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$60 Referral Bonus for Referrer and Referee OR $60 for Referrer Only (3x $10 Purchase by Referee Required) @ Revolut


There are two referral campaigns in this promotion period (17/11 to 7/12). (thanks tmr3)

  1. $60 Referral Bonus for Referrer and Referee
    Earn cash for you and your friends - Terms and conditions
  2. $60 Referral Bonus for Referrer Only
    Refer a friend promotion - Terms and conditions

Moderator Note:

It is impossible to tell from the referral link alone which user is invited to which campaign, therefore we have turned off the referral randomiser.

>>New customers should join Revolut with the expectation that nothing will be paid to the referee.<<<

New customers looking for sign-up referral and users with a referral offer that also pays the referee are invited to this Referral Request Megathread to request and share the offer.

Do not offer or request referral here. Use the Megathread.

Unlike before the "⚠️ Expiring Soon", is no longer there. So make sure, to enter your eligible referrals if you get the invite please, it'd end with !NOV2AR

Referrer will be credited $60 to your Revolut account for each referral that meets the criteria above, up to 5 sign-ups

What do referees (new customers) need to do?

Sign up to a Revolut account using your unique referral link

  1. Verify their identity and pass our Know Your Customer (KYC) checks
  2. Add money by connecting their bank account or debit card
  3. Order a physical Revolut card
  4. Complete 3 purchase transactions with their new Revolut card (this can be through a virtual card while they wait for their physical one) of at least $10 each
  5. All the steps above must be completed by Dec 7 (11:59pm GMT)
  6. Only those who received email invite with their unique referral link should update their referral link

For reference, here is the previous offer post.

Referral Links

Referral: random (190)

$60 for the referrer only. Referee gets $0. Each referrer can refer up to 5 sign-ups. Three minimum $10 purchases by referee required.

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  • +3

    Step 5:
    All the steps above must be completed by Nov 16 (midnite, GMT time)

    Correct me if I'm wrong, am I from the future?

    • +1

      [UPDATED 8 minutes after Deal posted - while you were commenting]
      Now: All the steps above must be completed by Dec 7

    • Where are you reading that? In OP post it says all steps must be completed by December 7.

    • Hello yes I'm from the future… We run out of toilet paper.

  • Anyone who uses this service, are they Revoluting?

    • +1

      yup, the disposable cc is handy

    • +1

      Only got it for the Disposable CC, otherwise there's really no point for this unless you're sending money overseas.

    • +3

      I find it useful to make online payment in other currencies (eg. USD)
      compare to HSBC Global Debit Card (no international transaction fee with Visa conversion rate)
      Revolut has a much better rate

      The only catch with using Revolut on overseas purchases is they charge a 1% service fee on weekends

  • the referral link changed again..

  • Never had a successful referral, always sign up and nothing happens or miss the last step :/

    • Same here…
      This time mine was “clicked 5 times” yet no successful referral again…

      • Same for me. I signed up last time, didn't get the bonus

  • I'm not seeing any ⚠ Expiring Soon on my referral link.

    EDIT: OK OP just got updated to say that

  • +5

    I did the last one and followed all instructions. Never got my referral credit.

    • same here. i contacted live chat and they told me I should get paid soon. hopefully. still waiting tho

      • any update?

        • +1

          Yep after 2 weeks of chasing up with 2 different reps. I finally got the 30 aud.

    • +1

      All of my referral from last time got declined from my log.

      • +1

        Yeah, absolutely dodgy.. Had multiple confirmed and completed referrals that all disappeared and was told I had violated their referral terms. (eg. posting promo on ozB forum) = giving them lots of new signups. WTH.

    • +3

      Signed up with referral here. Got $30 last time - easy money!

      Bought 3 x $10 egift cards from ShopBack with Revolut, got $10 bonus tracked + cashback.
      $30 deposited in Revolut account days later.

      • +2

        T&C.. Changed no giftcard purchases work for referral.

      • When I tried to buy $10 ebay gift card from Shopback app, I was unable to pay using Revolut Virtual card. Whats wrong?. Please note that just today I signed up Revolut and my physical card is on its way.

    • +3

      From my experience, SB gift card purchases do not count active payments, I made three $10 ZIPPAY repayments via apple pay, rewards showed in the balance immediately.

  • Damn they upside it and it better than the $50 one.

    • +2

      I am running out of family members who are willing to do the whole ID dance (+ taking a selfie) to take advantage of this promo.

      • Can we rinse-repeat in future by "Closing account" afterwards?

  • +2


    Who is eligible for the Promotion?

    Anyone who has received an invitation to the Promotion directly from us by email is eligible. If you have not received an email directly from us, you are not eligible.

    We run different types of referral campaigns across our business. Not all of these campaigns offer both you and the people you refer a Reward - some campaigns will only pay a Reward to one of you. You are only eligible for the type of Promotion we invite you to join by email.

