Don't Order from Techfast or Luke at Techfast

Dear Ozbargain,

Writing this post to warn potential buyers not to order from Techfast.

I ordered a PC from Techfast and I ordered a computer with a Nvidia RTX2060 graphics card, I even put it in my order notes specifically. What I received is a Nvidia RTX2060 MINI version.

Would you be happy receiving a different graphics card than you ordered? At no point in the purchase process before or after was I made aware of this, even after putting in order notes. I would have declined to use Techfast if I was notified.

The two cards are completely different, they have different sku codes (barcodes) meaning the manufacturer treats them as different products! They have a different physical size and different fan sizes. They have different web pages Both these factors affect cooling and resale value

The response from the merchant and their bank have been dishonest and false. They continue to say they are the same card.

I'll leave both product pages and let you decide if you think they are the same card.

Galax 'RTX2060 Mini' ( )
Galax 'RTX2060' ( )

Edits: Techfast shills are downvoting all my comments, what a suprise

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          Yeah, OP likes to leave out some important details.

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    So what does the mini do differently/not as well? Assume it must be something to make a deal about it…

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      The main difference is a smaller cooler, which means more thermal limitation which means less performance. Only marginal though, 1% type stuff. Potentially louder fans as well.

  • This is the kind of issue you might complain about once over a beer with friends, and then quickly get over it.

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    Reading the whole thread, I dare say OP doesn’t understand that the term 2060 only meant what’s on the board and not specifically a brand/ model/ type of card.

    The OP doesn’t clearly understand prebuilds also factor in costs, due to the prebuilt cost the company will always use cheaper or inferior products to be competitive and also make a buck.

    OP, you have a 2060 of some type. Be satisfied or I can swap you with a nvidia GeForce TNT2 that I found in my parts bin with some eddo ram if interested.

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    Yeah I don't get the pre-built system apologists.
    I ordered a pre-built dell desktop PC a few years ago.
    Advertised as having an RX570 GPU.
    Came with an RX470 with firmware flashed to 570 (my GPU was even manufactured about 1 year before the 570 was released).

    Dell shills everywhere said it's fine, performs the same, etc.

    I've been avoiding tech fast because in amongst the shills, I've seen people having issues with broken systems, wrong parts, and shipping delays.

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      But that is completely different. You ordered a 570 and got a 470. You didn't get what was advertised.

      OP ordered a 2060 (brand/model may vary) and got a 2060. If the listing said Galax RTX 2060 and he got a Galax RTX 2060 mini then he would have some justification to complain.

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    You ordered cheap and got cheap? If you were actually diligent why would you pay without knowing all the exact specifics. Do you think they would be same price if they spent time going back and forth with you? No - Its a streamlined generic service with specific builds. You only have yourself to blame. Your acting like you were forced to buy here. Move on.

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    You got a RTX 2060 as you requested, I don't think they've done anything wrong here.

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    Next post probably trying to complain why he didnt receive an RTX 2060 Super

  • Why are threads like this allowed?

    Best case scenario, the OP is too stupid/ignorant to participate in the internet.

    Worst case scenario, they are trolling and, in the process of doing so, defaming a company over nothing.

  • I agree, it is strange, and I might say even unprofessional to have a pre-built with a regular case with a mini GPU that is intended for small factor cases, and I would be upset as well, but it seems your order didn't specify what exact model you will get, so that's the problem.

    Next time make sure your order specifies the exact models you will be getting.

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    'ordered a computer with a Nvidia RTX2060 graphics card'

    received a computer with a Nvidia RTX2060 graphics card

    OMG - terrible ! someone please help !!! I didn't want the MINI but didn't specify - Ima SUE someone !

    sure - let me drop everything and work on Your problem …

  • My 2c - I got a 3070 based PC during 2020 Boxing Day deals, did a last min upgrade on the case and Luke dealt with everything quickly and smoothly.

    If you check most the deals from TechFast the feedback is overwhelmingly positive.

