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[Pre-Order] AMD Ryzen 5 5600G CPU $359 Delivered @ PLE


$3 more than the previous low but a decent price for this CPU with integrated graphics, especially for those who can't get their hands on a GPU.

Tossing up whether to get this or wait for the 5600x during Black Friday sales.

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    3d cache version coming out soon. Supposedly to have 15% IPC gain.

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      Was that confirmed for the APU models?

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        No news yet.

      • I looked into a bit more - 15% is for certain games
        For zen 2 to zen 3
        :On average, games are showing an average 22% IPC improvement and in applications a more modest 12%"

        So the Games improvement divided by half is what you will see in other apps.
        So the 3d cache version will not be more than 10% IPC gain, probably less.

        Not a huge generational leap - and also we don't know if the 3d cache version of 5600x will be released, may be only 125w parts / 5800x +

        So lots of questions here

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      It'll be amazing if the APUs will also get the V-cache, as it'll help the main reason (limited L3 cache) why the APUs isn't performing as well as its 5000 CPU brothers. Although I doubt V-cache will be implemented on them.

    • There's no firm date on that yet and AM5 + DDR5 will probably cost a fair bit more for both motherboard and ram. The trade-off here is that these are the last CPUs that will support AM4. Worth it in my opinion.

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    Just an FYI for anyone interested. AMD CPUs with integrated graphics (ie. this one) don't support pcie4 SSD's. Up to you if that matters.

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      does it matter for crucial p2? i believe p2 is pcie3.
      when you said dont support pcie4, does it means ssd m.2 not functioning at all or just run as pcie3 speed?

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        They will run at pcie3 speeds. Any SSD will work, just cant get pcie4 speeds.

        • cool thanks

    • What if you have x570? Doesn't it have on chipset pcie4? I thought b550 is cpu only.

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        CPU limitations

      • My best guess is that if the CPU can't support it then it'll probably just put the chipset down to Gen3.

      • As others have said its a limitation of the CPU. It has to give some of its bandwidth to the GPU, therefore doesn't have enough to feed pcie4.

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        My Renoir APU support full PCIe 4.0 SSD speeds with my B550 motherboard, but only on one of the M.2 slots. X570 supports it on all. https://imgur.com/a/2xpHpp3

    • This is definitely incorrect for my Ryzen 5 PRO 4650G APU. It is running my Aorus NVMe SSD at PCIe 4.0 speeds just fine.


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        That shows your SSD supports gen 4, but doesn't say anything about your system. AMD APUs definitely do not support gen 4 ssd. A quick google search will show you that. Have you run a benchmark to see what speeds you get?

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          I think you are correct!

          I just ran crystal diskmark and it scored far worse than it should at 1700mbps. I know this SSD tested around 4400mbps with the same APU on an X570 but can't find any records so have to assume it was some kind of drive test only. That is a frustrating speed loss

          • @TheLurker: Sorry! theres no difference in real world scenarios at least.

            • @winaxter: Probably true. Glad to know about this, but felt better about it when I thought it was full speed. The APU is temporary until GPU prices are more reasonable so won't be forever

            • @winaxter: So, does adding a physical gpu reverse this? Or, is PCIe4 gone, regardless?

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                @Geekomatic: My understanding is that this CPU is limited to PCIe3 speeds regardless of whether or not you are use a discrete GPU.

  • how does this fair with the 10600k?

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      It's on par with a 3600X due to having less cache than the 5600x, so this will be slower than a 10600k on the whole. They're different tiers in that one is more enthusiast/gamer focused and the other is all-rounder/office user CPU. 10600K vs 5600X is a more fair comparison where the 5600X does generally beat out the 10600K.

      EDIT: I'm referring to gaming given the 10600K's focus.

      • Thanks, I'm considering this against 10600k given the recent prices for z590i boards ($200) and 10600k ($300)

    • +3

      In which area of usage?

      If you are comparing gaming performance on the integrated graphics alone, the 5600G crushes the 10600K. In terms of dedicated graphics performance, not much difference, as most games will be GPU limited. CPU performance wise is also similar, with 10600K being ~2-10% faster most of the times. See here for a more detailed review: https://www.techspot.com/review/2302-amd-ryzen-5600g/

      • Thanks, I'm considering this against 10600k given the recent prices for z590i boards ($200) and 10600k ($300)

        • If you are mainly gaming, I'd recommend going with intel. However, if you do have productivity in mind, then go with Ryzen, for the upgrade path.

          For mainly gaming, you can further overclock the 10600K to get very close performance to the top i7/i9, and most of the time it'll be on-par with Ryzen 5000 series, or superior to Ryzen 3000 series, at a lower (or slightly lower) initial cost (but higher power consumption and long term running cost, but most of the time this isn't much of a concern for desktop user/gamer). Even if you don't OC, considering you mentioned an ITX board so I don't know your build plans, it'll still be good.

          For productivity focused build, the AM4 platform will still give a better upgrade path opening to 12/16 cores Ryzen upgrade for superior productivity performance and efficiency.

          Of course this is all if you are building the computer with current gen component, next gen hardware is expected to be competitive again from both companies, and value propositions will likely change again.

          • +1

            @zrmx: You have to account for the cost of a Z590 board, and that Ryzen 5000 outperforms Intel in just about everything now.

          • @zrmx: Mainly for gaming and I want to try to build in a compact mini itx tower with sfx psu but full length graphics card support (Haven’t decided which case yet)

            Might also replace my i9 15inch MacBook Pro with a hackintosh on it (dual boot windows) because of the design flaws in its ssds which will lead ssd failures. (Dust accumulates affecting its stupid soldered on ssds)

            Considering both purposes, it’s probably better to go intel with a compatible AMD graphics card.

