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Acer Nitro 5 15.6-Inch i5-10300H/8GB/512GB SSD/RTX3060 6GB Laptop - $1,198 + Shipping (Free C&C) @ Harvey Norman


Laptop with RTX3060 below $1,200 is a bargain!

The last cheapest one in the last few months was $1,149 (refurbished - not exactly an apple to apple comparison with this new one) at Acer refurbished site.

EDIT: Dont forget to claim the Marvel Guardian of Galaxy Digital Code from Acer

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    • Wish I'd waited for this haha
      Oh well

      • I am happy with my 10300H version

        I'd only upgrade to something that has a 3070 or better screen (preferably both), and doesn't cost a kidney and liver

        • Still… $200 for better cpu + ram seems worth it

          • +3

            @metapii: yes, it makes perfect sense!

            but you know, if you bought something, and want to go back and check the thread again, be prepared to handle the situations like "damn, it's cheaper now" or "damn, I wish I paid $xxx more to get something with a bigger YYY or longer ZZZ" it's inevitable haha

            me I don't care about better CPU, I just need this machine for gaming, and 10300H is all I need

            in fact, for $200 I'd rather get a new LCD panel installed in it, but I will do that after warranty runs out. unless I do get a good deal on a 3070, sell this and get that. I think we can expect a good price on a refurbished Helios 300 with 3070 soon, that will have a good screen too, so I might just upgrade to that. That might be in the area of $1700 - $1800 and much more valuable to me than just better CPU

          • @metapii: Totally worth it. I have the i7 11th gen. Games that are also CPU intensive perform much better like FF14.

            The 4 cores on the i5 10th gen is really lacking for any other task than GPU intensive gaming.

            It also has video OUT through USB-C.

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              @Juiciness: yep all my gaming is 3D intensive, which is why I chose a laptop with a 95W 3060. 95W 3060 for $1200 (or less in my case) is a fantastic deal, esp. in the current market when it's bloody expensive to build a gaming rig

              if I wanted a powerful CPU, I would have just kept my 6C/12T Metabox with 1660Ti and not bother upgrading

              each to their own? probably depends on the kind of gaming people do.

            • @Juiciness: i debated whether to wait for a better price on a 6 core CPU + 3060 version of the nitro or other laptop, ended up watching this great comparison between two versions of same laptop where one had a 6 core i7 and one had 4 core i5. the difference for gaming wasn't that large to justify the price jump alone for me given i'll be mostly gaming / browsing on it.

              shows a huge difference for productivity applications/tasks though so if you do alot of that + gaming then probably worth the price jump to a 6 core. but for mainly gaming/browsing i5 would seem to be fine. video out via usb-c is definitely a bonus though, also it may allow freesync-only compatible monitors to work in gsync compatibility with the nvidia gpu, where the hdmi out doesn't appear to with freesync monitors.

              • +1


                video out via usb-c is definitely a bonus though, also it may allow freesync-only compatible monitors to work in gsync compatibility with the nvidia gpu, where the hdmi out doesn't appear to with freesync monitors.

                The problem is, the Nitro 5 with the 11th gen cpus, don't have a mux switch and it's the iGPU that outputs over the USB-C DP. So yeah no gsync either it seems ffs.

                • @CVonC: The HDMI is direct to the Nvidia GPU at least so a fully gsync compatible monitor will work for gsync, but they $$$. Just not sure about freesync ones with basic compatibility working over HDMI, like the dells on sale

                  • @yupyup:

                    a fully gsync compatible monitor will work for gsync

                    Isn't that still meant DP only?

    • update: 11th gen Intel all GAWN

      • Managed to order the $1400 11gen i7 refurb - but now wondering if this i5 works out as a better balanced gaming laptop given the thermal limits anyway… and that with the 7% off gift card is only ~$1114.

        Was aiming for futureproofing but now not sure if it actually makes much of a difference. Did I make the right choice?

        • +1

          280 bucks on top for a better cpu, memory and thunderbolt. I think you did.

