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1 Month Free Telstra 5G Home Internet ($85 Per Month after) with 1TB Data Per Month (Select Areas Only) @ Telstra


Telstra has introduced new 5G home internet plans

$85 pm. 1TB Data limit
Minimum term - 1month
1st month free
Modem is included for new customers who stay connected for 24 months. If you cancel before 24 months you must return the modem in good working order

Advertised speeds:
378Mbps avg download speed (typical speed range 50Mbps - 600Mbps)
46Mbps typical upload speed (range 10Mbps - 90Mbps)

We're offering 1TB of data per month on our 5G Home Internet plan. You won't be charged if you go over your data allowance, but you will be slowed to 25Mbps. You can check your usage anytime on the My Telstra app. We'll let you know when you've hit 50, 85 and 100% of your data.

If you cancel your plan in the first 24 months your modem must be returned via our eParcel service (we will provide details in an email or SMS to you once you cancel) in good working order within 21 days of cancellation or modem fee will apply. Modem fee calculated as $29 x number of months remaining in the first 24 months.

Select areas and eligible customers only. Limited number of services available per post code.

Does not include a home phone

CIS - > https://www.telstra.com.au/help/critical-information-summari...

Update on 10th Nov:
There is a pop up on the page now explaining why some addresses are not eligible

Why can’t I get 5G Home Internet yet?
Telstra 5G Home Internet may not yet be in your area.
You may be in a 5G coverage area, but your address may not be getting the minimum download speed of 50Mbps required for 5G Home Internet to work.
The good news is we’re expanding our 5G home internet capacity all the time, so please check your address again soon.

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    • +1

      Fair point, from our internal communciations it did say they were limiting numbers per postcode though. Take that as you will

      • +1


      • When i am putting up with crappy FTTN drop outs and degradation here in Canberra i take that in a not so happy way.

  • How important is line of sight to tower for home set ups?

    • You can always add external antennas or stick the modem near line of sight.

      But with all things RF, the better the signal / noise, the more information that gets through.

      (better signal, faster speed, essentially)

    • Line of sight is more for mmwave 5g

      • +2

        Not just. If modem behind wall, it will degrade the signal

    • +29

      you dont have to worry if your fully vaccinated.
      your body will boost the signal

    • Very Bloody important

    • You don’t need line of sight for sub 6 5G which is what pretty much everyone out of the CBD areas have. But of course, lesser the obstructions better your speeds will be.

    • +30

      Unless you're torrenting, this is probably more than enough for most households. I was previously on the 500gb plan with Optus 4G and it was just enough for Netflix and regular web browsing (no gaming, no torrenting on that connection).

      • -10

        might be true for you and maybe not for others

      • +1

        Gaming and Streaming video does it for us. Between me and the wife we use about 1.4TB. I could probably live on 1TB if I needed to be frugal though.

        • +14

          Wow, you guys must barely move from the couch!!!!

          • +1

            @onlinepred: Yeah me and wife have busy lives but we always wind down with a few episodes before bed. Kids always watch tv. I do some light gaming. Unless I’ve downloaded a bug game we barely hit 250gb and we have so many devices we are always using. Both wfh zoom all day etc.. 1.4TB is impressive use.

          • @onlinepred: About 2 hours a day at the most or either TV or gaming (although when my wife goes into addicted mode she might do 4 hours a night of a game). Just when winding down after dinner we will either watch something or game. But I work from home and will often just be streaming stuff in the background (mostly terrible reality because you don't need to watch it properly) while I work.

            Weekends, I probably will game about 6 hours and will often stream stuff while gaming too.

            Our house has multiple consoles (doubles in different locations) and we buy digital games only. Downloads and updates really add up. Like I discovered AC Valhalla had DLC the other day on sale, so bought it, redownloading it was over 100GB. It just adds up quickly.

            • @SirFlibbled: Yea very heavy tv use, very heavy gaming, and work from home. Makes sense. Digital consoles makes sense too as not really into saving money, more choosing convenience.

      • +3

        The 25Mbit throttles not that bad either and you could do HD streaming over that still even if you hit the 1TB limit. Netflix suggests around 5mbit per HD stream, although 4k they want 25Mbit which might be pushed if you have other network activity.

        For gaming, outside of downloading games themselves, I’d be more worried about latency over cellular.

      • +2

        I'm on that 500 GB plan… how the hell is that considered not enough for anyone here? We're a family of four, three of us watch Netflix constantly, two of us do gaming, I do a fair bit of torrenting… I could see wanting a bit more than 500 but I find it very hard to believe that 500 wouldn't be enough for the majority of Australian households.

        • When games can be 100GB+ and HD streams are 5-10GB an hour, 500GB can go very fast.

          Sure you haven’t got unmetered streaming or something as part of your plan? 500GB sounds low if you’re watching a lot of Netflix, and torrenting. Certainly 500GB will work for many households, but if you have Netflix going daily for a few hours at higher quality levels, before factoring in other use, I think you’d expect to struggle in 500GB unless the ISP isn’t counting it.

        • 4/5G counts uploads towards allowance

  • +21

    You get unlimited data. After 1TB it's speed limited to 25mbps.

  • Perfect! Will be getting it.
    What are the chances that Telstra Chat will give $10 credit making it $75 pm?

    • Keep us updated

  • +4

    I've been using this for the last month and am a convert from an average FTTN 50/20mbps plan to now getting 200-450mbps/50-90mbps, latency in the 15-30ms range.

    According to rfnsa.com.au, I'm approximately 1.3km from my nearest Telstra 5g tower with no line of sight.

    Modem placement is extremely important as moving it around (and orientation of modem facing) can alter results dramatically.

