Telstra $115/Month XL 180GB Plan for $65/Month for 12 Months @ Telstra


"Customers who take up a $115 XL plan with a new iPhone device will receive a $50 recurring service discount for 12 months.​ This means customers will receive 180GB data for $65/month."

New iPhone 13 have landed at Telstra. Pre Order starts from 10pm 17/9/2021 and available from 24/9/2021.

Mod: $50 recurring service discount for 12 months on $115/Month XL 180GB plan is available independent of iPhone 13 purchase.

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    180GB data for $65/month for the plan on top of the device repayments

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      This makes more sense - I was getting confused thinking there was an awesome deal for $65 a month including the phone :D

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      Estimated for 512GB 13 Pro Max would be $100 monthly handset repayment plus $65 for the plan = $165 monthly for 12 months then revert back to $115 unless you change to lower value plan.

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    no many people will pay for that XL plan for 115 anyway.

    Thanks for discount, but please do better. Buying an iPhone13 can be much cheaper by using Apple gift cards from Woolworths.

    Thanks for the discount anyway.

    • I did not know that you can buy itune/Apple gift card from Woolworths to buy iphone? I thought you can only use it for songs, subscriptions etc
      How to do that?
      Thank you

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        Woolworths currently has 30xbonus Everyday Rewards points for purchases of Apple Gift Cards (excludes $20 card)

        So if you're an Everyday Rewards member you'll effectively earn 15% of the purchase price of the cards in bonus Everyday Rewards points to use to save cash on groceries etc from Woolies.

      • Apple Card is much better than iTunes card, which no longer exist I believe. Now with Apple Card you can buy Apple products online too.

  • As you are associated you should show what the total price is for 12 months including the cost of the phone

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    Good notes, team. Should specify: the discount is on the plan only, not the phone.

    • What if u already on this offer from last year?

      • I think you need to renew it to this new offer as the offer from last year is expiring. Going to do mine next month. I guess the downside is, you have to sign up to autopay and also, less Telstra Plus bonus points now, used to have 150% extra and now reverting back to 100% extra bonus point…

    • How about $10 discount for JBHIFI plans? Is it a real thing or just a fantasy?

      Why some (claim) can get it and some won’t get it even after chatting with supervisor? Is this how Telstra doing its business, unclear process?

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    Telstra regularly has the 180GB/Month XL Plan discounted to $65/Month.

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      Yeah and can get $10-20 discount on top of that 'loyalty' discount

      • How do i get this? Im current 99$ contract is about to end and was thinking of getting 65$ plan.

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    You don't need to add an iPhone?

    I'm able to see it on the BYO section.

    Telstra Upfront Mobile Plan Extra Large
    for$65 Monthly
    For 12 mths then $115/mth

    That's $50 off per month for 12 months on our XL plan, credit will be applied automatically each month you stay connected for up to 12 months on the Telstra Upfront Extra Large Mobile Plan.

    Eligible services only and Data for use in Australia.

    Offer ends 2 Nov.

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    The prices of these iPhone are becoming so ridiculous.

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      The price this year hasn't changed much right? But I agree that the price is high for a couple years now.

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      Not only Apple. Even some android phones like Samsung is starting to get more expensive.

      And don’t let me start with laptop prices nowadays.

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      You aren't great in maths

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    The $65 XL plan is available until November without a phone attached. Adding iPhone repayments doesn’t make it a deal.

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    Probably best to buy directly from Apple with gift cards bought from Woolies (for 15% back in Rewards points), and then wait for a JB/Good Guys/HN plan deal with $300-500 giftcard on a 12 month plan.

    • Aren't those deals at JB etc normally for a new service and a new device?

      • I recall last year I got an Optus 12 months plan at Harvey Norman without a new device.

    • What is the Woolworths deal you are referring to?

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        See here, I bought $4,000 worth 2 days ago and received $600 back in Everyday Rewards points instantly. Have added the gift cards to my Apple ID in preparation for the iPhone 13 preorder tonight

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        • Is it better value to keep as everyday rewards points? I don't have a rewards card, was going to use my mums but her gets converted to frequent flyers points at a lower rate, so not sure if its still worth it?

          • @Manusdei: My rewards points automatically transferred to a cash value, not sure if you can actually keep them as rewards points or not.

            Re automatically converting to QF points this can be worth it depending on what you use your QF points on. I have hundreds of thousands of QF points already so figured I’d take the $600 which I’d spend on groceries anyway.

        • Could you double dip and wait for the gift card sales that woolies or coles have every now and then?

  • “ please be advised that this promotion is for a new service”

    • I've added to existing service. Went through fine.

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    The $115 plan has been discounted to $65 for months now. This is not a deal.

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    Hmm found a way better deal with Optus. 500GB for $65/mth. Check it out:

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    That seems more than Optus. $65/month for 500Gb. No deal imo.

  • This plan from Telstra has bin live for ages, not new. That a good OPtus deal though, does the price guarantee with Optus mean they'll beat the price on the phone too?

  • Btw OP, any ideas of when the eSim support is coming for these Upfront plans?? I am a bit hesitating changing over but then again, my postpaid plan is expiring soon!

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      I'm on this plan currently. About 2 months ago I changed from a normal sim to ESIM in my pixel device.

      • When did you sign up? Telstra has moved to a new billing system this year. People on the old billing system can get eSim, while people on the new system can’t. Any new signups will be on the new system.

        • Hmm good question.

          November last year I signed up to this plan.

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            @knuckle8: Yeah I got on the same plan around the same time. eSims still available to us. Any new signups are on slightly different plans (they include data sharing), but the new billing system has some limitations, among those is eSim not being supported still.

            Telstra forcing all new people and many existing customers onto the new billing system has struck me as sort of odd as it went live not only without eSim but also certain international roaming features, Telstra One (support for smart watches) etc. They might have got off more lightly due to covid on some of those.

            I'm assuming these changes apply to plans sold via JB, but it's possible that's not the case.

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      Esim definitely working on these plans now