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[Android, iOS] Claim Free $12 Prepaid Digital Mastercard via MYY App


UPDATE: WA still has allocations left.

Similar to the $15 from way back.
The $12 Bryon Bay now works normally and is no longer targeted from this post. Seems to have met the 5000 allocations. (1360 for NSW; 2380 for QLD; 1,260 for WA??)
There is another $12 pre-paid called Heineken Celebrate the Holidays Together Myy App but that is locked behind a stamp along QLD only.

You can grab up to $24; James Squire and Byron Bay

Eligible claimants:

Entry is only open to Australian residents who are 18 years and over.

How to Claim:

To claim a gift, the claimant must complete the following steps during the Promotional Period, while gift stocks last:

  • download MYY App (either by scanning the MYY App QR code featured in any eligible ad relating to the “James Squire MYY Summer’” offer using a compatible smart phone device or directly from the App store or Google Play);
  • fully complete their MYY App registration with their personal details (first name, last name, date of birth, email address, mobile number, and postcode) and tick the box to agree to receive marketing information from the Promoter;
  • and tap on the “James Squire” promotional tile and complete your submission as prompted.
Gift Description Number of this gift Value (per gift) Winning Method The gift is a $12 Vault Pays-enabled Prepaid MasterCard.
2000 for NSW $24,000
1500 for QLD $18,000
750 for WA $9,000
750 for SA/ACT/VIC/TAS/NT $9,000
Total 5000 Total $60,000

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          • @Sheng: Hi Sheng. What's this chopper everyone is talking about and which one do you use? I'm on Android.

      • I kind of accidentally claimed James Squires twice. Once in Vic and once in NSW.

  • I just got both cards, and then realised I already have 15 bucks in there from Tooheys which is still available to use?

    • Yep, that one expires in Mar 2022.

      • from memory you can use that anywhere right?

  • I need ideas which places accept GPay?

    • Groceries?

    • Ordered lunch from Deliveroo, offering free delivery for $10+ orders.

      • How'd you get the free delivery for $10+? Is it a code?

        • No, there is no code. I get popup when I open the app "Free delivery until 07/11, participating restaurants only"

  • Thanks OP. First time I've ever heard of this app. Super easy.

    Am I right in thinking that once this is added to Google pay that it can be used anywhere that I use gpay, or does it have to be used in the nominated venue?

    • Yes. I even put a fake name on the app. So my cc has fake name.

  • what's the Myy Pass section on the app? asking for secret passcode?

  • Doesn’t work in SA…

  • Amazing thank you OP

    Still not 100% clear to me but it looks like i can use this to pay for anything via Apple Pay at any venue not just the specified beer at the specified venue?

  • Thanks, got 2 cards totaling $24.
    FYI, similar to an above response Amazon gift cards can also be bought in nominal denominations. Going to put these towards a Firestick 4K when it drops to $49 again (or lower given Black Friday is nearly upon us)

    • Is this through Apple or Google Pay ?

      • Sorry - i spoke too soon, can't read card details. Ignore the bit about purchasing an Amazon e-gift card. In store only with these cards.

        • +1

          prezzee gift card and swap for amazon

  • Anyone know how to actually view the card details? Not just the balance, the full card number. I've added to Google Pay, but I can't view the full details of the card.

    • Read the comments. This has already been discussed.

      In short. You can't. Loophole has been closed

      • It's weird, because I managed to get the $15 last time and I could view the card details. Weird.

        • +1

          Yes I know. That loophole has been closed. You can't view the card details anymore

    • You can, just not CVV and I don't think it'll work without it.

  • +1

    glad i ordered two more free amaysim sims before the deal expired last night..

    • Code still works on check I think but T&C states between October.

      • thanks..i might try again in a couple of days. don't need the data/unlimited calls, just a number

    • Likely SIMs will arrive long AFTER offer expires! Usually takes 10d to arrive.
      SA/ACT/VIC/TAS/NT (750) have gone!
      WA (750) won't last long.

    • It doesn’t need a recharge to be active?

      • comes pre-activated with 2gb and unlimited calls/txts to use in 28 days :) https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/654810

      • +2

        Confirm $0 = 2GB for 28d.
        Will receive calls & SMS for a year past that.

        Added to existing account with no active SIM:
        "Congrats - you've added another SIM to your account. Your account will be charged $0.00 and your new SIM will be with you soon."

