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PlayStation Icons Light by Paladone $15 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Kmart


Spotted this over at Cheapies and noticed that Kmart Australia sells the same item. This seems to be the Icons light which is licensed from Paladone and is even cheaper than the deal last year.

Doesn't seem to be sold many other places but RRP was $49 last year. The Gamesmen is showing as $54.95 still. Amazon is $59 so $15 seems like an awesome price.

Showing quite a bit of stock around.


  • Includes 3 modes: Standard lighting, colour phasing and music reactive
  • Micro USB input
  • Maximum rated input: 5V DC 500mA
  • Official licensed product

As always, enjoy :)

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  • +54

    damn, thought that was squid game

    • +1

      Just need to take the X out

      • +18

        you need to take them ALL out to make it the TRUE squid game

      • +3

        X will be in season 2

        • +3

          So will a big fat lawsuit from Sony.

        • +3

          X should be the one killing off people.

          And his background music should be X Gon' Give It To Ya.

  • I remember trying to get one of those before, they were very difficult to get ahold of

  • +3

    There are quite a few on sale. The $10 Playstation icon lights certainly aren't as good.

  • +1

    These are pretty sweet. Been using one for my game photography on Instagram for a couple years now (eg. https://www.instagram.com/p/CQhLJ1LnIQc/).
    They've also got smaller icon lights that are white/blue - grabbed one for $10 and pretty happy with it.

  • Great deal. Got one

  • +3

    Awesome, grabbed one. Should fit in well with all my RGB crap

  • V low stock in Vic

  • -3

    hope Sony would not sue them as they did with the casing company 😂 for using these PS symbols 😂

    • +5

      Supposedly officially licensed

  • +2

    I got one last Christmas. Still in the box in the cupboard

    • +17

      Wrap it up and then open it again this Christmas. That way you can enjoy it twice for the price of one.

    • +2

      Same, got two last deal and the novelty wore off pretty quick. Moved them from room to room in hope that they would find some sort of use but really just sit gathering dust. Someone can have my two for $15 :)

      • Where do you live? Was wondering if I can have them.

        • I am in Canberra

          • @worthy1: Goodness :D For a moment, I thought I could come and collect. I will have to plan a trip to come there

  • +7

    Some people here will crack their shts when they see it is micro USB.

    • +3

      Micro USB… I'm out!

      • +3

        This is not Dragons Den, Jenny

        • +2

          This is not Dragons Den

          And for that reason, I'm out.

          But what does Touker Suleyman think?

    • hmm… weird. 3x AAA, yet with micro-USB

  • +3

    Wish they had a cheap one with the classic logo

  • Thanks OP!
    I ended up getting the minecraft lights for my kids, pretty decent prices for legit official merchandise.

  • Just snagged one. Thanks OP

  • +1

    Sorry is this really licensed? Looks like a cheap knockoff.

    The 4 symbols should be the same height.

    • Says on the box art that it's created by Paladone who are the official licensee of this design on behalf of Sony Europe.

      The design is also the same as the last year version and overseas versions, just looks like they took that design of different sized shapes for this product.

      If it was a knockoff, it would most likely be branded under their Anko brand.

    • +1

      It is on the PlayStation Gear store but it is sold out.

      PlayStation Icons Light

      If you look at the last photo it shows the box which is similar to the one on Kmart. Both are made by Paladone.

      • +2

        fair enough. The height thing bothers me though.

        Sort of like if you bought a Mickey Mouse plush, and the ears were different sizes.

        …or something.

        • Then I guess the PlayStation 5 version will also bother you as the height thing has not changed.

          Paladone - PlayStation 5 Icons Light

        • If you hadn't mentioned it, I wouldn't have really noticed or minded. Now it's all I see.

    • Sorry is this really licensed? Looks like a cheap knockoff.

      That's how licensing works. You pay brand X to use their brand, you then produce crap trinkets with brand x all over it for profit. Walt Disney and George Lucas were pioneers of this business model.

      • Generally the brand owner checks that the licensed product meets their styleguide/requirements before it goes to market, particularly in relation to branding.

        Seems to me something has fallen through the cracks here….OR there are multi-height variants of the logo I'm not aware of.

        Either way, I don't like it!

        *old man grumble grumble

  • I want the Xbox one. But hey I grabbed this as well.

    • Just break off the other shapes and leave the cross by itself.

  • got one ! thanks!

  • +5

    whispers Playstation

  • Got one Thanks..

  • For those close to the Minto Kmart, they were still on trolleys yesterday. About 10 or 15 stacked. Was gonna get one but seemed super light so I passed.

  • +1

    Got an order cancellation/refund email from KMART :(

  • Me too

  • +2

    I wish they have the Game Boy one

    • +1

      That's pretty sweet, if it made the GameBoy Advance sound when you turned it on would be perfect

      • But it's an OG GB not a GBA.

        • +1

          That's what would make it personally perfect for me, my nostalgia is biased from using my GameBoy Advance more than my original. I like the shape of the original better for the light but that sound always tickles my nostalgia bone

    • Too bad…. I guess I'll just hover a torch over my real one instead…..

  • +1

    Thanks, Halloween 2022 decorations sorted.

  • +1

    Wish the lighting was more uniform… even if the price was a bit higher.

  • @ Kmart

    comes with a side dish of fresh covid. atleast in the couple of kmarts in my local area. 🤪. since opening the queues have been on another level


    i have this item and it’s decent. The light effects aren’t very good imo. The static is what I’ve been using. Goes through 3x aaa batteries in less than a week.

  • Purely for suqid game.

  • Does not twinkle and no 4 gee

  • -1

    So this runs on both batteries and a USB cord? Not one or the other? Confusing

    • +2

      Yep it runs on one or the other, you can go with either

  • The one being sold on Amazon is a knockoff, luckily it's now coming from the US so there would be a chance it's legit.

    • Seller is Amazon US. Even from Amazon is not legit guaranteed? I thought it's always 100% safe to buy from Amazon. No matter US UK or AU

      • More like easier to get a resolution…fakes are still a issue, mostly with things like flash media….

      • Currently the seller is Amazon US but when I bought it, it was Amazon AU. The box was wrong and it didn't have the PlayStation logo stamped into the base of it like the real one. A review at the time also stated they got a fake. I kept mine because I want to compare it to a real one so this deal is great.

  • +1

    Plenty of stock at Keilor Down Shopping Centre

    • Thanks for this. Managed to get one from there

  • -1

    is this from the squid games?

    • Common mistake. Whilst these symbols for resemble those from the hit Netflix show "Squid Game", these are the symbols you find on a PlayStation controller's face buttons.

  • Plenty of stock yesterday at Kmart Brunswick - they had a bunch of different Paladone lights there too.

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