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Telstra Day: Samsung - Galaxy S21 128GB $624, 256GB $672 | S20 FE 5G $699.30 | A32 $336 (Account Req.)


Telstra Day – our monthly one-day sale event where we offer unreal deals on a great range of products – is back once again. Here’s what’s on offer this time around.

Edit: Full list of deals now in title/on Telstra Exchange, iPhone and iPad deals also live, wouldn't fit in the title!

Mod: Removed S21 Ultra 128GB $1293.60, 256GB $1360.80 Duplicate from title.

Mod: All Telstra Day Deal Posts

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      • Yep…

    • What? No charger??

      • Yeah they just give a cable and sim slot opener plus the phone apparently.

        No charger not even earbuds.

        I think the expectation is that we all have Bluetooth listening devices by now already.

        • follow the trend by Apple (environmentally-friendly products, lol).

  • Just recieved 2nd email update, same as the first one, no date for stock expected (grey 256gb).

  • +1

    I also have the issue with my delivery address and changed the address to add my townhouse number. Deliveries were failed for the same reason (please check address) three times. So stressful and disappointed. I am still waiting for my phone! Not sure I would get my phone eventually.

    • Same issue with me . Haven't received any 1 of 5 different orders which included flip 3, s21 and others. Disappointed. Address still not fixed.

  • Still waiting for delivery. Jumped on the Samsung cashback deal and got it cheaper.

  • -1

    I think they might start cancelling outstanding orders as global shipping cost have gone through the roof.

    • +4

      Any source on whether this has been happening, or speculation?

      • Pure speculation.

  • Still nothing here (Perth, WA). Generic text being received saying still awaiting stock…

    Anyone else had theirs received recently?

  • What a joke. Still saying no eta atm. Why they even take the orders when they don't have stock. Maybe if it was 1 week or 2 week delay ok. But taking this long.

  • +1

    In case it helps anyone is waiting, I got mine delivered last week in Tas.
    Thurs 2nd - Ordered at 5am and confirmed, with no sign of it not being in stock / back order.
    Fri 3rd - Received SMS to say it's out of stock.
    Fri 10th - Received another SMS saying still no stock.
    Wed 15th - Order been dispatched.
    Thurs 16th - Delivered to local PO as they wouldn't let my fiance sign for it.

    Hopefully everyone else's ones aren't too far.

    • Which model?

      • +2

        S21 256gb phantom grey

  • +3

    Received a 128gb Phantom Violet a few days ago, still waiting for the 256gb Phantom Grey.

    • -1

      Mate just wanted to say I didn't mean to neg your post. It was accident

      • Users can't see who neg their post unless you tell them haha

        • -1

          Oops haha

  • +1

    Still nothing here for me either at Perth. No update. Desperate to the point I'm willing to jump on the trade in discount and buy direct from Samsung

  • Received another email and still no new update. Why can't my s7 edge be eligible, sigh.

  • Just got the third email same as first one, no date.

  • So this just came through…

    "Hi, we know you've been waiting a while for your Telstra Plus reward….. If you wish to cancel your order, please fill out this form within 24 hrs to receive a full refund"

    I guess new stock isn't coming anytime soon 😕

  • Purchased a case from AliExpress a week after the Telstra Day order and picked the slowest snail mail option from China. The case has just arrived. Phone doesnt even have a status update yet. What the hell Telstra.

  • Anyone still waiting for their orders? I ordered the s21 256GB grey at around 23:00 on 02/09. Telstra still don’t have a date of when the shipment will be dispatched. The worse is that they don’t let me cancel the order saying that it is already in progress. I don’t want to wait any longer and I’m missing out the Samsung bonus trade in deal which is cheaper. What can I do guys?

    • Same boat

      • Did you also try to cancel the order?

  • My S21 256 Grey just arrived Friday, 24th September.

    • Good for you. At least that means they have stock coming in. What time did you order on 02/09?

      • 13:24

        • +1

          Damn. I guess I’ll have to wait for another month lol.

  • Any tempered glass screen protector recommendations for the S21?

    • https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/233856871929?var=533516556007

      Very happy. Easy to apply. Always used Spigen. Bought a case from spigen to cpmlement the screen protector. Good fit.

