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Telstra Day: Samsung - Galaxy S21 128GB $624, 256GB $672 | S20 FE 5G $699.30 | A32 $336 (Account Req.)


Telstra Day – our monthly one-day sale event where we offer unreal deals on a great range of products – is back once again. Here’s what’s on offer this time around.

Edit: Full list of deals now in title/on Telstra Exchange, iPhone and iPad deals also live, wouldn't fit in the title!

Mod: Removed S21 Ultra 128GB $1293.60, 256GB $1360.80 Duplicate from title.

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  • They don't want to take my money…

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    Finally got it working after literally trying all day.

    This is what I did:
    1. Bought a $2 prepaid Telstra sim from Woolies
    2. Put the sim in the phone.
    3. Received a text with a link to activate the SIM within 5 minutes.
    5. Created a password via an email that they send when you activate.
    6. Downloaded My Telstra app to my phone.
    7. Signed in to the app, clicked on the deals page.
    8. Selected S21, 128gb, selected outright - Added to cart.
    10. Added card details and checked out - $624 total

    It took me two tries to get this, first time I added the new sim to an already existing Telstra account and it DIDN'T work, followed someone's advice stating that it has to be a new email and that seemed to solve it. Also, didn't test whether it works on desktop because someone said it wouldn't, so did it via the app (which launches the chrome browser anyway) on my phone just to be safe.

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      I was having problems with step 8, it seems like choosing 256Gb edition doesnt work.

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      followed your steps and it works, currently on back order and hopefully they deliver it after me doing all this runs to servo and activation etc.

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      Followed your steps except that i linked a sim, which was activated using a different email, to a new id/email and it works. Thanks!

    • just curious to see if urself or anyone who followed your steps got the delivery or status changed from back order to dispatch ?

      mine is still saying back order after nearly 24hrs (my friend's phone is delivered within 24hrs [Melb Northern suburbs])


  • I had hassle online too trying to snag a S21 and gave up.Tried with my old existing account (no active service linked) and also tried setting up a new Telstra ID to no avail.

    I called my local store (Perth, WA) and the guy took my details over the phone and put the phone on hold for me. I told him I didn't need a plan as I am tied in with Boost Mobile on an annual plan but I would take one for a month if I had to. He spoke with his Manager and called me back to advise they were happy to sell me the phone outright without a plan. I went to store and they had everything ready to go. The customer service was really good and they were very helpful overall.

    Hope this helps someone. Cheers.

  • So is it worth buying for 222,500 Telstra reward points or Points + pay?

    Searching for the value of points here…else going down the route of buying it outright by adding a month SIM.

    • +1

      I got the 256GB model for 127,500 points + $312 instead of $672. Seemed worthwhile to me, I never even notice the points. Knowing my luck, they'll now have one of their crazy deals using points that I'll miss out on!

  • Yay it’s dispatched

    • Phone just got delivered!

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    Just ordered a 2nd one maybe I'll do another later tonight, easier to order a second time as all details, ID check and payment method credit card details is all stored in Telstra system, basically 4 or 5 clicks and S21 was easily bought (yes it's on back order) 🤣

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    Can anyone recommend a good phone case for S21, I am updating from S8 so not sure what is good quality and value at the moment.

  • If there's still stock of phones, someone who is going to get a $2 sim could get for other people after they BSB $2 over. I'm pretty sure you just need 13 digit sim number to activate sun and make an account to get a Telstra ID.

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    A few people have mentioned here that they placed orders for a device and then received confirmation emails with a completely different delivery address. This also happened to me and a friend today (seperate orders placed a few hours apart).

    Telstra advised me that there was nothing they could do to correct the address or cancel the order. They said hopefully the order would not be successfully delivered to the incorrect address, then it would be sent back to Telstra and they'll correct the error then.

    This is completely unacceptable for any company, let alone one the size of Telstra. What on earth is happening in their back end to dispatch customer orders to random addresses? I'm hoping the courier actually checks IDs and doesn't just hand my phone over as I really can't be bothered spending more time speaking to Telstra's online reps trying to get my money back.

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      I'm a long term telstra customer and I was super shocked to find that my address was completely wrong on the first address screen (some random address in the same postcode). However, I corrected it on the next screen and they're now delivering it to the right address.

