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Telstra Day: iPhone 12 Pro Max $1349, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G $1298, Tab S7+ $1544 (Mobile Plan & Telstra ID Req) @ Telstra


We’re back for November: Telstra Day is on again - Friday 5 November @ 1am (online), and in all of our stores that are now open post-lockdown!

First three deals are live now, but as a treat for y’all, I’m able to put up ALL THE DEALS from tomorrow morning. I’ll update the post with more when it goes live.

Just by way of an update: I know some of you have had logistics issues with the system in previous month. I’ve made our back-of-house team aware of the issue and they’ve been working on improvements. If it happens to you, we’ve got some instructions linked in the post to help you get a resolution.

Updated Full List:

New Telstra customers who sign up to a Medium or above mobile plan will also get a $100 gift card to spend at one of over 50 retailers

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  • +1

    Here’s the full list now, team. More storage variants and a few more devices/tablets. Plus we’ve also got a gift card offer in there for you.


    • +2

      Sorry mate, know you are just doing your job, but these are not deals.

      • +8

        Samsung Galaxy S21 (128GB) for $948. What a joke, this phone was $624 2 months ago from Telstra in one of their Telstra Days.

        phone has aged 2 months yet gone up in price $324


        • Plus the s21 I ordered in early September did not arrive till late October. Even worse was that the phone came in a white padded bag. No paperwork inside nothing. Just a box. I assumed it was from Telstra but the whole experience was abysmal. As it is they told me they can’t find the Imei of the phone in their records when I called them so can’t give me a proof of purchase to delay the start of the warranty. I did have to buy another phone in the interim as I needed one and could not wait six weeks which was not advised at the time of purchase.

      • Telstra's public statement of values (https://www.telstra.com.au/aboutus/our-company/present/purpo...) includes:

        We care
        We show care in all that we do. We do the right thing for our customers, our communities, the planet, ourselves and each other – even when no one’s watching.
        (emphasis added)

        I'll leave it for the reader to consider if this employee/associated rep is acting consistently with these values by spamming OzBargain with bad deals and ignoring the public entirely about criticism of Telstra's offering, including repeated and frequent comments to the effect that Telstra has failed to honour previous Telstra day deals and put customers to the time/effort of cancelling orders to get a refund.

        Do they truly care, and can this behaviour truly be passed off as just an employee doing his/her job? If it's not an errant employee, then I repeat my previous comment about this organisation being truly broken.

      • +1

        Agree. Don't waste your time guys and gals.

  • +51

    no deal really, very ordinary price after discount from that original rrp for all 3 items, pass. here is why: if you want Pro Max 13, you can easily grab 10% equivalent discount from Woolies's Apple Cards now or even 15% if you stocked those earlier 1664.1 - 1571.65 for a much better than 1349 12 pro max from this deal (plus, no Telstra ID blah blah needed, just order directly from Apple). as in Samsung, oh dear, the on going trade in deals make this time's Telstra Day a laughing stock 😂

    • What 10% discount from woolies? I can't seem to find anything about it.

    • Wait…do Woolies sell Apple Store Cards now or are you confusing that with iTunes Gift Cards?

      • +8

        Dude where have you been last year?iTunes cards are no more

      • +5

        iTunes gift cards were replaced with Apple Gift Cards in July

    • -2

      The time, effort and luck it takes to buy the gift cards probably costs $500 alone for some people. Granted, signing up a Telstra id can be a hassle but at least you do it in front of a PC in the comfort of your own home / chair.

      • +5

        The time, effort and luck it takes to buy the gift cards probably costs $500 alone for some people

        Wouldn't have thought that's anyone on ozbargain.

      • +1

        Jeez didn't know people on Oz bargain were earning upwards of $250-$500 an hour

        • +1

          Pretty sure there are some tradies on here. They charge that much just to turn up :)

    • you should check stock before recommending that.

      only thing available is the 12 and 12 mini.

      pro and pro max isn't available, so this telstra deal is the best option.

      New Telstra customers who sign up to a Medium or above mobile plan will also get a $100 gift card to spend at one of over 50 retailers.

  • +11

    Very disappointing "deals"

    • +13

      indeed, especially for OzBargain community it is quite offensive an insulting lol. even amateurish shoppers would consider about these prices as abnormal

  • +8

    Still waiting for my Apple Watch 6 from the prior Telstra Day - I placed the order 5 minutes past midnight so I would most likely be at the top of the queue.
    Buyers be warned that there might be a long wait time.

    • +5

      can't see this would become popular with mediocre discount, really

    • Luckily, i cancel my order cause it was on back order.

      • +1

        I ended up buying the Watch 7 already - curious on how long Telstra can make me wait for the watch 6.

