[Price Error] Seagate FireCuda Gaming Hub 16TB 3.5" Desktop Hard Drive $359 + Delivery ($0 to Select Areas / C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi

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Mod Note: Price Error Email from JB Hi-Fi. Orders has been cancelled and refunded.

This works out to $22.5/TB, surely that's some insane record low for drive prices, even if it is something whack like an 2x8tb inside.

Tried looking for what drives are inside it couldn't find it, anyone got an idea?

$30 Cashback with Zip pay

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    When your external hard drive also needs RGB for faster speed

    • Set it to red and it goes faster

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        red n blue goes twice as fast!

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        3 times faster

    • riced up hdd

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      Had a look on r/datahorder and didn't find anything (granted I tried for 5mins) but looks like they should be Exos CMR drive internally

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        Bought one, either i get a 16TB drive or a refund.

        can't be 2x8tb as the thickness according to Seagate site is 49.mm

        Delivery was saying October 13th when i checked out too.

  • Why would they put a C at the front then a micro B at the back?

    • Careful, only the 8TB is $369 at Amazon!

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        must be a pricing error , someone is getting fired tonight

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      Because microbes are not good to C

  • Cheers, bought one

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      Good luck - hope you get it.

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        Cheers mate, in it to win it haha

      • Just missed out lol. Curious to know if anyone gets one…

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          I’ll do my best to update you, dunnno when I’ll get the cancellation though

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          • @JMxoxo: Bugger! Thanks for the update.

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    Pricing error for sure, 2x the price elsewhere

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      they should honour the back orders

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        lol that's not how it works

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        and sell them below cost price? yea nah. but gotta be in it to win it. may score a $10 jbhifi voucher.

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        You must be new here…
        This is a competition

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    If I only saw the picture I would've thought it was an RGB Xbox.

  • Shuckable and whats the drive inside?

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    How is that so cheap? I paid like $350 ish for 14TB last year on Amazon.

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      I was lucky to get a WD 18TB Elements Desktop External Hard Drive from Amazon earlier in the year…
      I think JB are going to come back to peope with an apology as the drive is meant to have 8TB instead of 16TB

      • ahh that makes more sense… Don't know why I was downvoted just curious.

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          In regards to negs, I notice on OzB you can get a few at the start but then as the next waves of visitors come and read comments they +1 where they notice undeserved negs.

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          Prob ppl who want it to be true ……

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      Price error mate. I purchased one as well and will see how it ends up.

    • I paid $299 for 14TB WD Elements last year on Amazon Prime

  • Dammit. I just paid $209 for a 6Tb after my backup drive died.

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    Got one, hope not a pricing error

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      I am pretty sure it is, but hopefully it's in the post before they find out.

      • Gotta be in it to win it

        edit: unlikely, eta is about mid October

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        Little chance of that with a backorder.

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    Looks like Seagate Exos HDD inside according to this https://www.tweaktown.com/reviews/9899/seagate-firecuda-gami...

    • From what I can tell that should be a SMR drive too - hopefully!

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        I assume you mean CMR drive :)

        • Oops yes…! I meant CMR. Brain <> Finger divide is thoroughly messed up today.

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    According to hereit is au$399 for the 16TB drive.

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      They dont rewrite articles for Australia so what your seeing is USA prices.

    • FireCuda Gaming Hub ($219.99 for 8TB; $399.99 for 16TB as tested)

      If the RRP is $399.99 then $359 is simply a very good sale price rather than a pricing error? :)

      EDIT: Other comments say could be a USD vs AUD issue.

      • Lol was in the middle of editing my post. According the Static Ice it is au$799.

        • That appears to be the 'Gaming Hub' which is a different device

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    sk94, you sir are what's great about this country. I wish you and your family health and prosperity.

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      Do forget to give them a +vote for sharing!

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      I do it for the people and my country.

      • Clearly you could never be a politician.