    • +1

      THIS IS ME! I've been on the phone 4 separate times and each time it's "Point of No Return" and they cant update it. It's now on the road and I was told to go to the Post office to pick up. I said I wont be able to pick it up because it's not my address on the delivery address and they've got no response. Cant believe this

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    This was a very draining process mentally and physically. I dont know why I was so intent on buying it while having the same phone. Glad to be part of ozbargain trend once again. Please telstra deliver it to the right address.

    I went to coles and got the $2 sim and it worked when i followed the steps written by the fellow users.


  • back order guys, does anyone know how long it takes?

    • I was on back order, but I got an email last night saying it was dispatched.

  • Something went wrong

  • Couldn't order unless I had a Telstra sim… Optus won't match outright, have to be on a plan even though I'm a current customer on a plan. Great deal but misleading regarding having to have an existing account. Oh well I guess they're the real winner since they collected my details and that of thousands of other people

    • You can still order. Just select new number when you get to the section keep your number or get a new sim.

  • +2

    Went and got a $2 sim card got all way to the last page and then it says they want me to come to a store again to validate my ID, and this is a new account :(

    Oh well screw you Telstra :P

  • Anyway I can change delivery to click and collect?

  • -1

    Lots of messing around and only in the last hour I am interested, surely there will be another deal next month though and it could be the S21+?

    • -1

      What makes you think that?

      • Because as time goes on prices drop.

  • +3

    If anyone wants a $2 SIM DM me have a few spare from my trip to Woolies.

    • Super noob question…. How do I PM you?

    • Can't PM you, mind if I grab one. Cheers.

    • Same here, I tried to message you but it says that you don't accept messages…

      • Fixed that now sorry

    • +1

      All gone now.

  • Best case for the S21 5G?

    • +2


      • Spigen pretty much best case for any device.

  • +1

    Have 1 more sim left from my trip to woolies earlier, if it helps someone before the night is over or woolies/coles closed

    • Code gone

    • You are a good man!!! I read the $2 guide which said about putting the sim in the phone. Do you need to do that or can you activate it and still get the deal?

      • I activated the sim through my pc, bought the phone through the telstra app. I did have the sim in that phone so Im unsure if having the sim is required. worth a shot though with this shambles of a website.

  • +1

    Wow, was trying my luck and got one at last now! Backorder though.

    • which colour?

      • Fist choice, (grey i guess) was the only one available in 256gb

        • i end up buying grey as well

  • 1 have 1 spare $2 sim kit code if anyone needs
    first in first serve

    • Yes please, cant PM you

    • Good on you mate, I don't need the code but commenting to appreciate your gesture. :)

  • +2

    Pimp butters, many thanks as have many wasted hours today on Telstra web site and over an hour on phone where I could only buy plan for a month. .. your explanation was great. Rushed up to Woolies but closed at 8.30 pm prior to curfew. Then I thought of local service station which had $10 Telstra card which enabled me to get the S21 phone. Many thanks.

  • +2

    finally managed to buy the 256gb! on backorder though. telstra's website really sucks.
    anyone know how long the backorder will be?

    • I ordered mine yesterday morning (256gb) on backorder and got the dispatch message in the evening

  • Now that I've got one on the way and I'm looking up reviews, I'm starting to doubt my purchase. The battery life doesn't seem to be very good (5 hours SOT) and the camera's not top of the line. Battery is one of the things I care about most, as well as a clean simple UI. I was holding out for the Google Pixel 4a 5g (should've gotten one last Telstra deal). But it's okay cos I can resell this one for easily for same price.

  • Hi, does the A32 work with regular 4G ?


    Network Support 4GX ….. No
    Network Support 5G ….. Yes

  • I somehow managed to buy one, and it says it's dispatched, without having a Telstra number. I used to be a customer so I still had an account.

    Weird thing is that no money has been taken from my card yet. Not even a pending charge.

  • That has to be one of the most ridiculous and frustrating processes that I have done in years. Thank you to donmonster and everyone else who helped. I managed to get a 256GB silver unit for $672.

    Sorry, my brain is cooked… I don't have a Telstra sim, can I just put my Optus sim in it and it will work Ok? I guess that I would also want it on XSA firmware but I have not done that in a couple of years. What is the process nowadays?