  • +9

    Very average deals this time around :/

  • +6

    It keeps getting worse and worse. 12 mini and S21 deals were great but after that, meh.

    • +1

      Need to get a mini, hope they add that to the list.

      • lol, got it for free a few months ago from jb hifi.

  • +3

    S21 256gb from last deal still the GOAT

    • +10

      You bought a goat from Telstra?

      Are you kidding me?

      • I see what you did there

        • +8

          He made a baaaa-d joke…

    • +1

      I agree.. please bring S21 deal back..

  • +18

    Can OP or Telstra do better after getting millions of free money from us taxpayers to purchase assets that Telstra gets to now own?

  • +5

    Have they fixed their customer service issues yet?

    • +4

      pre-sale you might be considered as customer, after sale, good luck :)

    • +6

      Have they fixed their customer service issues yet?


    • +1

      Have they fixed their incorrect delivery issues yet?

      • Not only the delivery but the chat expert issue as well.

    • +2

      Doesn't look that way.
      Asked for some details from a rep at a foreign call centre yesterday.
      Copped an earful of abuse prior to being hung up on.
      There's no discount makes it worth buying from Telstra.

  • +2

    Check back next month to see how much worse it can get

    Need Something like a i12 128gb for $800 would be a decent deal

  • Uncompetitive prices and extended lead times? Not a deal.

    • +1

      Add no stock to that list

  • You can fool normal people with those deals, not ozbargainers! Hope you do your market research homework better for next telstra day

  • Their ordering system has been a joke, follow up 3 times and everytime I was told with 3 different stories of my order status. Like seriously how hard is to get the order processed?

  • -2

    Prices aren't that bad but they're definitely not great. I think it's still the best price you can get for all 3 devices right now

    • iPhone 12 Pro Max = 13 Pro Max = $1,849 RRP. we see the biggest problem here, like how prices jacked up before 20% discount eBay deals from Kogan etc

      • -1

        I'm not disagreeing I'm just saying if you guys can find a better price then it's fair to dismiss these prices. But the post is legit and it's the cheapest prices you can find now. It meets the the ozbargain posting rules.

        • Look at the S21 deal. $300 dearer than last time.

          • @hawkeye93: When I made my initial comment that deal wasn't posted. As I originally said though, these prices aren't bad compared to the current prices, they are just not great prices.

  • +1

    My order for iPhone 12 Pro has never come. Took me 4 weeks and 7th chat to get a refund.

    • You’re lucky as the price drops further to $1199 this time.

  • +4

    They refused to replace my broken on receipt iPhone mini with another new phone, had the senior customer service employee literally shouting me out down the line, he was very happy to refuse my replacement several times, this while another team were offering me the new replacement, both sides refused to engage with the other to actually agree an approach, after multiple conflicting emails / phone calls from Telstra I gave up, took the refund.

    3 weeks later Telstra called with my replacement handset asking to confirm my address!!
    If I was less honest I could have scammed Telstra out of a free phone, how incompetent are they??
    I was on the fence about accepting the phone then calling to pay them later, the thought of dealing with them again was enough to kill that idea. Now I’m iPhone less using a half working old 7 plus.

    Telstra are a broken organisation, still profits eh, profits!!

    took the broken iPhone mini to a store to return, the employee was really good and stated please don’t give that to me use the postage they provided as the warehouse will probably lose the phone.

  • Anyone still waiting on receiving previous telstra day deals?

  • They should bring back the $699 iPhone 12 mini

    • $699?
      forget that, i got it for free a few months ago. lol

      • How? JB hifi - Telstra plan deal?

  • Hmm my note 9 has decided to give up on me.

    Any user feedback on s21 ultra vs pixel 6 pro vs this iphone 12 max pro?

    S21 ultra is the cheapest (with samsung trade in) - 1069
    Pixel 6 pro - no stock and no discount at this point - 1299
    Iphone 12 pro max - 1349

  • +2

    Only use telstra if you need the coverage

  • becareful about telstra broken shipping system as well.

  • +3

    Telstra is a company with very little competitive advantage any more and is out to rip a lot of people off. They’re the only carrier refusing to let people on 5G unless you’re on a high enough plan. They’re grandfathering almost every discount around and their normal prices are far higher than every competitor I’ve seen. The support also happens to be the worst around - - with reps frequently giving advice which is just plain wrong. These deals are not bargains for reasons explained above. It beggars belief that this company got worse over the last 5 years when it knew it had to compete with NBN. This company needs to throw almost everything away and start again.

  • +1

    Looks like ozbargainers are not happy with our big T. Lol.

