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[LatitudePay] Logitech MX Keys Advanced Wireless Illuminated Keyboard $125 Delivered @ Wireless1


Probably the cheapest deal on MX Keys Advanced yet. Don't forget to use cashback, sadly I did..
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    I've been looking for something slim to replace my 10yo ducky Zero that's finally started playing up. I prefer a wired keyboard though.
    according to the below comment on reddit, the packaging is misleading and the keyboard does not support a wired (USB) connection :/.

    To answer my own question & close this thread, the Logitech MX Keys k/b cannot work in wired mode over USB. The keyboard's USB port is only for charging. Any statements to the contrary are incorrect. What it can do is continue to operate, in wireless mode, while it is charging via the USB connection. This is based on:
    a) My own tests with the keyboard, and
    b) Per the response provided by Logitech support to another fellows question.

    What a shame, would have a been a nice buy.

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      Does it make that much of a difference? Genuinely curious.

      • +2

        Just a preference. No direct benifits to wired anymore.

        • One benefit to wired is security. If the crypto on the keyboard is poorly implemented, then you are at risk of losing your passwords. Up until recently there were government security standards that said that wireless keyboards should not be used. For a long while I was in the habit of reaching up to the laptop keyboard for putting in my passwords, but using a wireless keyboard for everything else

        • I have a theory, everyone's going to wireless because the batteries eventually give up and that forces customers to replace their keyboards sooner. Whereas with a wired product you're practically able to use it forever, I tend to find rechargeable battery products last about 2 years (if you don't overcharge it all the time).

      • I have a wireless Surface keyboard that I use with my surface laptop. It worked 95% of the time and the finger print use with Windows Hello is awesome; but sometimes when the laptop goes to sleep I can't wake it up with the keyboard, which is annoying AF considering my laptop is usually turned on and the screen is closed so I have to open the laptop to wake it up.

        The wired keyboard is for my desktop though.

        • Ah fair enough. Thanks for the response. I was worried there would be noticeable latency with wireless but it doesn't seem to be the case then

        • I had the same issue, turning off power management for the Bluetooth seem to have fixed it

          • @huey: Awesome! I should have checked this myself given end user devices is my specialty :D
            I actually pulled the pin and bought on after reading this. thank you!

        • +1

          I find that using the unify dongle I get much better connection to this kb and can wake computer with kb too.

          • @NETBEAR: yes, no reason not to use it, i've got a few lying around.
            wonder if they work with Rpi4?

        • Funnily enough, this keyboard is recognised on my desktop when it boots up so I can access the BIOS without having a wired keyboard, whereas my G915 isn't. So I've got both dongles hooked up to the desktop for ease of switching (G915 uses a non-unified receiver).

          • @Munki: I'm a bit annoyed that I didn't think about this… Just pulled the trigger on a G915 but haven't had to enter BIOS yet

            That said, how often does one need to enter the BIOS anyway, it's mostly set and forget, but I can see how annoying it would be if you needed/wanted to access the BIOS and didn't have easy access to a conventional keyboard

            It's a shame Logitech couldn't engineer their G915 lightspeed dongle to account for this

            • @metapii: Yeah I was a bit annoyed about that when I found out. I was mucking around with overclocking my cpu and luckyily I had the MX keys cause I had packed up my wired keyboard.

              • @Munki: So annoying needing to stash away a "spare" keyboard just in case though

                • @metapii: Yeah it's a bit dumb why it works for their unified receiver peripherals but not these "PRO" devices…

                  I think you can still plug the G915 and use it wired to get it working?I haven't tried.

            • @metapii: Just have to keep an old spare, mechanical ones are good for this too (at least mine is wired).

              I got the MX Keys with the intention of taking to work, seems a bit too nice haha. Will see how rubbish the ones there are first. It is good if I want a break from the mechanical at home.

              • @G-rig: I want to do the same but I won't because I reckon it will grow legs and walk.

                • @tight-ass: true, you can imagine someone knocking it off. I usually leave my mouse there, can easily unplug that and put in the drawer lol

      • It might for some people that are switching from wired gaming keyboards, etc they might be able to feel the latency of wireless ones.

