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[PC, Epic] Free - PC Building Simulator @ Epic Games (8/10 - 15/10)


Next week’s freebie/s from Epic games. As usual, available from Friday 2am AEDT.

This week's free games - Europa Universalis IV.

Next week's free games - Stubbs The Zombie in Rebel without a Pulse + Paladins Epic Pack DLC.

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  • +64

    For when you can't afford to build a PC due to availability/the prices of computer parts (especially GPU).

    • +7

      You should see the price of the RTX DLC :( - plus the servers are slammed due to demand, so often it times out for weeks at a time

      • +8

        And playing on the Australian servers is more expensive

        • Once you've built the pc, or lamented the absence of desired parts, can you register your opinion on the games version of OzBargain?

    • +1

      yeah buying all the DLC for Europa IV is only 1/4 the price of a new GPU ! ;)

    • +7

      Is this the equivalent of buying a pair of scissors in a plastic package when you need a pair of scissors to open it?

    • How do I play it if I can't afford to build a PC?

      • +3

        Who needs to afford anything when you can just use your imagination

  • +14

    Why do I buy games when I can just wait for the epic store to release them for free.

    • +52

      Step 1: Buy a game on release cos you've been waiting for it for aaaages
      Step 2: Let it sit in your Steam library for a year or two without touching it
      Step 3: Watch Epic release it for free
      Step 4: Question your methods

      • Nailed it

      • My naive friends, you still buy your games?

        • +4

          yes, but i pretty much just play Solitaire Collection on Gamepass :)

          • +1

            @DanielP2: I just wait around for whatever EPIC releases xD

            I gave up on buying games, at some point they'll eventually be free, so I figured why bother?

          • +3

            @DanielP2: Daily solitaire tournaments + daily challenges.

            I bought three years of gamepass and all I play is solitaire collection haha.

    • +5

      Epic actually taught me a lesson. Not to keep buying games just because I like it. Only buy what I want to play immediately and enjoy most of it. instead of dabbling and telling “oh I’ll get back to this later.” Later never comes. Later only proves I wasted my money and should’ve waited until I played what I actually did want.

  • +8

    I'll wait for the Mac building simulator.

    • +44

      You unlock each component by purchasing horrendously over priced DLC. But you get to feel like you are better than everyone else.

    • +7

      That would be a game about lining up on Apple store.Line up Simulator

  • +4

    The Matrix is real.

    • +6

      Ergo…vis a vis…concordantly

      • +2

        Can you believe they wanted to call it Highway Crossing Frog?

  • wow epic is really rubbing it in

  • +3

    I've actually been getting right into simulator games atm. And this is one that I was looking at. Perfect timing. Cheers

    • You wont be disappointed, its actually quite a fun game. I cant wait for the IT Support DLC to come out. Hopefully this being released free on Epic is an indication its about to drop.
      What other games have you been playing? I have been tempted to try Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 (Just realised I have 2015 but havent tried it)

      • +2

        I've played the crap out of houseflipper. Had it for 2 weeks and play 60hours in my free time away from work. Load up gas station simulator yesterday and that is pretty cool. I have purchased a few other simulator games that I haven't installed yet. A guy I do GTA RP with has played this and it looked enjoyable. Im waiting for power wash simulator to get cheaper

  • +3
  • +10

    What's next, shower simulator? Brushing teeth simulator? Pooping simulator?

    • +13

      Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015 is a much-beloved classic.

      • +2

        And it's been aptly priced $0.69 usd a few times

    • Nah… The CDC is working on a Gain of Function simulator. Fauci is still beta testing it with the Chinese.

  • +3

    Great game! You look through the internet thinking you're going to buy something but then get persuaded by the people yelling "HODLLLLLL"

  • +1

    The only way you can get the parts you need

  • +4

    Does this come with classic parts DLC so I can install my Gravis Ultrasound?

    • +3

      Riva TNT2 Pro!

    • +3

      Most jobs will be split between sorting out IRQ conflicts and configuring autoexec.bat / config.sys to make sure u leave enough XMS/EMS for certain games to run (yeah im looking at you Ultima 7)

  • This is to get Windows 11 ready on machines with 'The processor isn't currently supported'. 😆

  • +3

    The campaign in pc builder is surprisingly fun. You run a small pc repair shop and work your way up to having more desks!

  • +1

    We don't need a simulator, we just need to watch that video from the Verge.

