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Telstra Day: Samsung - Galaxy S21 128GB $624, 256GB $672 | S20 FE 5G $699.30 | A32 $336 (Account Req.)


Telstra Day – our monthly one-day sale event where we offer unreal deals on a great range of products – is back once again. Here’s what’s on offer this time around.

Edit: Full list of deals now in title/on Telstra Exchange, iPhone and iPad deals also live, wouldn't fit in the title!

Mod: Removed S21 Ultra 128GB $1293.60, 256GB $1360.80 Duplicate from title.

Mod: All Telstra Day Deal Posts

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    • From what I understand, Australians worry unnecessarily about their credit rating. You won't be declined a home loan because you bought a phone outright and it triggered a credit check.

      They care about your income, debts, making payments on time etc.

  • Anybody have "Hardware delivery failed We couldn’t make your delivery. You can arrange to resend it." in their order tracking status? I only placed the order an hour ago. When I rang up Support they just said to wait and see…

  • Yep Telstra can't seem to ID me so… everything is fine

  • Wow that was mind bending. Existing Telstra customer with two mobile numbers. Logged in tried to buy the Samsung S21 in Phantom Pink for my mrs. After solving an endless authentication loop, finally got to ordering outright only to receive a generic error message.

    Instead tried logging in using Telstra Plus and ordered using my points + cash - seems to have worked!

  • I had terrible experience with telstra website and their customer service in the past .I thought I will give it a try again. Unfortunately I cant placed the order. Initially it said "Somethig went wrong" then needed to verify ID. Then it says my passport details are not correct.

    Telstra slogan should change to "Lucky if it works"

  • Does the S21 has Telstra logo upon bootup and Telstra app preinstall? Will it support dual SIMs?

  • Can't seem to get anywhere. Every second button leads to some sort of error, terrible experience. Sell your telstra stock.

    Edit: This is really infuriating and also hilarious, but for anyone having problems with the ID verification - it works if you add a plan but not if you buy it on its own. It's almost like they're doing it on purpose.. hmmmm

    • +1

      I added a plan but still had issues with ID verification - tried drivers license and passport. Telstra really does not want me to be a customer

  • Anyone had any luck getting competitors to price match? I attempted with Optus online, they said they can price match the outright in store but not online

    • I tried OW first thing this morning, they had specific instructions to not price match from Telstra. They stated it was because you had to go on a plan, but now knowing people are successfully buying outright I'm inclined to give it another crack.

      • They told me no because it's on back order.

  • Ordered 1am this morning showing back order. Just checked and my credit card hasn't been charged? Anyone has the same issue?

    • What did you order and what are you located?

      • Pink 128G S21, Metro Melbourne

    • Just checked the order status via Telstra account and now it's showing dispatched now with est delievery 4th Sep

      • I had the exact same experience. Same model. Same timing. Same result (eventually).

  • Added to cart, but got an error message: "Something went wrong. Please try again"

    Same thing happened when I tried to purchase an iPhone 12 last Telstra day. Website is a disgrace especially for a tech company.

    • +1

      This happened to me too, got the same error 4 times in a row. To get around it I did the following.

      Open up an incognito / private tab and load the telstra-day website again.


      Select the phone, choose outright, make purchase and at the very end now it asks you to login and at least for me at this stage it worked.

      • Thanks - this method worked for me! Purchased outright S21 256Gb/No plan and then logged in at the end and processed card payment. The status is Backorder but I'm in no rush, just as long as it doesn't get cancelled…

      • Did you go through the ID verification process without any issues?

      • Something went wrong
        We're unable to process your order at this time.

        Take me back to Telstra.com.au

        Jeez… Always on the last about signing to my telstra account then it fails.

  • Do you have to go through ID verification and credit check if existing customer.

    • You may need to go through ID verification.

      • Thanks mate. Had tech issues initially but managed to get through this arvo and bought a s21 for my mum. Interestingly I reached oit to telstra via chat and they had no clue about this deal. The person kept on telling me the offer was only available if I went on a 12-24 month plan contract and not available to buy outright. Even though I bought outright whilst chatting to them they wouldn't believe me.

  • Both wife and I managed to order S21 256G, mine says delivery on Saturday, wife's says Backorder, she ordered about 5 mins before me this morning around 10am.

