          • @utsc: So an extra $5 (over superloop $70 if i do nothing) and free modem could be ok. Ok, yeah it's the Belong 4353 modem, joined OCT 19. Works fine, not sure the max speed capable of (but would keep as a spare).

            EDIT: AC1600 could be an upgrade? (I've got a TP-Link Archer T2U Nano AC600 Nano Wireless USB Adapter)

            How long did it take to churn for you after applying - Need to change before 5th Sept or get charged another month.
            Does Exetel use Optus / vocus? Found that to be a bit slower than superloop.

            What about spintel?


            • @G-rig: I am not with Exetel so not sure about their quality.

              I called Exetel today but was told that they have no longer have the old plans and the $50 NBN 50/20 plan was not available.

  • I just churned last week, guess I am loosing out!

  • Is it easy to jump from ABB to superloop? How fast is it?

    • +1

      very fast - usually same day, if not within 2-3 hrs

      • I'm with ABB and signed up with superloop at about 10:15 this morning. I'm on HFC.

        Continued working for about 20 minutes and had an outtage for about 10 mins.

        Internet came back on and when I did a speedtest, it said I was now with superloop.

        Have to contact ABB and cancel current plan, but the process was so quick. I'll have to compare the peak time speeds and ping of various things, but its an easy saving of $20 for 6 months and it seems identical so far.

  • +1

    Just changed to Internode Home Superfast 200/20 for $89/MTH

    • nbn Superfast is actually 250/25. 200Mbps is Internode's average evening speed.

  • +4

    These guys are the best.

    Was with Telstra via HFC, constant issues for a few years. Replaced multiple Routers and even NBN NTD's, same issues.

    Moved to AGL, absolute trash. Even worse reliability & outages, 7 days on one occasion. Daily otherwise.

    Purchased a 3rd party AX router, same issues. Constant testing on multiple routers/gateways, was an absolute headache.
    Had me thinking my AX router was faulty too, it was inconceivable that reliability could be that bad with these ISP's

    Finally moved to Superloop, have been with them for about 3-4 months. Not a single drop out, no bandwidth issues, full throttle all hours of the day with many devices running simultaneously. Everything just works perfectly.
    Haven't had to reboot my AX router once.

    Annoyed these shitty resellers blame the NBN, it's their own trash infrastructure.

    Just wish if I switched earlier..

  • Moved from Telstra to Superloop. Has been awesome and way cheaper. The product is identical.

    • I found streaming to be more consistant on SL than Telstra. Difference after switching from Telstra to SL was night and day, much much better experience with SL.

  • -2

    Went back to ABB from SL after realizing that SL had dropped their base plan prices but don't automatically pass the new pricing onto their out of contract customers, customer must go in and select the new cheaper plan.
    ABB don't do this, they pass the new pricing onto their existing customers.

    • Yeah I did notice that… I changed to the 100/20 plan for a month, then back down to the "new" 50/20 plan to get the new pricing. Probably could have changed Straight to the new 50/20 if I called them up, but wasn't too fussed.

      Overall been very happy with the quality of service with superloop.

  • +1

    100/40 for the same price as ABB 50/20 is tempting..

  • This would be handy for people experiencing Google issues with Launtel

      • +2

        I had sent 6 emails and 3 online enquiries, non of them was replied. May I ask how did you get in touch with Superloop? I used to get back from ABB within 2 mins, now 4 hours phone waiting with Superloop.

    • +5

      I am a Superloop customer for 2 years. I agree, their customer support is crap. Long wait times, email support is beyond a waste of time. However the NBN service itself has been great for the most part. I'm in NSW on HFC and get good pings for games, stream from overseas servers fine, great peak speeds normally.

      Only issues i've had were.

      1. When changed speed from 100/40 to 250/25 something got stuffed and my service speeds were awful and constant drop outs every few minutes. Tried everything under the sun then called them up on hold for an hour and magically it finally settled, suspect the NBN provisioning issue. Only impacted for 1 day, possibly would of been longer had i not been all over it.

      2. A few times there has been an issue with their international links/routing through to europe caused by an issue with cogento or similar. I was close to porting out to ABB in April as it was ongoing for a month before finally resolved. Most people would be oblivious to this, but for certain things it was very disruptive.

      In general though i'd have no quarms recommending Superloop unless customer service is really important to you, then go elsewhere.

