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POCO X3 Pro Global Version (6.67", 6GB/128GB, Snapdragon 860, 48MP, NFC) US$201.13 (~A$270) HK Stock Delivered @ Banggood


This phone has been really popular lately on OzBargain due to excellent hardware it packs inside for a low price. Given the demand I've organised a deal on the 6GB/128GB variant that brings it down to the cheapest price it's ever been.

Featuring Android 11, 6.67" 2400x1080 450nit 120Hz display with Gorilla Glass 6, 6GB RAM, 128GB storage (supports MicroSD expansion), Qualcomm Snapdragon 860 Octa-Core CPU, Widevine L1 for HD Netflix/Amazon, NFC, 48MP main rear camera, 5160mAh battery with 33W USB-C fast charging, 3.5mm audio jack, IP53 splash protection and more.

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  • First comment! Good phone. Got my daughter when it first came out

    • +161

      Congrats on the birth of your daughter!

      • -8

        I think they meant when the phone first came out

      • +20

        she was probably from goodbang

        • +2


  • Those specs are stupid good.

    Is the bootloader unlockable so i can load a guaranteed vanilla aosp rom?

    • +9

      Yes it is. There's a massive dev following so there's plenty of ROMs available. ArrowOS is basically AOSP with a lot of work being put into it.

      • +2

        Just saw Lineage also has an OFFICIAL port too.

        So while some metrics level spying could happen at the baseband level, the ability to realistically steal your user data is basically eliminated :D

        What a time to be alive!

      • Does that screw up nfc payments?

        • +2

          Not sure for certain as I don't use Poco. Quick Google has some information below. I do know in general if you're rooting your phone you'll want to install MagiskHide so banking apps work if they check for root.


          • @Clear: using lineage OS 18.1 on xiaomi mi mix 2 but without root NFC is working. can't say for Poco

            • +2

              @nk10025: How is it without custom ROM, don't want to play with custom ROM anymore.

              • @superforever: I've got the regular X3 NFC, honestly MIUI works just fine. I installed a custom rom just to have something a bit different, but I really liked MIUI's design and the features of it.

        • I have Poco X3 NFC and on a rooted custom ROM (PixelPlusUI).
          Just add Google Pay in Magisk Hide and no issues at all.
          Battery is beast and everything works great.

          • @imanitrajput: Do all the cameras work? There’s reports the only custom ROM that supports all cameras and battery optimisation is Xaomi.eu. Apparently a work around for cameras is to install ANX camera.

      • +3

        That’s the wrong XDA link for this phone. https://forum.xda-developers.com/f/xiaomi-poco-x3-pro.12163/

    • Pretty good, but my dad had a Realme XT which allowed dual sim + microSD all at once and I haven't been able to convince him away from that.

      I checked the specs on a bunch of other phones, but the SIM2 slot is for either a SIM or a microSD (not both at once) :(

      Does anyone know of a good value phone which allows SIM + SIM + microSD concurrently?

  • +1

    Great price, but code doesn't work for AU direct, it works for HK stock.

    Any working code for 8/256GB model?

  • Yeah "This coupon can only be used in HK Warehouse"

  • +1

    Spewin, just got the 8/256 one for $344 delivered. After 6 months on Samsung a52, I don't know how Samsung stays in business with this around.

    • +4

      8/256 will last you longer, worth the extra. $344 is still way less than the $1000 other manufacturers want for these specs.

      • I basically paid an extra $800 just for 8GB more ram and Snapdragon 888+ and I am regretting it but I can honestly fill up the 8GB of ram so I have no real choice.

        Yeah.. Even the camera is worse I think on this Red Magic 6S Pro 256gb 16gb ram phone.

        The aesthetic is cool but not an extra $800 cool I think.

      • Yeah, just the low ball pricer in me talking, it's also a lot more power than I need for now.

      • both without 5G, the next gen might attract you again in next year. worth but unlikely need it.
        Anyway, both cheap enough.

  • "This coupon can only be used in HK Warehouse"

    • +1

      Bugger it was supposed to be AU warehouse. I'll go chase that up.

      • +4

        should I wait for Au warehouse in that case>

        • ditto

        • +6

          Unfortunately it was meant to be HK warehouse all along and there was a miscommunication. Oh well it's still a good deal regardless.

  • Damn thats a good price, think I paid 286, the phone sure is fast

  • +4

    Kinda off-topic but I'm curious as to how OzBargainers go around organising deals for the community.

    • +1

      You honestly just ask

    • I've been approached before. They sent me a message on ozb to talk through dingtalk but it fell through.

    • +5

      It wasn't that long ago I got downvoted big time for pointing out that many of us go around asking stores for deals. Then a mod stepped in to back me up…

      Anyway you just message store reps on here or send stores emails etc. Many are happy for the free advertising since I don't take $$$ or any form of incentives for my posts.

  • For anyone that has this phone, could you please tell me how much battery life it'd get? Will it get above 2 days battery life for a not too heavy user as it seems like a powerful phone?

    • +1

      I don't use mine very heavily and comfortably get 2 days. Battery life is fantastic.

    • +3

      I am a heavy user and can get 2 days if I put it on max power saving overnight.
      I've had it almost 2 years now. Great phone and camera.