  • +6

    If a company with an online store can't even manage to send things to the right address so many times that there needs to be an FAQ on what to do when/if that happens to you, then something has gone seriously very wrong and they don't deserve my money. Get it together.

  • +1

    That's it?

  • Be wary too - if taking on plan and the stock isnt in stock you will end up with multiple direct debits per month (one for plan, one from handset repayment etc)….
    Also any existing discounts you have (Alumni, etc) this is no longer compatible with upfront plans.

    • Repayment only starts 1 month from delivery date? My order hasn’t been completed yet and there’s nothing shown in upcoming payment section.

  • +1

    This is getting awkward now, deals going downhill each month with Telstra complaints on the rise - can't even post to the correct address

  • If hel$tra are going offer this deals maybe good chance jbhifi or another will have similar prices

  • Giddy up boys "These deals are far too hot to keep around for longer than one day!" 🤣

  • +1

    Hi OP, any chance the S21 deal from last time will come back?

    I missed out and I don't like the pixel 6 so keen for the S21 lol

  • -1

    No deal

  • -1

    Deals are not live, no stock. is this a troll lol

  • +2

    Gaa! Not Telstra Day again. Wouldn't touch Telstra with a bargepole.
    - Ordered a S21 on 02-Sep, address issues, calls everyday to Telstra and StarTrack customer service, with them passing the ball to each other.
    - Phone finally returned to their warehouse on 21-Sep. Happiness, but then shortlived. Telstra said phone can't be sent to correct address but goes back to Samsung and I get into order queue again.
    - File a complaint and ask for refund on 24-Sep. Some complaint manager calls and confirms I'll get a refund in 5 business days.
    - 5 days later, no refund in sight.
    - File another complaint on 04-Oct, and finally get the refund on 11-Oct.
    There's a whole thread of people with similar issues and still ongoing.

    • +1

      Just go straight to TIO, they will get it resolved faster that way.

  • No way, had massive issues with the s21 deal TIO complaints, told 8 times someone from Telstra would call me and i'm still waiting for the call!

  • What a joke

  • +2

    I feel this has just turned into a cheap way of marketing Telstra. The deals are not great and the delay in delivery on any phones is not great. With the S22 around the corner I think Samsung would be wise to move as much stock as possible prior to Xmas to get the store room ready for the s22.

  • have a look at Selling or Swapping section here, you will find more deals that at Telstra :)

  • No Ozbargains here, just advertising. That S21 price is terrible what happened to the previous selling price, oh you think ppl will buy it still at an inflated price. No thanks.

  • OP Why bother posting knowing the kind of reception you will get after Telstra messed it up last time!

    • Cuz he's an associate (Senior Specialist Writer) and gets paid for doing that. :))

  • Not easy to deal with, stay away from Telstra.

  • Is it delivery only or can you click and collect at a telstra store?

  • iphone 12 pro max 128gb is oos online already. will it be in stock tmrw, OP?

    • Why don't you tell us if you're Associated?

      • i'm not associated.. but its not allowing me to send a msg without checking this box

  • +1

    Kinda interested with s21 ultra 5g
    But after reading comments seems the price ain't that decent?

  • Given the other deals are not great but for iPhone 12 Pro 128Gb for $1199 isn't too bad or am I missing something?

  • First deal that Uncle has ever negged…

    • +1

      Aunt Patti would be proud.

    • +1

      i YA….Telstra need some MSG.

  • What's the difference between 12 Pro and Pro Max?

  • +2

    Pathetic customer service. I still have not received a tax invoice from previous telstra day promotion.
    Their customer service actually have no idea what a tax invoice (because they are in Philippines!).
    I filed a case with TIO last week, and they sent me a fake looking tax invoice with reversed total price and GST numbers. Still waiting

    • hahahahahah…..

      • +2

        Come on people, we need just three more negatives on this post to tally more than the positives.

  • How popular are these deals? Do I need to stay awake tonight to order?

    • +1

      Lol you'll be the only person offering anything

  • +1

    Was looking for a good S21 Ultra 256GB deal but that price is abysmal lol
    I guess I'll wait for Black Friday

  • +1

    Would consider a good buy at all

  • +1

    How are these deals? Pathetic from Telstra.

  • nice RRP

  • +1

    Better luck next month

  • Okay so I’ve read the fine print, and here’s where I’m at.

    I have my own, plus my Nan’s mobile numbers on my Telstra account. She’s 88yrs old and uses an iPhone and an iPad - believe it or not she’s still using an iPhone 5, which died 2-3 days ago.

    She cannot be without an iPhone so should I grab the cheapest Apple device in this deal for myself and give her my nearly new 2020 SE?

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