  • Have been with superloop twice in their 6 month promo pricing. Never had a single issue. Only time i called them was to cancel the service. Ported out yesterday to Tangerine now.

    • Do we call to cancel after the service has been ported out? Or should we notify before?

      • After.

      • for FTTP or FTTB, you can have 4 services running at the same time, so you won't even need to port out

        Sign up to 2nd ISP, then will connect to you Port 2. Then ring 1st ISP to cancel.

        • FTTP is 4. FTTB is 1.

          • @Twix: oh didn't know FTTB is one.

        • What about HFC?

          • @wildstone: For HFC you can get 2 connections if you pay a $299? fee and a second NTD.

    • how good is Tangerine. Im thinking of porting out too as my promo as ended and there is no love for existing customers

      • +1

        Have used Tangerine as well in the past for 6 months and no complaints (only concern is they put surcharge when paying via debit or credit card so have to setup auto-debit from bank account).

        Tangerine and superloop are my churner ISPs for the past 1.5 years but will need to find another one since Superloop is now 12 months exclusion to sign-up again.

        • so if you leave superloop you have to wait for 12months to signup again? that's silly if you ask me. Why loose revenue.
          Im still on a speed upgrade which ends in Oct, so may hang out till then before i churn.

          • +1

            @lknight: Mentioned in this deal above:

            Returning customers [who have previously been with Superloop and already received a six (6) month discount promotion] will not be eligible for a new promotion for a period of twelve (12) months.

  • Haven't tried switching NBN provider. Will there be any downtime during the switch over?

    • No down time for FTTP or FTTB

      • What about FTTC. What sort of downtime can be expected?

    • No down time with HFC either.

    • My HFC switched from Mate to SL in 10 mins at a 6pm weekday, hope it helps

    • Thanks guys for the responses

  • +3

    I just switched from ABB to Superloop. Was very quick and painless

    Applied via their webpage. Got disconnected from ABB within 5 mins (Yikes - wasn't expecting that!), connected to Superloop within 5 mins

    I was getting 35/15 with ABB but 43/16 with Superloop. Not sure why its faster. Probably different profile so i'll see how stable it is

  • I'm with Tangerine which was my first NBN signup around 12 months ago. 100/20 FTTN in order to obtain around 62000/25000 + phone. Tangerine service has been excellent - online chat plus immediate phone through to technical and sales. Very few dropouts and great pings. Compatible with my VPN and for the phone they were happy to provide the SIP settings to me.

    I see with Superloop there's no chat and seems to me, not even phone. What the? Does that mean they don't want to engage clients after signup/churn. The only difference in this promo is about $2.50-$5.00/week savings, which even for a pensioner like me is piddle for such an essential service. Thanks for the offer though…

    • not even phone

      You can call Superloop on 1800-101-210 between 8am and 10:30pm ACDT

      • -1

        Yes, I found this at the foot of the page. But no chat which indicates to me at least that the provider is willing to engage with clients in real time and, importantly, permitting a written record of the chat which can be emailed for archiving - just in case.

        "Our Online Form;
        Telephone – 1800 101 210 (toll free) or (08) 7123 2901;
        Email – [email protected];
        Fax – (08) 7123 2902; and
        Post – 24-25 Greenhill Road, Wayville 5034.
        We recommend lodging your complaint by telephone to receive the fastest response."

  • Just signed up with Mates 250/25 $89 for first 6 months, then you can downgrade or pay $109/mth or how knows may they offer something to stay on that plan :) :D

    • how did u get to $89 as its listed at $99.95 !!

      • Mate's 250/25 $89 for 6 months deal expired yesterday.

        • aah ok ( Damn !!) will this work with any referral code ?

          • @abhi900: Mate maybe are still offering the $89 deal or haven't updated their page. Call them and find out.

          • +1

            @abhi900: as @twix says on the website still showing the offer so better to call ;)

            • @kmilozco: Did you find out if Mate was still offering the 250/25 for $89?

              What's peoples experience with Mate?

              • @Bearboi: I didn't, as I already signed up but as the offer still on the Website I guess it still active so you can call and check ;)
                I'll be new Mate's costumer, but what I have read on different reviews that Mates provide great connection and support.

      • +1

        I can see the elite mate plan being offered for $89 for the first 6 months. I tried for HFC.

