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15% off The Kids, Teen, Home, Baby, Active, Pamper, Cinema, Shop, Love & Good Food Gift Cards @ Coles


Decent gift card deal in the upcoming Coles catalogue starting 24/11.

Limit 5 Gift Cards per customer

Travelling at the moment so don’t have time to post what retailers are available for each card. TCN website has all this info.

Mod Edit: Refer to pinned comment for full list of retailers - Credits to WookieMonster

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    For those of you who purchase TCN gift cards to purchase goods or services from JB Hi-Fi, please note that TCN stopped the exchange of TCN gift cards for digital JB Hi-Fi gift cards on the TCN website a couple of weeks ago. You can only use TCN gift cards in-store at JB Hi-Fi (where JB Hi-Fi is a participating retailer).

    I’ve also attached the table of participating retailers for each gift card in this deal (last updated 25 Oct).

    Gift Card Participating Retailers
    The ACTIVE Card Adidas, Billabong, Camping World, Champion, Compleat Angler, Drummond Golf, Foot Locker, Giant, Hype DC, INTERSPORT, JD Sports, Merrell, New Balance, Nike, NRLShop.com, Pivot, Platypus, Puma, Quiksilver, Scooter Hut, Sports Power, Surf Dive n Ski, SurfStitch, The AFL Store, The Athlete's Foot
    The SHOP Card Adidas, Adore Beauty, ASOS, Buy Aussie Now, Calvin Klein, Champion, Cotton On, Dotti, Foot Locker, Glassons, Glue Store, Hello Molly, Hype DC, JD Sports, Just Jeans, Kookai, Nike, Peter Alexander, Platypus, Showpo., Sportsgirl, Universal Store
    The HOME Card Adiars, H&M, House, JB Hi-Fi, Matchbox, MyHouse, PETstock, Provincial Home Living, Robins Kitchen, SUNNYLiFE, Temple & Webster, The Good Guys, Urban Home Republic, VIP Home Services, Wheel & Barrow Homewares, Zanui
    The TEEN Card Adidas, ASOS, Beginning Boutique, Billabong, Calvin Klein, Champion, Culture Kings, Foot Locker, Glassons, Glue Store, H&M, Hype DC, INTERSPORT, JB Hi-Fi, JD Sports, Nike, NRLShop.com, Pivot, Platypus, Princess Polly, Quiksilver, Showpo, Strike, Surf Dive N Ski, SurfStitch, The AFL Store, The Oodie, Tommy Hilfiger, UGG Express, Universal Store, White Fox Boutique, Xbox
    The KIDS Card Adidas, AG LEGO Certified Stores, ASOS, Booktopia, BOUNCE, Culture Kings, Foot Locker, H&M, Holey Moley, Hype DC, IMAX, INTERSPORT, JB Hi-Fi, JD Sports, New Balance, Nike, NRLShop.com, Pivot, Platypus, Quiksilver, Scooter Hut, Sketchers, Strike, Surf Dive n Ski, SurfStitch, The AFL Store, The Athlete's Foot, The Trybe, Toyworld, Xbox
    The BABY Card Adairs Kids, Adore Beauty, Baby Bunting, Booktopia, H&M, Purebaby, Ripe Maternity, The Trybe, Toyworld
    The LOVE Card Adairs, Adore Beauty, ASOS, Booktopia, Calvin Klein, Champion, Cotton On Body, Foot Locker, Forever New, H&M, Hotels.com, JD Sports, Just Jeans, Kookai, Nike, Peter Alexander, Platypus, Princess Polly, Sportsgirl, Temple & Webster, The Oodie, Typo, Universal Store
    The Cinema Card Use this gift card at cinemas that accept eftpos around Australia.
    The Pamper Card Use this gift card at salons, day spas and beauty clinics that accept eftpos around Australia.
    Good Food Gift Card Use this gift card at participating restaurants across Australia.
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      `^ No love for my EB Games pre orders .

      • Paid off my eb order using the 10% from last deal. Couldn't find better rate.

        • are these instore only?

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            @capslock janitor: The one can be used at eb has 2 version, old one is instore only. With the new version you can swap to eb gift card which is both online and in-store.

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          not as good as % off, but we don't have better option. guess it will do.

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      Didn't know that, thanks. It sucks. I still have some from last deal, too lazy to swap. Hope they can bring it back after the holiday season.

