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Chromecast with Google TV & 6 Months of Netflix ($95.94 Worth of Credit) for $118.99 Delivered @ Google Store


Excellent deal on this bundle, didn't think we'd see it cheaper than the promo price before it expired.

  • If you return the device within the allowable return period and have already redeemed the Netflix offer, you will be refunded $99.00 (cost of the Chromecast device).
  • If you return the device within the allowable return period and have not redeemed the Netflix offer, you will be refunded the entire amount charged.
  • To redeem the Netflix offer, customers must set up an eligible Chromecast with Google TV device and follow the instructions to apply the offer value to a Netflix account by 1 March 2022.
  • Available to new and existing Netflix subscribers, except for those who receive Netflix access via bundled services offered by a third-party partner (e.g. T-Mobile).
  • The offer must be redeemed in the same country in which a user’s Netflix account is established.

Credit to SR9 for the original comment.

As always, enjoy :)

Chromecast with Google TV & Netflix 6-month subscription deal

Original Coupon Deal - Thanks to FickleRick

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      Does not work if you are paying for your Netflix via the Apple store, as I unfortunately found out.

  • Good deal.

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    Just be aware these bad boys have no ethernet plug, you need a separate adapter.

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      That's good to know. My last Chromecast had an ethernet socket.

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      Also, the supplied power adaptor might struggle with having to power the ethernet adaptor as well as the device. YMMV.

      And the storage space in these things is pitiful; a warning if you're hoping to install a bunch of different apps/streaming services.

    • What is the best Chromecast to get if you want to use ethernet?

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        This is the best Chromecast to date as it doesn't have reliance on another device. You just need to buy another adapter at their store.

    • U can used a usb c hub to expand its hub. There's youtube videos on hows to add more storage and Ethernet to it.

      • Which hubs work is a bit of a lottery. I've tried two and both failed to pass through the ethernet connection.

    • For a tech newbie, do I NEED the ethernet adapter?

      • Not necessarily. Connect the device to a 5GHz network if and when you can.

        • doesn't 4k content need the ethernet connection to play smoothly?

          • @pinkybrain: In my experience, the 5GHz band handles 4K streaming alright so long as my bandwidth allows it.

  • once i applied one coupon code I cannot figure out hot remove it and apply another, google really doesn't do ecommerce well

    • In the final checkout, below Promo Code you'll see an applied coupon that you have. There's a cross next to the promo name and that'll remove it from your cart. See here.

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    Great device, and even better for the price. Now wondering if I purchase another one or two if I can redeem it since I already redeemed the last google Nextflix offer

  • how easy is it to return with google? can i just cancel the order immediately after I get the coupon?

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      Hey @kehuehue, it's easy returns with google, but the coupon is provide when you receive and activate the device. So you then request for a return of the device(s) and receive your refund within the next 2-4 weeks once Google receive the item back. Hope that helps as you can't can't the order so to speak you'd need to send it back for a refund as the coupon is attached to the particular device.

      • thanks

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          Stop trying to rort the deal by getting free Netflix then planning to refund it and that should clear the confusion.

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            @adam149: Savage.

          • -3

            @adam149: Are you serious?

            Are you actually crying on behalf of a trillion dollar company?

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              @KenDiaMoi: A few reasons. 1: integrity and doing the right thing….. 2. If this gets abused there won't be any future deals.

            • +11

              @KenDiaMoi: It's not about the billion dollar company. It ruins the chances of similar deals in the future if people keep doing dodgies.

          • @adam149: 100% with you Adam.

  • Seems like the real deal is just ordering and then returning the Chromecast and keeping Netflix no?

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      Yep, it's the real deal can vouch for it and I'm sure others here can too.

    • I thought the T&Cs say that you have to activate the chromecast to get the voucher. Do they accept returns for change of mind if the box is open?

  • Can't work out how to use my amex deal when i really don't need another mini.

    • See my comment below. I also wanted the ethernet adaptor but that still didn't take me to $150 so I also added a USB A - C cable.

  • -3

    When they first came out I was able to buy and return two of these and I was refunded the entire amount despite the terms and conditions = free Netflix. I also kept a third device. Probably fixed by now but who knows.

    • Boo. It's such a great deal. I have put friends and family onto it and hope it sticks around. Saves me tech calls and everyone is happy. Easy to use with the voice search even for visually impaired or little kids.

      And then people abuse it just because their cousin changed their password on you and cut you off.

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    If you have the AmEx deal and you're only interested in a Chromecast TV and the ethernet adaptor add in the USB-A to USB-C cable for $25.50 ($30 - 15%) to take your cart up over $150 again and you can double dip on both the Google Discount and AmEx offer too. The final price including AmEx credit ends up being $139.98 which is effectively a free ethernet adaptor and USB C cable + the Netflix credit.