      • if I read it correctly, it means you'll need to plug in the USB receiver (if your desktop doesn't have BT), and it won't operate just on a single USB cable like plain ole regular keyboards

      • I think these days, latency and such aren't really an issue. However I still prefer a wired keyboard/mouse at home as I can instantly toggle my USB hub between my personal PC and my work laptop. It's also a couple less devices to keep charged.

        • +1

          What USB Hub do you use?

          I use a Ugreen USB 4 hub 2 way splitter

          • @ColdSnap: Is this the USB 3 or USB 2 version? I hear that USB 3 is a problem for the Logitech unifying receiver and it doesn't work.

            Would be keen to know.

            Thank you

  • +3

    I have one, I don't game on it but for general use it's responsive and works perfectly, battery life is great and key travel is nice in the fingers

    • I have one (actually two) and the battery life for me is the worst thing. I'm recharging it probably every couple of weeks or so. Admittedly it is on 16+ hours each day

      • +9

        Turn backlight off and it will last six months

      • I have a k800 the backlight is motion sensed. Is that the same on MX keys, or always on/off??

        • +3

          Proximity sensor on the MX Keys.

  • I selected LatitudePay & no $50 discount. Is it on the next step - Place Order?

    • +1

      yeah, after logging into latitude pay

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    Do some people like chiclet/low profile style keyboards? For me it's always just been a necessary evil in laptops rather than a choice for any other options. Do these feel like regular keyboards or different?

    • Feels like a 2015 Macbook pro keyboards. It benefits me since I use both Mac and Window interchangeably throughout the day.

      • Ergonomically much better than any Apple keyboard, but nowhere close to even Logi G110 that luckily I bought 2 for bargain $20-30 (minor key stuckness on couple of frequent keys after >>10yrs 15h/day use).
        Compared to K800 that I borrowed, G110 is much better but not as good as mechanical keyboards.
        I like to test multi-device if I can save space with Work (laptop)/ Home (desktop) setup with 3 x 4K external shared monitors, of course not shiny Apple, but anti-reflective Samsung & Dell.

      • +1

        Always hated the Apple keyboards but love the Logitech.

    • +5

      I will always prefer mechanical keyboards, but with WFH and working from the office it's not always a good idea. So I opted for the MX Keys. It's without a doubt the best non-mechanical keyboard I've used. It offers a very good typing experience. Obviously preferences will differ from person to person and given the price point, as much as I like the product, I'd suggest trying the keyboard in store first before purchasing. If you're anywhere near a JB Hi Fi they usually have them on display for you to try.

      • +1

        ^^ agreed. think its a great idea to go in-store if you can to try it out.
        Also being a past mechanical keyboard user (for both gaming and productivity) after switching over to the MX keys, I genuinely don't see myself going back :O

        • I hope it's much better than the borrowed K800 with almost flat keys & short battery life (nowhere close to even Logi G110 that luckily I bought 2 for bargain $20-30, with now minor key stuckness on couple of frequent keys after >>10yrs 15h/day use).

    • I have used both apple and this logitech, I believe these have slightly more travel and the keys are little more raised. I didnt like the apple ones. This is between the apple and a normal 10$ membrane keyboard. But the typing feels better than membrane or an apple keyboard.

    • +1

      I hate long travel keys. After working on a laptop I found I wasn't pressing down quite enough sometimes.
      I think the MX is awesome.

  • legend! I bought one from OW the other day, let me go refund that

  • DOES cashback stack with latitudepay?

    • +1

      Yep, just bought and Cash rewards tracked.

    • When you say cashback, what are you guys talking about exactly. Is that part of the offer or do you do something else ?

      • Exclusive perks of ozbargain platinum membership

      • Lookup cashrewards or shopback for example

      • See the button that says "Cashback" underneath the "Go To Deal" button in the top right of the page below the picture? If you click that, you will see a few different platforms that you can register with. If you follow the right process (which is usually clicking through the cashback platform link to go to the store), then after a while (days to weeks depending on the store) you will get a percentage of the value of your purchase refunded. People usually consider this an extra discount on top of whatever price it currently is.

  • Damn this is good.

  • +1

    This always makes the rounds on Ozb, and is generally well-received. What about this keyboard makes it so great, considering its premium price?

    • +2

      its the best

    • +4

      The overall feel, solid build quality, ability to seamlessly transition to other devices (pair up to 3 devices) among many others that the OzB community will tell you about.
      It's genuinely worth every cent.
      It is an absolute joy to type on this keyboard.