    • +16

      bad luck mate, looks like you're gonna have to give your phone up to the missus

    • Should not have done that. Always get something radically different to your wife so she doesn't take your phone when hers breaks from dropping it on the street, taking it into the bathroom or whatever other stupid stuff girls do when they make tiktoks and instagram reels.

      • To be fair, she has handled her phones pretty well, happy to have a case, also I put eSim on my phone, makes it a bit harder to just transfer.

        • I always get a phone that my mum or partner can't use or doesn't know the ins and outs. Had enough of them using my phone while I'm in my car.

    • Update: Both phones are out for delivery today, pretty impressive Telstra.

  • +4

    something went wrong everytime.

  • ordered midnight. just received a sms it has been dispatched…

  • If I don't have any plans with Telstra, and never been a customer, can I still buy the phones outright at the discounted price?

    • +1

      buy a $2 sim and activate today if you can. you need to have logged into your Telstra account to have the outright option show

      • That actually worked, thank you.

        • all good my fellow cheap wine connoisseur

  • +1

    First try "Something Went Wrong" after adding to cart. Worked second time around and was able to get the S21 on back order. But a "credit check may be required" is bad form from Telstra.

    • did you add a plan?

      • No, I created a Telstra id yesterday with a $2 sim from Coles. It allowed me to choose outright purchase, and went through without selecting a plan.

  • Got the text from telstra
    “we've dispatched your Telstra order. ”
    Galaxy S21 256GB Phantom Grey

  • Did Samsung fix the exynos idle battery drain with the chip in the S21 compared to the S10?

  • +6

    Anyone else not able to go past verification/credit check page? Just went to something went wrong for me

    • +3

      Nope, 'Something went wrong. We're unable to process your order at this time.' on the page you enter your ID information.

  • Is there a way to buy this outright without a plan? Or if I add a plan does it automatically cancel/overtake the plan i'm on or is Telstra going to pull a sneaky and charge me for two monthly plans?

    • +1

      buy a $2 sim from woolies/ coles and register a telstra account. The outright option then appears. Just gotta pray they aren't changing this as part of their current maintenance

    • +1

      It doesn't add automatically. You can just choose outright and check out.

      • But buying outright will trigger the credit check??

        • I have no idea. I already have a Telstra account. Buying outright should just require you to enter credit card details?

          • @wongjy12: But when I click on outright and it asks for ID check.

            • @viki8702: Ya you will need to enter your ID on checkout. And then you need to enter payment details. If you don't want to sign up for a plan, I don't think credit check is required.

            • +2

              @viki8702: The literature said it "may" require a credit check, hopefully they wouldn't do it for an outright prchase, fingers crossed!

              • @ozprash: Yeah that' what i am thinking. Hopefully they don't do it.

                • @viki8702: got confirmation from sales rep during the last sale, an outright purchase will require a credit check.

  • Mine dispatched. It's on its way by this weekend.

  • +2

    Found the Telstra order tracker website, just plug in your order number: https://www.ordertracker.telstra.com.au/

  • +1

    My order is already dispatched.

    • +6

      and you negged the deal..? Mine is dispatched too.

      • +1

        Probably due to the hoops and the inconsistency of availability. Not really based on first come first serve, more like a lucky dip.

        • +1

          I ordered mine at 1am AEST yesterday. Having to wait for 40 mins at midnight before the phone can be ordered is indeed horrible.

      • Negged the deal because how difficult it was to obtain. You can see the contrast in upvotes n downvotes.

  • +15
    • To buy without a plan, you need a Telstra ID
    • It can be an old Telstra ID with no services attached
    • You may still need to provide Aus drivers licence or passport details to verify ID, even if not buying on a plan
    • If you don't have a Telstra ID, you may have difficulties getting through the ID verification process
    • If you go to a store, you may be pushed to buy a plan
    • The phone is unlocked
    • The phone won't have Telstra bloatware
    • They are taking backorders with no estimated date of arrival yet
  • Just got a SMS saying my S21 has been dispatched despite the order status online still being on backorder. Not sure what's going on. Located in Melbourne.