  • Don't expect delivery soon. I ordered one of these on August 27th to use a $10 coupon I received from Google. Estimated delivery date changes every day, always pushing out a day or two into the future. Currently showing 27-28 September. Raised a support ticket with Google who assured me it would be delivered in the given timeframe (24-27 Sep at the time) as they were going to "prioritize my order". Still waiting and date is still changing. Is it just me or has the quality and service of Google and it's products declined significantly over the past year or two?

    • Do not forget how the pandemic is effecting anything to do with postage right now. Google hardly has any control over that.

      • Should have went with Bezos, he controls the planes and trucks

        • They don't sell this Chromecast, probably don't want it competing with their firestick

        • And rockets.

      • Sure - but a month? And this was "in stock" when I bought (apparently). I've had loads of things delivered in between from various places. The thing that annoys me most is that the estimated date keeps changing - every day. Just pick a date and stick with it!

    • Order one of these about a week ago. arrived 2 days later…

      • Same here

  • Great deal thanks OP

  • Fine print says:
    Eligible Chromecast with Google TV purchases on the Google Store between 1 October 2020 4:15am AEST and 31 December 2021 11:59pm AEST

    But the birthday code expires 27 Sep

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      Read that first date again

      • +2

        Oops, thank you

    • +1

      Read your own comment
      '1 October 2020' - last year

  • Wondering whether JB Hifi will match this deal? Have a gift voucher from them, and they deliver quickly

    • They don't offer bundle with Netflix

  • Can I redeem the netflix voucher on my current CCwithGTV or do I need to use the one that comes with the voucher?

    Thinking of keeping the netflix credit and keeping the hardware boxed to use as a gift.

    • It sounds like you have to activate the device to get the Netflix code. It can be done if you don't mind gifting opened device, maybe to a less tech savvy person. Tell them I tested to make sure it's working.

  • Can someone please tell me the expiry of the Netflix credit? Can I use it say Feb 2022?

    • Did you read the t&c’s?

      “To redeem the Netflix offer, customers must set up an eligible Chromecast with Google TV device and follow the instructions to apply the offer value to a Netflix account by 1 March 2022.”

      • -2

        I did not. Thanks!

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    Is it possible to sell the Netflix credit? I use Syncler + Real Debrid so I have no need for Netflix.

    • +1

      This guy knows what's up….

    • +1

      Not sure if can sell it. I think Netflix credit is tied to device/email used to set up CCWGTV.

      Use same combo as well but wife prefers to use Netflix for some reason.

    • +1

      I use a modded app called SeriesGuide to track all my shows, and then keep the individual "video apps" logged into Real Debrid. No ads and no monthly charge with the modded version. Download Applinked APK and Google it.

      SeriesGuide uses video extensions for those "video apps" allowing you to jump straight into that app to get the links for whatever episode or movie you are trying to watch. You can also sync with trakt etc

      I just checked out Syncler, and prefer SeriesGuide. Just another "free" option anyway.

      • Someone oh here said they did sell it, I don’t know though

      • What do you mean by "keep the individual "video apps" logged into Real Debrid"?

        And how many different video apps would you use? I'm signed up to Syncler for another 6 months but I might recommend SeriesGuide to family and friends if it's easy to set up. That's one of the reasons I chose Syncler, very easy for my Dad and nephews and nieces to use.

        • +1

          Refer to this image of SeriesGuide and specifically the red box I included.

          You add video extensions to it after you have "those apps" installed on your phone, Android TV etc (and having logged into Real-Debrid in this said apps) by clicking on "customise extensions".

          Basically SeriesGuide directs you to links in those video apps

    • How much are you guys paying for Real Debrid?

  • -3

    Out of stock… And I cancelled my order as I wanted to change it to Amex card.

    Rips up OzBargain membership card

    • +1

      The pink is. The grey and blue still in stock it appears.

      Also wont allow promo code if you follow the general store path, but if you navigate to cart it does still allow it. For a moment I thought you meant the stock levels for this deal are exhausted.

      • All 3 went out for me, but just snagged a blue again on amex this time.
        Sticky tapes membership card back together

        • +1

          I just ordered a snow one, no probs. Delivery 29-30th september.

        • Did you get Amex confirmation email straight after you placed the order? I still haven't received it after a week then I just click on transaction details it says Google Play instead of Google store.

          • +1

            @SR9: When you check out, it defaults to Google pay and you have to manually select Amex.

            I got the notification straight away

            • @tycho: Thanks didn't aware of that but placed a new order with credit card this time the Amex email comes straight away. Thanks.

