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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 36 Months $125.09 (New Users), $140.04 (Expired Users) @ MTCGame (Brazil/Turkey VPN Required)


Before proceeding ensure your Game Pass subscription is fully expired, auto-recurring payments disabled, and Microsoft account set to your current country of residence

A great deal for those new or with a fully expired subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and want to try Xbox Cloud Gaming which has just been released today.

If you have never used the $1 first month offer, this will cost in total $125.09 for 3 years. If you have a fully expired subscription, but have used the $1 first month offer previously, it will cost $146.70 total for 3 years.

Edit: As suggested by chorong, Gamivo has 5% off with code COOLIFE

Turkey MTCGame
Brazil MTCGame

Normally Ultimate sub would cost $15.95/mth x 36 months = $574.20, or $80/yr if purchasing cards from JB HiFi and following this same process without the need of VPN.

Please note:
  • This method is verified as working, as I've just completed it myself.
  • This only works if your current subscription has FULLY EXPIRED. New users will work fine and will get the deal $14 cheaper. If you have an existing subscription THIS WILL NOT WORK, and you will have to wait until your current sub finishes.
  • You will need a Microsoft account. Ensure auto renew/recurring payments are cancelled, and account details (especially Country) are set correctly before proceeding.
  • 36 months is the maximum that can be subscribed at once, though you can subscribe less if you wish.
  • If you wish to subscribe for 36months, and you are offered extra free months at all during this process, decline them as you can not exceed this limit and will be unable to enter your third 12 month code.
  • You will need a VPN (Comments have said that Windscribe for Chrome extension works). Although MTCGame listing says the codes are Brazil, mine were actually Turkey codes. Ensure your VPN has access to both countries, just in case.
  • Some have said MTCGame asked them to do a rigorous ID verification process to purchase their keys, there are some other options listed by f4te in comments for purchasing 12 month codes.
  • If you get RiskPolicyRejected error while redeeming codes, you need to keep trying. Try this method or this method from the comments.
Please read above and all steps below carefully before proceeding:

1. Go to MTCGame or Gamivo Edit: As suggested by chorong, Gamivo has 5% off with code COOLIFE
or CDkeys following dowey's instructions
(some other options listed by f4te in comments) and make sure country is set to Australia and currency to $AUD at the top of the page, purchase up to 3x12month Xbox Live Gold cards for $48 AUD each. Gamivo and other options prices will vary slightly.

2. You may need to verify phone number. It took roughly 45-50mins for the code to be received in my email, so don't stress too much. You will receive images of the codes all in one email. Type out all the codes into Notepad (they're in format: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX with a mixture of letters and numbers). Note that my codes were labelled "Xbox 12 Aylık Gold Üyelik (Türkiye)", and I had to use Turkey VPN to redeem.

3. Connect to your VPN (Comments have said that Windscribe for Chrome extension works), go to https://redeem.microsoft.com/?wa=wsignin1.0, login to your account (you will probably need to verify email address via security code sent to your email) and add each code. If you get an error about the wrong country, try changing to Brazil/Turkey VPN, or using an Incognito/Private window.

Edit: If you get RiskPolicyRejected error while redeeming codes, you need to keep trying. Try this method or this method from the comments.

4. Once all codes are added, go to https://account.microsoft.com/services/ and verify that you have up to the maximum of 36months. Mine said Subscription expires "September 29. 2024". It is IMPORTANT you verify all your Xbox Live Gold codes are redeemed successfully before proceeding.

5. Disconnect VPN, we will no longer need it.

6. Now that we have 36 months of Xbox Live Gold, we need to upgrade them to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. On the same page https://account.microsoft.com/services/ click on "Upgrade to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate" as seen on this picture

7. You will be taken to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate page to join. This should be the link in case you need it. First time users will see $1.00 price, expired users will see $15.95 price. Click join.

8. You will see the following dialog that you will be upgrading your membership, don't stress about current conversion ratio, etc. As long as your new renewal date matches you're good to go. Mine said "Your new Xbox Game Pass Ultimate renewal date will be: 30/09/2024"

9. Pay the $1 for new users, $15.95 for expired users via Credit Card or Paypal. Once done refresh the Services page to verify you've been successfully upgraded to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. You will also see next charge "9/30/2024, AU$15.95" or similar, pictured here.