    • This, it looks like if you are using a referral link from someone who was not targeted, then as a referee, you'll forteit the bonus.
      Probably what happened to people complaining they never got the bonus.

      • my email on 30 Nov says

        "For only 7 more days, you’ll get $60 for each and every eligible friend who signs up from your referral. Now that’s easy money!"

    • yes, they did send email. I just got the email and know I am eligible. But buying gift card seems not count.

  • +1

    Damn I thought the free $30 was good nooooo.

    • Signed up & got that $30 last time.
      Was sent invitation to refer now.

  • So when you add a credit card to revoult does it count as cash advace charge?

    • Depend on your provider really. YMMV. Some people got charged, some don't. There's a post mentioning it's free at the beginning but then getting charge after he keeps doing it, so maybe the bank caught it.

    • my friend got charged advance, best to use debit or bank transfer

      • yep got charged, they didn't accept my debit card.

    • I used a CBA Debit Mastercard to charge mine up… no charge. Wouldn't be doing it with a real CC.

    • Yup used CBA CC got charged $3 cash advance fee

    • Westpac CC charged me as well

  • +3

    they didn't pay me

    Told me I violated referral program but they can't tell me what I did wrong

    It happened after 2 weeks of promises to pay

    • Same for me

  • +4

    Can also use this $10 gift card bonus offer too


    • +1

      Ends in 3 days. Used before - tracked & expecting the $10 plus increased cashback.

    • +4

      As far as I can tell, T&C's say that gift card purchases won't (or shouldn't) qualify for the promotion.

      What does the person you refer need to do for you to earn the Reward?

      They must order a physical card and make three card purchases of the required minimum amount. The three card purchases can be made using a virtual or physical card. The required minimum amounts vary by region (more information here). These must be genuine purchases (for example, card transactions to payment, gambling, gift card or currency exchange service providers, and money transfers are not valid).

      YMMV, basically, unless I'm reading this wrong. Unsure what the wording of this was in previous T&C's.

      • +3

        Good pickup. This is important to highlight, as gift cards were NOT previously excluded

        For reference, this is the Google cache of the same section of the terms for the previous campaign that ended 17 Nov:

        They must order a physical card and make three card purchases of the required minimum amount. The three card purchases can be made using a virtual or physical card. The required minimum amounts vary by region (more information here). These must be genuine purchases (for example, card transactions to payment service providers and money transfers are not valid).

      • +1

        This is important, could OP or Mod please add this to the top of the page or description of the post please?

  • +1

    They didn't pay the referral bonus for the last deal.

    • +5

      They paid my one instantly.

    • +1

      Same here.

    • +1

      Same thing happened with me and I raised an issue via their chat. Responses on chat can get too slow sometime. Got the bonus in 3 days after raising the issue.

      • I got this response (still haven't received 2 referral credits):

        Sorry to hear about the trouble which you are facing at the moment. I have reviewed your concern and have escalated it to our relevant team who are going to work on your issue. It's going to take some time but hopefully, they should be able to fix it as soon as possible. As soon as there's any news from them, I will get back to you on this. Will appreciate your patience in this matter.

        • +1

          I got the same response from live chat too. Still waiting for bonus 30 dollars from last deal

  • Is there a way to confirm that the referral code we use has recieved the increased bonus email?

    • +1

      Go to app click invite you see the description is $60 then its is 60

      • Thanks and sorry for not being clear - I was asking for new sign up. When I click on the referral link, it just takes me to the page saying someone has referred me. Doesn’t mention anything about the bonus etc.
        However, I might have answered my own question - the referral code in the url should end with !NOV2AR as mentioned in the op.
        Will sign up now.

  • +2

    Referral is not always instant/easy.
    One referral wasn't credited. Then I checked with my friend and all transactions settled. Revolut was asking name, phone number and postcode of the person I referred, before they wanted to credit anything.
    Other referrals just disappeared (and aren't credited) …

    • +1

      Yeah I had my first pending referral just disappear. I can't imagine he didn't order the card in time after going through the harder steps. But I've had other referrals work since then. I was initially impressed with their transparency but then disappointed that things can just disappear without a trace.

      I think Revolut has a secret fraud-detection algorithm that has determined I wouldn't bother people with MLM-esque schemes and I'm not very persuasive to friends and family. They would be correct.

  • +1

    Dont forget to stack with this $10 offer


    Pay by Revolut Card, Get $10 Bonus Cashback on Any $10+ Gift Card & 4% (Max $20/$100) on Further Gift Cards @ ShopBack via App

    • +3

      Gift cards are now excluded as spend, so you still need 3 other $10 transactions.: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/11353509/redir

      • So am I right to qualify for both offer, you have to buy $10 gift card from Shopback and spend another 3x$10 elsewhere?

        • +2

          Yes, your interpretation is correct.

        • +1

          Yes, 3x $10 spend - e.g. pre-paying your telstra bill.
          Buy a $10 gift card, and get $10 cashback (in your shopback account).