    • It's unlocked you can use your own SIM

  • Ordered via the small bussiness portal,got an email in the morning saying that I didn't have enough points of ID to process the order (then why didn't it prompt me to provide more..?) and then another email saying please disregard the previous email. Then finally another email this afternoon saying that my credit check didn't pass (: .


  • So what's gonna be the winner case for the new ozbargain favourite mobile?

  • Thanks guy, used an old Telstra account (which I have already moved to Optus) and it worked without signing up a plan

  • How very painful. Active telstra account and still got a mixture of " something went wrong" and " you need to be the account holder" and still no luck. Telstra store would only do it if i started a new plan, optus would also only match if I started a new plan.

    Just not meant to be, least hope next month is more succesful.

  • +1

    Could anyone who has received a dispatch SMS let me know if you also received a dispatch email?

    I stupidly managed to forget to include my phone number in the order and only added it on to My Telstra account afterwards so not sure if I will get the SMS updates.
    I ordered mine around 4pm so don't think it would be dispatched yet regardless~

    • +1

      You can check it on Telstra website first login to your account then services and after that you can track your order

      • :) i have kinda been doing that (repeatedly) so hoping that they will just let me know via email instead~

  • +4

    Received my S21 just now. Ordered at just before 1am the other night.

    • I've never heard of delivery at those early hours of the morning. Do they just expect people to be awake lol?

      • My Australia post guy regularly comes around 7am which is annoying as it sometimes wakes the kids. I must be his first stop on his route/area. He's also done early Sunday morning deliveries…smh

        • That is the definition of suffering from success hahaha

    • may I know what time did you received your dispatched confirmation yesterday?

      does it originally say that you will receive it today or same with others on Sept 4?

      • +1

        Received dispatch notification at 1030am Thursday and it originally said to receive on Sep 4

  • +1

    Just received mine. Ordered 26 hours ago. Very fast.

  • +1

    Received at 7am! Lightning quick.

  • I just noticed that the Delivery Address in the tracking email doesn't have my house number, only the street name and area.
    But the actual Invoice have my complete address there. I double checked my order before I submit it and my address is correct.

    smh Telstra..

    hope they will just drop it in the nearest lpo near me so I can pick-it up.

    • +1

      They usually leave it at the nearest Startrack depot at the end of their run.

  • For those who have received theirs, could you please confirmed if it comes with factory installed screen protector?

    • Yes, it does come with a plastic screen protector pre-installed.

      • Thanks mate. I read from the internet that not all come with factory installed screen protector. Even samsung support that I spoke to said it doesn't come with one

        • Definitely does. The only thing i would mention is there is a tiny pull tab at the top right that hangs over the border of the phone.

          • @moomeow: I'm not talking about the thin plastic protector that usually has a tiny pull tab when you purchased a new phone but the actual screen protector itself under that thin plastic protector. Does it come with? Refer to this video on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQBoOpj8MKI

          • @moomeow: There is a screen protector underneath that pull tab sheet

  • Anyone knows how do I get my tracking number?

    • Telstra will SMS/e-mail you. They use startrack. Or you could log in back to your Telstra account (the one you used to order the phone), it should be listed there

  • Has anyone managed to get their incorrect address changed?

    Mine is in transit atm and Startrack said they can't change the delivery address from their end (something about being restricted). Will probably get returned to sender.

    What a shit show

    • Hi mate , having the same issue spoke to reps on the phone and via messages no one cares which makes really annoying.

      • Same issue here, the numpties are telling me to let it go to the Post office to pick it up. I wont be able to pick it up because its not my address?

        • -1

          That’s the thing if goes to post office its a pain for me because we are under lockdown in NSW so I won’t be able to go , see how it goes may need to send letters to my closer Neighbors so they can reach out if StarTrack tries to deliver the item the phone lol

  • +1

    Phone received!

  • +1

    Expected delivery today Melb Metro. I bought within the hour deal went live

  • +1

    to those who received their phone, does your expected delivery originally say that you will receive it today or same with others on Sep 4?
    'coz I might do my daily anti-insanity run later, and I don't want to miss it in case it arrive early today (mine says eta Sep 4),

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