      • Thanks! Presume no issue with the fingerprint sensor after the application?

    • Doesnt it already have one preloaded? or is it bad..

      • +1

        Factory screen protector was fitted to my unit. It's very smooth/glass-like and I'll be leaving in situ despite having a tempered glass SP at hand.

  • +8

    The year is 2031, Samsungs latest Galaxy S comes with the 2nd generation Neural Link brain interface that doesnt require surgery…. shipments of the 256Gb S21 have started arriving from Telstra to those who ordered after 6PM on the day of the sale….

    • +1

      Crap, I threw out all my usb-c cables in 2027..

      • Next time save them and make an escape rope out of them. They are seriously very good as rope replacements like keeping a set of doors locked or in place to keep them from swinging if broken.

        Good macgyver instrument.

  • So how cheap did the S21 get in this deal.

    Just the standard one nut the plus or the ultra.

    Trying to find out how cheap the S21 has gotten so far.

    • Cheaper via Samsung 'trade in' deals

  • +1

    Just called telstra today. Next expected stock replinshment is 14 October….

    • +1

      WTF, didn't they said to someone that stock will be available from the 6th Oct?

    • +1

      Maybe for the next Telstra day deal. I reckon it's better to cancel this order and wait until then…

    • +1

      I hope not! They need to hurry the f up…

  • +1

    Got another text with no ETA yet again… Sigh

    • +1

      Same here… not looking good.

  • +1

    Just received text that my S21 256GB has been dispatched. Ordered September 2 lol

    • +1

      Me too

      • +1

        Same, got an alert that my has shipped and expect on 3/Oct - ha ha , Sunday delivery?
        Bought it around 6pm on that day.

    • +1

      congrats. what time did you order on Sep-2?

    • what time did you guys ordered ?

  • +1

    Also just received my text for my S21 256GB being dispatched now. (Perth)

    Ordered 12pm (AWST) on 2/9.

    So there is still stock around and being sent out. Goodluck all.

  • Telstra have had my money for 4 weeks now and still no ETA! Scumbags!!

  • I order two 256gb grey s21s, one after lunch around 2pm that on just got sent. No eta on second one, 4th email so far.

  • Also shipped with Sunday eta.

  • I just got confirmation my order has shipped. 1 phone. Let's see how fast the post is…

  • Another of the "Expected delivery date: Sunday, 03 October 2021" crew. Has anyone had this phone actually delivered by Startrack on any previous Sunday? So far nobody in this thread has indicated that they have.

    Anyone here who had a Sunday expected delivery date able to comment on when they actually received the delivery?

    • +3

      I got mine today, with sunday eta.

    • I had the same ETA but got an attempted delivery yesterday. Startrack guy wouldnt give it to my partner who was home and now it says ETA Monday 4th.

  • My ETA was for today (3rd), now changed for the 4th.
    Looks like I'll be stuffing around to try and pick it up from the post office some time through the week.

    Any suggestions on S21 wallet style cases?

    • +1

      usual advice is to check the spigen range. I'm not buying a case yet as I still have no ETA and wouldn't put it past Telstra to cancel my order even though they charged me over 4 weeks ago

      • Yeah I was in the exact same situation, not buying a case as I hadn't received delivery ETA.

    • I don't think Startrack drop it off at the post office - I think they try to redeliver~

      • +1

        I noticed that perhaps just with one exception few people so far have reported that their phone went to the post office after a failure of delivery, although I know that in the past this was a common thing to happen with Startrack.

        Anyone else had their phone go to the post office this time around?

      • +1

        Startrack dropped my sim card from Vodafone off at the PO when I wasn’t at home.

        • Startrack is owned by Australia Post and has been for some time now…. it used to be that if something was sent by courier, it couldn't be delivered to a PO Box as well, but with AP owning more couriers, this is less of a problem.

      • Any time I've got anything from startrack it's been waiting at the post office (work mon-fri). That usually leaves Saturdays before 12pm for pick up.