    • +2

      But any Amaysim SIM that has been used in last 12 months can receive SMS codes for this promo - doesn't need any credit.
      Other SIMs don't stay active for codes & orders so long.

  • I'm getting an error - Sorry there are no participating venues in your area for Bryon Bay 12$.

    Any ideas to get around that?

    • +2

      Turn off your mock location

  • While registering the app also asks for Promo/Referral code, don't see a referral system here on OZB for MYY app?

    do you guys have referral option in the MYY app?

    • Direct click the offer from Explore (first) page, and follow the steps.

  • The offers are showing in my app AMD when I click on the offer thing, the next screen prompts a stamp like thing, how do I get to the MasterCard and add it to my google pay…..anyone please help

  • Allocation exhausted message for the James Squire one for SA/ACT/VIC/TAS/NT

    • bizarre that the allocation for all those states combined is only 750 :\

      • +1

        And NSW alone has 2000. Sounds like vaccine allocation :)

        • QLD scored per capita

  • Thanks OP. Grab two.

  • +1

    Got the Byron Bay and James Squire in Brisbane, QLD. Need to grab the Heineken and Furphy at a venue, with a stamp or QR Code.

    • same 'ere. A Heineken is probably about 10 bucks at most the venues mentioned, rendering the $12 card somewhat redundant though…
      a free beer i guess, if a location is convenient

  • Do these expire? and can I combine the two $12 when paying for stuff or is it like having two cards?

    • +1

      it should tell you in the app. 30/11/2022 for mine.

      you can split in-store purchases over multiple cards if the merchant allows. eg 7 eleven lets you split 3 times.

      • Thanks lol I'm actually blind

        • +1

          Excitement over free money can do that to ya 🙃

  • App's buggy… Showing locations in map but hard to select them via search.

    • -1

      You can read a list of them in your designated area if the map is being dicky..

  • Nabbed the James Squire one just fine, but Byron Bay allocation showing up exhausted in NSW. Still, can't complain about free monies really!

  • Thanks OP! Used the $12 at woolies

  • Thanks OP. Got 2 x $12 loaded to my Google Pay wallet.

  • The Byron Bay allocation is gone for NSW

  • Can one purchase a gift card from coles/woollies with split payments? If so can use the 2 cards to purchase a 25$ gift card?

    • Yes, at manned check-out.

    • i tried that last month and you can't buy a gift card with split payments. so just get them to do two $12 gift cards in separate transactions

      • You can at Woolworths.

        • i was at woolies last night and again they told me no split payments on gift cards.

          • +3

            @tdw: It definitely works. At self service checkout after the staff member activates your gift card you have the option to pay for it with any method you want just like a regular purchase.

            • +1

              @Reveen: i don't know why they'd say no splits when it would actually save them time, as opposed to doing each card separately. might try again tonight at some other store lol.

              • @tdw: What card you buying?

                • @Sheng: wish gift card

            • +1

              @Reveen: great success! the guy at the checkouts hung around while i piled on all the $12 cards but he didn't say anything :D

  • Ty OP! Too bad these require Google Pay. The $15 one from previous deal could be activated in the MYY app and spent online

  • +1

    Can use these cards to pay off Zip balance via Apple Pay :)

  • Thanks OP! Was able to get both earlier today and successfully used one of them at coles tonight.

  • -1

    So no more for Vic?

  • +1

    "couldn't finish setup to pay in shops' error when trying to add to GP

    • Try another phone

  • +2

    Seems like Byron allocation for NSW and QLD have been completed. Anyone from WA can provide insight that hasn't claimed?

  • Cheers OP great find! 🍻

    You can purchase $10 Amazon/Woolies/Coles etc GCs via Prezzee using these. Should be a couple of bucks left over tho which you'll have to remember to use elsewhere.

  • Exhausted for NSW James Squire.

  • Thanks !! I filled up $12 of petrol!

    • +4

      At today’s prices you’ll have used that by the time you get home

  • +1

    James Squire $12 has just worked for me, Qld

  • Tried to buy a coffee today with one and didnt work.

  • James squire cards still available in WA

  • +3

    Allows to get James Squire in WA and promptly records your personal data but then displays some bogus message about high volume of traffic and does not create card.

    • Did you end up getting it to work? It says there are 13 left when I used an old outdated iphone lol

      • It started working again today

        • Nice. Good that you got one.

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