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Free 12 Months Amazon Prime, 3 Months Calm App, Ongoing Optus Sport + More, for Existing Optus Postpaid Customers @ Optus SubHub


Optus has just launched SubHub, which allows you to combine multiple subscription services in one simple bill - and with discounts depending on how many services you combine.

SubHub has launched with the following offers, for those without current subscriptions:

  • Optus Sport: ongoing free
  • Amazon Prime: 12 months free
  • Kindle Unlimited: 3 months free
  • Calm App: 3 months free
  • inkl news: 1 month free

Available for Optus postpaid customers with a current Optus mobile or Optus home broadband plan. Prepaid users not eligible.

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    Hmm what would the cheapest Optus plan be I wonder - I'd be up for paying slightly more than Amazon Prime to get Optus Sport + Amazon Prime, but not $100s more

    • +1

      Yes please would like to know this too

      • -9

        Me 3

        • +8

          Imagine being banned for this comment

  • +17

    Hmm. Might be worth signing up for Optus $7.50/month 5GB plan just for this.

    • +3

      Is it pospaid tho?

    • +1

      The small MBB plan is $15 PM . Where did you see $7.50 PM?

        • +1

          Doesn't that need an additional service though? As in, if you're already eligible why would you pay another $7.50/month?

          • +6

            @pennypincher98: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/636746

            No. Buy a prepaid SIM, create a My Optus account.

            Get $7.50/month 5GB postpaid account.

            • +1

              @futaris: Oh that's a great workaround

            • +2

              @futaris: Can confirm this works

              • +2

                @Schumi5: Sorry just to confirm. We can buy any prepaid optus sim then create a my optus account and then add this 5gb service on top and we will be eligible for the subhub as it's an ongoing $7.50 a month?

                • +3

                  @kane1990: I'm guessing what above person is trying to say is one gets an Optus prepaid plan so one can get an Optus account so one can get the Optus app and then one will have access to the deal that is through the Optus app which is the Optus post paid $15 data plan at half price i.e. $7.50, so one has a post paid plan to get the free 12 months Amazon subscription and other Optus freebies

              • +1

                @Schumi5: OP says not eligible for prepaid though? Can you confirm?

            • +1

              @futaris: That offer shows as having expired on 31 July and reverting back to the price of $15/m

            • +1

              @futaris: Looks like this deal expired at the end of July. Anyone able to confirm if it is still avaiable?

              • +1

                @stuarty9: Available till 5th September, through app

        • +1

          When I click on the offer, only 2 plans available with lowest being $22.95 :(

          • +1

            @deals4amar: Is that $22.95 AFTER the half price, or is it 50% off that?

            (I dont have an optus acct yet so cant check)

            • +1

              @kcbworth: I don't have Optus account either. Click through below link on OZB, you'll see the prices. PS: Its actually $22.50 after half price. It seems only 2 plans are eligible with 50% offer. Someone correct me if I got that wrong.


              • +1

                @deals4amar: Can I activate a new Optus prepaid SIM without purchasing credit ?
                It seems like $10 is minimum required to activate a prepaid SIM.

                • +1

                  @bym007: I'm sure there are deals around like this where you get a cheap or free Optus Sim. Good luck! :)


                  • +1

                    @deals4amar: I have already got a $2 Optus SIM. While trying to activate, it seems like minimum $10 needs to be credited.

                    • +1

                      @bym007: Oh ok gotcha, I guess its worth a try to activate without credit, or if you were to use Optus service anyway then 1 year worth of Prime is added bonus.

                • +2

                  @bym007: just use the $1 flex option, then if you don't see the offer in 'offers' section of Optus App (I didn't), just use optus chat with customer service, and they'll set you up on the $7.5 offer.

                  Took me 15mins, but totally worth it

                • +1

                  @bym007: If you're planning to access this $7.50/m deal to get all the services, wouldn't that first month's charge just come off your $10 credit anyway?

  • +25

    Unfortunately looks like existing Amazon Prime customers cannot link their accounts at this time (not sure about any other services)

    • Wonder if you can cancel an existing Prime subscription and then take up the offer through Optus.

      • +12

        Just cancelled my prime (expires in a few days) and after that you can link it

        • +3

          Didn't work for me, as it says you are still a prime customer till the day your Prime benefits expire?

          • +3

            @landroverz7: Yeah I cancelled my Prime a few weeks ago as I only got it to get free shipping on one item, and I just tried to go through the process to link my account and it gave me "You already have an existing membership for this service. You can redeem this offer after your current membership has expired."

            Hopefully this offer sticks around until early September when my Prime runs out.

          • +2

            @landroverz7: Just cancelled my prime and says reimbursement of $59 and then successfully set up through Optus. Thanks OP

          • +1

            @landroverz7: You can ask the customer service to cancel and refund on a pro rata basis depending on how much benefit you used.

            • +1

              @Max999: Awesome, just chatted to support, got instant cancel and activated 12 months

              • @Ostrich: Also just did this and worked 100%

                • @Drugzy: Customer service told me they could cancel me immediately, but I was not entitled to a refund as I had used Prime video. So I just cancelled and will wait it out until next month. See if the offer is still around then.

              • @Ostrich: Did this too! Thanks!