        Much better than Toll who I have to organise to pick up at a certain time at a depot the other side of Geelong, just because it's always a huge inconvenience for them to redeliver even though they have it as an option on their 'sorry we missed you' cards

        • Do you get a card or something to pick it up from the post office?
          I had an unsuccessful delivery on Saturday - the driver didnt give the phone to my partner, should i wait for another delivery or go to the post office. I dont have a pick up card…?

          • @mowgli: Usually, but that's if no one is home. My wife works mon-fri as well.
            You check the telstra order tracker or startrack order number to see what the status is?

            • @Spiderboy: It's super complicated!
              It says 'Delivered' on the tracker at the top, the Status is 'Unsuccessful delivery' but it has a new ETA for tomorrow.
              When I click on consignment details for more info it says 'Unsuccessful delivery - CLOSED'. I guess I'll see if it arrives tomorrow otherwise I will call them and/or go to the post office.

  • 7th October is Telstra day again. Anyone know details about the deals???

  • is a camera lens protector required? or does the S21 base model come with the Corning scratch- and reflection-resistant camera lens?

  • For anyone curious, I ordered a S21 5G 256GB Phantom Grey at 2:15pm on 2 Sep and received my order today (4 Oct 2021). Received a text that it was dispatched on Friday (1 Oct) with tracking info, original ETA was 3 Oct 2021.

  • Anyone keen to bet on when the last order will arrive?

    My last ETA sms gave me a pretty broad "Stock expected to arrive between 1-4 weeks time"… im guessing it will be the tail end of that or even longer 🥲

  • Ordered on the 2nd, cancelled my order on the 24th, however been chatting daily with telstra staff and they cannot provide a refund, as order cancellation is still pending.
    even though I have cancelled and 3 different consultants have confirmed they have cancelled the order and mentioned I will receive a refund within 24hrs each time.
    each time i chat with them, I'm on chat for 2-3 hrs waiting for a response.
    what a joke

  • Order has been cancelled.

    On 29th I had arranged over telstra chat to pick up phone in store. This would be achieved byshowing the order to the in store staff who would review the order conditions and then cancel the online order and make a new order using the promotion terms. I confirmed this by telephone with the store who advised I had to be there for them to sight my licence.

    Got to the store today and followed up and was told my order was cancelled without my knowing on the 29th.No notification was given.

    A complaint has been raised and will follow up but I won't be holding my breath.

    Also I have screen shots of the entire chat history as they no longer send transcripts.

  • +1

    Ordered two phones on 2th Sep, one at 3pm and other at 7pm.

    3pm one was received today, other one has no ETA.

  • Anyone know if you get telstra plus points from this deal?

  • Anyone can recommend a good case & screen protector?

    • +1

      Spigen (case and screen protector)

      bought on ebay from pro.gadgets

      $44 for both.

      very happy :-)

      For Galaxy S21/Plus Screen Protector 2 PCS Genuine SPIGEN EZ Fit Tempered Glass

      For Samsung Galaxy S21 S20 Plus Ultra Case SPIGEN Rugged Armor Slim Soft Cover

  • +4

    Just queried my order with Telstra for the s21 256gb - this is the update:

    "Upon checking here, there's a high demand of the device and it's currently on back order.
    The estimated stock replenishment will be on 21/10/2021. Since you already ordered the device, rest assured that your request will be prioritised. We will send you an email notification once your order is ready for delivery. Apologies for the delay in the delivery of your device."

    • Thanks for providing the update. Gives me some clarity, as I'm waiting for the same model.

      • The ETA keeps getting pushed back -_-

  • +1

    Telstra trolled me again with another sms without eta

  • +1

    How do you find your invoice for the s21 purchase? Telstra's online shopping experience is really terrible, no history of what you bought, nothing…

  • I cancelled two S21 orders on the 25th of Sep. I got the first refund in less than 24th hours. I noticed the second order still listed in my Telstra App as pending, but cancelled. Suffice to say, two weeks later and numerous online chats, they are unable to cancel and refund, let alone deliver a device. Has anyone else had a similar problem? To hold $672 for 6 weeks, with no promise of delivery or refund is poor form.

    • Chargeback?

    • Yes, same boat as you. Four separate chats and still cannot give me money back since 24th sept.
      Charged back request from bank, but that still hasn't given me any feedback.

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