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[Pre Order] MSI Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Ventus 3X 10GB OC (Non-LHR) GPU $1949 Delivered @ Amazon AU


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ETA: 20 Oct - 18 Nov

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  • Wow, this is almost pushing 3080 Ti pricing. But, in the current market, not too bad for a partner card

    • +3

      ? The 3080 has been 2k+ for a while so I would have expected the 3080 Ti to be much higher no?

  • +4

    Can't add to cart

    • Yeah can't add to cart for some reason.

    • +2

      this is quick…. less than 10 mins… expired…

  • Up to $2500 now

    • 2999 now.. sorry

  • +3

    same price as 6900xt though :S

  • $2999 now

  • +1

    There was probably only 1 available at that price.

  • 2999 now. Deal expired.

  • $2999 NOW!

  • -2

    Why are you paying these crazy prices. Even $500 off is still high

    • +1

      Non-LHR. They are as rare as hens teeth these days for miners (and retain higher resale value).

  • +1

    LOL probably a price error that the seller just realised this was non-LHR.

  • +2

    This is still a stupid price.

  • +2

    28 Degrees Price Protection is going to prove its worth with this one! Managed to grab a screenshot, so buying this one and then claiming back the $1000 price difference will make me a very happy camper.

    • +2

      Cmmiw, Price protection is only cover the current price at the time you are submit your claim, not by screenshot? Otherwise anyone can edit the price via photoshop

      • -2

        I have claimed for similar stuff before - bought and submitted my claim when Amazon was still advertising for $1949 so nothing wrong on my end. They're always very good with screenshots - if the price isn't too ridiculous it's not hard to claim. Plus, Amazon price trackers will also have the low price in their records too for more evidence. I'll only be able to claim up to $1k back, so $1999 should be my final price - more than good enough for me!

  • +1

    Wtf, expired so quick

  • +1

    My sisters Ventus sounds like a jet engine…

    • Too much information

  • +2

    Not a fan of Ventus.
    At these prices, might as well get a better board.

  • -1

    Wow that's expensive, it makes the 3090 look cheap, and the 3060 disirable.

    Dam sham setting up a Nvidia M40, or k80 so dam complicated given their selling for between $250 and 600.

    I'll call Nvidia Pfizer for the sheer greed, while the seller very venturous.

  • Damn, that didn't last very long at all…

  • Ah yes garbage tier 3080 AIB at 3090 prices.

    I hate this market

  • 2999 now

  • +2

    not a bargain

    • -1

      tell that to most miners paying over $2400 for a new FHR 3080 in todays market.

  • is anyone actually buying these cards to game on? very odd people if so.

    • I'll buy one at this price, I want to try play BF2042 in 4k and I haven't even been able to play on my LG OLED at 120hz because my 1080Ti doesn't have HDMI 2.1, so what's odd? Pre-ordered an Aorus at PLE ($2069) but it's on pre-order so may never turn up.

      • A 6900xt may be better option, some can be had around 2200.

        • My secondary monitor is Gsync only unfortunately, otherwise I'd look into it more.

      • oh but cant you play your 1080ti at 1080p 120hz or even 1440p?
        is it that you just want the best performance regardless of price?

        • -1

          I don't think I've played anything in 1080 since before 2007 when I got a Dell 30" (2560x1600). The new BF release is just something I want to play in all its buggy glory. I upgrade maybe every three years and just get near the top card so it will last a bit longer.

  • It's V2 - aka LHR

    • High likely, but not mentioned any where on the description. The Harris technology one is actually FHR, because they also listed a LHR one with lower price.

    • -3

      Im not too optimistic of mine being fulfilled however the original listing seems to be FHR.

      Item Model Number ‎V389-001R (This listing)

      Item Model Number ‎V389-200R (LHR variant)

      • Don't have much confidence in amazon now, they have stuffed the description and model number many times.

  • +1

    confirmed with amazon, if its LHR, u can refund it no problem.

    edit: I should add it is always a good idea to open a chat and have it in writing from Amazon before u receive the items. It makes the process much easier later!

    • +1

      Received and it's the non-LHR model, thank goodness!

      • Received? The ETA is Oct to Nov

        • might have ordered earlier than most of us.

          Mine says arriving 19 Oct to 19 Nov.

          • @acetth: Same, let’s wait and see what happen.

          • @acetth: Thinking use this the swap for a brand new 3080ti. Not sure realistic or not.

        • I purchased the $2999 item on Amazon and claimed the difference back with my price protection credit card. Looks like the ETA on the one I bought was much shorter than the $1949 deal.

          • +1

            @ngengerous: maybe cos u paid $2999 haha

          • +1

            @ngengerous: the $2999 one is from Harris Technology, these are FHR and already in stock, because they also listed LHR ones for a much lower price. The ones from AmazonAu no one knows.

  • My order on 20/09 was cancelled, citing stock issues, but amazon offered $10 credit, better than nothing.

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