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Bonus $500 Gift Card When Port-In to Telstra $69/Mo 12-Month 80GB 5G Plan (Min Cost $828 Over 12 Mo's) @ JB Hi-Fi


Just received an email that this deal is finally back !

However no mention of the $10 port-in credit in the banner :/ - hopefully someone can confirm this works

Promotion finishes on the 22nd of November

Screenshot attached

Edit: This plan includes Telstra's full 5G network access. Plan details here (Thanks FlyingKiwi!)

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  • Finally got lucky with the $10 credit for the $69 ($99 less$30) plan I signed up for 3 weeks back with 150Gb data. I tried right after I signed up through chat and was unsuccessful. Then today I tried again and was again refused after being on chat and waiting for over an hour. This time around, the person checked, said will give me $5 for 6 months. I can chat again in 6 months and get $10 for the next 12 months. I said my contract is only for 12 months. Then the person just gave me $10 for 12 months. So as others has said, they will try to low ball you at first but you have to stay firm.

    • Apparently it could remove the $30 jb discount reading from some of the comments

  • Will wait for the old deal of 150gb or 200 gb to come back to get it. Planning on using that as home internet service

    • I always wonder how do people use their phone for home internet? Doesn’t it damage the phone battery? Like you will be tethering all the time.

      • +1

        I have a work phone 😉
        And also a telstra 4G modem. My last optus 4G modem lasted 8 years before the battery started to swell

      • +1

        with optus i have 200gb. pay $15 for an extra sim and data pool. i put that sim in a router with a sim card slot and boom. home internet using phone data lol

  • I tried to talk to telstra rep over the chat and she said I should talk to jb guys to do it when I sign up but I'm meant to sign up at JB and come back home and hassle these guys for $10 port in credit each month right?

    • I think it's applied for the life of the contract

      • I'm so confused. some got the credit from telstra and this chat lady saying I should get it from jb. :(

        • some Telstra online staff just have absolutely no idea.

          Suggest you to scroll through the comment section it's really as easy as talking to them and ask for port in credit $10/month. Saving $120 for the duration of the contract on top of the $500 gc is quite significant ..it's hardly a hassle..

          And No, you don't get the port in from Jb hifi. Telstra needs to apply it to your bills

          • @sauce2k: Thanks bud. I'm talkin to the telstra chat guy and he's saying he can't cuz jb deal is thrid party deal. :( dunno what I'm supposed to say nor what I have said wrong

            • @u2cing: Maybe keep trying through chat. Seems like it's a few attempts and staying respectful during the process. Good luck

              • @Royale with cheese: I shall try again till I get their confirmation and get a ref. number. cheers bud :)

                • @u2cing: There’s a script in the comment section. Follow that you should be fine. If one Telstra agent doesn’t help close the chat and try another one. Obviously don’t mention the last one couldn’t help you

                  • +1

                    @sauce2k: thanks for the help. I should check the script out. Thank you :)

  • How fussy are these guys with the 30 day port out period? I've ported out for a week now.

    • Depends who you get. I've never had an issue being ported away for less than a day

  • Have anyone tried to port on Sunday for this deal? I wonder how JB manage gift card. Last time I did it during weekday, they gave me the gift card only after porting was successful.

    • i am going to JB today for this deal

    • I went in today and got the gift card today as well. Whole process was quite easy

      • great! have you also managed to get $10 port-in discount from Telstra ?

        • +1

          Yes I got it when I got home. What I did before I went to JB was go on to Telstra chat and asked them explicitly that I was signing up for jb Telstra $69 deal and I was told about the $10. They confirmed it and gave me a reference number to quote when I signed up and got home to get it applied.

          • @rocco85: do you think ur ref number can work for me as well?

      • So your number is still with Optus or Vodafone and they gave you the gift card without porting/activation has happened.

        Will the porting start automatically tomorrow?

        • No the port had to be active before they hand the gift card over

          • @rocco85: But you said above you went in today, which is Sunday and got the gift card.