      • When I called TCN last week, they said it was a permanent change at this stage, so don’t hold your breath.

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          TCN him/her/home etc. JB egift card swap is available again on TCN website. in time for last minute holiday shoping LOL

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      Thanks for letting me know! I was going to go buy a lot more than 20, but now there's an 8 card limit for instore purchases, I'll have to stick to the 5% GCs instead :(

      • I called TCN and it doesn't seem to have a limit. In my area, JB HI FI accepts any amount of gift cards from TCN. You might want to call up your local JB HI FI just to be sure.

      • I just used about 18 in one JB store. Doesn't seem to be any kind of limit, except to how bad you feel for the staff member dealing with all the cards haha

        • I think they were referencing a possible in-store limit for the number of JB Hi-Fi gift cards you can use in one transaction, and interpreted that to be a limit the number of TCN/Ultimate gift cards (even though they are two very different gift cards).

          how bad you feel for the staff member dealing with all the cards haha

          If you went during a quiet time of the day and you removed all the cardboard packaging and scratched all the PINs before you got to the store, I don’t think you should feel bad!

          • +1

            @WookieMonster: I waited until the line had emptied, and I had already removed all the cardboard and revealed the pin for each card. Still felt bad though haha

        • Did you buy the Breville Oracle? That's what I'm planning on using 18 for haha

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      Just be careful with these cards. Once you have purchased these, please keep the reciept and check the website to ensure th cards have the funds. I bought these last year and I didn't keep the reciept. Both Coles or TCN would not help me without reciept and Coles could not track the reciept. End result I was $100 out of pocket.

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        Excellent tip!

        My recommendation is that you should hang onto the purchase receipt (and if you’re at Woolworths or BIG W, the activation receipt too) for any gift card you purchase in-person (not just TCN gift cards), because you never know when you’d need to use it.

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          Once I actually bought a gift card from Coles. It charged me but failed to load the value. Lucky I kept the receipt. It was an ordeal going back to the actual Coles store to try to remedy the situation (even though it clearly showed on the receipt that the value had not been loaded). I did, however, get in contact with Coles customer service and after a few back and fourth emails, they sent me a new card. Wouldn't have been possible without the receipt, I think. Good tip to always keep the receipt and don't do what I did and not check that the value had been loaded at the point of sale. There should be two receipts, a normal one and another that confirms that the value has been loaded. The latter is more important to check.

      • Had an issue with Bunnings voucher once, I gave it to my Dad for Christmas or Birthday, when he went to redeem it they accused him of stealing it because it had no money on it (he's 65 years old lol)

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      Could you, in theory, buy JB Hi-Fi gift cards with the TCN cards (assuming the JB checkout clerks aren't annoying), then use the JB GCs online?

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        Yes. I go into it in more depth in this comment.

      • Wouldn't that lock you into purchasing JB Hifi goods? What if The Good Guys offer a great deal on something?

        Is there a big advantage, in using JB Cards online?

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          Stacking price-match + online coupons

    • With the Pamper card, how do they control that you're only using it at beauty places? Is it one where the business has to opt in to be able to redeem there?

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        It is not a case of specific businesses opting into accepting this gift card. Instead, the way TCN control this gift card (and the other TCN gift cards shown on this link) is through Merchant Category Codes (MCCs).

        Every retail merchant is assigned an MCC, which is a four-digit number identifying the type of merchant they are, and this is a standard set through ISO 18425 (so it should be a global standard). TCN’s systems will be notified of a retail merchant’s MCC when you attempt a payment, and they will check it against a whitelist for that gift card.

        If you refer to clause 5 of the TCN gift card terms and conditions, they actually do not mention specific MCCs (which I think is a bit dodgy). They instead only mention that the gift card will work at…:

        salons, day spas or beauty clinics that have a merchant category code that corresponds to this industry type.

        However, the issue is that some businesses may not want to accept these gift cards, so they may instruct their financial institution managing EFTPOS payments to block these types of gift cards. That can be done by checking the BIN (bank identification number) of the card when you swipe or tap the gift card and comparing it against a blacklist.

        TCN is nice enough to include a directory on the gift card page, so that should give you some confidence as to where you can redeem this gift card. I suggest that you do not call up businesses and ask what their MCC is, as 99% of people would either not know what an MCC is or would not know the MCC without having to consult with their financial institution (and that would likely take some time).