        • +1

          I think yes, good purchase

          when you're not gaming, you can enjoy better productivity, and like dienk said, you got more RAM as well, I am not 100% sure on thunderbolt, even more awesome if true

          if I was happy to wait, I'd probably do the same, but I really wanted to process the upgrade in August since my previous laptop had 1 more year of warranty left, and it was right time to sell it on without much loss

  • Anyone used the AM card deall for travelle credit on it ? :P

    • Yep. Bought 2x $500 shopback gc at 7% off, then paid 998 on gc, 200 on amex which I will get back on the card. I have 2 dollars on gc left over (lol). In store payment. Haven't got the email saying it tracked yet, but did everything by the t&c's so sure it'll be good

  • Amazing this deal is still going. Upgraded with an extra 8 gb ram a 1tb SSD and a Redragon M913 wireless mouse.
    Does anyone know if/how I can connect this to my Acer Gsync Monitor? And any chance of getting gsync working from the hdmi 2.1 with an active hdmi to dp cable or something?

  • Can I assume I can just add 1TB SSD to this and get 1.5TB in total? or do I have to add 2 x 1TB? stupid question I know…

  • Hi All,

    Removed the internal battery and this has reduced the TPD for the GPU to only 80w. (was at 95 after the updates)

    Anyone know how I can keep this to 95w without battery?


  • Anyone have any battery issues with these?

    We have two from the earlier $1200-ish deal. One of the kids has jammed a USB in the wrong way and bent the pins, I think killing both left-side ports which I assume share a controller. Now I'm wondering if this is the reason the battery is totally dead. No amount of time on the charger gives the battery any life at all - removing the AC will immediately cut power, despite windows reporting 95% charged. BIOS has no battery info which is a bit sad.

    Just wondering perhaps the USB mangle has caused the battery death by some short circuit.

    Anyone used the warranty process yet? Im thinking if it's USB-related then we won't get any warranty anyway.

    • Just send it in for repair mate

  • So many different recommendations on what to do with the RAM for these, it has made my head spin.

    Do I get Dual Rank or Dual Channel?

    Should I just get a single 1 x 8GB stick for 16gb RAM overall


    Add a single 16gb RAM stick for 24gb overall?

    Or do I go crazy and just spend a bit more to get 32GB of RAM or is that overkill? Will that 4 cores even be able to use it?

    Was looking at 2 x 16gb Crucial 3200mhz cl22 RAM for something local stock but is it a waste of money?

    All I know for sure is to get 3200mhz lol

    Someone please help!

    • +1

      You should stick to what people have tested as Acer only lists a few compatible RAM for this laptop.

      I tried 2x 16GB performance RAM but laptop would not boot, all specs on RAM looked compatible but it didn't work. Have returned and will just get the 2x 16GB Crucial that people have posted here.

      CMSX16GX4M1A3200C22 - Corsair Vengeance 16GB (1x16GB), (3200MHz) DDR4 SODIMM, 22-22-22-53, 1.2v, For 11th Generation Intel CPU

      • So your saying the one I linked won’t be compatible?

        The timings are 22-22-22 1.2v but what’s the 53? I’m not good with RAM stuff.

        I thought I had seen people suggest the Crucial RAM I liked for the deal, fairly sure someone even commented on the deal from today saying they have it in their Nitro 5 (not sure what model though).

        • The one you linked is correct

  • Anyone else have issues with the fan noise? The whirring noise keeps going up and down, sometimes even when I am not running any programs anymore. I've recorded the noise on my phone (apologies for the clock ticking away in the background).


    • No isuues

  • It was a free game come with it on steam, Where could I find the code?

  • I purchased a 1TB SSD NVMe and installed in the spare NVMe 2280 slot but I can't seem to find it under Disk Management. How do i initialise the new SSD card? TIA

  • When will this deal be back, I missed out sadly. It's such a good deal.

  • Just wondering if I can install a samsung 970 evo plus onto the spare NVMe slot?
    Can I install 2tb or is there a maximum storage limit?

    • Yep

      • +1

        What's the neg for? Have answered both your questions… What more do you need? 🤷‍♂️🤔

        • Not sure who negged.. but I just upvoted you.

          • @benniboi88: All good .. I wasnt really worried .. Was just wondering what the neg was for (by whoever it was)

  • +1

    For anyone that missed out, I found this deal:

    Core i7 variant with 16gb ram and cheaper at $1154

    • I saw your deal was unpublished.. perhaps post it here or the forum?

      • +1

        Bing Lee screwed me.

        They have a tactic of dropping the price to stupidly low prices when they have no stock to fulfill.

        So they took my payment and I got nothing. It was a bait and switch. They tried to sell me the lower spec 3050ti model for $550 more.

  • There was no screw to attach an extra NVME drive

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