  • +1

    I think the $60 is for referrer only? The wording is a bit different from the $30 promo: https://imgur.com/a/wi1wOEr

    • The title "Earn cash for you and your friends" suggests otherwise.

      • -1

        I just checked T&C, and have a different title: https://imgur.com/a/VZF1elD

        Maybe everyone is different. My referral link ends with !NOV2AR tho.

  • Nearly 400 MB for a finance app sounds… excessive.

    • Must be all the fancy sound effects (unlikely), or possibly a third-party bloatware library… I have downloaded games that are a lot smaller in binary size.

  • Is Revolut good for purchasing items from America under USD?

    • +1

      Their rate is decent, but not sure how it compares against similar product.

      • You have more control of the rate by setting your preferred exchange rate to change AUD to foreign currency without spread rather than depending on the rate set by Visa/MC on the date of transaction.

  • Signed up in the last referral deal and received $30. Money was credited 6 hours after making the 3rd purchase. I did ask Live Chat about it not being credited straight away and they told me to just wait and it should arrive, which it did.

  • Has anyone received an email from Revolut about this promo? I have not received one but have the promo is listed in my account. The T&Cs state thought that "anyone who has received an invitation to the Promotion directly from us by email is eligible" so according to this I am not eligible.

  • I just had a chat with customer support in app, and he advised that the $60 is for referrer only. Maybe someone can confirm with Revolut again?

    • +4

      Hope this isn't the case, otherwise I just signed up for nothing

      • I got transferred to another CS, and got the same answer.

        • +4

          Dam, that sucks. I'll still complete the steps though so another fellow OzBargainer can reap the rewards

    • +3

      Be aware, This Promotion is a one-sided campaign, where only the referrer (not the referee) can be awarded the Reward.

      • Did u get that response from CS? Just read the T&C again, not that clear, I'll amend the post for now.
        Sorry about the confusion if it's indeed the case

        • While Revolut has in their terms that they can change the promotion at any time, I've grabbed an archive of the T&C's here: https://web.archive.org/web/20211118012744/https://blog.revo...

          A few choice quotes:

          This Promotion allows selected Revolut customers to earn a referral reward (the “Reward”) for them and their friends, by inviting those friends to Revolut (the “Promotion”).


          What does the person you refer need to do for you and them to earn the Reward?
          For the person you refer to be eligible for their Reward, they must be eligible for this Promotion and sign up to Revolut using your unique referral link, top up, and make three purchases using their Revolut card.


          You or the person you invite will not be paid a Reward…


          The amount of the Reward each person you refer will be paid is unique to you. We will set it out in the invite email we sent to you. It will be paid in the base currency of their Revolut account. If their base currency is different to the currency we state in the invite email, they will receive an equivalent in that amount.

          The T&C's seem pretty open and shut to me, with several references to "their" friends, referees rewards and being paid in "their" base currency, and so on.

          • @tmr3: OK, sorry all about the mistake, I amended the post for now, will ask Mod to unpublish this one.

            • @hny3: Not sure I'd go straight for unpublishing, I think we need some clarity from Revolut as their T&C's seems to conflict with what the CS reps are saying.

        • Just re-read the T&C, they might change the T&C from time to time. But the term I stated above was quoted from their T&C,
          What other legal information should I know?
          3.This Promotion is a one-sided campaign, where only the referrer (not the referee) can be awarded the Reward.

  • 411 referral codes in the system damn.

  • Hey guys,

    I'm from the previous $30 campaign before the updated TC regarding GC.

    How do we make a formal complaint against Revolut? I am one of those unfortunate ones who used a referral, followed all the steps and didn't get my bonus. When contacting Live chat - which took several days by the way, I was informed that I am blocked from the promotion and from any future promotions ie I won't be able to refer others as well because my activity was not in line with terms and conditions. For reference, I ordered the card, and bought 2 superswap cards and paid a bill. Also for reference, I've never participated in any other promotions with revolut before, have never received any bonus money, never had a 'friend' refer me or be referred by me. But I have been accused for being a cheat and a liar which I really take offense to, aside from not getting that bonus and completely wasting my time with this.

    • How do we make a formal complaint against Revolut?


      (But don't hold your breath afterwards as most of these organisations are toothless tigers.)

  • +1

    IT turns out there IS value in procrastination, even as an Ozgargainer! i took part in the last revolut deal for $30 bonus:)
    ouch! :)

    • +2

      I'm gonna wait for them to offer $1,000. I'm quite bullish

  • I really thought $40 was max they would offer, feeling so pissed to have signed up during last promo (Would have gotten double the referral bonus if signed up today instead

  • Just seen that there are two versions - unfortunately mine is referrer only gets the rewards so I have removed my referral link from OzB (until whenever I do become eligible again for both parties to get the reward).

    Probably the reason why some people are complaining they never got the bonus in previous attempts… but not sure how we can really police the referrals though.

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