Free Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II Delivered via Your Local Federal Member of Parliament


you can request a free portrait of the queen along with Australian and Aboriginal flags under the constituents request program for nationhood material.

just need to email or phone your local member of parliament and make the request.

link to story and SMH

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Department of Finance, Australian Government
Department of Finance, Australian Government


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    Portrait of Queen

    Free one here…

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    Thought this was going to be one those premature obituary opportunities!

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    As soon as you give your email address to a MP (or anything related like Neighborhood Watch) you will then be subscribed to their email spam list(s) and have no way request removal since since MP's are exempt from most all anti-spam laws.

    • Exactly this ^^^

      Although their emails do remind me to provide my regular feedback to them on how I perceive their performance and actions to be.

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      Use a disposable address.

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    Is the general use for this to put them on your bathroom door and let her majesty smell like your less than majestic shits?

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      Well looking at her might give you the shits, so great for constipation

    • Have some respect please! Queen Elizabeth is a human being who has done a lot of good throughout her life for a lot of people. Including keeping absoulte power out of the hands of Australian politicians.

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        Queen Elizabeth is a human being

        Look forward to you trying to defend this in 50 years when she's still on the throne and has outlived the entire monarchy lol

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    Fellow taxpayers, please don’t.

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      To be fair, of all the things that governments waste money on, this is really low in value.

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        But it's still a waste.

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          Technically, it would be a waste if people who took advantage of this offer were not really interested in the portrait or the flags, and just ordered it because they could.
          If people took advantage of the offers for a portrait of our monarch, or for a flag or two, and wanted those for their legitimate use, it is probably a 'bargain' that these are provided free by our government (using taxpayer funds).

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            if people who took advantage of this offer were not really interested in the portrait or the flags, and just ordered it because they could.

            Welcome to Ozbargain, this is 95% of people

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        they'd probably outsource the request so it'll end up costing taxpayers $500 per request

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    When she dies, who would hang a portrait of Charles? 🤮🤮🤮

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      Hoping he dies before her

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      i would. it would protect my dartboard

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    This is really helpful to teachers for Civics, if anyone was wondering who would bother 😉

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    Challenging wa..

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      I see what you did there….RIP Sean Lock..

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    My local member in 2018 told me pickups only. No deal.. wonder if it’s worth trying again

    • "It is expected that there will be an element of formality in the act and/or ceremony in which wreaths, flags, and nationhood material are presented and that the presentation is made directly by you to the recipient."

  • Does the queen's portrait come framed or is it like a poster of some kind. And is the flag a full sized one ?

  • Do you think the DPRK would frown upon me using these as substitutes while my Kim family portraits are in the shop?

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