        As you can probably tell from my response, the ability to redeem this gift card is dependent on:

        • The merchant having an MCC correlating with the MCCs permitted by TCN for the gift card you have.

        • The merchant accepting EFTPOS gift cards.

        • TCN’s systems working correctly at the time you want to redeem the gift card. You can have a look at this old forum post and see some of the headaches others had when trying to redeem a different TCN gift card…

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          Good to know - it'd be epic if the pamper/cinema cards were like Westfield GC that can be used anywhere. Alas!

    • Are all Jbhifi stores participating ?

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        All physical JB Hi-Fi stores across Australia should be participating (even the one in Sydney International Airport, as far as I am aware).

        You cannot use the TCN gift cards in this deal at JB Hi-Fi’s online store, as these EFTPOS gift cards do not directly support online payments. Some participating retailers allow you to swap TCN gift cards for their own gift cards through the TCN website, but JB Hi-Fi is not one of those retailers (well, not anymore).

        You also cannot use the TCN gift cards in this deal at JB Hi-Fi’s online education store or for JB Hi-Fi phone sales.

        • Are iPhone 13 Pro Max’s considered to be a part of JB Hi-Fi phone sales?

        • You also cannot use the TCN gift cards in this deal at JB Hi-Fi’s online education store or for JB Hi-Fi phone sales.

          Can you please elaborate on what you mean by 'JB Hi-Fi phone sales'? Is that any phone that is on 'sale' or is it particular portal or something? I couldn't find anything in the T's&C's about it.

    • What about the good guys, can I prefer through their online store with these gift cards without a problem? Is there a limit to the number of giftcards that can be used in 1 transaction?

      • No.

        The TCN HOME gift card in this deal is an EFTPOS gift card. It can only be used for in-person purchases in a physical store (e.g. in a physical TGG store).

        Even if you use one or more TCN HOME gift cards to purchase a TGG gift card at a physical TGG store (which I don’t think TGG will allow you to do), you can only redeem a maximum of two TGG gift cards for each transaction on the TGG website (and you cannot redeem any TGG gift cards on the TGG Commercial website).

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      is there a cap to use at JB HI FI? like how many cards or value ($)?

      • +3

        Currently, no.

        JB Hi-Fi placed a $500 limit on TCN gift card redemptions for each transaction the night before last year's 15% off sale at Coles, but quickly removed it after customer/OzBargain backlash. I guess it shows that although there's currently nothing stopping you from walking into JB Hi-Fi and using 63 TCN/Ultimate gift cards to pay for a new air conditioner, there's also nothing stopping JB Hi-Fi from enforcing a limit in the future (or even stop accepting TCN gift cards altogether).

        • +1

          You have been so patient with everyone in this thread, thank you for your time

    • Do you earn any basic points from these cards?

  • Bought apple gift card yesterday for the new iPad 12.9, it looks like I lost money

    • +1

      If you’re willing to wait, you get free headphones with iPad from Jan to Mar with student deal.

      • How to get student deal without a student?

        • Pretend to be one until they ask you for ID. ;-P

        • Any friend or family who has a child in public school might like to help you out

          • +1

            @thefunkfuzz: Thank you. What about primary school?

            • @firetree: yep my kid got one at the start of kindergarten

              A little investigation may be called for, but no setup was required, you just need to know the kids full name and what their class is called

              My kids one is the nsw edu portal

              Then the email is [email protected]

              and the password is automatically set to their current class name. Mine was k1p, as in kindergarten/1st grade, Mrs Partridge. it changed each year as he progressed. I know some other local schools use colours for each class identifier, and those are the passwords in those cases.

    • +1

      From where? How much discount?

      • +1

        Usually back to school deal has free basic AirPods bundled with full price apple iPads or laptops from apple

        • Is it via apple education or Apple AOC or both? If its only Apple education then may not be worth waiting if you are waiting for a big purchase ( more than 3 K)

  • where 's Apple card?

    • 20x Flybuys point= 10% off but this one is easy 15% off

      • this one is not apple gift cards tho?

        • +2

          But you can get this one to buy from JB

          • @firetree: buy apple gift cards from jb?