    As per other comments, this post is a bit of an over reaction. The card IS a RTX 2060 and functions exactly as expected. Bigger is not always better, especially with technology… :P

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    Incredible whinge. Publicly slating a company in front of thousands for a minor thing. Attacking their business. You are unreasonable.

    My techfast order required some fixes and the company sorted everything out 10/10 service.

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    This is what happens when you buy prebuilt. In order to turn a profit they will give you barebones case, RAM, PSU unless specified and try a scrape through whatever GPU leftovers they have. Only thing on brand for sure is the CPU lol.

    Wouldn't blame Techfast specifically it's just how the price conscious prerebuilt sector goes.

  • These types of builds have been available at many PC retailers for 25+ years. OP knew exactly what he was getting (or not getting, in this case a specific card) . Sometimes you luck out on makes/models on components, but mostly they just need to fit the description given and work together, which OP's machine does. I'd be surprised if Techfast doesn't take OP to task on this thread, because it is damaging them without a case to answer.

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    Should have a thread for sellers

    Don't sell to Pagaille21 from Ozbargain

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      They haven't been seen for 19 hours 40 min.

      I wonder if Luke sent his 'team' around ???

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    How much do you want for the card?

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      More than it's worth. Hence the thread.

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        Well I am prepared to pay nine fifty for it.

        • 950 or 9.50?

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            @gerrys: It's a Mini, so 9.50 sounds about right.

          • @gerrys: This is exactly what the OP should have asked in the beginning, as there are many variants of the product and my interpretation of the description could be different from yours.
            It's like all those people who sell PlayStation 5 empty boxes, clearly state it is a box and people jump on and push the price up to nearly buying one with a box.

            Context is king.

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    Bad comments is also good advertisement.

    • “Free” good advertisement
      *fixing for ya

  • Just flip it on eBay, you'll get good coin for it atm, do it while mining is still toppy.

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      That's exactly what the OP is doing and how he found out, his purchase is a year and 3 months old (not that he says that). Clearly took it out to flip it and discovered it was the mini so made this post lol

      • If that's the case…. unbelievable someone would not open up their case when they got it to inspect for damage, correct parts etc.

        On top of that, looks like it hasn't been cleaned in all that time…

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    Got my gaming PC from Luke and the team at TechFast from Black Friday sales. Could not have been more stoked with what I got :)

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    OP might want to be careful here. It seems this post is out here for sole purpose of shaming Techfast cos he didn’t get what he wanted. (Whether what he wanted was reasonable or unreasonable is debatable)

    And if it turns does out that his purchase was 15 months ago and is now wanting an exchange so he can flip this shaming could possibly be classified as slander. I don’t really think lawyers would ever be involved. But the possibility is there if Luke ever wanted it to go that far.

    • TF should take legal action

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    We're aware of this and I have reached out to OP to resolve it. I'm awaiting their reply and won't offer any other comment on it.

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      Offering to upsize his next McDonald's meal from small to large? 😅

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      Sadly, expectation management being required on a sale over 12mths old shouldn't be a thing but it appears in this case rather unavoidable…
      This, and possible damage control over the multiple defamatory posts OP has made, so as to minimise long-term reputational damage.

      TechFast hasn't done anything wrong, but hopefully this shows prospective buys that you guys aren't as bad as you're made out to be.

      I myself have had a few dealings with your company and have nothing but praise for your efforts. Thank you.

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      Hope you offer them a perm block from your business as people like this ruin companies op has a 1 year old pc and is crying poor

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      If this is legit, it doesn't sound like you owe OP anything.

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      Make sure not to set a precedent where the people who winge the loudest get their way.

      Just setting yourself up for more of these posts in the future.

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      give us an update!

      • +8

        I haven't heard anything back.

        • +1

          Wonder why!

        • +1

          That’s telling.

          He spends time and effort to post and reply to randoms, but won’t interact with the only party that can offer resolution.

