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DeLonghi Dedica Manual Coffee Machine EC685 $169 @ ALDI


Good price for the DeLonghi Dedica Manual Coffee Machine. Taken from the upcoming Aldi Black Friday catalogue.

On sale from Wednesday 24th of November.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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      I wouldn’t trust this review too much. He’s taken the pressurised filter out and replaced it with a non-pressurised one. I’m getting way better coffee with my unmodified Dedica than I did with my Sunbeam, which did not have a pressurized filter. I do like dark, strong coffee though. Also, he’s complaining about the temperature, but I believe that is adjustable/programmable. My Dedica is extracting very hot.

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        Why would an espresso machine need a pressurised filter if the coffee is fresh?

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          pressurised filters help more with inconsistent grind size than freshness

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            @songyi: Helps with both. But it doesn't explain why the machine would need it if reviewed by a professional who definitely has fresh coffee and expensive grinders around.

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          “the key difference is that pressurized portafilter baskets are great for helping you to pull a decent shot of espresso without harsh variables, including consistent grind size or the ability to use pre-ground coffee”.

          I’m not a coffee expert, but I’m getting the sense that the benefit of a pressurized filter is consistency. Maybe you will get a better coffee with a non-pressurized filter, but you may have to work harder to get your variables right. In any case, I can only speak from my limited experience with 2 machines. I’m getting much better coffee since I switched to the Dedica with its pressurized filter. The coffee is coming out darker, stronger, thicker, hotter, and more flavoursome.

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            I’m not a coffee expert

            Do you want to know who is a coffee expert? You know, one who has literally written a book on coffee?

            (I'll let you have a guess!)

            • @caprimulgus: That doesn’t mean he’s infallible. Did he read the manual? He complains that the main problem is the high pressure combined with low temperature. But the temperature can be adjusted. Cited from manual: “ To modify the temperature of the water used to make the coffee, proceed as follows:”
              My machine seems to be already set to high temperature as it is coming out very hot and delicious.

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                @ForkSnorter: Dude…the guy knows coffee machines. I’m 10000% sure he knows about the temperature setting. (He would have investigated it, trying to get the maximum temp out of the machine.)

                The problem with the machine is that even at the maximum temp setting, the temp is not very high - high enough for you, using dark roast beans? Sure, probably. High enough to extract light roasted beans properly? Not a chance.

                Google it. This is a known thing.

                The fact that you think temp adjustment = no issue with temp, demonstrates that you just don't understand his critique (and that's ok - you are not a coffee expert!).

                The machine works great for you - and that's great! But that doesn't mean you know enough about coffee to comment on a review by a person who is, in almost anyone's book, an actual bonafide coffee expert (who I'm sure knows a damn sight more about coffee, and probably a damn lot more about this machine, than you do!) that they shouldn't be trusted! :)

                (If you had just said, "I like the machine, it works better for me" then I don't think anyone would have a problem). :)

                • @caprimulgus: This is just not right about the temperature. Mine is coming out so hot I’ll burn my mouth if I drink it straight away.

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                    @ForkSnorter: Again…I humbly suggest to you that you don't understand the relationship between temperature and coffee extraction.

                    It has nothing to do with the drinking temperature…

                    Just stop bro. You clearly don't know what you are talking about. Move on.

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            @ForkSnorter: "the benefit of a pressurized filter is consistency", true when you don't have a good grinder and use good beans. If you have a good grinder, fresh beans with good practice you can get consistent better coffee. The whole point of pressurised basket is to comprise on beans and grinder.

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        Just because your experience doesn't match what he says, doesn't mean he is wrong.

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          Just give up drinking coffee.

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        Very few people who want awesome coffee will use a pressurised basket.

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    Damn, I just bought this 2nd hand for $140. Great machine, makes much tastier (stronger) coffee than my old Sunbeam. Not sure how it does it.

    • just bought this


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        Yep. Still getting used to the new steam wand though. Only been a few days.

        • FYI you can remove the steam wand cover and zip tie or rubber band the plastic nozzle in place to stop it shooting off - gave me much better results frothing milk.

          Also the pressure gets low sometimes after pulling a shot for me, and the steam isn’t steamy just jets of hot water. If you have a jug with water to test, you can make sure it’s actually putting out steam.

          Some people replace the steam wand with a Silva one, but I am near certain I would break my machine with my history of diy fails haha…

          Def the weak point of this machine, but I grabbed it for 99$ from Amazon so not complaining! Very small footprint and has been a lil workhorse throughout lockdowns.

