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[NSW] $100 off Sony 65" X9500H 4K UHD HDR Smart Android TV $1895 + Delivery (Sydney Metro) @ Bing Lee eBay


For those that missed out on this deal, use the new coupon code "SPENDNSAVEMORE" to bring the price back down to $1895 (+ delivery)

t&c's: https://pages.ebay.com.au/Buyer_coupons/SPENDNSAVEMORE/

  • Save $10 when you spend $100 up to $499 in one transaction; or
  • Save $50 when you spend $500 up to $999 in one transaction.
  • Save $100 when you spend $1000 or more in one transaction;

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    I wish it's available for QLD

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      Same. I hope somewhere price matches.

    • I am in the market for a 65" TV. Do you mind telling me what is the difference if it was available in QLD?

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        No hdmi 2.1

        • No PS5

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          This model at Myer is $100 more, but with HDMI 2.1 and Google TV, not Android TV. Better energy rating.


          • @rygle: All J model have hdmi 2.1

          • @rygle: Why doesnt the specs simply state the watts used at a given standardised brightness?

            None of this 7 hours per day for a year (or whatever it is) …at f' knows what level of brightness?

            A TCL 65" sticker says 300, but the standard setting isn't as bright. So guessing you can turn down the Sony backlight and achieve the same 300 rating.

            I looked at 2 identical OEM TVs. One with a 280 sticker, the other 420. Using the hidden service menu, they were the same TV.

            The TV energy rating system is a shambles.

          • @rygle: X85J is a Significantly worse tv than this one but your points are still valid

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    $1677 with free delivery using the same code, 2 left at time I wrote this. This seller is actually Harvey Norman Commercial, I've bought from them before.

    • Is this Android TV? - Edit - Never mind read the description on Ebay - It is Android TV

    • Hah … tried to login to eBay to grab the last one and … it's gone once I was logged in :-(

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      I hope you got it @And0

      • +1

        I did thanks @peuwayaqdq & @summit!! Appreciate it.

    • That's a sxc price damn good

    • damn, was looking at this last night but was trying to work out who the seller was. Even at the coupon free price it was good value. Shame I missed it!

    • Can you explain how you know the seller is HN Commercial?
      (I saw the listing last week but I didn't want to trust buying such an expensive item.)

      • +1

        I bought a TV from them a few months ago. It was delivered next day by Harvey Norman with a Harvey Norman Commercial invoice. Username is Druin2229 - Druin Pty Ltd in Taren Point 2229.


        Scroll to the very bottom of the page
        "Harvey Norman Commercial Division is operated by Druin Pty Ltd, an independent franchisee."

        • Thanks.
          I wish I knew this last week!

  • Saw this tv being sold on TVSN the other day which is interesting considering the newer J models are out a few months now.

    Previous gen G and F all sold out pretty early before the new models release.

    • Not sure if you can actually buy a J. The 65” J doesn’t come with an anti glare finish.

  • What's the difference between this and the X95H series?

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      • Like they are identical with different model being for marketing purposes?

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          Yep. X95H in the US, X9500H in Australia. Same panel, same everything.

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            @bataleon: Ok thanks.

          • +2

            @bataleon: Ours came with references to both on the packaging

            • @roonie: Yeah same here :) I've only had mine a few days. Anything under $2k is an absolute steal for this TV. I hope everyone that wants one manages to get one.

  • +3

    Boght the 75 inch 2 weeks ago from JBhifi. It took me an hour to prepare and mount it to the wall. Believe it or not, the TV died within the first 30 minutes of its life. Now waiting for JBhifi to come and take it away. Never had a bad experience with Sony but this time I am scarred for life.

    • +2

      It happens with all electronics. It's rare but happens to the best of em. Don't let it scar you. Learning experience to how to deal with it when it happens in the future 😊💪

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      This also happened to me…
      Try a hard reset, I think press and hold volume up and Power on the back of the TV while switching the socket back on.

      Ended up that the TV was indeed faulty as it happened again a week later and that time the hard reset procedure didn't work.
      I bought direct from Sony and they were a PITA to deal with.
      Took 3 weeks and multiple phone calls chasing them down each time.

      • Was that the same model? What happened at the end? JBHifi had a go with me at first and refused to unmount and rebox them. I called the head office to complain and later that day the local store called back and offered to unmount, rebox and remove at their cost. They told me there is no more stock for X9500 75 inch and offer a full refund or $1,000 discount on the X95J. I didn't want to spend $3.5k on a X95J but the misses is pregant and needs to make her happy so I bite the bullet.

        • 55" x9500G

          After all the hassle, I just got my money back as I was too stung by the dismal "Customer Care".
          Bought an LG OLED instead as the price had dropped to within $100 of the x950 series and I'd only settled on the Sony cause I was too tight to cough up the extra for the OLED.

      • It seems to be the case with everything nowadays… I bought a Dell gaming laptop from JB and after a month it kept shutting down or restarting at random. No logic to it at all. Under stress or not didn't make a difference.

        Tried to return the laptop and well, it's been 3 weeks of them 'investigating'. And they wanted me to accept this terms and conditions that said they could repair my laptop with refurbished parts!!