  • I can't wait for the "owning a RTX 3060" dlc comes out. I think I'm just gonna have to pretend at this point.

  • +5

    can't wait to build my pc and install epic games for pc building simulator to build a pc and install epic games for pc building simulator to build a pc using pc building simulator from epic games so that i can build a pc that will have epic games with pc building simulator to build many PCs that will each have epic games with pc building simulator

  • +2

    I don't understand people's interest in a lot of these simulator games. Like most people don't want to be truck drivers, gas station attendants, and lawn mowers in real life, but then spend hours playing one. Oh, and parent simulators…?!

    • +5

      Don't Forget Yard Work Simulator !

    • +4

      I know its a odd one. But it's a good escape from reality without the real life consequences

    • +2

      Don't need a resume

    • +3

      Why do it for real for money when you can do it for free?

    • Like most people don't want to be truck drivers

      Euro Truck Sim 2 is actually a pretty fun/relaxing game, not for everyone definitely but I enjoy it after a long week. Throw on some music and just relax.

    • +2

      In some cases it's something you can't do in real life e.g. drive a truck through Europe
      Also, there has apparently been people who have decided to be a truck driver in real life after playing Euro Truck Simulator 2.
      However, I might pass on lawn mower simulator.

      • Along this lines, that is why I like FPS, sci-fi, zombie, and adventure games; they are things I can't do in real life.

        I come from a low socio-economic background where my family members didn't have a choice about truck driving, etc. Those were the jobs available to them. I find it curious that people who do have a choice want to fantasize about them in their free time.

    • You should play Second Life.

  • +3

    I just spent 6 hours building one irl and blew up a few parts. Don't understand how this can be fun to do over and over again but I could've used some practice before my real life attempt!

    • +1

      How come you blew up parts?
      I never in my life got parts blew up other than smoking power supply but its a faulty power supply.

      • Ram sticks go. I was running Linux on a USB once on a pc I was given, no idea what the (profanity) happened but all of a sudden the motherboard and graphics card went after the computer suddenly shut down. Everything powered on but never posted again. Sold them for parts. It was really odd, like the PSU appeared fine, stupidly tried it when another one went and it blew all my hard drives up

  • +6

    Its not a realistic simulator if you can't cut your hand on the case and bleed all over motherboard.

  • Shame that GeForce Now only support PC Building Simulator on Steam. It would be sort of meta to build a pc in a simulator, in the cloud.

    • You could install the game in a VM. That would give you an additional level of inception.

  • Somehow the "These high prices are your fault!" achievement seems relevant today.

    "Have 100 GPUs in your inventory"

  • why is this a game?

  • Any good deals for PC parts to use in the simulation?

  • The game can feel very repetitive after a while for obvious reasons, the updates keep the game somewhat interesting, but I wouldn't be able to put a whole lot of time into the game before getting really bored.

  • Probably cheaper then the real thing, I bet capitalism doesn't exist in this games world.

  • That's interesting. Real world licensed components

  • Can you build server farms to mine virtual Bitcoin in it?

  • +1

    I wonder if you can accidentally bend CPU pins in this

    • +1

      All you actually do to put in the CPU into the socket is just hold left click and watch it plop in. Lots of menial stuff like screwing or putting components in just require you to hold left click over the required slot/socket/holder.

  • sweet, you can do watercooling in this, good for planning out

  • +1

    Cool game, but the grinding on an MX440 while you wait for a GPU you can afford sucks.

    • +1

      I played a lot of games with MX440, I think it is still at my parents home.

      • +1

        Unfortunately it lacked a pixel shader.

  • they should include a part of the game to try to obtain a GPU in the simulator or HOLD….

  • cant believe i have 120+ hrs in it…

  • +3

    I have been playing this game for years :- https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/

  • Let's be real, this is the only place you can afford to build a pc these days.

  • meh not realistic enough, you can guy GPUs for RRP. Devs need to fix this major flow.

  • Is there a hardcore mode where your on minimum wage and can't afford shit so you have to scour Craigslist to find the cheapest parts you can get?

  • I thought pc simulators were free can't believe you have to buy stuff inside the game.
    It's not like are ordering the stuff or getting connected to the pc remotely to play AAA games

  • What if you have all the parts to the PC but you need the simulation to build the PC? Jeez what a conundrum.

  • Cheers!

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