    During the day my speeds are on the lower end of the scale and late at night are the best (likely due to congestion on the network).

    For $85 per month compared to the $70ish for a 50mbps FTTN plan it's a no brainer.

    Mod Edit: URL updated.

    • +1

      Hope you understand that as soon as adoption increases speed will only go down, proportionally to number of subscribers.

      • +1

        They're limiting subscribers per postcode at the moment

        • How many per postcode? 1,000 or 1,000,000?

    • +3

      First time I've heard of rfnsa.com.au, a great resource - thanks for sharing!

      Mod Edit: URL updated.

      • +5

        Please don't send ppl to rfnsa.com that is a scam site.

        The correct address is rfnsa.com.au

        • Oh whoops, apologies - I did mean rfnsa.com.au, just copied it from the above post. I've reported my comment to the mods, hopefully they take it down and/or edit it.

        • Thanks for update. I went to
          .com and my phone automatically blocked it any ways.

    • +5

      Please don't send ppl to rfnsa.com that is a scam site.

      The correct address is rfnsa.com.au

  • +1

    Would data sharing be possible with other Telstra mobiles on the same account ?

    • +1

      Don't think so as this is broadband.

  • +1

    Seems like a really good deal. I get between 60mbps and 500mbps on 5g in my house where as I get between 3mbps and 40mbps on NBN. Add to the fact that NBN drops out 4-5 times a day and it's a no brainer for people like me.

  • I currently have Telstra 5G (via their Wifi Pro modem). It's $75/month for 400GB data. I'm in a 5G area (I get ~400-600 Mbs down). But when I type my address into Telstra 5G Home Internet search it says not eligible. Anyone else experiencing this?

    • I think they're having issues with address checking. Can't check my address either.

    • I tried a couple of established addresses, including one right in the middle of several mobile towers within line of sight that qualify for Optus and Vodafone 5G broadband. The search timed out after a long while and said “address check not available”.
      Looks like their address system is as bad as the one they use to ship items (lots of delivery addresses complains on Telstra day deals)…

      • Same, im in canberra but it says not available yet i have heard others advertising their speeds on 5G broadband not far from me. Ive had enough of FTTN yet besides Starlink i dont have many options.

    • I had the same issue. I suppose there could be other factors such as network capacity provisioning at play. I have Telstra 5g mobile at my house but also ineligible for the home internet 5g which is a bummer.

    • is your connection stable with the device? mine sometimes drops out, disconnects, restarts by itself, every 2-3 days or so.
      I called customer service yesterday and they said it's a network thing, and there's nothing I can do and nothing they can do?? Pretty shoddy if you ask me!

      Also, sometimes I'm in the middle of something and the wifi cuts out on my laptop and won't reconnect again, even though most of the other devices in the house are still connected - i have to reboot the device to get it working again. Huge pain.

      • Yes stable. I have the wifi pro modem connected to Google Wifi and have 4 nodes throughout the house. The only think I’m disappointed about is the speeds from the nodes, but that’s a google wifi issue.

    • I have a Telstra 5G 400GB plan too and it says not available in my area. I just assume that's due to the fact they don't want too many people jumping on this deal in that area due to capacity. Which is actually a good thing long term.

      I only pay $65/month anyway and 400GB is more than enough.

  • Huh. Wish they'd introduced this before I'd already shelled out for their 5G wireless modem. Already paying them 85 bucks a month for 500GB on 5G.

  • Note, that the home option can't be relocated / used elsewhere.

    • +2

      It can but you are informed not to.

  • Anyone else having trouble searching in the address search on the website?

    • Yes denied for me as well. Not available for this address….

    • -3

      turn off adblock

  • How much ping for Valorant?

    • +1

      15 ping with 50% packet loss

      • Whoa. That packet loss ain't good.

        • Yeah this is great for downloading fps games, not for playing them though XD
          I patch Warzone on 5G @ 450mbps and play on FTTN @ 30mbps due to ping/ms and packet loss.

          FTTN ping ~20
          5G ping ~200

  • Would get it but still no 5g coverage in my area. Right in middle of the city too

    • Says on their website as of June 2021 they cover 75% of the Australian population.

      Edit: Looks like the address checker is working now, might have been OzBargained earlier

  • +1

    It sounds very competitive! i just left Telstra as they are increasing my 100/40 NBN fees and halved upload speed to 18mbps

  • Is this modem 5G SA supported? Anyone got the specs?

  • I dont get it. I get 5g at my address but the site wont let me get this

  • I get 90-100 on Fixed Wireless but this looks like a treat, $5 extra might give it a go and run both for the month.

  • +1
  • seems like the address checker is broken or probably not available at my address :(

    • Turn off adblock

      • +2

        yup tried that… looks like its broken now. getting 500 error on that API call

        • ahh damn, worked for me but yeah seems you're right, has been wrecked hard now lol

      • Still not working OP, looks like search has been OzBargained.

      • Tried on my mobile, on the Telstra network … not working.

  • Hopefully we wont see new 5g telstra modems appearing on marketplace.

  • Address check unavailable?

    • Same here, address check is not available

  • +1

    Apologies for the silly question - but can you connect the 5G modem to a mesh router like the TP-Link Deco series, to expand reach?

    • +2

      yep you can

      • Great to know, thanks! :)

  • Have been on this plan for last couple of months. Joined when it was invite only.

    Insanely good speed.
    I get consistently 600+ Mbps down and 80+ Mbps upload speed..
    But now that it is open to public, the good days may not remain for longer :)

    I am about 500meter from the tower

    • Oh, that sounds tempting.

      What did you use for tower distance? The couple i tried dont look to be updated recently.

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