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[NSW] Shop at Costco without a Membership @ Costco, Lidcombe (Friday 12th November to Sunday 14th November)


They'll have the flyer printed off for you to take to the checkout.

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    Shop at Costco without a membership: or parking.

    Unless you park in the shopping center opposite Costco.

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    'cmon Perth store - you can do this too.

    • Does Perth have a fuel station? I suspect these offers only become available for locations without petrol.

    • The Perth store is already so busy on Sunday's that this would make a trip there a deeply miserable experience.

      Perth really needs a 2nd store.

      • There's a second store being planned for south of the river.

        • Cool. We need it.

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        Perth really needs a 2nd store.

        Or Perthians need a life and do better things at Sundays!!!

        PS I'm a Perthian myself

        • I agree - that's why I generally don't shop on Sundays!

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          Nobody from WA says Perthian…

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    I can understand Costco trying to get more members to sign up, but the one near me (Marsden Park, NSW) is already so busy all day everyday of the week. I can’t imagine what the crowds will look like while letting non-members through, especially on a weekend.

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      Lidcombe is totally on another level in terms of foot traffic, plus I believe the warehouse is smaller than Marsden Park…

      • Lidcombe is definitely busier than Marsden Park now.
        But wait till people start moving into the new developments at Marsden Park.

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      lol, why wouldn't they want more new members? I would imagine a lot of people piggy back on their friends or relative's memberships. I have never shopped there myself, as Marsden Park is a bit of a hike from the Riff, so not sure if it is really worth it. I get a lot of flybuys and everyday rewards deals. My sister-in-law swears by them, but she has a family with two teenagers. We are empty nesters.

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      I thought it was only me who felt Marsden Park Costco was crowded. I went the week before last Friday and I had to wait 30mins in the checkout queue. Then I went last Friday also. It wasn't that bad but more people compared to the pre-lockdown era. There was a huge queue for new memberships. I never go shopping at weekends.

  • Yap, the two in Qld is just waaaayyyyyy too far away from population ! Too difficult to get there.

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    damn, I'd go to Marsden Park, but not Lidcombe

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    And what happens to those, who paid for membership? Should have been a kind of promotion scheme available for them during those days too.

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      If they are trying to get non-members to come on those days, probably best to not attract existing members to come, to reduce crowd.

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      You get a 50c credit on your account for being a valued member. 🌟

      • Free chupa chup. I'll take that :)

  • I guess some of the change of mind policies (for members) won't apply.

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    Covid-19 super cluster

    • +3

      Covid super bargain cluster

      • virus will be freebies… they wanna catch you rather than the opposite.

      • Kirkland™ Covid Sampler

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    I have consistently found Costco to be far more expensive than ColesWorth's (fairly frequent) discount promos for similar quality items for the vast majority of stock. After the initial Costco experience of a couple of weeks, I thought that I had probably visited Costco on the wrong days so I tried for more than four weekends with a hope and failed to find any amazingly attractive pricing in Costco (barring less than five items where I saw some value due to large qty packaging), so I cancelled my membership finally. I wouldn't even mention about the level of experience I had as a customer in the super crowded store (and its food counter right outside), literally struggling to find enough space without running into people.

    I feel that keeping an eye on 30-50% discount promos across neighbourhood ColesWorth (+ Amazon) is a far better use of energy than visiting Costco stores to get lame 'deals'. My 2c, but happy to hear opinions of other savvy OzBargainers who have tried Costco or shop from there regularly. My experience in Costco abroad has been slightly better though, particularly in the states, because they have less crowded stores (probably due to higher # of stores per capita) and more competitive pricing.

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      Totally agree - a combination of shopping at Aldi and snapping up discount promos from Colesworth will save you way more money than shopping at Costco. Costco isnt really that cheap at all - things are just bigger.

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      Completely agree with everything you say.

      Had membership for a number of years and it used to take us a minimum half a day every couple of weeks to shop there (including the drive there and back). Far quicker, easier, cheaper (mostly buying specials) and a much more pleasant time shopping at Coles & Woolies.

      The only reason it's worth going to Costco is for things you cannot get anywhere else. So these free days are worth going to once or twice a year just to stock up on these things.

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        Agreed. And not to mention a few things in the trolley racks up sooo quickly.

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      The value you get from the membership definitely varies person to person.

      Costco's fuel prices are consistently cheaper than the petrol stations nearby, so fuelling up at Costco for a year already pays for the membership itself.

      I find their fresh produce (especially meats and fish) are better quality and cut than Colesworth at similar prices. But you are buying in kilos instead of grams.

      General goods are cheaper at Colesworth when it's on special, I understand majority of Costco sales are from small businesses, so they can't afford to wait for Colesworth for specific specials, so buying at Costco means price is consistent.

