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10 Custom 76x76mm Die Cut Stickers for $2 (Normally $28) + Free Shipping @ StickerMule


$2 for 10x custom 76 mm × 76 mm die cut stickers

Normally $28. Free shipping.

  • Get your die cut stickers fast with 4 day turnaround and free shipping.
  • Review your proof shortly after checkout and request changes until you're happy.
  • Thick, durable vinyl protects your die cut stickers from scratching, rain & sunlight.

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  • +21

    I've still got orders from 2019 and 2020 I've not done anything with yet… I'll add another for 2021 :P

    • +4

      Are you saying that you get the offer, checkout with the free shipping, but wait until a later date to actually upload artwork and complete the order?

      • That sounds exactly what it is…I'm sold!

      • I got charged only after approving my proof, so I'd say that's not the case!

        • proof of?

          • @capslock janitor: proof of the sticker. I think it's the design that both parties work on until the buyer is happy and approves it

    • +1

      They cancelled my order from August 2019, not sure they refunded me though.

      • Same here. I took up the offer (same as this deal but $1.97), checkout with free shipping, was going to wait until a later date to upload artwork and complete the order. But they cancelled it.

  • +38

    Last time I ordered my house number in stickers. Put them on my bins outside if anyone needs inspiration lol. Still look new so great quality.

    • I did exactly the same thing

      The look great, good as new, some 2 years later

      • pics guys

        • +3
          • +1

            @iShibby: edit - i wonder why they stopped engraving the numbers, our new bins have a measly white sticker - some bastard stole mine and replaced with their shitty unkept bin and tore off the sticker so we don't know

            • @capslock janitor: Yeah weird. I’m the same I regularly pressure wash mine to keep it in good condition but others not so much

              • @iShibby: this was several weeks ago - which reminds me i still need to do stat dec for a new one - what an annoyance my neighbours caused

    • what did you do with the left over digits? i'm wanting to find out if it leaves bad sticky residue after peeling off and is it easy to

      • You mean the ones I didn’t put on my bins? They’re just in a drawer in case I ever need to replace them. They’ll come off easy with a hair dryer and some WD40.

  • Do you have to supply your mobile number to use this?

    • Yes

    • Yes, they do ask for it

      • +2

        they don't just ask for it they send a code to confirm, so you can't just use a fake one

  • What image are guys going to put on? Trying to think of what to put on and where to stick? Any ideas?

  • +2

    mmmmmm… more remote graffiti !

    I like to maximize my OzBargains so I use something like this and then cut them up into 25mm stickers:
    (Edit: just realized these are 3" x 3", not the old 4" x 4", all good)

  • +35

    In a different world, i would have printed power outlets to stick them around walls at airports when traveling just to see the look on people's faces when trying to charge their phones and laptops.

  • +3

    Typically, suddenly cannot think of anything to print.

    I guess they won't print registered logos and trademarks.

  • -3

    I propose a tribute to Scott Morrison sticker.
    Supply your own artwork or slogan.

  • Great for pantry labels.

    • +2

      But they're 10 identical stickers, right?

      • +15

        He might be printing "cockroaches prohibited"

        • that's not gonna stop no punk cockroach

      • true ozbargainers buy in bulk

        • +1

          Or get 10 more friends to order and share

      • +2

        What, you don't own 10 houses?

  • +3

    I’ve done the eureka flag. Not sure where I’ll be using it but I just like the flag design it’s so cool.

    • +12

      You’ll be taking it to an anti-lockdown protest no doubt

      • +4

        That’s why I’m not sure where I would stick it. Unfortunately it is being used in many controversial situations. I like the design and the historical context, I don’t like who is using it at those ki d of protests. I don’t think they should fly it there. They’re not worthy of this flag

  • $1.97 delivered…
    …if they arrive

    • +5

      They're fairly reliable but they don't like people double-dipping, no repeat phone numbers or payment methods… Great quality stickers…..

      Graffiti Karma !

      • +1

        Nice drop.
        Well executed 🤪

        • I was rooted, big day ride-hike-ride, it didn't take much to put me down…

      • +1

        Slapping stickers is the laziest, low risk, low skill form of graff….hard for me to respect it.
        Lovely spot tho ;P

      • Very easy to add a full stop at different points along your email address to trick their system e.g. [email protected] can be [email protected] etc.

        The email will still come through to your email because the mail systems know to ignore the full stops.

  • +2

    I hate that I can't think of anything I'd want 10 stickers of. Maybe "No Junk Mail" if it could stick to brick?

    • construction adhesive and a metal or plastic plate of some kind then stick sticker to that

    • Haha me too. Then I'm looking on this thread for inspiration and not getting much :P

  • +8

    QR codes to something:


  • +1

    Ordered a set, can't wait to get them

  • You could always get a sticker of my face.

  • Do all 10 have to be identical, or can they be different?

    • +3

      All the same. I'm picking a logo from a video game which isn't recognisable unless you have played the game.

    • Last time I did this offer, they had to be identical.

    • Obviously 10 of the same design.

  • +7

    Wish they had a rectangle option so could make bumper stickers that read:


    • pro tip, a square is only one cut away from being two rectangles

      • yeah, but its already a REALLY small sticker…

        • +2

          so use REALLY small writing

          or make an ambigram and you can have 5 stickers twice the size

  • +2

    Damn. Should’ve signed up via referral.

    • benefits?

      • +5

        Why is there a A$41 minimum order size when using store credit?
        Since we give everyone a chance to get a A$13 credit via our referral program, we need to require a minimum order size before store credit can be applied. Initially, we launched without a minimum order size restriction and our system was overwhelmed by 1000+ free orders within a few hours. The A$41 minimum has been in place ever since.

        Nothing unless you were planning on making a real order.

  • Is it one per customer?

    • +1

      If you try and order a second order, you'll get a "You've reached this deal's limit" message.

    • Surely someone else has a different mobile phone number and email address in your home.

  • +2

    Does anyone know how easy these are to cut up?

    Looking at getting this - https://www.pngfind.com/mpng/hRiwRii_gen-i-sprites-re-colour...

  • +1

    I'm thinking of getting QR codes of my website and sticking them on my marketing material

    Any opinions on that?

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