            • +9

              @PixelPaul: Buy apple product from jb directly

              • +1

                @test11111: But with apple gift cards you can get further 10% off with edu prices from Apple. Suppose @ilove looks forward to 15% off apple gift card.

                • +1

                  @Al123: Two questions, can we combine these cards to purchase JB Hi-Fi Gift card?
                  And then can we use JB Hi-Fi gift card to purchase Apple gift card?

                  • @012noob: Don't need to combine - just buy $50/$100 Apple cards…

                    …if we can. That's what I'm not 100% sure about either.

                • @Al123: But no Apple Watch on edu store?

                • @Al123:

                  But with apple gift cards you can get further 10% off

                  CORRECTION: Up to 11% off (depending on product / model).
                  Mainly on macs and iPads. So, if you are buying a phone or watch you might be better off with this deal at JB.

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    it begins.

  • Wow great find thanks Dealbot

    • +5

      The Online Card isn't included, so no eBay.

      • +2

        That's bad…

        • +13

          But it comes with a free frogurt…

          • +10

            @phidj003: But the yoghurt is the only lactose free variety….

            (That’s bad)

            • +4

              @Ghogger: But you get your choice of topping!
              (That's good)

      • "The Gift Card" (which also has eBay) not included either…

        • It would be too good to be true if we can stack discounted eBay giftcard with eBay's promotion, lol

        • +2


          Homer [worried] Can I go now?

      • Doesn't look like student one is either that has eb Games

  • Worth to stock some jb or tgg good guys gift cards? Do these gift cards expire?

    • +3

      TCN gift cards have a three year expiry.

      • Can the TCN cards be used to buy JB gift cards (a kid of swap) in store?

        • +24

          Officially, no. JB Hi-Fi head office issued a directive to all staff during the last 15% off TCN gift card sale at Coles to stop customers from purchasing “gift cards” using TCN (or Ultimate) gift cards. I know this, because I asked a couple of JB Hi-Fi staff members about this late last year. You may be lucky and find a staff member who will look the other way, but don’t bank on it.

          However, JB Hi-Fi has not set up their POS system to automatically block you from using TCN (or Ultimate) gift cards to pay for gift cards (including JB Hi-Fi gift cards), so I have some suggestions for you…

          • Only use one TCN gift card to pay for a JB Hi-Fi gift card. If you ask to use multiple cards, that will most likely arouse suspicions from the JB Hi-Fi staff. That may mean you will have to do multiple visits to multiple stores (if possible) over multiple days, so it may a tedious task…

          • Ask to pay by card. Do not mention anything about gift cards. These gift cards are actually EFTPOS gift cards that can only be used at specific merchants, so the POS system will treat it as a card, not a JB Hi-Fi gift card.

          • Try to hold the physical gift card in a way that it is not obvious to the staff that you are holding a TCN gift card.

          • Consider adding these gift cards to your smartphone wallet (assuming you have a smartphone with NFC or MST). I doubt many staff realise that you can add TCN or Ultimate gift cards to mobile wallets, so you’re less likely to draw attention if you tap your smartphone on the terminal instead of swiping a card on the EFTPOS terminal.

          • If you have access to Apple Pay (through a Mac, iPhone, iPad, etc), you may be able to add the physical gift card to your Apple wallet and then use it to pay for a gift card on the JB Hi-Fi website. You can read more about it here.

          Hope this helps.

          • +1

            @WookieMonster: Sorry if you've answered this elsewhere, (and thank you so much for your thorough information!) - could the TCN cards be used directly in JBHifi to purchase physical Apple gift cards there? (for example, though that is specifically what I was after).

            • +2

              @fruchle: I’m not sure whether you’re officially allowed to do that.

              I have a feeling the head office directive I mentioned above was intended to relate to people wanting to purchase JB Hi-Fi gift cards using TCN gift cards, but some staff may take a more liberal definition of “gift cards” and insist that you cannot use TCN/Ultimate gift cards to purchase any gift cards (including Apple). One time I went to purchase an Apple gift card at JB Hi-Fi, the staff member asked to see the type of card I was using to pay for it, so YMMV.

              However, as I mentioned above, JB Hi-Fi has not set up their POS system to automatically block you from using TCN (or Ultimate) gift cards to pay for gift cards (e.g. Apple gift cards), so follow my dot points above and you should be fine.