          Not saying you have anything to resolve, but at least the correspondence will be from the entity where he has his grievance.

          • @VerticallyIntegrated: Time and effort to cross-post their "claim" numerous times too, and then proceeding to give 1-star review of company on Product Review website.

            I'd hate to see what happens when someone does actually screw OP over… perhaps we'd hear about it on A Current Affair.

        • Still nothing?

            • @luketechfast: Well… you tried, you extended the olive branch. If OP doesn't want to swallow their pride, there's nothing much else you can do.

              Hopefully this is a timely lesson to OP to read the fine print and not get upset 12mths after they've bought something, if/when the form factor is not what they expected.

            • @luketechfast: Huh….well in this case I would ping the guy again. Maybe he forgot?

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                @Zachary: Why bother?

                • @KSMLJ: Well he started it, so Luke should be the one to end it.

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      Please don't give him anything, he got what he ordered and giving into customers like this only reinforces their selfishness. You guys owe him nothing.

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    Hope you don't buy fast food, cause their shit does not look anything like their photos.

    As others have mentioned, your model of the 2060 is better anyway. Have a kitkat mate.

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      I think OP needs a snickers more than anything. lol.

      • +4

        Regular or fun size?

        • +1

          I'd go with either twin-pack or king size. Dude needs to chill.

          If he'd have done that in the US, he'd most likely be sued to the hilt for slander, libel, etc.

        • +2

          This is the OPs whole post…he found out it was fun sized…a whole year later.

          Obviously only full sized Snickers are for individual resale!

          I feel so bad for TechFast.

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    Remind anyone of the dude that wanted to get a full refund on his Macbook Pro after 2 years of usage because he realised they sent him the wrong colour?

    • +2

      I knew this sounded familiar…

      • thats insane

    • +1

      Madness. I am not surprised though

    • Lol, gold

    • +1

      That made me laugh, surely OP isnt in that league. Its understandable (to me) that he didnt open his machine. Even If I did, I probably wouldnt notice the difference.
      How do you not notice that a colour is wrong?

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    Replace Techfast with Harvey Norman and the replies would be completely different.

    • +2

      You mean the invoice would actually be posted?

    • +1

      Oh man OzBargain would be questioning it's existence if Harvey was right.

    • Harvey Norman is on my black list. Automatic Black balling. Nothing to do with service btw

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    OP buys PC with unspecified RTX2060.

    OP puts a random note on order for specific RTX2060.

    Techfast sends unspecified RTX2060.

    Result: Angry OP

    • +7

      Result: Angry OP

      After a full year of using the PC just fine without noticing (with a glass sided case no less).

      This thread is going straight into OzB lore. Congrats OP.

      BTW OP didnt specify any specific RTX2060 either. They got what they ordered.

    • +16

      He ordered a generic 2060 card. Both Galax models fit what he ordered. As would any other brand/model with a 2060 chip. So there was really nothing for them to raise.

      If the PC he ordered had a specific card listed, as he is trying to make it out, then it would be different. But it didn't.

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    i see your point, you ordered a 2060 not a 2060 mini, but at the same time that is technically still a 2060
    regardless your reaction is quite unreasonable and makes you look bad, your approach of being childish and immature, especially to commenters who are trying to help you out, does nothing to help (does the opposite, if anything)

  • +11

    OP: "I don't like it when people don't agree with me and have had good experiences with Techfast before".. "Therefore, I shall call them.. SHILLS from this point on".

    Are you still in puberty?

  • +4

    Cry Moar 😭

  • maybe PM the OP to see if they're willing to sell ??

  • I'm sure there's a russian buyer on eBay that'll buy (scam) it off him..?

  • +11

    The funniest bit is OP's prebuilt has a glass side panel, and they never noticed? LOL

    • +2

      Haha!! Good spot. That's classic!

      It just gets better and better on this thread.

    • +2

      I'm guessing he did notice, but since there is no tangible performance difference he just didn't care until he was trying to sell it off at a profit.

