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Dell XPS 13 9310 2-in-1 Laptop i7-1165G7 16GB 512GB SSD FHD+ $1499 Delivered @ Dell eBay


Original Coupon Deal this links to original deal, looks like they udpated a few more offers today for black friday

FHD Version
UHD 4K Version $1799

some new gaming desktop as well under Alienware Aurora i5 with 3080Ti FHR version at $2899 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/334231885175

Happy Black Friday

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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          Copy paste from notebook check with my edit in asterisk. I personally feel the X1 is the better choice if money wasn't an option.

          Advantages of the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga (Gen 6)
          Includes 2 old-school USB-A ports ***
          Around 2x better multi-core CPU performance in the Cinebench R23 test
          Can run popular games at about 37-51% higher FPS
          Features a a little bigger (~10%) battery – 57 against 52 watt-hours

          Advantages of the Dell XPS 13 9310
          Slightly easier to carry: weighs 150 grams less (around 0.33 lbs)
          Thinner bezels and 9% higher screen-to-body ratio
          Much smaller footprint: 16% more compact case (91.3 vs 108.2 square inches)

          • @eccentriq: Awesome thank you. USB A and Hdmi were big sticking points for me, I think I'll wait!

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    Cheers OP! Great price, picked one up for the mrs!

  • Does eBay Plus get you extra discount for this?

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    Thanks OP. Bought one for wife! Didn't buy the extra $170 cover. Hope it will behave for few years.

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    Dell Tech left only 3 hours ago after replacing motherboard on my 9310.

    Took me 18 days and a string of communications and follow ups with my 'service agent'.

    After my initial call I was pleased to hear that a Tech would arrive within 24-48hrs to fix my device.

    Two days later I see on the support ticket that the parts shipment was experiencing delays and the new date was to be 18 December.

    Motherboard replaced. I'm now stuck on repeating bitlocker que (have input my code probably 100 times) and it's looking like I'll be doing a factory reset.

    • What issue did you have?

    • Don't have to.
      1. Turn off bitlocker
      2. Wait for it to fully disable
      3. Re-boot
      4. (optional) - use it as is for a few hours
      5. Re-enable BitLocker

      Let me know how you go.

  • anyone have an opinion if it's worth waiting for the next generation intel alder lake to come out for XPS 13?

    • Always worth waiting for new teach forever.

  • What is the most minimal way to connect 2 mons to this pls?

    • USB-C dock with inputs to suit your monitor outputs (eg. HDMI)

  • out of stock now unfortunately

    edit: back!

  • Is this good enough for casual gaming such as Rocket League and Valorant?

    • Definitely not

      • Damn. Thanks.

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          It’s okay for gaming on the lower settings in older games. Check out reviews on YouTube and the web, seems like it’s okay for casual gaming. It can also be connected to an EGPU if that’s something you’re interested in.

        • +1

          (Iris XE is pretty capable for an iGPU) It can do it in low-mid/1080.

  • Does it have the touch screen?

    • Yes.
      It is a 2 in 1.

  • I'm just looking for a 2in 1 laptop to do my uni stuff, beside the cpu being i5 compared to i7, is this one a better buy for my case? Dell Inspiron

  • Is the delivery date of 7 Jan accurate? Was hoping for a bit earlier…

    • No chance. Dell deliveries are usually 1-2 months.

  • Would this qualify for AMEX Dell offer of $150?

  • Refurb clamshell version in stock for fast shipping $1,569

    • Or exactly the same version here for $1,539

  • +1

    I have this laptop. The 11th gen CPU gets very hot and the fans regularly spin up to noisy mode.

    Other than that a very slick device. The 16:10 display is so much nicer to use.

    • Thanks for the info, that is very disappointing to hear. I have an XPS 15 and it like a hot iron on your lap

  • Would anyone recomment this or the lenovo yoga slim 7 carbon gen 6 as im looking for a laptop for uni

    • I'm also a student looking for a new laptop and looking for advice also in comparison to a Macbook Air m1?

      • -1

        Macbook Air is better unless you don't want MacOS. That's the dilemma for us Windows users.

  • Trying to purchase the laptop but PLSDELL doesn't seem to work. Am I missing something? Or does this deal only start tomorrow?

  • Dell XPS 13 9310 Laptop 11th Gen i7-1185G7 32GB RAM 1TB SSD OLED Touch + 4 Year Premium Service for $3,000 from DELL oneline Chat…
    Ebay - no option to add extra warranty

    • can you please tell me why do you need this? What programs do you use? Thanks.

  • Thanks OP just ordered one for my son who starts high school in Feb. Hopefully it will arrive in Jan.

  • Is the SSD on this replaceable?

  • Is there much of a difference screenwise between 4k one and FHD one? I know you get Dolby vision on the 4k one but does it warrant the $300 price difference?

    • +1

      On a 13.4" screen I don't think it would warrant 4k…

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    Looks like OOS

  • My wife had a hell of a time returning a faulty laptop purchased directly from Dell. She wanted a refund as is her clear right as per ACL but they made her jump through a heap of hoops for it. So I'm off the brand from that alone.