      • +4

        How have you had a phone that's only been out for a year for almost 2 years?

        • +21

          Every month in lockdown is like a year.

          • +1

            @dreamz: Lol. So he's had it for almost 2 months then.thanks for the translation!

    • Easily.

    • I usually get about 5 days out of it using battery saver on during the day (has no performance impact that I can see) and the max power saving on overnight.

      Only issue with this phone is it's extremely light vibration when on silent mode. Compared to my prior HTC the vibration is almost non-existent.

  • Been keeping a lazy eye on deals for this phone. Seems like it might be worth going for it now or is it worth waiting for Black Friday?

    • +2

      lazy eye

      Should've gone to Specsavers mate

      • Her lady eye loves black Friday… :p

  • +6

    Hi @Clear, could you please also check if any code possible for the 8gb/256gb variant?

    Thanks heaps

    • Please check my comment below if it helps.

  • I get AU$271.76 at check out with this coupon code at HK store including delivery. No shipping insurance, that's $7.30 extra.

    • +1

      OP is looking into AU Warehouse option, but hold off at own risk…

      • I've been waiting for a mi max 4 alternative. I've officially given up so time to upgrade by Christmas.

        • No go on AU warehouse

  • +2

    I really want to buy this but the Redmi note 11 pro has just been released. Not sure when the redmi note 11 pro global version will be available from banggood.

    • +2

      How is it cheaper? It was $347.14

  • +1

    Would definitely get it if I don't already have 2 phones.

  • +1

    Yeah I'd be up for 8gb / 256gb version as well

  • +1

    215g quite heavy

    • +2

      Hit the gym.

    • Not for this sized phone, only 10g heavier than my note 9 with a 25% larger battery a slightly larger screen.

  • Does this phone really take better photos than Google Pixel 3 ?

    According to Dxomark it does, finding it very hard to believe tbh.

    • +1

      YouTube vids are showing some pretty impressive photos with the stock cam in daylight shots. It would seem running GCam is better suited for night time.

    • +2

      I have a Poco X3 NFC with crDroid custom ROM (Google Cam) and and Pixel 3XL. While very good on Poco, photos on Pixel are consistently better in full auto mode.
      However, at this price point, nothing comes even remotely close to Poco!
      And in case you wonder, 6GB RAM is plenty for the very light AOSP Android, so, 8GB isn't really required. If you need more storage, you could get an SD card.

      • Pixel 3 is available on Amazon mobicity for $300 at the moment. I've used both of these recently, the Pixel feels a bit nicer in some respects, but both do the job nicely. The screen is pretty good on this and a lot bigger so can watch a movie in bed on it.

    • Poco x3 pro not on DXO mark (yet) , X3 NFC is showing but it has better camera (64Mp if that really means anything)

  • +6

    reading this on my iphone 13 pro max, feel ripped by Apple 😂

    • Eh in the same boat,

      Purchased S21 Ultra this year and I got to be honest found the camera quality lacking even when I compared it to my S7 in some instances.

    • +1

      CPU in iPhone is a monster at single thread tasks (which most apps are only using 1 thread at a time), standby battery is also amazing on iPhones. Definitely pay a lot more for the device though.

      • +16

        most people who buy a $1000 phone use it to browse social media, big brain time

        • That is so true lol Most would have bought for social media use. But they need the camera for all the selfies.

    • Bought my wife 13 pro max, my son's toy phone is 11 pro max.
      I am using 2020 Se as work phone, xiaomi mix2 as spare phone.
      It more personal choice, or work related choices.

  • Excellent price 👍

  • +1

    Excellent phone, although it weighs a bit heavy for me. I bought the 8/256 version for $365 in April.

    • +1

      is it too heavy while holding it or heavy while in your pocket?

      • Porque no los dos?

        • +2

          I understand the pocket one, if you are often out and about it can be bothersome if too heavy especially since many pockets are quite thin/not great at holding heavy stuff. However if one finds it too heavy while in the hand then yall weak af

      • I had Samsung A70 before so this is noticeably heavier.

  • Went through at USD $201.

    Any idea if It comes with the back cover case, I think my current Poco F1 did..

  • +7

    Any chance for a discount on the Poco F3?

  • Wow these are great specs for the price!! Can anyone recommend a similar phone that's cheaper with lower specs from the Xiaomi or other range?

    • +2

      Poco is a side-brand for Xiaomi, like how OnePlus is a side-brand for OPPO.

      • +2

        Was. They're independent of Xiaomi now.

  • I'm getting $279. How are you getting $266?

    • +3

      USD + no insurance

      I left insurance on personally, though. Making it $206.53usd.

      Also see my post below

  • +1

    How to get it in USD?

    Edit: got it on the mobile site. Be logged in, then in the options menu (the one with the horizontal lines stacked like a burger), right at the bottom. Couldn't find it on the desktop site.

  • Would love one for the X3 GT

    • X3 GT does not have microSD.

      • +1

        Also no Snapdragon Chipset.

        Snapdragon is important if you want to run custom ROMs and Gcam.

        • Except Aussie Sammmy-boys, everyone knows how important Snapdragon is.

        • I'm most likely not going to do a custom rom unless NFC and all that will still work after I do? Unsure what Gcam is. And I don't really need a microSD support haha

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