      • Look at my hap, hap, happy guy
        Oh just a happy happy happy guy
        Oh just look at the hap, hap, happy guy
        Oh just a happy happy happy coffee machine owner

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    Great machine I've had one for nearly 2 years from an Amazon boxing day sale. Never skipped a beat and makes great coffee consistently.

    Alot of the threads if you look in the search have pretty knowledgeable upgrades on the frother etc.

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    Great machine. I have been using it for over a year now. Bought one from David Jones mid last year. I would highly recommend it. The steam wand's power is better than even the expensive machine. I am very happy with the generated micro-foam.

  • Does it only come in red?

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      Red and white, according to the image.

      • Sht. How did I miss that. Thanks!

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    Got the dedica machine, paired with a Breville smart grinder pro. Excellent combo

  • With the dedica machine, can you put a tall mug underneath?

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      Yes you can pull out the drip tray

  • I love mine, got it in lockdown 1.0 and hasn't had a problem yet. Except that the double basket has grinds stuck in it and I have to use the single. I could buy another basket but I haven't bothered yet. $169 good price, worth buying when on sale at $199.

    • +1

      Same here, same opinion. Would happily buy again.

    • How is it to clean the group head? Is there a silicon seal around the group head? A flush out with water through the portafilter then a wipe with the chux should be good enough right?

      • I've never cleaned mine except descaling 😬

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    I have used this for the last 4 years and it's great. Super compact, doesn't take up much bench space. You do need a separate grinder, which takes up a little more bench space (or you can tuck it away)
    The froth seems perhaps too frothy to my liking but I scoop out the over froth in the sink. But for the price and size I'm happy.

    I also use the BES878BSS at work every day, and while Breville is better at frothing, it is 4-5 times the price.

    • The froth seems perhaps too frothy to my liking but I scoop out the over froth in the sink.

      My strategy is to have the wand control pulled out for the first 20 seconds or until the volume has increased to my liking then push it in until the milk is the right temperature

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    My partner (ex-barista) has been using the machine paired with the smart grinder pro for approximately two years now and absolutely loves it. It's smaller than the other machines like the dual boiler or barista express which is fantastic for your bench space. You do need a seperate grinder (or purchase beans already ground) but a stand alone grinder will generally perform better than a combo machine
    Most cafes don't make it better than she can with her home set up.

    Buy a non pressurized portafilter to really tune into your shot.

    You can also upgrade the steam wand to the rancilio Silvia wand for a much better microfoam for the milk. Costs roughly $60 for the part
    We did it after the warranty expired as you have to take the machine apart

    Her favourite beans are actually from a company that posts sales on here - Inglewood coffee.

    • -1

      If paying for upgrades anyway you're better off getting a Breville Bambino.

      • +7

        Which you'll also want to buy a non-pressurised basket for as well… ;)

        And then a bottomless portafilter. And then a better tamper. And then a better grinder. And then better beans. And then… It's never ending!

    • +4

      The new dedica has a proper steam wand now https://www.harveynorman.com.au/delonghi-dedica-arte-manual-...

    • Agree with everything above, couple mods, a good grinder, and it's fantastic.

      Just heads up that you can buy a knock off rancilio steam wand for $30 ish from ebay and it works fine

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    Even at this price I still recommend the Breville Bambino Plus (via Good Guys Commercial for ~$360), but if you're on a budget and not too much of a coffee snob, this is a decent machine for an excellent price.

    • Is it because of the auto steam-wand?

      • +1

        I thought it would be a gimmick, but it's actually quite good - and it makes everything all rather simple.

        • Yeah I have the Nespresso pod equivalent with the auto steam wand, and was looking at something like this to complement it as I can just use the one I already have for milk if that makes sense.

    • Why recommend that one?

      • +1

        Makes better coffee. Easier to use. Better milk frothing. Has a similar bench footprint.

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    Good price, I bought one for $180 last year. 1 or 2 cups a day and still going strong, I took the milk frother out and zip tie the rubber wand inside to make better milk.

  • Bought this from amazon few years ago, its good for its price but not great.

  • Does it make better coffee than moka pot? Anyone had the experience on the difference? Thanks!

    • +1

      In terms of coffee, it will be different, but not necessarily better.

      If what you want is espresso, then yes, it will be better.

    • +1

      I'm no barista, but I've always found a moka pot makes it taste strong whereas espresso gets more variety of flavours out of it, it's a little flavour bomb you can do more with (i.e. make a latte) and notice the difference in different coffees more. You get a lot more consistency out of an espresso machine but then it's more fiddly to get right in the first place.