        • My Prime literally renewed yesterday LOL. Chat support helped with the cancellation and refund in like 5 mins, it was really quick and easy, now I have it linked. Thanks!!!

    • +2

      It does say not available as part of early bird access that cannot add existing subscriptions, so hopefully it's available later and can then stack existing subscriptions

    • New email?

  • +5

    On that note, I believe the cheapest non-contract month by month plan is $45 per month.

    Could you technically sign up for one month, get the 12 months of Amazon Prime and cancel?
    Basically a $14 saving over paying Amazon's $59 yearly subscription?

    Can anyone on Optus check if it's a 12 month or month by month option for the Amazon perk
    Thanks :)

    • +4

      It looks like its month to month and not a straight up 12 months in 1 shot.

      I've just signed up and put a reminder to remove the sub to prime in 12 months time.

    • +1

      A $15 data sim is month to month and is eligible for this deal

      • Yes I have that and I got the deal.

  • +2

    'Existing Amazon Prime subscribers are unable to link their accounts at this time.'

    • +4

      Hehe my prime membership ends tomorrow, lucky me!

      • Mine renewed 2 days ago 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

        • +3

          You can end your subscription from now, get a refund and you are eligible for this offer straight away.

          • @pkabrew: My renewal says 25th! (one week away)
            Can I get the monthly refund, and do I cancel manually or by chat?

            • @capslock janitor: Yeah was very simple as you guys stated. Just ask chat to cancel your subscription immediately and refund pro rate. No drama whatsoever

        • +1

          As did mine, spoke with online chat and they were able to offer me full refund with cancellation even though I made two orders after my renewal. Successfully subscribed through SubHub afterwards!

  • im an exinsting post-paid optus customer, i aleady get free optus psorts…

    what is the downfall for me to sign up to this? does it lock me into something i dont need - ?

    • +6

      If it did, would you be Dirty Sanchez?

    • It just does the billing via your Optus account rather than directly to your card. The only downfall for signing up to Amazon Prime is forgetting to cancel the subscription in a year's time.

      • Seems like it's a monthly renewal or yearly?

  • Any idea how long this Prime offer is valid for? My prime subscription is up for renewal in October

    • Same. I would assume it will last for a while, but who knows.

  • +7

    Just signed up for Amazon prime this way, wasn't an existing prime subscriber and am on the $45/pm month to month currently.

    Got an email with the voucher to get an Echo Dot for $10 too!

    • that's been a prime promo for the past 3 weeks now… $10 dot

      • where do you see this promo? i cant see a banner or anything for it, and product search shows at standard price.

        • It's for new Amazon prime customers. I had my girlfriend do a trial. Got the $10 echo and then cancelled.

          • @Ceta: yeah i am new - signed up today via this deal for first time. no offer $10 offer for me .. shows as $59. Boo!

            • +1

              @swampson: Perhaps check the email you signed up with. That's how we got ours.

              Fingers crossed!

              • @Ceta: What's the email subject/header plz?

                • @capslock janitor: Gf is in a meeting, so I can't ask right now.

                  But it definitely contained "Prime". Have a look around the date you signed up. Have to be a new customer though

                • +1

                  @capslock janitor: Had Prime before and still got the Echo dot offer.

                  Header is:

                  [Your Full Name], a credit has been applied to your account

                  • @cj3: Oh lucky you, I had Prime too but no email nor credit.
                    But I cancelled and did this deal last night with 1 week left idk? :/

      • What is the deal? I've got Prime and the Dot still shows up as $59 for me (no coupons available for it etc).

    • +1

      Same! The real question is where to put this little spy speaker. I'm thinking either the bathroom or garden outside so I can listen to tunes.

      • If in garden, note:

        • they aren't waterproof
        • they aren't battery powered

        I have one in
        - bedroom
        - kitchen
        - bathroom

        Use it the most in bathroom.

        • don't forget garage ..

      • is the dot worth getting ?

        • +2

          For $10, I'd say yes.

  • +3

    Amazon Prime T&Cs

    You will be taken to the Amazon Prime site to set up your account, and to accept their T&Cs. By clicking ‘Accept’ you are agreeing to the Optus offer terms (below) and the Amazon Prime T&Cs. SubHub terms and conditions apply. After the promotional period, your Optus account will include the then current Amazon Prime monthly membership costs, currently $6.99/mth.

    12 months access to Amazon Prime, on us, is available to eligible consumer and business (ex Techfund & Fleet) customers, with an eligible SubHub platform account who activate a new Amazon Prime membership via the SubHub platform. Current Amazon Prime members are not eligible for the promotional 12-month offer. Your Amazon Prime membership will continue until cancelled. Cancel anytime within Optus SubHub.

    The discount period will commence from the activation date of the Amazon Prime membership within SubHub. The discount is forfeited if customers move to an ineligible Optus plan, cancel their Amazon Prime membership, or cancel their SubHub platform account. Amazon Prime will not be eligible for the SubHub multi-subscription discount during the 12-month $0 period.

    Offer available until withdrawn.

  • +7

    This does not only apply for Mobile customers, but also NBN customers

    • sweet ! because im only a nbn customer :)

  • +2

    wow. free Amazon Prime!!!

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