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Samsung Galaxy Note - Unlocked Now $519 + $19 Delivery (New LOW Price) Thru Kogan


Samsung Galaxy Note (Blue) - Unlocked new lower price…. kinda looks black in colour ;)



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  • Samsung Galaxy Note (Blue)

    Blue is the new Black. aka there is no such thing as a black GNote, the black ones all say Blue on the box. Some people think there is a slight blue tint in certain light, but it looks black to me lol.

    I hope the marketing person who decided to label it "Blue" has been fired.

  • Awesome phone this!!

  • WHAT?!?! I just bought it from Kogan yesterday at $539!!! I'm asking for a $20 discount now! They can go towards my micro USB card.

  • Now if this was made in GOLD then the marketing people would have something to crow about… ;)
    like the Motorola v3i that people used to carry about…
    linky http://asia.cnet.com/product/motorola-razr-v3i-dandg-special...

  • IMO, white looks much better for SG Note.


      that's great if you're naturally a clean person but if you happen to be a mechanic that's constantly getting grease on their hands and having to answer the phone then…

  • Got one of this in white from S'pore, after conversion is about $735 back in January. Loved it so much but a bit sad to see the price drop so much in 2 months. You do need to used it with 2 hands though, it does lag while playing Asphalt 6HD while my Tab 8.9 is smooth without any issue. Not sure why but other games is smooth.

  • I asked this in another thread but didn't get response:

    If you buy from Kogan or Shopping Square or DWI or eglobal using a credit card, how does the suplier's location show on the credit card statement: as situated in AU or HK?

    If paying by Paypal, what is the address on the invoice?

    Questions are of relevance to people with 28 degrees Mastercard shoppers protection insurance and may affect how they view buying from one of these online merchants.


    • In the case of DWI (and I assume eGlobal), the paypal payment goes to a company called ATECH PTY LTD. Its an Australian "shell" company which they also claim is their local "service agent" if things go wrong.

      Just make sure you understand before ordering that these turkeys "DO NOT MAKE LOSS FOR ANY ORDER" regardless if its their fault.

      I'd buy Kogan if I was buying again.

  • also just noticed they have the galaxy S II for $479 + $19 shipping

    • for those that think the note is too big…


  • I have been trying to decide between Nexus, SII and Note. Will probably go for Nexus. Best price on each of these at the moment, without regard to quality of vendor, seem to be:

    Nexus: SS 399.95 + 29.95 shipping

    SII: Kogan $479 + $19 shipping

    Note: Kogan $519 + $19 shipping

    Links as above

    • Great detail in your posts davedave (thumbsup)

      • Thanks snappy1234 - we all help each other here!

        I'm also seeking info (see above) from people who have bought from these stores. I never have till now, but the price diff on these phones between them and Aus stores is now too big to ignore.

        • I bought the note from Kogan and received one week later, no worries. I web browse on my phone more than make phone calls so the note is perfect for me. It is a big-arse phone and small pockets can be an issue. The stylus and note taking feature has been a bonus that I wasn't sure I would use beforehand. Highly recommended from me but if you want a "traditional" phone then nexus is the obvious pick.

        • What Cheap Steve said! :o)

    • The GNexus at $440ish is pretty hard to pass up if you can live with the fixed meagre 16GB of storage. Otherwise get the GNote for the best all round experience. The S2 is just way too low screen res, and thats even when it was released a year ago.

    • I own a Galaxy 2 and trust me DO NOT get a SII. There are many design faults. I got mine through vodafone 6months ago, and let's just say Fonebiz have had the phone as much as I've had in the last month. Right now I still do not have my phone back. I will tell you two common issues I have had and you can google them to see the many that have also experienced them.

      My first issue was nobody could hear me if I'd talk on the phone normally, they could hear me on loud speaker and also on handsfree (earphones). I found out this is due to a design fault with the S2 unit there is a rubber at the bottom mic which needs replacing. It took Fonebiz less than an hour to repair the phone that time but it's the inconvenience of having to ring samsung, get a form so they cover your warranty, then taking it to fonebiz then them WIPING all of your data. You get the phone back and have to reinstall and update everything (the firmware). Google "Samsung s2 mic issue".

      My latest issue is that when i switch off my phone it just automatically switches on. Also once you charge it and disconnect the charger the icon still comes up as if it is still charging. I did eventually get the phone to switch off but then the battery symbol came up with voltage error and it took forever to switch on. I have 2 Samsung batteries and both batteries are fine. I rang samsung, once again they gave me another form, and it went back to Fonebiz. I've been told there's a fault with the usb port on the phone which may need replacing. Another design flaw.

      There are many other issues by the way I have yet to encounter. But me being a Samsung fan it's been a disappointing experience. All I can suggest is please think twice before getting an S2 especially if you don't get the 2 years warranty. I have also owned a Galaxy and Omnia in the past and these phones were fine. Besides them being slooowwww they did their job and certainly didn't break down after 6 months.

      I spoke to the people at Fonebiz and they still think the S2 is the best phone on the market at this point (this is probably biased as they probably get a lot of money from Samsung for fixing them all the time. Food for thought). Please google and check the Samsung forums to verify what I have said.

      Also to consider, Android has just released Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, they have already developed Android 5.0 Jelly Bean which they have stated will be released Q3 2012. This is probably why phones are dropping price so quickly.

      If you do decide to invest in an S2 I hope you don't have to go through what I've gone through.

      • My SII may have the issue you described with the mic. :(

      • Sounds like you're having a run of bad luck. But it happens with any product. I know several people with the S2 and no issues. If you have any more problems I'd be back to the retailer and demanding a replacement.

  • Its $533 including shipping on topbuy
    Follow link below


    KOGAN, time to wake up

  • i guess top buy was cheaper

  • I want the white version and must be below 450.

  • $535 at eglobal now.

    Please don't post another deal, just edit the title or something.

  • Dear Kogan,

    You know you want to drop the price to $500 shipping included now!
    So that I can press the Buy Now button without hesitation!

    Yours Sincerely,
    An eagerly awaiting future customer!

  • An update on what seem to be the lowest current prices on Nexus, SII and Note (not that I am suggesting people should buy on price alone):

    Nexus: SS $399.95 + $29.95 shipping

    SII: eglobal $485

    Note: Topbuy $499.99 + $33 shipping

    Interestingly, none of these is with Kogan at the moment.

  • Awesome phone
    Going to buy one when it is under $380

  • So keen to buy this phone. Just hoping it does not create the illusion that my head is the size of a thimble.

  • There's another post for this phone for cheaper: http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/66933

    But I am not sure if that has Aus warranty