  • wowerzers… that is craaaazy cheap. Dont need it, but I bought one anyway - maybe time to get into Chia Plotting.

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      Did you know that you accrue negative karma for buying stuff you don't need and causing others to miss out?

      • Only if you admit to it!

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    Don't know why I bought it, but if it's pricing error, I'm in!

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    Ordered one but don't even need it.

    • Same here. Didn’t need. Ordered.

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        Same, ozbargain way. Order now, decide later…

  • what is the difference between a gaming hub and a normal external drive?

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      RGB for gaming.

    • This one has RGB, which makes your gaming experience that much better!

    • My 8TB Gaming Hub has extra USB ports. Maybe this one have too?

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    So I ordered one and paid using Zip to get the $30 reward on $150+ spend at JB and redeemed straight away.

    If JB cancel my order, at least I made $30. Can’t lose!

    Thanks for sharing OP!

    • Damn. I should join Zip. Bit late now as I already paid for it.

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        Why not sign up to Zip and then use it to pay for another one?

    • Pretty sure if you refund they deduct the balance as thats what happened to me last time during the previous cashback that didn't exclude petrol and groceries

      • It would suck if Zip did that, especially when it would be JB cancelling and not the customer asking for a refund.

        Hopefully JB honours the deal even if only for the goodwill it would generate.

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      Did you check the T&C's? Can Zip not claim that $30 back if the item is refunded?

      Just checking because I might have to order another… lol

      • From: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0024/9803/5810/files/Zip_R...

        Refund, cancellation or variation of transactions rules

        Should any order, transaction, purchase, or activity associated with an Eligible Activity be cancelled, refunded, or varied in any manner(including a partial refund), Zip reserves the right todeduct the applicable Reward amount from your Reward balance by an amount that is equivalent to the cancellation, refund, or variation and the corresponding Reward amount earned for a particular Promotion(the Adjustment Amount).For example, if you accumulated a $10 Reward for an Eligible Activity and that Eligible Activity that is subsequently reversed, we will reduce your Reward balance by $10 once the reversal is processed.If your Rewards balance is less than the Adjustment Amount, you agree that Zip may recoup the Adjustment Amount through a reduction in future Reward redemptions or debiting the Adjustment Amount from your Zip Account.

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      Hi, can you kindly advise how do you manage to get the $30 cashback?

      I created a new account, pay using Zip, but can't see any $30 cashback? am i doing some mistake here? Can you kindly advise. Thank you

    • Just FYI, if JB do cancel the order, Zip pay reserve the right to take the reward off you: https://imgur.com/a/H2ZqviB

  • Can combine with zip pay $30 cashback on $150 spend for additional savings

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    Like the 10TB drive I got for $130 about 2yrs ago… Gotta be in it to win it!

  • I don't know what this is or why I need it but goddamn in the name of OzBargain I shall purchase this.

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    Rocking price.. Bought one.. Now expecting a please explain notice from the Mrs.

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      I'm in the same boat! Time to go for a run I think… 😅💩🤫👀

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      Ditto, please provide me with excuse ideas.

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      I bought four and then explained how if I bought these as normal internal drives it would be $3,876, but four of these are only $1,436, so I really just saved us $2,440!

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        Do you have four wives? Lucky man

  • Could this be used as a media drive say usb to pc then usb c to TV?

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    I'm not buying personally, good luck to those who try.

    JB Hi-Fi reserves the right to cancel, at any time before delivery and for whatever reason, an Order that it has previously accepted. JB Hi-Fi may do this for example, but without limitation, where:

    Goods ordered were subject to an error on the Website, for example, in relation to a description, price or image, which was not discovered prior to the Order being accepted*

  • Bought but didn't see the Zip deal and couldn't be assed setting that up again.
    Still great deal if they deliver.

  • Not worth it, just means JB will hold your money until Oct then refund

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      Usually when they see this level of stuff up on the system… They will make a decision to honour or cancel within the 24 Hours.

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