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WD Elements 14TB Desktop Hard Drive USB 3.0, NOW $399.41 + Shipping ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Lowest Price this has been in the last 6 months and quite a good drive, great for a PLEX drive.

Western Digital elements desktop storage with USB 3.0 offers reliable, high-capacity, add-on storage, Fast data transfer rates and universal connectivity with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 devices. The sleek design features up to 14TB capacity plus Western Digital quality and reliability.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    This is been cheaper before. I think prices are now comming down may get to the privious price of $299. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/572428

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      Who knows but I've been watching this for months. It teases a trend to lower prices then goes up again sitting around $420 ish for quite a few weeks.
      If it drops further to $299 that's great, it could be a gamble though.

      • Been waiting for a deal on one of these for a while as well, not sure if I should pull the trigger :/

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          I think it's a decent price at the moment, certainty cheaper then anything local and I need one now anyway, can't wait, so bit the bullet.

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            @Homerlovesbeer: Tempting to wait… because fleshing out 4 of these for a ZFS pool does get costly

            • @mitchins: Yeah, I am in the same boat. I'm waiting until prices get down to ~$25/Tb so I can put a few of these into my new NAS. Until then, I have to keep deleting stuff :(

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              @mitchins: Wait, what drives are in these?

              As one of the resident ZFS nerds, have you seen the 9 day resilvers from SMR drives!?


              Btrfs is slightly better on SMR, but either way you want to stick to mirrors, if you're stuck with SMR.

              • @MasterScythe: Thanks for the heads up.. I haven’t been paying too close attention as my last pool size was 8TB drives. So this is a good warning.
                Can you recommend as per community knowledge what the best shuckable option is of the 12-18TB WD or seagate options?

                Especially given the last exos 16TB drive I bought from new egg as a “tester” arrived dented and rattling I won’t be going down that route.


                • +1

                  @mitchins: The EXOS drives I mentioned in my previous post are shucked Seagate desktop drives. They're quiet, fast, and have relatively low heat output, I've been extremely happy with them, especially considering how much they would have cost me had I purchased them as EXOS drives (and I'm a Seagate reseller with access to bulk pricing from the national distributor - the disparity was eye watering). If you're ordering in 1,000 unit quantities the pricing is quite reasonable, but not many places buy drives like that (as most enterprise customers at that scale don't buy disk, they buy 'storage solutions').

              • +1

                @MasterScythe: I have three of these in a RAIDZ1 array as actual external drives on USB - my TrueNAS Core server runs six 16TB EXOS drives in RAIDZ2, but runs 30min differential backup routines of the important stuff to the external array. This has been running for about 9 months without a hiccup, which is a pleasant surprise as FreeBSD used to have pretty unreliable USB3 support.

                Haven't shucked the drives, so can't comment on what model they use inside, but using them as-is has been reliable from my perspective.

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          Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals worth holding out for?

          • +5

            @matt0: I sent myself into the future and checked all the deals but when I got back the screen shots on my phone were wiped, time travel is kinda tricky.

    • Does CamelCamelCamel not record the price history for Amazon UK/US products ordered via Amazon AU :( ?

      Price tracking the product codes on US and UK sites directly seem to match up, price-wise, though additional charges/shipping/tax may be another factor

  • 14TB :o

    • +3

      15 years ago I was buying 256mb usb sticks for $40!!!
      10 yeas ago I was buying 250gb - 500gb for similar prices 2tb could be had for currently.
      oh how times have changed.

      • 16 years ago work paid $900 for a 1G stick for me. Boy it was fast and used it for many years.

      • I know right? I even remember thinking "how the hell am i going to fill my 1GB drive? That's way to much"

        • +1

          Thats a you thing though.
          By the time 1GB drives were retail available, MP3/Napster was popular, and the "how" to fill a 1GB drive was never a question in most peoples minds.

          • @MasterScythe: Yeah I've never had enough money for the storage I need, let alone the storage for the data I need…

      • When USB's came to my high school I paid $64 for a 32MB one. Absolutely no regrets, it was vastly better than using floppy disks.

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        In 2031 we should revisit this thread whilst chuckling at the 14TB drives on our keyrings that we bought for $2

        • +3


          • +2

            @timmof: Wrist chip implants, free cloud storage that came with Maccas meal, whatever tech we’ll be using then!

            • +1

              @Chickenleg: I am putting in door locks that have MFA to my phone… Do you know how easy it is to pick a physical lock?! WTH are people doing using keys anymore?!!

      • +8

        15 years ago my broadband speed was 24mbit for $70/m
        today its 50mbit for $70/m.

        I guess time haven't change that much….

      • +1

        About 25 years ago, I was on an 89mb hard drive, knee deep in "doublespace" and every other alleged memory expansion magic pills. My friend came to school and announced he had a 360mb drive and it blew my mind, and continued to blow my mind for weeks afterwards. His social standing went up in the group (of nerds).