            • @XanderYuan: If you are thinking of doing Hackintosh, then going with Intel CPU will save you a lot more troubles.

              In terms of case, NR200 is definitely one of the more compact and well design cases that fits full length cards.

          • +1

            @zrmx: 5000 series has no upgrade path….

            • @Freestyle: Maybe my word choices aren't exactly great, but what I meant was that there are upgrade options for 5600G/5600X to go to the 12-cores 5900X and 16-cores 5950X for productivity workload. Such upgrade will be more substantial and faster than for 10600K to go to 10700K or even the 10900K, while being more efficient.

              • @zrmx: mate people keep saying that but why on earth would anyone upgrade to 5900X lets say 4 years down the line instead of going into the DDR5 spectrum?

                "Upgrade path" means newer gen stuff not high tier stuff.

            • @Freestyle: You still have Zen 3 with 3d V-Cache to be released prior to Zen 4 as an upgrade option. Based on when it was demonstrated, provided a 15% uplift in gaming over current Gen Zen 3.

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    remember to pair with fast RAM which will help the integrated gpu to deliver better performance.

    • Is there a chart that shows which ram should be used for a given CPU?

    • +1

      Most people buying a CPU with the intention of using the iGPU probably don't want to spend a premium on ram.

      • +3

        3600MHz not generally a huge premium, and should be a nice balance of price performance.

        I guess the broader point is, with discrete GPU, it's not a huge deal if MHz is lower but with tighter timings, however with iGPU MHz is more important than timings, so favour high MHz high timing within your budget (eg 3600/CL18 over 3200/CL16, which are usually around the same price)

    • I probably made the convservative choice, though the AMD page for 5600G and 5700G specifies 3200mhz, which i bought (CL16 Vengeance)

      • it specifies 3200mhz for any zen cpu. and thats jedec 3200. anything higher than 3200 22-22-22-52 is considered overclocking.
        so you buying vengeance already goes against their product page.

  • 1050 eqv?

    • 1050ti with properly tuned ram

      • +1

        Nice. And 1050ti seconds are going for $200

  • Member when APUs were cheap.

    • -1

      Member when Apu wasn't cancelled.

  • +1

    How much slower is this than a 5600x?
    I should be specific, at 1440p? Figure the gap must close as res increases (or not!)

    • Same here, could be an option to run if your graphics card dies and while you wait 3 months for repair you can still use your PC

      • Yeah that's what I was thinking! Few of those YouTube videos seem to show only a few frames slower at 1440p! Also a bit cooler which isn't a bad thing..

    • +5

      This seems to be a good comparison of the 5600g, including data at 1440p.
      6.4% slower than the 5600x averaged across 10 titles tested.

  • For those who need Intel, the i5 11600kf is currently $369 at Centercom. Not a bad price although it doesn't have the integrated GPU


    • I would go for this if the $100 boards were fully overclockable :/

  • I was looking for a well priced B550 board and got absolutely nowhere.

  • +2

    Definitely waiting and praying for good black Friday deals

  • OP, are you sure there will definitely be a sale for 5600X on Black Friday?

    • Wondering if it will be cheaper than the eBay afterpay sales (364).. somehow doubtful it will go much lower, depends on if new Intel are readily available and price drops come through for 5xxx

    • No I don't have insider info haha. The 5600x has been going on sale monthly on eBay though (through Afterpay and eBay Plus deals), so I'm predicting 10-20% off using an eBay Plus or Afterpay code during Black Friday - hopefully a bigger discount.

    • Alderlake being released next month so AMD will probably go on sale then

  • -2

    Not bad, the 5600G scores similarly to the 5600X in CB R23 multicore. Finally it is less gimped.

  • I use a 5600g for my work machine and have a gaming machine with a 5600x. For day to day usage, do not notice a difference. Very snappy on windows 11.

  • How does this APU compared to say a GTX 960?

    • Curious about this too!

    • +1

      with a proper ram tune, slightly faster i reckon, without one id say it would match it

    • +1


      GTX960 would be better I think (it would be a hard match) , according to this review it is around 40% of GTX1060 3GB (similar to GTX970)

  • Hmmm added to cart … no option for Free Shipping :(

  • Was pricing my build with a Ryzen 5 3600 which seems to be going for $399 - any reason not to jump on this deal instead? I was going to go for a Western Digital Blue 1TB SN550 SSD which isn't PCIE 4.0 anyway, since PCIE 4.0 SSD's are fair bit more expensive.

    • Would be better to wait for the 5600X to go on sale for ~$360. It has more cache so it performs a bit better, and has PCIe 4.0.

    • 3600 is $399 now? wtf.

      I didn't think the CPU stock situation was that bad, 3600 was knocking on the door of $200 at one point, $220 deals were very common.

  • Buy this now and wait for gpu prices return to normal?

    • +2

      Buy when you need a new PC.

    • is it not better to reuse old graphics card than the integrated lol

      • Old GPU market are inflated as well :(

  • The iGPU in this is okay for some low settings gaming, however you should note the lack of PCI-E 4.0.

    Also of note are the rumours/assumption that these APU's may get a refresh with RDNA2 GPU parts next year. (The current parts are still using Vega)

    The only APU parts in the wild with RDNA gpus in them are the consoles and upcoming steam deck.

  • Wait for ddr5 to get cheap ddr4 system

  • Tossing up whether to get this or wait for the 5600x during Black Friday sales.

    just wait for next ebay plus deal and use it with afterpay referral, that is how I got that for $334

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