This was posted 10 months 23 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$15 off (Min Spend $15) in-Store Only @ Spotlight (VIP Members)


Got an email from Spotlight with coupon for 15 dollars off 15 dollars minimum spend in store. I assume it’s targeted. Check your emails.

Expires August 28, which is still lockdown here in Sydney (looks like State-wide actually as of today) so don’t know how I’m gonna use it.

Edit: link to voucher

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    Whats code they always have generic one

    • Mine's a barcode for instore use only, don't know if it's unique. Number is 9349336709722. Not sure if this helps you.

      I can't use it anyway…

      • -2

        Not working in my account i tried to go online purchase no success

    • +1

      Could you please provide an image of the barcode so I can scan in-store? I’m in Tassie, no lockdowns here, business as usual.

      • Use barcode generator

        • What do you mean?

        • Actually, I asked my son and he knew exactly what that is and generated the barcode for me, however the problem is it doesn’t have the usual spotlight patterns around it so looks too sis to use. So really need the real one.

  • Where’s the code??

  • Only if we can go out

  • +30

    Why are they encouraging people to go to a store 🤦🏽
    They should encourage for people to buy online at least during lockdown.

    • +5

      I know, it's (profanity) infuriating actually. Not cos I'm missing a deal, but they should really read the room

      • Read the profanity country, Spotlight. I think the places in lockdown the stores would be closed anyway.

    • +7

      Yeah its rather dumb. During the Brisbane lockdown recently I got a text from spotlight saying they are still open, and to come in and get your essential supplies. Mate we should all wait to go to spotlight when there's no lockdown lol.

      • Got the same one and have been using it as an example of totally inessential businesses somehow considering themselves “essential”

  • Is store specific?

  • +2

    Instore only, please use back door during lockdown ;-)

  • It becomes meaningless in a lockdown

  • For anyone in nsw, I'm happy to use the voucher on your behalf. Brisbane ftw!!!

    • In Melb so can't use it, if I'd received it I'd upload it. They're never unique anyway, they just make them once per account.

  • +1

    Hope I get this email. Nothing yet

  • cheapest lamp is like 180 dollars lmao

  • -1

    'Targetted' - considering most of Eastern Australia in lockdown. Poor form Spotlight…

    • Must be run by Gladys

    • Most of eastern Australia (by population) is in lockdown… but more than half of eastern Australia is not in lockdown.
      Enjoying the sunshine & freedom up North (for now).

      Spotlight just down the road. All I need now is the voucher!

      • +6

        It is same voucher as this deal

        • If I’ve used it before on my account, can I use it again?

          • @kosh52: It worked for me and I had used the $15 one in June.

        • Correct & thanks👍
          Same number as on this voucher. 9349336709722

          Suggested to Mods to link Deal to that screenshot of voucher.

        • Thank you!

  • Expires August 28, which is still lockdown here in Sydney (looks like State-wide actually as of today)

    Actually it’s not. I’ll be out of lockdown next Sunday, sucker.

    • Lol.

    • Don’t speak too soon, maybe it’ll be extended. Fingers crossed tho

  • Anyone has the image please? I am in QLD so I can still use it.

    • Check DM

  • Anyone happy to share a screenshot of the email?

  • For voucher screenshot - mentioned in comment above.

    Suggested to Mods 10.5hr ago to link Deal to that screenshot of voucher.

    • +1

      Sorry, first time poster, no idea I could edit. I added it to the post.

      Sorry nsw people… everyone else go get your $15 worth of free stuff!

  • Just used the $15 voucher at Spotlight Toowoomba. They have a 30% off sale as well, so I had 30% off and then an extra $15 off the discounted price. Worked out well!

  • Last time to Everton Park Spotlight, they said they needed to see the actual email. Would anyone have a screenshot of the email itself?

    Spotlight literally never sends me emails ever. I'm signed up to receive emails from them. Two in two years (both 'back in stock' emails).

    • +1

      DM you

  • Will this work on VIP items? Needing to get some helium tanks for the kiddos.

    Is anyone able to help with the original email in case i waste a trip and they ask for it at the counter? Thanks

    • +1

      Dm me your email, I’ll forward it

      • Hi! Could you also send me the original email if possible? Thanks.

  • Can someone dm there email to me? Would be much appreciated!

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