10. Once all has been verified, you can click "Manage" on the top-right and Turn off recurring billing, in case you forget later. Its this page if you can't find it. Once your subscription lapses in 3 years, hopefully you'll still be able to repeat this process.

What can I do with my subscription?

Happy gaming :)

Credit to previous deal for the inspiration, and /r/XboxGamePass wiki for verifying the steps.

Edit: Some are reporting issues needing to verify details before being able to purchase from MTCGame. Please know that you can buy your codes from anywhere, and use this same process, MTCGame was just the cheapest that I could find.

Here are some other suggestions from f4te

If anyone has other suggestions for cheap 12 month codes please feel free to post them :)

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  • +4

    this deal has me accessing the XBOX cloud gaming service as well. And it's AWESOME.

  • +1

    Confirmed still working with cdkeys… delivery was fast and no problems claiming
    Only caveat no ones mentioned is you need an approved xbox controller to play cloud gaming

  • +1

    Confirmed as working with cdkeys today. Cheers OP.

  • +1

    Just did it with CDKeys and it still works. Thank you!

  • +2

    Just wanted to chime in and say this worked for me just now. I got 3 years for $170. I bought the keys from CD Keys and they were delivered instantly. I didn't want to mess around with a potential dodgy site/send scans of cards. So was happy to pay a little more from CD Keys and select the AUD payment.

    • +2

      Glad it all worked out for you, happy gaming!!

  • +1

    Back 4 Blood now available on Game Pass, I've played a few hours and am impressed so far, has anyone else tried it?

    • +1

      It's great!
      few issues here and there, but with some friends it's great fun I agree!

  • For some reason mine had redeemed as a US subscription, tried to upgrade but it will not allow me because I don't have a US credit card. Managed to buy a $5 xbox gift card from offgamers and it is still asking for a backup payment method. any ideas on how I can sort this out ?

    • Edit : All sorted. Xbox support migrated my subscription to an AU account. All working now. Thanks OP

  • +1

    Had to wait for my subscription to expire first.
    Can confirm that this still works. Went with cdkeys, CHF as currency. Payment was through PayPal, switched to GBP as currency to avoid PayPal's own conversion rates and linked to a fee free card. All in costing a pending charge of 139.59 AUD.
    Thanks! Sorted until 2024.

  • Hello All, I am new to xbox game pass. I Just went to Gamivo, they are offering 3 years of Xbox live Gold Turkey for 131.10 AUD from a seller "Turgame". But they offer "Customised Protection Program" for 13 AUD extra. Is this of any use? is it advisable to get this or not?

    Thanks in advance for your advice

    • +2

      Nah you don't need the protection just get keys only

      • Thanks

  • Had an issue with a code from CDkeys, it took them over a week so bought another code. Now i have a spare 12-month Xbox Live Gold code. Anyone want to buy it off me?
    Will do for 40 AUD.

    • Hi I'm interested. Will DM you.

      • I also got a spare turkey one from CDKEYS, let me know if you’re interested

  • +1

    All up $140 for 3 years, amazing. Thanks!

  • +1

    Just used this, spent $133 for 36 months as first time member. Used Gamivo with 5% COOLIFE code; took ~20 minutes from go to woah. Thank you!!

  • Hey guys, anyone know the risk or have heard of people being banned for this?


    • I have never heard of anyone being banned for this, but it is possible.

  • +6

    This code might save someone a dollar for the ultimate upgrade, got it with a new controller but can't usE it as it's for new users. Gives 14 days.
    Q4XTH - 2CQWQ - RT46F - DR339 - 79QFZ

    • Thanks! Needed it for just a week to play until FH5 was released (getting it on Steam)!

  • Got a spare turkey Xbox Live Gold from CDKEYS, selling for $40, whoevers interested can DM me

    • sold

  • +1

    Worked a treat, cheers!

  • +1

    anyone had trouble once after deactivating the vpn?
    i've been able to add the 3 years to my account no worries, but now upgrading the membership to ultimate isn't working in step 7.

    • +1

      For those stuck on step 7.
      i re-enabled reoccuring billing (before step 7). and that allowed me to go through with the payment. as the codes were already activated by reenabling reoccuring billing it didnt matter until 2024 anyway, purchased the ultimate pass and disabled reoccuring billing again.