      • Is this keyboard intended for non-mech kb enthusiasts? I have a modded Keychron K8, and it's all good and great, but the MX Keys gets so much attention that it's hard to ignore, and now I'm curious. I'm tossing up whether I should get another Keychron for the wife or if I should just get this instead.

        • +2

          You're feeling the OzB pressure! Haaha!
          In all seriousness though, I haven't used a mech kb for quite a while (last one was back in 2008), and I changed a few ones from then to now (all non mechs though) but this one has hit the sweet spot of looking great on the desk, slim, functional and yet having that very satisfying key press! The feel is very similar to the old Thinkpad keyboards but even better, if that makes sense.
          If you're out of lock-down, you could try one at JB hifi
          I'd say buy one and see…99% sure you wont regret it. And if you don't, it's pretty easy to sell off on Marketplace/eBay/GT.

      • I disagree with the build quality. I had a key cap break in the first week. Warranty is more pain than than fixing it several times a day.

        • How did you break a key cap?

          • +1

            @alterego13: One key, when pressed slightly off dead centre, flips up on the opposite side upto ~30 degrees. Depending on where it jams, pressing the raised side will either register as one press or several.

            Dealing with both Logitech and Office Works in the past, returning it for warranty repairs would be more annoying than living with it.

            • @This Guy: That's a bummer.
              I have in past dealt with Logitech for warranty, while it wasn't a painless experience, the outcome was good. So I guess be persistent and polite.

              • @alterego13: So have I. I don't want to give up a keyboard for a month.

                • +1

                  @This Guy: Luckily they didn't want the old device back in my case. They just sent out a new one and asked me to get rid of the old/broken one. This was for a mouse though…and during peak COVID lockdowns last year.

    • +2

      If you use more than one computer, the unifying interface is killer (good) functionality. I didn't think I'd use it that much, but I do, dozens of times every day.

      And it does feel pretty nice to use. Before this, I was using a $20 keyboard, and it wasn't until I went back to it a few days ago that I was shocked how crap it felt compared with this one.

      If you get one, you probably won't be disappointed.

    • +1

      I'm interested in using this with Logitech flow (with MX master) with my work laptop and personal PC at the same time

  • Hmm paid $135 after the $40 ebay plus credit (guess $175 is the same orig price)

  • +1

    It's a good keyboard sure, I bought one and will write it off on tax, but the price is absurd and there's nothing really amazing about it. I just like the way it looks and that it is pretty silent.

    • +1

      If you got something at remotely same quality/class at a better price I’m all ears

  • thanks op, had been eying this one for a while and got it.

  • Damn good for typing. I have two (one at home + one in the office) and I paid a lot more than $125

  • +1

    Thank OP. Don't need it. But bought it.

  • Does this MX Keyboard have the same keyboard feel to the K800 that I have used for almost 8 years now? Very used to the K800 but feel like upgrading…

    • +1

      Similar but more tactile, it's not quite as mushy as I remember the K800 being.

    • I have always been using K800(have 3) and recently upgraded to MX, love it.

  • +2

    Has anyone still not received email from Wireless1 after buying?

  • Don't forget to claim it on tax if you are using it for work. The invoice actually says $175, so you can claim the full cost even if getting LP discount.

  • Great keyboard. Have 2 in the home. Terrific price. Absolutely worth it.

  • +3

    banger of a deal…banger of a keyboard no cap. (also typing on it at this moment hehe)
    Moved from keychron k2 mech keyboard after a couple months to the mx keys. (K2 battery was straight up disgusting…)
    fantastic keyboard - extremely joyful for long hours use and I defs think its worth the price. battery performance is splendid and perhaps only downside for me would be the fact that it picks up my oily finger marks hahahaha

    I have no regrets moving to this keyboard (even tho its a bit pricy-ish).
    - The build quality is amazing, typing on it feels extremely consistent and fluid.
    - Its pretty silent compared to mech keyboards
    - battery is fantastic, I'm a heavy user and only need to charge it once a week
    - lighting is not bad (tbh i don't rlly care about lighting tho, however the smart sensors are pretty cool)
    - connectivity/ switching to different devices is super handy - I pair it to my mac and my ipad pro
    - once again… surprisingly, typing on it feels really nice (but ofc thats personal preference)
    - one thing i really like is the slim profile! im typing away all day and I hardly have any wrist strain :)