      They frequently stock food and snacks from other countries with Costco warehouses, usually in bigger sizes, which works out significantly cheaper than buying from import shops (A&W Root beer is the cheapest there, I always buy a case or two when I go).

      I am personally very happy with my membership and always renew.

      Also, big a** pizza.

      • There's also the time factor at hand. If you cbf'ed or are time poor chasing the Colesworth specials you could just go to Costco once a month and stock up rather than having to shop every week.

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        "I find their fresh produce (especially meats and fish) are better quality and cut than Colesworth at similar prices."

        This. The meat that we buy alone makes a membership worthwhile. We only go about once every 3 months, buy up big and stock it away in the freezer. Very happy with both the cost and quality of their meat. We are also addicted to their bagels! Other products you need to know your prices - you can't just assume it is cheaper at Costco.

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          you can't just assume it is cheaper at Costco

          I've found I can generally assume that it will be as cheap or slightly cheaper than the "normal" price elsewhere, but that specials elsewhere will almost always save you more. It's more about
          - the convenience (is it easier for you to get to a costco and buy/store a bulk amount, or to keep an eye on specials and snap them up when available?)
          - the specialty items
          - the fuel

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        lol id rather pay the extra money than wait to fuel at at Costco for a year. They always seem so busy

        • It kind of says it all when somebody says the best thing about Costco is the fuel xD

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      Thanks for your opinion, you pretty much concreted what I already thought.

      I kinda suspected this was the case, that savvy purchasing at the big three could end up saving you time and money.

      I know people with Costco membership who do praise it, just couples no kids. I would even go as far to say that they really promote it. Maybe because they paid for membership that they now have a vested interest in it?

      My partner has been once as a guest and returned with one or two decent things. The rest of what was purchased was just things we wouldn't usually buy, think junk food, silly things, kinda impulse things. Everything else she said wasn't that great compared to locally.

      I just don't understand how places like this resonate with people. Overcrowding, queuing, impulse buying, making half a day out of it. To me this sounds like hell and a terrible way to waste a day. But that's me, so what are the others seeing that I'm not.

      And membership to shop.. WTF.
      Prime is fine because you get free postage and you save time, but Costco membership…hmmm
      IKEA has membership, but that gets you some perks, and membership is free.

      Maybe it's some American thing and I'm more aligned with the European way of shopping.

      I would really like to know why people can be so passionate on Costco.

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        Maybe because they paid for membership that they now have a vested interest in it?

        Yes, this is pretty much why they have a membership.

        Otherwise, they're a pretty fair company. They just apply a fixed markup to their stuff and don't muck around with discounting cycles. I hear they treat their workers OK too.

        For an average person who buys what they need each week without regard for specials, costco probably makes sense - especially if they have 8 kids. For an OzBargainer who buys six months supply of whatever's on half price special this week and never buys anything full price, it's not so good.

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      I'll partly agree - you really need to know what you're buying and the cost of those things in other stores. They do have some good stuff though: their cheese selection is fantastic and very good value. Meat, although not that cheap, is high quality. They sometimes have great offers on electronics - especially TVs. Tyres are good value too Diesel, at their Perth station, is consistently 15-20c/l cheaper than nearby servos. Eggs, cheap. A lot of their stuff is more expensive that Colesworth and Aldi - and some bulk buys are nonsensical - unless you can share with others.

      I do like their Chicken burger though!

    • Same. We went a few times last year after signing up and honestly in general it was the same or worse than your local super market. Even accounting for the massive volumes of food you need to buy. It’s a rip with a few infrequent deals. Certainly not worth the big trip to save a non existent dollar. Didn’t bother signing back up this year.

    • My brother used to swear by costco's deals and nearly bought an oled that was literally $1k cheaper at the good guys on promo so what you said is definitely true, that being said they have consistently good steak at a good price without trying your luck at woolies or coles. Most butcher's in my area are overpriced garbage as much as I respect the hustle.

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    What's there to make it worth going?

    • +15

      It’s feel like visiting the USA

    • I heard their arcan floor jack is pretty good

    • ~1.1kg of choc coated almonds, proper sized bottles of Franks hot sauce and a ridiculously large pizza from the foodcourt makes it worthwhile for me to go on these free days.

      • +1

        Can go any day to get that pizza. No membership required at the food court. Or has that changed recently?

        • Lidcombe store food court is outside the store prior to membership checks, whereas Casula/Crossroads store is inside the store. Not sure about Marsden Pk

    • Skippy peanut butter

  • -2

    thanks for the heads up, I will shop on Thursday to stay away from the next covid outbreak from the crowded peasants. lol.

    Here it comes, LOCKDOWN ROUND 3 :(

    • +1

      90% vaccination rate in NSW. No more lockdown

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    Imagine all the tight ass congregating at the same days….