        (In the absence of anything else, our hardware was our flair)

        I remained a hardware beta of the group until my uncle kindly sent me 8mb of ram which put me up to 12 and in the lead in the group at something. Of course, it did very little other than slightly speed up load times - I still had a very slow computer and the ram didn't make the CPU spontaneously better at playing games.

  • -1

    Quite one, love it.

  • 5900rpm one, right? Does anyone know?

    • +1

      Should be 7200rpm. Don't think any manufacturers make 5400/5900rpm drives in this capacity.

      Seems like a white label Ultrastar HC530

    • 5400

    • Older reviewed drives were 5400 and helium, but newer ones are WD80EDAZ which are 7200 and air.

  • +1

    Bargain. Thanks op

  • +1

    Nice price. It has been hovering around $420 to $499 for several months as per an earlier comment.

  • Do you guys store your important files (like you kids' photos on this). Do you consider having a backup? If yes, how?

    • +1

      Yes to backups. How, by having multiple copies stored on different drives.

      • So you are copying the files manually?

      • and in different locations

    • I have important photos/documents/other personal stuff on a drive like this that also gets backed up weekly to IDrive (cloud service).

    • +5

      for family photos especially, I have a nas that has had mirrored drives, and every now and then use one of these externals to back up everything. It stays at my folks place.

      So if one of the nas drives dies, then I’m covered. The external drive snapshot covers me if the house burns down or i simply am a meathead and delete the wrong folder permanently.

      Otherwise, look into something like carbonate, backblaze etc. Yeah it’s a cost, but it’s what I use on, say, my elderly dads pc, because it’s pretty bullet proof, and he doesn’t need to do anything.

      Really don’t wanna be that dad at the 21st birthday showing pics of my kid from the age of 13 and over because I didn’t back up.

      Ps All harddrives will die.

      • Is there any pros or cons to buying this 14tb over a NAS? I know NAS is like a cloud storage but is it just as long lasting as regular external storage? Or is it totally dependant on what kind of drives you put into the NAS? Basically I wanna know if NAS wears down the drives faster or not since it's wireless and using wifi.

        • I think for $400 we can have a NAS with 2+2TB?

        • I'd assume the drives will wear out quicker in a NAS, but it's (mostly) always on, so it's not spinning up and down.
          (edit - there are HDDs are are more suited to running all the time.)

          I use my synology nas for more than just storage. eg, running a plex server. (Pretty handy and not too hard to set up.) Obviously costs more to buy a dedicated nas. Otherwise there's a lot of guides on the internet that show how to take an old PC and set up your own using free software. A dedicated NAS hardware is usually lower power, with some other features for other specific use cases.

          If you're just looking for some extra storage of stuff to be connected all the time, a lot of routers will let you plug in an external drive and let you access it over wifi from any device on your network pretty easily.

          Otherwise, these external hdds are fine to just plug in to your PC when you need them, like when doing a regular backup etc.

    • Google drive is safer unless you backed them up in few locations, not just one.

    • -2

      Why would kids photos be important? Wouldn't you rather have a good time so you remember it, than take pictures constantly. Never understood the mentality of always having to photograph every moment of your life. Live for the moment and enjoy it instead of worrying about pictures. Thats why we have memories. 95% of these photos you'll never look at again

      • +1

        Google photos + Google home hub

        My memory is rubbish, and photos on a phone take a second but last a lifetime

        I look at the photos because they randomly play, when I'm cooking dinner and it makes me happy, or sad, but it helps me remember.

        Don't be so synical

        • I'm a very cynical chap :)
          Especially with the way everyone has to have their phone and take photos of everything they do these days. To have that much content of it that you need 14tb worth is a bit ridiculous

          • @Monstalova: You really think people are buying these large capacity drives just to store photos on them? Hahahaha

            One movie can take up 100gb easily, people create 4k content and the list goes on and on.

            Also, it only takes 1/8 of bugger all to take a photo.

            • @Hisalt: What is wrong with you. Im saying for the person asking about storing photos if this drive is good. Im well aware of what drives are able to hold. I have over 100tb of drives. Other than the lord of the rings in 4K can you name another movie that is close to 100gb?

              • @Monstalova: haha ok, fair enough, guess I didn't really read all comments, just saw you having a go about photos

                plenty of movies 80 to 100gb, after having a quick look on my computer I found Iron Man 2 & 3, couple of the Batman moves were 85Gb

  • +1

    Is it a good idea to throw one of these into the nas?

    • +1

      Yep probably an Hitachi Helio drive

    • Err, if you're putting just one drive into a NAS, you're not doing NAS right…

  • Are these powered by the USB cable only? No external power source?

    • Power cable that will be a US plug so you will need an adapter (or you can raise a ticket with WD and get them to send you an Australian adapter) and USB3 cable.

      • Yeah agreed. I dont know why they give you a 2nd USB cable?

        • Because 3.5" drives like these are 12v drives.
          A second 5v USB cable isn't going to help much 👍

      • Hi Vladdo,

        I just ordered the drive.

        What is required as proof to request an AU Plug from WD Support.