      IMO, I love my delonghi machine (I kind of wish it would blow up so I could justify buying a bambino plus instead) because it's quick, easy and pretty decent but I've had it so long I know what works. But I don't like drinking straight espresso from it, I usually go long black or a milk coffee, whereas drinking coffee straight as it comes from the moka pot (with a tiny bit of salt to take off the bitterness) is really nice.

  • Just wanted to confirm if this is the same model


    • the same model

      EC685 vs EC785PK

      Might just be diff accesories

    • The machines look identical but the accessories are different. But I doubt the new accessories worth $200 so there might be some invisible upgrade somewhere.

      • +2

        Myer prices on small appliances always tend to be very inflated. They only offer decent prices when they have sales.

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    I just noticed Delonghi has updated the Dedica with a proper steam wand: https://www.harveynorman.com.au/delonghi-dedica-arte-manual-...

    Might be worth it paying a bit more for the steam wand alone, the one on the old ones can't really forth good enough to make latte art without mods

    • $130 for a steam wand..?

      • Might be worth it for someone. I see a lot of users spending time and effort to mod it with a Silvia steam wand that fiddles with the machine internal that probably voids warranty
        Or wait for this model to be discounted

  • Have this machine for almost 4 years now. Super happy with it. I don't really use the frother so not sure whether it's good or not. But I do recommend to replace the pressurized basket with a non-pressurized one as it indeed give much better results.

  • Been using this coffee machine for around 3 years. Very good - combine it with a good coffee grinder (I use smart grinder pro). I got it for like ~$90 back when Amazon first launched and had promos galore.

    I did upgrade the basket to a naked one like this rather than the pressurised one that comes with the machine https://www.amazon.com.au/Bottomless-Portafilter-MATOW-Compa... (although you want one thats 51mm I got it from Aliexpress) and the included plastic tamper is junk as well.

  • +1

    That's not a manual machine.

    • Yeah it is. In the world of coffee machines manual means putting ground coffee into a portafilter and steaming milk yourself. Automatic is chuck in beans and milk and press a button to get coffee.

      • +2

        Nah, he is right - in the coffee world, this is not a manual machine, this is a semi-automatic. A manual machine is one that uses manual effort to push the water through the puck (eg. a manual lever, wind-up or manual pump machine, like a Flair, Picopresso, Portaspresso, Aram, Nomad, etc).

        This is a semi-automatic, wrongly labelled as a manual to distinguish from fully-automatic (machine controls the volume of brew water) or super-automatic machines (machine does everything). It is not a manual machine in the commonly used sense of the word in the coffee industry - it is merely their way of saying "not one of our one-touch super-automatic machines…it's more manual than that!".

        If you posted this machine in a manual espresso forum/group, you would probably get insta-banned. :)

        Source: I am team manual (the real manual) all the way! (Odyssey Espresso Argos on pre-order, Flair Signature, Nanopresso) :)

        • This one does actually control the brew water volumetrically, would that make it automatic then? Technically speaking

          • @heineken016: Oh right (sorry, I’m not that familiar with this machine) - in that case, then yes you’re correct, it’s a (fully) automatic machine, not a semi-automatic as I incorrectly assumed. (That means it’s even less manual!) :)

            (I didn’t make up these confusing names, btw! Admittedly, they are not really that logical / intuitive to understand!) :)

  • Black Wednesday? 🤔

  • Another up for machine. This puppy after serious customisation over Melbourne lockdowns enabled me to learn how to make a coffee that is almost as good and sometimes when better than from a good coffee shop.
    I use commercial grinder

    • after serious customisation

      What’re your mods?

      • +2

        1, non pressurised basket ($10 on Amazon)
        2, bottomless portafilter ($50 or more on Aliexpress)
        3, take the steam cover off, zip-zap the rubber bit steam wand in place and you got a 'proper' one hole steam wand (a few bucks for the zip zap)
        4, or get a rancilio Silvia v1/v2 steam wand and swap out the delonghi steam wand ($70 on eBay)

        • Exactly that, thank you kind sir

        • By zip zap I meant zip tied, lol don't cut anything

        • If you invest about $150 more, is it not worth just buying a different machine? For instance, the upgraded version?

          • +1

            @BargainCowboy: I'd wait for the new model with the upgraded steam wand to get a discount to be honest

  • Dedica machine is a good and compact coffee machine. I love it. :)

  • Thoughts on the kettle?