    This will be Aldi rude bastards 100x experience

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    Another option, is when you see the Costco people at a shopping centre, have a chat to them and they’ll give you a one time pass. I’ve done it a few times

    • Don’t you need to show your membership card at the checkout register?

  • This will end in tears. big ones

  • Damn it's going to be mayhem… 😐

  • +1

    I always prefer Marsden Park than Auburn. Auburn is definitely busier.

  • +1

    Struggling to think of anywhere I'd rather be less than this. Will be hideous.

  • My local costco employ many Americans for some job like cashier or cleaner, or the staff are just faking the accent?

    • +1

      The Costco at Perth airport has a few American staff. They seem to be supervisors though.

    • I did notice the American accent, and was wondering what's the go? Not one or two speak that way but many of them.

      Possibly the ones speak that way referred/recruited their friends who came from a similar background. Anyway, doesn't make any difference, just an observation.

      • Yeah, a bit strange cuz I think some jobs like retail assistant and cleaner can be employed locally, doesn't make anything different though, feel like going to the states lol

  • Anyone got any compensation from Costco due to Covid lockdown?
    I lived 15 kms away from Costco so I couldn't shop there for 4 months, I tried to call them but was told I will need to speak to the warehouse directly but that's like a 45 min queue…..

    • That wouldn't have stopped many in Melb from going there with what I saw during restrictions :)

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    1 word "POPPYCOCK"

  • On a side note - did anyone use the new self checkouts at Marsden Park? I used them yesterday and was probably the best thing that happened to Costco. It was empty, no one wanted to use it. There are about 8/10 of them - I was out in a breeze.

  • @OP do we need to print a flyer to enter Costco?

    • +1

      No mate, they'll have them at the front desk.

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    It's bad enough going to Costco Auburn on a good day (and generally that day is only good /prior/ to going to Costco). Complete waste of time and prices rarely anything special. By far the worst part is dealing with the types of tosspots who frequent the place. Probably mostly the same people who frequent this site.

  • Why people have to pay a member fee to shop, I hope Costco is considering removing the fee but I doubted. :)

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      They said membership fee is their main income

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    It really depends on what you buy and when you buy.

    For us, 3.5L A2 milk, 60 pack Pace Farm eggs (caged and free range), 30 pack water are consistently cheaper than supermarket. Salmon and steak marginally cheaper but quality and freshness are obvious. There are seasonal specials on household items and clothing, grocery brands and varieties not available in supermarkets.

    Basically Costco is not for you if your objective is to spend as little as possible, and can wait for supermarkets to go on special.

    However, if you want to shop for quality or unique products at reasonable prices, at times you need them then Costco is there for you.

    Also, people who complaint about wasting half a day there is because they choose to go at the busies time. Try weekday 7pm, if you shop there regularly and know what you want, you can be in and out in less than an hour (parking included) with 2 weeks groceries sorted.

    Current specials (08-21/Nov):

  • Have they ever done this with the Melbourne or Moorabbin stores?

    I'd like to go and have a look one day. Not been to a Costco in the US, only a Sam's Club that a friend took me too. Much the same deal I guess.

    Membership is of no value to me as I would never buy anywhere near enough stuff to justify it. None of my friends have memberships either as they also see no value to them so can't tag along with anyone.

    • +1

      Membership is refundable, just sign up and hold on to it for a few months and see how it goes. If you still don't see the benefit, ask for a refund.

      On membership: we will refund your membership fee in full at any time for any reason if you are dissatisfied.

      Look at it this way, it's not always how much you buy, but things not available elsewhere or discount on certain products that is greater than the value of membership.

      Sometimes people tends to think you have to buy in bulk in order to save at Costco, not always.

  • The sales aren't that great at all but good to get bulk items or niche items.

    • A bit of an adventure going to Costco which i love. But if you shop with a list it is difficult to find specific items.

  • Tried to go there yesterday, but they didn't let me in and asked to see some-kind of an e-mail? Anyone else tried or where's the catch?

  • Anyone else can confirm they got in fine today/yesterday?

    • I went yesterday. You had to first scan the Covid Check in, after the staff checked, I walked to the table with the flyers and filled it in, the staff approached me and said to me after I fill in the flyer that the staff will need to check my ID/License. So make sure you have your ID/License handy. Everything was fine I got in.

    • Just need to fill out a form. Also make sure you bring a gold coin for a trolley

  • anybody able to share the email?
    when i mentioned i got the invite this morning the staff wanted to see the "email invitation"

    • same as me…

  • anyone went yesterday? planning to go today with the flyers shown…

  • I'll go and try in 45min :D

  • I ended up going yesterday and the flyer forms are at the entrance to the store, just fill it out before shopping.

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