        And is it AU WD Support or USA WD Support.

        Also what did you say to get an extra USB3 cable.


        • Got one from Amazon UK and the other from Amazon US.

          Go to https://support-en.wd.com/ and create an account and raise a support ticket to request for an AU power supply.

          They will send one out at no cost.

        • +4

          I didn't get an extra USB 3 cable, only a power adapter. I went to https://support-en.wd.com/ and asked a question.

          I just bought two 14tb elements hard drives from amazon australia but they came with UK & US plugs. Is it possible to get an AU plug for the power adapter.
          Thank you."

          Before anything can happen you will need the physical drives as they'll ask for the serial number.

          They replied with

          "Dear Vladdo,
          Thank you for contacting Western Digital Technical Support. My name is Katherine M.
          I understand that you want an Australian Power Adapter. I am sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.
          I would request you to please provide us the following information in order to raise your request for an Australian power adapter:
          - Shipping Address
          - Contact Number
          - Serial Number of two hard drives
          We will be waiting for your response. Thank you for your kind cooperation!"

          • @Vladdo: Hi Vladdo,

            Thanking you.

            You made my response easy as. I will just do a cut and paste.

            Thanks for the extra info, I will wait until delivery before proceeding.

        • i requested two AU plug kits for the 2x 14TB i got from a prev deal - all i did was create the account, did not even register the drives. They sent them without question or verification of the products themselves. Not bad

    • +1

      Has an external PS with a US plug but works on 110-240v so you can use an adaptor (or just bend the pins to fit AU Power point)

      • Don’t do that if you have little kids because where the pins are bent are not insulted, like on the AU plugs, and they are exposed. Easily for kids to touch the pins with flat metallic objects like a butter knife.

  • +5

    Tempted but I think I will tempt fate and wait for Black Friday/Cyber Monday next month.

    • thinking the same - I'm after 2x 10TB maybe even 14TB if the budget can stretch depending on deal + Synology 920+
      I've waited months already so I can wait till November but there's no guarantee I'll get any bargains…

  • I've got this drive as my Xbox Series X External drive from the $299 deal last time.

    Emailed WD support about an AU plug and they were quick to send one.

    Have not had any issues.

    • Hi fatcat83,

      I just ordered the drive.

      What is required as proof to request an AU Plug from WD Support. And is it AU WD Support or USA WD Support.


      • Only your WD Elements serial number.

        • Thanks cheach,

          All ready just waiting for the drive so I can grab the Serial Number.

      • Hi Broody,

        Correct just a serial number of the drive so you can register the device through WD support.

        I follow these instructions at the bottom the this OZB Post by johnmelb and crediting xecutor:



        • Thanks fatcat83, will do.

  • -1
    • +2

      limit 3 per customer . .

    • +1

      I believe these drives have not been very reliable

    • +5

      IMHO i would much prefer 1 x 14tb over 4 x 4tb

  • +2

    It is now $402.49. I took the plunge.

    • Going back up?

      • +1


        I survived a dying 2TB Drive by transferring the info out before it failed completely.

        Thus I have pretty full 2TB, 3TB, 4TB and 8TB HDD's.

        So want to merge the info out of these drives to this 14TB (My info) and let the Misses keep all her info on the 3TB, 4TB and 8TB drives.

        This will allow a joint 2TB HDD and she has 15TB storage and I have 14TB.

        I could probably live with the 14Tb failing, but not sure about the better half.

  • Are these easily shucked?

    • very easily, just need to pop the little clips on the side and you're in

    • Yes and plenty YouTube video to guide you.

  • Wildly expensive :/

    • +1

      You realise you've just posted this in a deal with 85 upvotes and over 1000 clicks ?

      It's a great deal.

      • I don't care how many upvotes and clicks, it's wildly expensive and I will wait for prices to return to normal.

        Is there more expensive? probably. Is it even close to cheapest? Not by a long mile.

  • Anyone used this in a mame arcade setup?? Have a 6tb and 4tb but almost out of space .. wanting to upgrade to the 2x10tb setup. But maybe this might work

    • +1

      … it's just a normal hard drive, it will work anywhere a hard drive will work 👍
      There are really old devices that can't cope with drives bigger than 2TB, but that's not an issue for you cos you're already using 6TB and 4TB.

  • Hopefully chia mining dies in the arse and storage prices come down.

  • Price updated….

  • Been $410 for at least the last week.

  • +2

    this good for storing a 10TB+ porn collection?

  • Can I ask how do they compare to a WD NAS Red? I have a 418Play with 4x6TB WD Reds and may need some more space shortly… Was thinking of buying 2…

  • they finally broke out of the $400's, this is excellent news! i'm going to keep waiting though. There was a time where these were below $300, but i still think it's a while away.

    I reckon as we lean closer to xmas they will have some deals that will shave $50+ off in 1 hit.

  • they just updated the price from amazonuk to $384!


  • Price drop on Amazon UK to $378.58
    Amazon Link

  • Going for $325 now

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