            • @tycho: I can only see Google Pay as payment. I don't see other option to enter credit card without adding to Google pay. When I initially paid via google pay, Amex statement is showing that so I didn't get the Amex $30. I had to cancel the order.

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    Any advantage of this over smart tv?

    • +6

      It’s smaller

    • +3

      If your smart TV is a few years old, or there are apps it doesn't have (e.g. no Binge app on my LG's TVOS yet), there are advantages. This Chromecast basically adds Android TV (Google TV) to your existing TV, so unlike previous Chromecasts you actually browse the content on the TV screen instead of another device. Being Android, you can add heaps of different apps compared with some other TV OSes. I rarely leave the Chromecast environment now.

      The remote on this device does everything: switches on/off your TV and external sound sources as well as the Chromecast device, controls volume, etc. If you have devices with Google Assistant on the same wifi network, you can switch the TV on and off with your voice via any of the other devices, and control some playback and sound functions this way too. This Chromecast also works with my Sony noise-cancelling headphones (the LG TV has issues with the headphones) so I can watch while my wife works or child sleeps.

      • I have the older chrome cast, can you still control the content you're watching from another device like from a mobile?

        • Yes - just like older versions.

      • +1

        Exactly, my 4k LG WebOs is outdated. It doesn't have Paramount plus and never stream 4k for YouTube and Prime, it also refuse to connect to my Sony or Boss headphones. This might be the answer of all those problems! Anyway, how's the latency with the Sony headphones?

        • We have a 55" 4k LG OLED and a 65" 4k LG LCD TV, both from 2017 and both running WebOS. The OLED seems to have a much better processor and WebOS behaves much more reliably on it, despite them running the same version (they get updates at the same time). Both have great pictures, but the LCD TV has weird glitches like hitching in some apps and won't play nicely with the headphones. Even after a factory reset. Meanwhile the OLED is happy to connect to the headphones on its own.

          I solved the LCD TV's issues by adding the Chromecast with Google TV. It's great now. Even the picture is way better. The Sony XM4 headphones connect fine to it, and I haven't noticed the latency at all, but I have one remaining problem to solve: every 20 minutes or so, the TV switches itself off. I think it's the TV's fault… I reckon it doesn't realise something is playing (no audio or video activity from any source, as the Chromecast is doing it all) and switches itself off. I can't find the setting to fix this. But in the meantime I've bought another of these Chromecasts for the OLED (which is already happy to have the XM4s connect to it), so I'm gonna find out whether it's the Chromecast causing the auto-off problem.

    • +1

      The benefit of Chromescast is the ability to play using apps that aren't supported by your smart TV.

    • Super easy to use. Can control other devices.

      Don't sleep on the voice search. Never type a YouTube search again

      Don't need to browse each app looking for a specific movie. Just ask google and it will present options for clicking.

      • So you're telling me the remote has an in-built microphone which allows me to voice-search on YouTube instead of typing in YouTube with the remote like a scrub?

        • Correct - the remote has a built in MIC. Makes searching on utube 1000% easier.

        • Not just YouTube, All apps on the device.

          Say you are looking for a movie but don't know who has it, just ask google and it will present a link into the correct app prioritised by free and the rental options.

          You can also ask for things like "Settings" and go there.

  • Just note the term: “ 1Eligible Chromecast with Google TV purchases on the Google Store between 1 October 2020 4:15am AEST and 31 December 2021 11:59pm AEST include six months of the Netflix standard two-screen streaming plan (total current value $95.94). ”

    This means you must wait till 01/10 to buy this.

    • +1

      Just note, that is 1/10/2020, not 2021 :)

    • October 2020 (last year).
      It's fine

    • I think we are fine :-)

      1 October 2020

      • +2

        My bad, I thought I saw 2021, haha.

        • You are not alone.. 🤪

    • "between 1 October 2020 4:15am AEST and 31 December 2021 11:59pm AEST"
      01/10 was referring to last year.

  • Yeah wonderful. My CCwGTV Netflix bundle purchased 26 August still hasn't shipped.

    Generic copy-paste emails from customer service team when queried. Guess I'll just cancel and re-order and hope to get it before Christmas.

    • I ordered mine previously on 17 Sep and received on 21 Sep. Probably something wrong with the courier company.

    • I am having the same issue (see comment above). So frustrating. Ordered 27 Aug and still not yet shipped.

      • I used the $10 credit too. Perhaps that has something to do with it.

        It's getting ridiculous. I emailed them again this morning with a generic WTF.

        • I did the same - no response as yet.

  • Effectively $19.99 for 6 months of Netflix.

    I wonder what's the return process? And allowed time frame?