      +1 for the post others comments!
      Happy gaming!

  • +1

    I can confirm i just did this tonight with the no intl fee card + CDKey method

  • Is there a way to cancel my current sub to take advantage of this offer?

    • Could I sign up the game pass on my second account and use all gpu benefits?

    • You would need to wait until your existing sub has expired, or alternatively use a different account with no sub.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, I used the method late yesterday however paid the higher price for the JB cards, rather than stuff around with the VPN. Conversion to ultimate went smoothly!

  • +1

    Can I use the Xbox Game Pass on PC?

    • +2

      Yes, Ultimate includes both PC and Xbox

      See here

  • Legend…. apart from an issue with a dud key from Gamivo (which they resolved after around 24 hours), this works perfectly and extremely happy to have 3 years access at a good price…..

  • +2

    Thanks mate, you're an absolute bloody legend for this write up.

  • Would my xbobx account need to be in turkey ? Or is aud account fine ?

    • +1

      Follow the guide. You don't need to change the region of your account.

  • If I buy this under my account, can my son play the games under his account on an Xbox?

    • I believe you would need to use the same account on both devices, or purchase two subscriptions

      • Searched and found this:

        Yes, standard Xbox home sharing policies apply for both Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold. If you have an Ultimate subscription and have designated your home Xbox, you’ll automatically share your subscription with any profile signed in on that console.

  • +1

    Can confirm that this is still working on a 1:1 ratio for Xbox Gold Live codes bought in Australia (bought from JB HiFi, didn't want to mess around with a VPN). Ended up with 34 months for effectively $6.95 per month.

  • +1

    Also used the JB HiFi method tonight with a 1:1 conversion. Had to use different emails though to purchase the 3 x 12 months of codes.

  • +1

    Great guide. Thanks for the effort.

  • +1

    FYI Age of Empires IV is up on Game Pass, how exciting!

  • Kinda stuck.

    I added on all three codes but my expiry says 28th Oct 2023. So It appears only 24 months. I went back and walked through the process to redeem all 3 codes and it says all three are redeemed. Not sure what to do?

    • +1

      Confirming last code worked, just took an hour to preload. Thank you OP.

  • +2

    Brilliant, thanks for the post and detailed guide! Confirmed working on my end. Just in time for AoE IV

    For those unsure, the Windscribe VPN (chrome extension) worked easily and flawlessly for me

  • +1

    Worked for me, code from Gamivo $43.07, supplier PriceAxe, Windscribe Chrome extension VPN as suggested. Thank you very much!!

  • +1

    My issue is trying to buy 3x giftcards on Gamivo but in 3 separate transactions in order to use the coolife discount code. First one goes OK, but second onwards is tricky because banks don't like purchasing from dodgy websites multiple times lol

  • +1

    Worked fine through CDKEYS - thanks!!

    • +1

      Yeah 5% off promo code BRAINS. I should've bought all 3 using CDkeys instead of different vendors lol. Anyway, all up paid $131 or so as new user.

  • +1

    Worked for me with Gamivo, registered new account without needing ID.

    Small hitch was error code when trying to upgrade to Ultimate, eventually worked after waiting about 15 minutes. Interestingly it defaulted to $1 initially but finally worked when i refreshed to full price.

    Remember to cancel Gamivo Smart subscription if you used it for first purchase. Will take a monthly fee otherwise.

    Thanks OP

  • Another happy customer. My GPU just expired got 36 months of gold (Turkey) from Eneba for 92.94 euros. Redeemed using Windscribe. Turned off Windscribe and converted by buying one month of GPU for A$15.95. Should be around $160 all in

  • Hey guys, I have received the below in an email from Gamivo for my purchase.

    Please note that I did set the country and currency to AUD.

    What should be the response?


    Thank you for placing an order with GAMIVO.

    Before we proceed with your purchase, we would like you to confirm your location, which appears to differ from your payment details. Could you please clear up that discrepancy?

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused. We simply wish to confirm that your account security was not compromised.

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

    • I figured it out.

      I forgot to disconnect the VPN while making the payment when I did a test for VPN.

      Please ignore this comment.

      Thanks OP for the post.

  • Looks like Gamivo only does 2 subs now.