    • +3

      Had mine for the past 8 years no issues

  • +1

    And another vote for this plus mods (non pressurised, rancilio wand, bottomless portafilter).

    Bottomless can be real cheap.. I just took to the bottom of mine with an angle grinder! Straightforward and good results of you are careful.

  • I cant seem to find a red or white version from an Aussie retailer, want to buy it now and price match later with latitude.

  • Any thoughts about the microwave/combo oven?

  • People will point out online it's not possible to get real espresso from this as it's 15 bar.

    Having this machine you need a decent grinder. Smart grinder or better is very convenient for this purpose. I did invest in a bottomless portafilter as even pressurised you can get a bad shot.
    I mean this can become a bit of a rabbit hole and turn into a small hobby.

    The milk steaming is complete rubbish and I'd probably do the rancillio mod if you intend to steam. I use a 2 dollar IKEA milk frother and the microwave rather than get on my hands and knees and pray the milk is sprayed onto the wall.

    Invest in a decent tamp. Be mindful that the portafilter is 51mm instead of the standard and all accessories need to be purchased for that size.
    Honestly it's a good price for the size and it makes fresh coffee.

  • If you are really tight on budget then this is probably a decent option, however, the Bambino plus has regularly popped up at 320-350 (which is admittedly almost double the price technically) but for $150 more it think you get a better machine.

  • +1

    This a semi-automatic bruh

  • Bought this for $180 during lockdown, for use in a kitchen with limited bench space. Have a JX-Pro hand grinder + replaced the stock portafilter with a bottomless one with a non-pressurised basket ($35 on Amazon). Other than the smaller dose size (51mm basket), it's pretty great. I doubt the current price difference between this and the Breville Bambino is worth it — my next upgrade would be the Dual Boiler (if we ever had more space + it comes back down in price) — I can definitely see much greater advantages on that machine.

  • +1

    sorry noob questions. how do these ALDI deals work? do all ALDI stores have them? can you buy online or is it first in first served? are they normally limited quantity? also are these a "deal" or is this the normal price of this machine?

    • Not all have them, limited numbers and first come first serve available from the advertised date until they run out. But there is a stock checker on the aldi website which can help. Also aldi doesnt do the percentage off sales so the price is the price.

  • +1

    If you can't wait or want a black one The Good Guys Commercial have the black one for $186. TGGC also have the later model (better steam wand) but it is $269. Personally, I am waiting for the Delonghi Magnifica S to go on sale, hopefully on Black Friday sales

  • I bought this machine and it sucks. I returned it and bought the Gaggia.

    It doesn't provide very good pressure for a good shot.

  • +1

    I microwave my milk in the mug for 30seconds and then add the espresso shot straight into that.
    What's the advantage of using the frother, other than the obvious…froth…

    • +2

      texture, flavour etc but if you're happy with whatever you're doing then it doesn't really matter.

  • Got one from Aldi, cant wait to try

    • What were stock levels like, did you have to queue to get one? Stores don't open here in WA for another hour, deciding whether it is worth the trip…

      • +1

        there was a line about 10-12 people, but no one was interested in the coffee machine, mostly for the 60" TV. I guess they had about 15-20 boxes of the coffee machine.

        • Thanks, I'll head there now then.

          Had a chat with the guy at checkout yesterday, he said people will start queuing at 7 for a shop that opens 8:30, but mostly for TVs, which according to him are still stuck in transport and won't get here to WA for a few days.

  • My local Aldi had about 10 of the machines. About 30 people ahead of me in the queue when I got there 5 minutes before store open, but they mostly were looking for different products, no problem getting one of these.

    In case someone misses out: the black one is currently in stock at Amazon for $199

    If you have the Amex offer and combine it with the gift card trick you'll pay $160 and have $1 left on one of the gift cards.

  • Have one and it's been terrific, recently bought a bottomless portafilter and making even better coffee.

    Apply the zip tie milk wand mod, get a self tamper/ distributor and get a non pressurized double basket (or go all out for bottomless portafilter).

    If anyone in Brisbane CBD (or Northside near Petrie) needs a double basket for this, let me know, you can have my spare (I modded my old pressurized one first with it).

    Link for tamper:
    51mm Espresso Tamper &… https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B088TNVC59?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_s...

  • What pre-ground beans are best? dont want to start modding yet.

    • Not the best, but certainly worth trying are Aldi lazzio

    • +1

      Or freshly ground for $14

      Sure there are better grinders, but lots of people think that even this beats pre-ground.

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