            As far as I know porting can be activated only Monday to Saturday.

            What am I missing?

            • @epochslooney: Port happened for me (from Optus) yesterday almost immediately. They won’t handover the GC until that happens as people have previously cancelled the port before it’s active and keep the GC.

  • I spoke to Telstra chat before I went and got them to give me a reference number confirming the discount for 12 months. When I signed up at JB and went home I provided the reference number and $10 discount applied.

    • hey what should I say to them? I'm talking now and this guy from the chat says he can't cuz jb is third party deal. I said I wanted to sign up for 69 jb telstra deal and want 10 discount like u mentioned but he's not aware of it

      • Keep tryin'

        • Yeh you might have to keep chatting till an agent a couple of times till you find the right one

          • @rocco85: damn. I guess bad luck huh. will try again thx

        • aight thx

    • can you please provide that reference number here for everyone else too?

  • Tried going into chat and they keep telling me I need to do a credit check before they can even confirm such a discount exists

    • That’s because you probably think u want to do it via them. Tell them all you need to know is getting the $10 port in credit

      • I told them it was a deal I was wanting to sign up via I Lin store jbhifi 3 times.

        • Bloody muppets lol. Is it the same person? Have u tried a different agent

          • +1

            @sauce2k: Finally got the confirmation $10 credit would be applied after 3rd agent haha. Keep trying everyone

  • Got the $10 port in credit on the second rep I spoke to. Keep trying!

  • +2

    Guys, I got news for you all.

    Ported two numbers and received $15 monthly credit on each number. Didn't even have to plead or try the chat multiple times and this was offered straight away. I've been with Telstra (same JB Hi Fi plan) and ported out both numbers last month hoping this deal would come through closer to Black Friday.

  • Does anyone know if you can do this deal over the phone with JB? Previously you have been able to, but I noticed on the banner it says in-store only :(

    • Can anyone help with this? Or does anyone have any advice?

      I don’t live near a JB hifi and have been waiting for this deal to come back for a while now, so I really don’t want to miss out.

      • +1

        Perhaps you can ring them and ask considering that was what you wanted to do in the first place?

        Not that hard: 13 52 44

  • How you guys are able to find the chat option on telstra website? I only can see message us Or call 13 22 00 9am-8pm Monday to Friday AEST. I will appreciate if someone can paste the chat url.

      • Thanks mate. It was the Pihole not letting the chat window to appear. I have bypassed Pihole temporarily and worked like a charm.

  • $10 port in credit applies without issues, 1st round on chat

  • Can you get the $10 credit for a opening new service? Looking to open a new account and put my existing out of contract Telstra number on it. Anyone else done this?

  • I have an existing Telstra account (via NBN service). If I port my mobile service to Telstra via JB Hi Fi, will Telstra create me a seperate Telstra account or both of my services will be bundled under the same account?

    • It's usually bundrlled into the same account.

      But you can ask them to create a new account if you want.

  • +1

    I have not had any luck trying to get the $10 port-in credit. I think I have talked to at least 5 reps.
    Some say no straight away (can't do anything to change 3rd party plans), some check. I think 3 asked where was this offer advertised. What did you tell them?
    The last rep said this offer ended in Feb.

    • +1

      Exactly what I was told. LOL how inconsistent can each Telstra rep be? Does one live on the moon and another lives on Mars?
      Edit: the Telstra rep told me it was a scam spread around and had filed a case against this monthly $10 credit. 😂

  • +1

    Thanks OP! just in time for christmas purchases

    I got the $10 monthly discount port in for partner and I - my main tip is to keep at it. It took us to the 7th agent to get it done

  • I can confirm i got the $10 credit from Telstra.

  • Confirmed $10 port in credit applied for 12 months via chat. Also extra $5 for 6 months
    Works out $14.83 month (including GC value). Happy days

    • What did you say to get extra $5?