    02 NOV

    PAYPAL *MICROSOFT STORE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx AU Card Used xxxx $15.95 02 NOV
    PAYPAL *GAMIVOCOM xxxxxxxx MT Card Used xxx $107.71

    Also, how do I cancel these Gamivo SMART Pass recurring payments?

    $ 3.12 / monthly
    Next payment date:

  • Can someone plz help me

    I have 3 codes however when i entered first code it said it will be added to my email (United Kingdom)…
    My region was set to australia so i thought this was fine…

    However now it displays my email (Australia) and when i enter code i get "This code can't be redeemed. It was purchased in a different region from your account" and that " You currently have a subscription from a different region "……

    I think the fact i entered code with (united kingdom) is whats messing this up

    Can someone offer some advice before i screw up again LOL… i still havent added the remaining 2 codes

    Im using brazil vpn with codes from cd keys btw

    • I'm getting the same issue. So went in a changed my region in my Microsoft account to Brazil. But still getting the same errors.

      It'll be added to "email" (Brasil)

      "This code can't be redeemed. It was purchased in a different region from your account."

      Connected to Brazil VPN using PIA.
      Keys bought through Gamivo

  • finally got around to doing this. thank you so much op, goes well with the $1 ultimate, even if youve subscribed before!

  • Would it be possible to mix this with the latest deal of $1 gamepass for 3 months? If I buy the codes now will they still be able to be redeemed in 3 months?

    • It should work, a couple of things to keep in mind:
      -You can only have a maximum of 3 years, if you go other this you'll sacrifice the other months
      -The codes you purchase will have expiry dates, although they should be longer than 3 months

      Perhaps the best way is to use 2 years of codes and the $1 for 3 months

      Or use the $1 for 3 months and then come back and use this method when that expires.

  • +1

    Thanks for the guide OP, I'm hoping it's still working next month when my sub finally expires.

  • +2

    Can confirm still working. Got 36months from MTCGame for $130.75. Got a email asking me to verify phone number shortly after. Within a minute or 2 of doing that I got my codes. $15.95 for ultimate upgrade. $146.70 total.
    Used Windscribe for Firefox and selected Turkey was a lot easier then expected.
    Had 0 issues.

  • Has anyone had problems redeeming their Xbox live gold codes? I keep getting the "Something went wrong on our end. Please try again" when I try to redeem. I get to the confirmation screen that I'm redeeming 12 months gold, but then it won't finalise when I click "confirm". I purchased two 12 month codes, but they both have the same problem and its getting really frustrating!

    • Did you disconnect VPN?

      • +1

        I couldn't even get past the redemption stage to need to. Spoke to Microsoft Customer Support, seems its a specific issue relating to the expiration of my current game pass that was blocking the gold code redemption. Think it's a one off and they are fixing it, so hopefully it all goes smoothly.

        • Ahh I see, sorry to hear you had some hassles! It does sound like an isolated incident, I hope they get it fixed for you shortly :)

  • +1

    Just used Eneba for 3 codes for about $120. Worked perfectly, Cheers.

  • +1

    I got the 3x 12 months gold from jbhifi. GPU expired today. I redeemed 36 months of gold. When I went to upgrade, it showed $1 for GPU. Though it kept getting an error. Tried through my phone and it keeps looping.

    I called support and was advised that due to having 36 months, I can't upgrade. I need to consume a month of gold before i can upgrade.

    Bloody hell :/

    • Thanks for the heads up - I'll be in this position in a few months' time

      • +2

        Just tried it again and it worked. Go figure. So if it doesn't work, wait a few hours.

        • Dreamcast forever!

          I'm still looking for those damn sailors

  • +2

    This worked very well for me:
    - MTCGame 36 months for AUD $129.85
    - Redeemed in Turkey using Nord VPN
    - Had the "Something happened on our end. Waiting a bit might help" error when attempting to convert to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (step 7). Changed from Chrome browser to Microsoft Edge resolved the issue. Possible popup blocker issue.

    Thank you for a great write up!

  • +1

    What a champ, thanks OP. Great instructions and updates etc. Went through CDkeys and paid $47 odd for 12mths + the $15.95. Seems a bit more than others but meh I'm v happy with the savings!

  • Thanks for the clear instructions, was a smooth process.