  • Sony ebay is sellin for 2000 or 2290 i guess 2021 model

  • Just keep in mind that if you don't care about hooking a PC or game console, HDMI 2.1 is irrelevant. 8K might still be more appealing for such users in order to future proof.

    Personally, looking at a good sony TV deal 65+ for the living room so that the misses can watch and has android. No stress about OLED burn-in mitigations is not being followed.
    I can move the CX for myself ;)

    • 8K lol good luck the TV lasting that long for any meaningful content. But there is one born everyday.

      • Casual people do use TVs for 5 years+ I used a C6 OLED…the last of the 3D TVs for 4 years as a monitor.

        Everyone said the same thing about HDR and 4K. It is a chicken or the egg situation. Tech is getting faster to process such videos…so, eventually, it can happen.

        • Tech is also getting a lot worse/more volatile reliability wise. Its a lottery drip if it will last more than few years. But even if it did, each year goes on image processing and other firmware/software/competing technologies progress. For most people buying an 8K set is not future proofing its sacrificing the present for the future (upscale free to air, IPTV, of foxtel to 8K… yuck), at which point in time it will be inferior in many important respects. If you are someone who only watches 4K material then OK there may be benefit. But i'd take a current gen OLD over a gimmicky 8K set every day of the week, and buy an 8K set when it actually matters.

          • @Xizor: Well put. The 8K I am talking about are your TCL, etc. that might be flooded in the near future. OLED is something I am using and amazing. It does have the caveat of casual users not understanding what burn-in is and always pausing! 4K step up to 8K is not that bad but FTA…yuk indeed.

            • @samkenny: Here's hoping TCL improve their bugs and quality control. Certainly gap in the market open now Hisense have turned to ^&%$.

  • What's the difference between SONY X85J vs SONY X9500H? They are both similar price

    • +1

      x9500H is last years model of their premium LCD/LED TV.
      X85J is their lower-mid range LCD/LED from this year.

      Sony didn't do much this year, so you're better off getting the X9500H for the money.

      • Thanks!

        • The letter at the end of the model indicates the year.
          This year's TVs are all J models, last year's are all H models (I presume they skipped the letter I cause it looks like the digit one or even the letter L)

      • I'd disagree especially if you're a gamer.


        X85J has HDMI 2.1 / 4k 120hz / VRR (with incoming software update)

        • +1

          Good point (sort of)

          especially only if you're a (fairly competitive) gamer

          fixed it for you.

          Gaming features are exclusively targeted at pretty high end gaming.
          Casual gamers will either not notice or will barely notice a difference.

          And in all other aspects the x950h is a superior TV by a long margin.

  • Do u guys suggest to get this one over x90J??

    • I would. Nothing special about the 90j

  • What determines how good a 4K TV can upscale free to air TV?

    • +1

      I bought the 65950h last week from the Sony ebay sale for about $1780 delivered. I was worried about upscaling FTA as it’s used for that a lot. I was coming from a LG B7 OLED that did a fantastic job of upscaling and overall picture quality ( moved the lg to another room as wife wanted a 65 and really couldn’t afford the C1 65 price). The Sony’s upscaling of FTA is great on the HD channels. No regrets. Still think the Lg is slightly better but sub $2000 for the 65 is great value. Great Tv,.

      • Cheers mate. So there isn't any tech feature/ specification for upscaling ability?

        • No not at all. Played around with the settings according to Rtings in the “standard “ modeSetting. However don’t even think it needs that. Great straight out of the box untouched, Nothing needs turning on.

      • My experience with x9500G Sony upscaling was disappointing versus the LG CX I ended up with.
        The LG is crystal clear, the Sony had creeping pixels, and motion is better on the LG too.

        • So what makes it better? Tv manufacturers love to boast "HDR", "24P", 120Hz etc etc. But there is nothing for upscaling ability?

          I'm expecting something like "make sure the TV supports 'Super upscaler FTX2' codec"?

          • @tunzafun001: Algorithmic magic….
            Each manufacturer has their own, so you can't compare like for like across brands.

            Sony's is supposed to be very good (according to reviews), but to my eyes, LG's was/is far better.
            Note that I'm only comparing Broadcast HD (Our DVD player hasn't worked for a few years and it hasn't been missed, so hasn't been replaced.)
            In my case, it was Tour de France coverage on SBS.
            And it was across a 3 week period between the Sony TV working then breaking down, battling out a refund with Sony's Customer (No)Care and delivery of the LG.

        • My mate has the C1 and I have a B7 LG. And yes they are better , However the C1 is about $3200 and the Sony $1800 ish. Would have I preferred a 65 C1 ,yes. However can’t see much fault with the Sony. No pixel showing, and motion on FTA is good on mine. However if you want to pay the extra it will be better. On another note my B7 suffered burn in . L G support was great and came out and replaced the panel well out of warranty. Channel 7 logo was a nightmare for my B7. However since the panel was replaced no problem so far.see my other posts re the barn in if you wish

          • @ern123: Burn in is still pretty much an issue for oled tvs? Heard mix opinions it's a distant memory. Thanks

  • I just got an email from Bing Lee that my order has been cancelled as it's out of stock. Frustrating.

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