  • +1

    You are a year too late to notice you had a mini GPU mate.

    • maybe he knows but doesn't care until now…

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    I think it is a bit late now, but I do think there is a difference between a mini and a regular size card. If he'd received an MSI, or a Gigabyte instead of the Galax then whatever - it doesn't say brand name. But IMO a mini version is different enough from the standard version.

    I get OP's frustration, but carrying on like a pork chop doesn't help matters or make people more sympathetic to the cause.

    • +5

      In this case, the manufacturer used the word "mini" as part of their naming scheme to distinguish one of the cards from their mountain of different SKU's. It's like saying if they had a video card called the rtx 2060 long & thicc boi, it now makes it a different rtx 2060.

      There are manfacturers out there that don't use any synonyms of the word "mini" to designate their smaller SKU's. E.g from a recent post here

      To put it into a more straight forward analogy

      OP has basically paid for an unspecific 3200mhz corsair DDR4 ram, then got mad that he received a corsair 3200mhz DDR4 low profile version of the ram.

      His reason for being mad?
      - Well, since only 2/20 SKU's that corsair offers is low profile, I assume that I will be getting a non low profile ram. They should've told me before shipping it out
      - I have suffered a loss, cause low profile rams sell for less because less cooling and less RGB

      The strangest part from the digging that other people have done. Apparently, it only became an issue 1 year later

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    what a waste of space this post is.

  • +1

    I even put it in my order notes specifically.

    We're all still waiting for you to reveal what you "specifically" put in your order notes.

  • Edit: my reply was useless lol

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    Edits: Techfast shills are downvoting all my comments, what a suprise

    i’m not a techfast shill as i don’t buy pre build pcs, but would like to mention to you that when you buy pre built pc for a spec you don’t always have a choice for model and brand. Unless the spec sheet specifically states they are using this model from this maker what you cant make an argument later. This is not just done by techfast even bigger pc makers like dell and even in Alienware series you can see it

      • +7

        That is definitely a much more accurate of an analogy. RTX 2060 refers to the silicon.

        Based on the replies here, there's a few more steps:

        Orders "unspecified model iPhone with A15 processor"
        Receives iPhone 13 mini
        Happily uses iPhone 13 mini with no issue for 12 months
        Tries to resell iPhone 13 mini and angry that it's not an iPhone 13.

  • -2

    I ordered a PC from Techfast and I ordered a computer with a Nvidia RTX2060 graphics card

    What did you actually order: one pc or two pcs?

    • +2

      Because he is being a dick about something that he bought 12 months ago and doesn't have as much resale value as he wants.

      Techfast provided him with the promised product so they have done nothing wrong and don't deserve any abuse for it.

    • +1

      Not even remotely true. Techfast said 2060 GPU. They did not specify full size, mid size, mini or anything else, they just suggested probably Galax brand. Unless the OP specifically requested a particular model or clearly stated that they weren't willing to accept a mini card, Techfast met their end of the bargain.

      Like others have said, is this great service in practice? Absolutely not, but techfast were known for working off an extremely small margin to try and provide some killer deals. This meant that you were basically taking a punt on what brand and/or model was going to be provided and people should have known this by the time the purchase was made. Is there any tangible performance difference between, or outputs on, the two cards? No, with the small exception of decibel differences which you could readily have seen if another manufacturer's card was provided.

  • -1

    Hey guys, I'm wondering if the recent GPU deals were Mini or Normal version, asking for a friend. Oh, sorry wrong thread LOL

  • +1

    Good, we got OP to be quiet and stop ranting

  • That's a cute little graphics card. So tiny!

    I'd be a little annoyed. But the difference in performance would be negligible. Might be a little louder, but you get what you get. I figured techfast were doing this sort of thing. Just using whatever motherboard and graphics cards they have available. I've also seen people get motherboard upgrades for free. You win some you lose some. You should have expected this. You probably saved a couple hundred anyway.

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