      • just said can i have a port in credit of $15 waited 10 mins, got back to me with $10 for 12 month and $5 for 6

  • dang! I only just ported out last week and havent done 30 days yet :(

  • Had provisioning error, according to JB rep it takes 24 hours to resolve on telstras end, may be mismatch of address but it seems the telstra system errors on it. So order has been submitted in that state, and i go back in tomorrow or day after once its provisioned to get the GC

    Anyone else had that?

    • Waited for 20 minutes but my order was stuck at provisioning. Will go back tomorrow to get my gift card :(

      • Repeat of my comment below but i should have changed my address in the optus app to match the telstra address coz they werent the same, telstra rep said that was the problem, updated on telstra app while talking to them and they checked again moments later and it was all good

    • I signed up this afternoon too and waited for 1 hour, still not done yet. I left and told the staff would come to pick up the gift card tomorrow or later. Probably due to the issue at Telstra end, as you said.

      • check address deets in telstra / other provider ^^ see post above :)

  • Confirmed had to go through one Telstra Agent to get the deal but all sorted.

    What are people planning on using their $500 for?

    • Still haven't finished that $500 card from last year 😅

      • Well, so long as JB doesn't go out of business, there is no expiry, so no hurry to spend it. That is not true of the 3rd party EFTPOS type GCs though, they have 3 year expiry.

  • Just hang up a phone call with JBHFI that other than port in existing number to Telstra, a new service number is also eligible for this deal.

  • Attempted yesterday, nearly 1 hour wait, made a complaint and manager arranged staff to call me to pre do paperwork over phone so I could just come in and sign and leave… STILL WAITED TWO HOURS in store. Provisioning time lapse as well so can’t even get my plan going till tomorrow. Poorly run show at best.

    • Yeah forget it. I figured it would be a waste of time to sign up and more so to get monthly $10 credit via live chat with Telstra rep just not worth it.

  • Alrighty, new Telstra Sim purchased, Telstra agent chat pending.

  • Is it likely anything better will come for the black friday sales? Or is this it?

    • It's a million dollar question. I bought RM Williams a week before they went on special. Paid $125 more than the guy who got it for $300. It's a coin's toss. I am in the same dilemma. This or 200GB deal but that one seems to not have extra $10 off so maybe this is as good as it gets

    • yes there will be.

    • I'm waiting for black Friday.

    • But I think with JB hi Fi, if it goes on sale for black friday you can walk in with your receipt and ask for the difference. They will atleast provide a gift card for it. That's what the lady in Cranbourne store told me today.

  • Hey folks so when doing the port in, double check your residential addresses in both old and new provider. It will error if they don’t match. JB rep said it takes 24 hours and it still goes through anyway but if you check / update before you go in it should make it go thru quicker and get your GC faster.

  • Ported two numbers to Telstra today. Took more than 30 mins for the first number because of some system issue. Second one was done in about 10 mins.

    Got the $10 credit for both numbers without any hassle from the Telstra rep.

  • +4

    Spoke to a rep on online chat. I told them, my friend got the $15 discount offer and i want to get the same. Thanks to @websterp above. The guy said for some reason, $10 discount was already applied and $5 discount had to be approved by his manager which he managed to get so the total comes down to $54/month.

    Also, I ported my number on the 31st of OCT 2021. When JB rep asked how long have i ported out for, i said around 30 days.

    Port was processed but could not be activated due to porting from Optus/Amaysim to Telstra and being a Sunday.

    I got the online chat rep to confirm total amount and to send me an email with reference. (awaiting email reference but go the screenshot for future issues)

    Good luck and thank you!

    P.S not able to get GC until it is ported to telstra first (will have to go back to JB to pick it up once done)

  • Has anyone got the port in credit on a new number?

  • Signed it yesterday afternoon. Still no Telstra service yet. The online chat told me it take 24-48hours. The sale from JB told me it take 10 minute or over night at least.

    Can not get gift card and apply $10 per month discount unit I got my Telstra Sim work.

    • +1

      What carrier are you transferring from?

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