    Things to keep in mind:
    - I've seen the price drop quite a bit since I purchased it earlier this year, so if it's still a bit expensive atm - i think its a good idea to wait a lil bit more (though i do think its completely worth the price atm)
    - the keyboard automatically lights up when u approach the keys. at first it was annoying as it detected any movement. Over time i learned to ignore it and tbh it doesn't bother me anymore. You can also disable lighting in the settings - but there's currently no option to leave it always on
    - i have the black/graphite board and lord…. its a fingerprint magnet which i hateeeeeee

    • Any idea about the lag time switching between devices?

      • +1

        You press a button the keyboard and it switches instantly. Or you can install Logitech Flow which kind of makes two computers work by moving the mouse to the edge of the screen to 'flow' to the other.

        • +1

          Concur. So quick you won't notice. I was worried about it too. Maybe a wee bit of lag (still fractions of a second) when switching to Android, but I don't do that too much

  • Thanks OP!!! I grabbed the MX keys and also managed to purchase the Alogic DX3 Triple 4K Display Universal Docking Station for $50 off from HN.

    Never really see these go on sale, so much appreciated!

  • Bloody Farking hell.. I have a score of 851 with Experian and still got refused for Latitude Pay. I so badly wanted this keyboard without splurging

    • Are you having the same issues as me below?

      I tried creating an account with Latitude Pay.

      During the signup process it came up with an error. When I tried to start the process over again it said my email address was already in use, so I managed to log-in by using my email address, clicking the "forgotten password" link and resetting my password, even though I never set one.

      Once logged in I added my CC details and I thought I was good to go, but the payment failed. I'm assuming the issues I'm having are because I haven't provided them with my drivers licence details yet due to the error I encountered during the signup process? Either way I've emailed them direct seeking help

      • no mate.. for me it just said they can't approve me at this point.. Ironically Experian, the credit report that they ask me to refer to has given me a score of 851 (which equates to Excellent).

      • Ended up phoning them.They sent me a link to confirm / upload my ID,. Should be all sorted soon

        • I was going to suggest calling them, latitude online once declined me for no apparent reason. I had to get credit report etc… And then when I called them they processed it over the phone with no issues. This was a while back.

  • Have people got their invoices from wireless? I am afraid I might have misspelled my email when I checked out as a guest because I haven’t gotten anything. And stupidly didn’t screen shot 🙄

    • +1

      naa, I didnt get any email from them either.

    • I downloaded my invoice after completing the checkout

    • You should have had the ability to download it straight after checkout

  • +2

    I hate latitude, I created an account with them previously. And I had to close it for personal reasons, and they said that if I close it, they will not let me reopen the account later on - which I just confirmed today.

    • Yuck!

      • Agreed! What sort of company does that?!

        • Actually an English school (ECC or something) did this for job applications to Japan. Said if you don’t get in you can’t apply again. The guy was a douche and I didn’t get it.

  • Got this for $155 from ebay a month ago :(
    No regrets tho. Amazing keyboard. Great battery life. Switches between 3 devices, which works perfectly for me as I have multiple Pc's while working.

    • does switching work with ipad?

      • +2

        It works with iphone, so I guess it will with ipad. Only have 2 pc's so just for fun connected my iPhone with the 3rd key haha. Not that I am using it but tried it. Amazing keyboard. Can't fault it except for the price. Mx mouse n keyboard are the best.

  • did you guys get rest pad for this keyboard?

  • It's a good keyboard

  • +1

    Thanks OP bought it and got cashback tracked.

    Just wondering why everyone gets crazy on the new Mini version that's selling $169 at the moment, despite the smaller size I don't see it as an upgrade from the full size Mx Keys. And it also doesn't support the unifying dongle which is the main reason I eventually pull the trigger on this full size Mx Keys cause I have a Mx Master 3 connected by unifying unit, I don't get why Logitech decided to ditch unifying USB support on the new released products. The new Bolt receiver is cool and secure but none of the new products (Mx mini and Mx Master 3 for business) come with one, you have to pay another USD15 to get the dongle otherwise you'll have to stick with using it via Bluetooth. Come on Logitech that sucks!