  • Does one have to BYOModem for this one?
    If so, if I have the optus modem that was part of my optus plan, can I use that for this? Sending routers to landfill/recycling is such a waste.

    • +1

      Superloop support can help with an answer, https://hbbsupport.superloop.com/hc/en-au/articles/360060673...

      I was able to continue using my Belong Modem when I moved to Superloop.

      • Wonderful, thanks.

        "If you are intend(SIC) on using a router supplied by a previous ISP, you will need to ensure that it is not locked to that ISP."

        I didn't know silly ISPs did that. Just like they lock phones down to a network. To make money and generate more eWaste.

        • Optus modem can be reused with SL. Locking down phones to an ISP router is not related to money and it is done for ISPs offering a TC-1 traffic class product with 1:1 contention. An ISP can't test this on every router out there.

      • hey mate, mind telling which model of the modem as I am with belong now.

    • I havent tested a modem from another ISP.

      But i am using a BYO modem, using a netgear nighthawk. Setup was easy and up and running within minutes.

  • +1

    What a super quick transfer process. Aussie BB is dead to me, they did some maintenance and broke their DNS.

  • Original comment: I'm an existing superloop customer. on the 100/40 plan

    I came from epic broadband…of which i left because of….reasons (google epic broadband).

    Superloop has been excellent since i joined up with them. Consistently fast speeds (Even during peak), they are very transparent with their speeds and their own capacities.

    My household are very heavy internet users, with a combination of multiple people working from home in roles that require frequent VC, high end gamers, Constant content streaming and…other internet downloading/uploading related tasks.

    I used a BYO modem and it worked with ease.

    I've never had an unplanned outage, and their planned outages happen very rarely & have been at times that don't inconvenience the average user and have been extremely short with appropriate comms.

    Regarding ABB vs Superloop…..i can't tell you which is better as i haven't used ABB, all i can tell you is superloops prices are better than ABB, and during my time with superloop i haven't yet found a single thing i could fault them for.

  • Have been with SL for quite a bit now, most happy except now I have no referrals to obtain a discounted monthly fee so folks if your considering it dont forget to use the referral link at the beginning of the listing 👍

    note: SL dont push Woke messaging to you if you have to phone them and since I have been with SL, I have never had to call them 🤞

    Am upgraded to 250/25 on HFC and obtain 258/23 on speed tests continuously.
    Will be back to on 100/20 after the trial ends for me, but still happy nonetheless.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Got one!

  • I can recommend SL give it a try.
    I’ve been with SL 2 times before & few days earlier signed up for the 3rd time. Being using different emai/account to get the discount code rather waiting for 6months. After this, may use the first login with discount as it will be over 12months.
    I’m on 100/20 plan with free boost to 250/25. I hardly get 250, mostly ~200Mbps.

    • Don’t they usually check the service address?

      • I’m not sure, but I had two seperate logins/services for the same address with a break period of about 2 or 3 weeks.

  • I'm moving from Aussie Broadband to Launtel. I'll give their 1000/50 a 7-day trial before deciding where to move after that.

    At least with Launtel, you can pause the connection, on a daily basis. Not bad if you don't need much data (some days), and are happy tethering off your mobile, B818 (4G) or 5G dongle on other days.

    • I get 700 to 800Mbps on gigabit 1000/50 HFC NBN, and 45Mbps upstream on Launtel. My 802.11ac wireless network can't keep up, and I only get that on wired with a Unifi USG Pro 4.

  • Moved from ABB to Superloop (HFC) in under an hour, looking good so far (Brisbane), will see what it is like tonight.


  • Moved from Tangerine to Superloop few minutes ago. Switching tool less than 5 minutes. Modem setting is still Tangerine PPPoE but whoismyisp.org says my service provider is Superloop.
    So how is Superloop working on Tangerine settings? Anticipatory thanks for help!

    • +1

      Change your modem WAN settings to DHCP or IPoE.

      • +1

        Thanks @Twix. Will try post office hours. If it breaks during office hours for some reason it will be painful.

  • I'm with ABB rn on 100/40 $89/month because of their 6 month promo. I've been meaning to switch to Superloop since it's quite a bit cheaper but I've been reading that a lot of people are unsatisfied with the service. Is it worth it to switch over? I have 4-5 months left on the ABB promo.

  • How does it compare to Belong $55 plan with 30mps speed? Thanks

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