    • Same, mines just got dispatched (1/2) - im assuming it was mines I ordered at 1am. My missus I ordered this morning yet to dispatch. melb Metro

      • Yep order just got got updated with the tracking. Only downside is that it's with star track. Let's see how the delivery goes lol

  • I was originally unable to create a new telstra account and purchase a phone outright, i would get stuck at the ID verification stage, 'something went wrong'. I spoke to chat and they registered a new account for me with a different email address which i successfully logged in with and purchase outright without plan.

  • +1

    Mine just shipped as well. Ordered last night 1am supposedly on backorder but will take it!

  • I don't know if this helps. Anyone who is willing to validate their order - you can do so from this link: https://ordertracker.telstra.com.au/

    Plus, I managed to order 30 mins ago and I can already see it being processed for delivery on this website.

  • Great deal. Ordered the S21 outright without plans last night.

    Already received SMS and being dispatched from Sydney in the morning via Startrack.

  • Dispatched, Arrives Tomorrow Morning if God is willing

    • God was not willing

  • Got an email saying my phone has been dispatched.

    Will only trust once its on my hand.

    • -2

      will only trust if I have used the phone for 2 years and it doesn't explode

  • Mine was back ordered last night, got a sms saying it is dispatched..

  • +2

    Ordered just now; Samsung Galaxy S21 5G 256Mb for $672 delivered. Used my Boost mobile number to create a Telstra ID, then chose 'Outright' option without having to select a plan. Needed to verify my drivers licence before finalising payment.

    • +3

      I keep getting stuck after trying to Verify…"something went wrong"

      • +2

        Yeah it was flaky the first time I tried. Maybe I got lucky. Keep re-trying.

        • +1

          thanks for sharing mate, will do

    • Did you use the boost mobile app to create Telstra ID?

    • +2

      Finally worked for me too (with Boost number). The Telstra Id I tried to create on my mobile browser seems to be messed up ( something went wrong when trying to log in), so the following worked for me:
      - created a new outlook email address
      - created a new Telstra ID with this address and boost number on my desktop
      - verified account via link sent to new email
      - logged in to new Telstra account first, then added the s21 256gb to cart without adding a plan
      - did have to do the id check with my driver's licence but that worked this time

    • Thanks for the tip. Used my Boost Number to create Telstra ID and finally got past the Driver's License Verification Page.

  • Has anyone gone in store to collect who is not an existing telstra and managed to get the device without signing up to the $55/mth plan? I still got time on my Boost and that price is outrageous even if I'll only have it for one month. I know the sales rep will push it on me so would be good to know if I have options. Going in halfa, wish me luck ;)

  • +5

    Optus price match FYI.
    Just pricematched mine

    Edit: on a plan or outright from what I was told

    • Can you upload the screenshot for the confirmation email or any evidence and I'm going to price match as well ;) Cheers!

    • In store or online

      • +1

        I tried calling the store and they said it's too cheap and they can't do it. Told me to go through Telstra.

        I tried calling Optus 1300 304 182 and they said they can't do any outright sales over the phone.

        • Hey mate they did the price match for me, you have to call them on their sales line (1800 780 219).

          • @ralphooo: Yeah, tried both the sales line and online chat. They'll do it if you join a plan but not outright.

      • Worked in store. Outright.

      • In store

      • NSW in lockdown, online won't do outright. Stores only take calls. They won't do w/o plan. I think they'll just throw any excuse since you're on the phone and can't make a scene :)

    • did you end up get price matched for outright?

  • -1

    Site is broken

  • Ordered the S21, all address data was autofilled by my telstra account. When the confirmation email came through, it had a totally different address! Been told that the address can only be changed after the delivery to the other address has returned the phone, or wait until it has been processed - after the sale is done - cancel it and order it again. Ridiculous.

    Been trying from midnight to 4am, and tried again at 9am. Such a waste of time.

    • This happened to me too! I thought I was going nuts and somehow entered the wrong address. Also been told that there's nothing Telstra can do and to wait until StarTrack contact me after their missed delivery to the wrong address.

      • Wow, that's ridiculous. You better hope the delivery guys are competent and don't just hand the phone out to any old schmuck. Good luck!

  • Hey if an issue comes up with phone will Telstra cooperate and provide me a quick resolution like a normal retailer does or would they tell me to go Directly To Samsung.

  • "You have to be the owner of this account to purchase" This possibly an IP thing as I haven't used this PC before? How much fun is this!

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