    Here is my process if it helps others:
    1. Bought 2x12month (Turkey VPN) subs from MTCGame for around $41 each
    2. Verified mobile number from email from MTCGame
    3. Received the subs via email after around 5 minutes
    4. Created an account on xbox au using the 3 months gamepass for $1 deal
    5. Turned on VPN to Turkey and redeemed both subs using the links in OP
    6. Turned off VPN and checked subs, had 1 for the 3 month trial and 1 for xbox live gold for 2 years
    7. Upgraded to ultimate for $1 (it showed expiry date of March 2024 for ultimate)

    Total price $1 for 3 month trial, ~$82 for 24 month sub (via Turkey VPN), $1 for upgrade to Ultimate for 27 months total = $84 for 27 months Ultimate

    *Edit: Just realised it expires 18th March 2024, so actually 28 months (I think when it upgrades to Ultimate, it gives the 1 month free as well)

  • Please anyone can help me?
    I'm stuck at step 7. I met an error message as below

    Change your Microsoft Store region
    You currently have a subscription from a different region. If it still doesn't work, please contact customer support.


    Thu, 18 Nov 2021 13:54:53 GMT

    I created a new account and redeemed 3 codes (3 x 12 months).
    I've tried to join ultimate with UK, Turkey, Aus billing addresses but all failed (With / without VPN)

    • You currently have a subscription from a different region.

      You simply need to wait until your existing Gold expires.

  • +1

    Confirmed still working today. Bought 3 keys from Gamivo for $129 using Paypal, wasn't asked to verify identity probably because I was using Paypal. I did have to confirm I wanted Turkey keys through support as they reminded me they would not work in Aus. Followed the step process and everything went smoothly. $130 for a 3 year ultimate game pass, many thanks!

  • Just did it works still with gamivo should've been instant but my PayPal email and my gamivo email were different so I had to verify I took like 10- 15 mins. Then I had to wait until my previous game pass trial had fully expired and then all the steps were smooth sailing using windscribe and edge. Thanks alot for the instructions!

  • If I currently have 2 months left on my Game Pass for PC only sub (so no Ultimate) can I still do this deal or do I need to cancel/wait for it to expire?

    • Still gotta wait for it to expire, see you in 2 months 🙂

      • +1

        Hey thanks for the reply, actually managed to get the deal working anyway. I think it may have been since I was on the $1 for 3 month deal? When I cancelled it ended the subscription instantly and refunded me the $1. I just stacked 3 years of Gold, paid the $15.95 to upgrade to Ultimate and I'm sorted. Picking up an XSX next week :)

        • Awesome news! Glad to hear it worked out well :)

  • Thank you so much for the guide. Confirmed still working and used codes from Eneba. Worked out at about $136

  • Just went through the above and it worked perfectly fine.

    I used the Turkey code from Eneba as I've used them before (for the multiple 7 day codes that were really cheap earlier this year) and trusted them. Ended up costing me a little more than others once Paypal fees came into it, but I don't really mind. Still a lot cheaper than the alternative. Windscribe worked really well too.

    My sub expired 1st of December, and it let me do the conversion after I had applied the codes for only $1.00.

    So all up I paid $155.94, including $16.91 of paypal fees, which considering it let me do the $1 conversion to ultimate means I'm only a couple of bucks over what I expected to pay.

  • AKS8 is a code for 8% off eneba.

  • I have active subscription of game pass ultimate for PC. Would it work for XBOX game pass or I have to let that expire?

  • Just wanted to let everyone know that this method still works as of the 9th of December! I bought the keys through Eneba and used Windscribe to select Turkey as the location for the VPN.

    It was all relatively straightforward using the instructions provided. The only issues I had were using MS Edge when logging back in to Microsoft AU without the VPN then going to the Xbox page.

    My colleague suggested that may be due to not clearing the cache but I ended up using Chrome to do the last few steps.


    • Hey bro, did you have to set your Microsoft account region to turkey Or was leaving it in Australia fine ?

      • Hey Yetihunter! No I didn't have to change my region for my MS account

  • Used Gamivo for $$135 + $1 for joining ultimate? I've tried ultimate before too but it said there was some sale on for me?

  • +1

    Can confirm still working as of 11 December. Thanks all

  • Thanks heaps!! My subscription expired this morning … followed this guide and all up and running again with a saving of approx $400! Legends.

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