              • +2

                @WookieMonster: Roger that. Thanks again for everything you've been writing on this topic!

          • @WookieMonster: You've struck out the options to add TCN gift cards to your smartphone wallet, am i right in assuming that is no longer an option?

            • @squarepants: Yeah, a couple of people called TCN after I published that comment and confirmed that is actually not possible for the HOME/KIDS/TEEN etc gift cards. You can exchange a physical Cinema/Pamper etc gift card for a digital Cinema/Pamper etc gift card, but relatively few people on this site are interested in those gift cards.

              • +1

                @WookieMonster: Most of my Coles were cleared out of anything good, but here's the mission report regarding getting Apple cards from JBHifi:

                * Max of 5 cards from Coles at a time, BUT the machines complain after 3 for some unknown reason. Still bought 5 anyway.
                * Could circle around and come back (used a different teller), no problem.

                * No problems using any number of TCN cards to pay for Apple Cards
                * First JB-Hifi had a manager say a "maximum of 3 cards at a time"
                * Second JB-Hifi didn't care what I did. Very chill.
                * Third JB-Hifi didn't care how many cards I bought, and let me do two laps, but were concerned about "abusing the system" and didn't want me to do any more (I was out/done anyway)

                • @fruchle: Good job! I'm glad the staff at all three JB Hi-Fi stores were more relaxed than the tightarses at my local store wanting to see the kind of card I use to pay…

                  BUT the machines complain after 3 for some unknown reason.

                  That is by design.

                  My guess is that Coles have a lower risk tolerance when it comes to gift card purchases, so they judge someone trying to buy three, four or five gift cards as being more likely to be involved in gift card scams. If you follow a lot of the scam baiters on YouTube, you'll notice a lot of scammers ask "victims" to buy three or four or five gift cards.

                  My guess is that the additional staff approval step at the checkouts (or the "complaint" you noticed) is tied to Coles' policy of issuing gift card scam warnings to customers if they purchase three or more gift cards in one transaction. You'll also see at the bottom of the purchase receipts a little warning about gift card scams, and you may have been given a small flyer (or a lecture) from the staff about gift card scams too, because you purchase. You don't see Woolworths going to the same effort to warn their customers about gift card scams…

                  were concerned about "abusing the system"

                  Imagine if they read some of the comments on this deal lol

    • 3 years from purchase date

    • +2

      Home GC covers both TGG and JB so a good card to stock

      • +4

        Completely different card- that's Coles Prepaid Master Card, these are issued by TCN.

  • +6

    Is it only $50 or also cover $100 denomination?

  • +1

    Home is going to be hard to find.

  • Shud this be activated again online with TCN or use it right after purchase from coles

    • Again, it will take them long time (30mins up to 8 hours according to the history) to load the money to your card. I don't think you can use it right after purchase. Especially when you are in Qld, people in NSW could buy 1 hour earlier, and the activation time will be like 2 hours at least.

      • so how do we know when it will be activated if that's the case?

        • Check the balance.

          • @ce5himm: How do you do this? I'd like to check all my cards TBH, without trying to buy something :)

  • +2

    No wonder it stopped online swap for JB HF.

  • +6

    15% off JB is still pretty good, it's just an issue of finding enough cards.

    I assume people who score 5k in GC are hiding or stealing them and bringing them back in-store on the day of the sale.

    They should manage these cards alot better or have limits tbh. I'm sure alot of people miss out.

    • +2

      It is almost impossible to impose a limit on the number of gift cards one can purchase during percentage discount deals if one goes to multiple stores in a day or across multiple days.

      This kind of promotion does a good job at driving foot traffic into Coles stores, so Coles probably doesn’t care if you go in and cannot find the TCN gift cards you are after.

      I expect Coles to be busy at opening time on Wednesday morning…

      • Show your ID?
        Let people drive to 15 stores, it still makes them work for it and costs them time if they can find them.

    • -1

      A staff member at my local Coles also said that Asian people turn up in mini buses doing Coles crawls and buy out all the cards en masse during these deals. It could be money laundering or it could be just buying loads of expensive tech, who knows?

      • +6

        I'm pretty sure the money launderers aren't focused on getting 15% off gift cards and then cashing out at JB HiFi.

        • Actually, this would be a really great way to launder cash. Buy discounted cards with your dirty cash, buy Apple products, sell at cost or at small loss via FB or Gumtree.

          Recently saw an article where police seized loads of Lego from money launderers. Apple Macbooks would be no different. Super easy flips.


          • +3

            @sparkles: Not really. Laundering money this way is a lot of effort. Far easier to wash money through banks. Especially given the lack of controls seen at two of the major banks in the past 5 years lol.

            • @C0mbat: They do that too, ever tried to buy a house in Australia?

          • +1

            @sparkles: Do you think they just launder few thousands or tens of thousand dollars? Try few hundreds thousand dollars at the bare minimum, how many gift card would they need? How many Apple products they need to sell?

      • +3

        I don't know what the goal is but they definitely do this at my local stores.

      • Absolutely right mate of mine works for coles and he also confirmed that Asian people they do take/hide all the cards ..even though their are no cards in the store they appear to brings 5/10 cards at at time and pretend they bought it off the shelf ..which is not fair for everyone..

        • Taking some cards out of the entrance and then purchasing it at another store isn't exactly legal…. the staff at some stores do keep an eye on this especially if they know they have no stock in store

        • Now seen this for myself this morning, disapointing.

      • +6

        Hey, when will ozbargaine organise a mini bus thingy to do that?

      • +4

        I wonder if it was white people, would you emphasize on that? hmmm

      • This occurred at my store this morning, no sign of the mini bus but 3 people clearly buying cards who didn't even want the cards, based on their phone usage and walking around with the Coles weekly price pamphlet thing, I would say they were there getting cards on behalf of someone else.

      • It’s very easy to reach $2,000 when you need something from jb hifi, a phone, a mid level camera, half a MacBook. And $2000 needs 40 of $50 cards, which means you need 7 friends to go with you, or go to 8 different stores.

  • Can you use multiple of these to purchase say a $300 smartwatch from JB?

    • Yes

      • +1

        is there a maximum number?

        • In store - no limit.

  • +1

    XBox Series S seems like a good deal for $425 with the discounted cards.

    • +3

      That's not good enough

    • Been sub-$400 a number of times in the past

      • I'm hoping for a Black Friday deal that's better. Perhaps even a Series X if I am lucky. $425 is still a lot better than $500. Love to get it for sub $400 but I'm not holding my breath.

        • +1

          …if you can ever find stock. That’s the hard bit, getting a good price is comparatively easy on the other hand.

          • @Chazzozz: Exactly. I gotta be realistic so I think I will bite the bullet this weekend. Unfortunately I'm two hours from a JB and I think they are only to be used in store, so I'm taking a risk either way.

  • Looking to get iphone pro max for my wife and myself, but it says limit to 5 cards am i right? Any idea on how to make this work?

    • +5

      You can only purchase a maximum of five gift cards in one transaction at Coles. The POS system will not allow you to purchase more in one transaction. That’s what is meant by the “Limit of 5 gift cards per customer.”

      If you want more than five gift cards, you’ll need to purchase the gift cards in multiple transactions. However, it would be unlikely staff would let you purchase more than five gift cards across bsck-to-back transactions, so you’d have to visit multiple Coles stores (if possible) or visit at different times of the day or different days (and hope the staff don’t recognise you) and hope that there will be gift cards in stock.

      A third-party card distributor will likely restock TCN gift cards throughout the week, but this is done at random times during the store’s operating hours, so staff usually don’t know when the next batch of TCN gift cards will be delivered during the promotion (if at all).

      • +12

        hope the staff don’t recognise you

        Wear different masks.

      • +1

        Thank you so much for the detail. One more thing tho, is this tcn gift card allow me to buy with the desired amount, lets say i want it $1000 in it, or 500 is the max i could get per card?

        • 50 or 100.

          • @ce5himm: Only that amount? I just tried using online purchase of the gift card, it allow me to enter 500. Only thing is unsure if the digital tcn can be used at jb hifi in-store

            • @toxicshiba: Per card

              • @ce5himm: Alright, so final clarification, i cant choose the variation for up to 500 per card, and instead only 100 is the max i could get?

                • @toxicshiba: yes the cards only come in $50 or $100 denominations.

                  • @SunnyinDubai: That is a pity. May i know that only apply to in store purchase right? Because i saw online purchase of the tcn gift card (digitally), it actually let me put in 500 max.

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