  • The FHD is OOS.

    • What's OOS?

      • +1

        Lots of things, apparently.

        In this context, no more stock :)

      • +1

        OOS is Out..of..Stock…

        • +3

          Oh, I thought it was a type of LCD display or something haha

  • Worth going for the UHD version?

  • +2

    FHD version back in Stock now, thanks OP!

  • Excellent, ordered one

  • What memory card does this model take if I wanted to buy a 1TB card to increase storage? Would any of the MicroSDXC cards work or does this laptop require something more specific?

  • Hello OZB'ners can someone pls advise whats the most minimal way to connect 2 monitors to this beast?

  • Anybody concerned about the over heating issues with this specific model?

  • Not a computer person, what makes this better than following deal, other than touch screen?


    • XPS models are their premium line up. I suppose better build quality and light weight.

      • Thanks, the specs seem very similar to someone who lacks knowledge like myself. Would someone who knows more about computers recommend XPS or better off Inspiron with similar specs and cheaper price?

        Noting I generally like to keep laptop for 5-7 years

  • +3

    Does this come with the pen?

    • The Dell chat rep informed me it does come with a pen… Also as per him it's upgradeable to 32gb ram and 1tb ssd

      • He meant a ballpoint one? Your rep is surely onto somethin …Ram is soldered

        • Lol… Where can I get the stylus from? I have a HP one but I doubt that will work with the Dell. Or will it?

      • Sorry late reply, what i meant is a stylus for the touch screen

    • I doubt - Dell doesn't usually include the stylus.

    • It does come with a stylus, it was a pleasant surprise.

      • WOW, that's awesome, thanks for confirming that it does! So now, just to buy a nice slim bag that goes with it. For my mum, no less, so has to be something non-boy-toy like. More looks than function.

      • Excellent, thanks

  • OOS

  • is this the same? difference between xps13 9305 vs xps 13 9310?

  • any recommendation for the thunderbolt hub/station?


  • Contacted Dell ebay, they said that you cannot buy warranty separately even though the laptop has not shipped.

  • +1

    Just got one with warranty.
    You can still buy the same laptop with 3 Year Warranty
    $1,699 ($200 for extra 2 years warranty, 3 years of peace of mind if the touch screen gives up)

    • Thanks. I will cancel and order this one instead.

      • why change from 4k to 1080p? im about to order, have sent msg to dell ebay asking if i can have 3 yr warranty on the 4k

        • It has to be listed on their eBay website like above otherwise they won't do it. I couldn't find a listing for the 4k that includes extended warranty.

          • +1

            @jamba: In my experience, your are able to contact sales and ask them for an extended warranty directly. I mean Dell Oz, not ebay.

            • @lordra: do you know if you can ask for this warranty after you have purchased already?

            • +1

              @lordra: Hello,

              Thank you for your recent purchase.

              We offer warranty upgrades for an additional cost. However, we are unable to upgrade after the purchase is made, it must be done at the time of order. The item and any upgrade request/s have to be in one payment otherwise, our finance team will not release the order in our system.

              As an option, we can cancel the original order and provide you with a full refund. We will then need to ask you to repurchase the item using a custom listing link (item + the warranty upgrade). Should you wish to proceed, found below are our options:

              PREMIUM SUPPORT: 24x7 next business day onsite support by expert technicians for hardware and software issues, as well as proactive notification of PC issues before you are aware of them

              2Y Premium Support and Onsite Service [add $201.21]
              3Y Premium Support and Onsite Service [add $291.83]
              4Y Premium Support and Onsite Service [add $482.45]

              PREMIUM SUPPORT PLUS: The benefits of Premium Support as well as virus removal and automated PC optimisation.

              2Y Premium Support Plus and Onsite Service - AU [add $235.00]
              3Y Premium Support Plus and Onsite Service - AU [add $406.39]
              4Y Premium Support Plus and Onsite Service - AU [add $597.79]

              Please let us know.

              Kind regards,

              • @jamba: That's good they gave you that option. Did you go for it?

                • +1

                  @lordra: Yes I went for the UHD. They have not cancelled my previous order because it takes a few days. I had to reorder before code expires.

        • Yeah, they will do a custom listing for you.

          I got a dock with Dual setup so won’t need 4 K but it will br good to have for extra $200, right..

          • @SydChamp: I went with the 4k with 1yr warranty. They will look after it past 1 yr anyway.

    • Hello,
      just wondering, what type of warranty is covered with this deal? Is it premium support or premium support plus ?

      Thank you

    • Sorry for asking another question,
      I was wondering what you guys think about this dell inspiron deal https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/333747830269?hash=item4db4ebbdfd...

      It's i5 but would it be enough for uni school work since that's what I'm buying a laptop for?

      Thank you so much

  • +1

    Can't complain. Original estimated delivery date of 06Jan22.

    Today received a DHL delivery notice for delivery tomorrow - just 4 days after ordering.

    • i got the same, fingers cross its accurate!

      • +1

        So the courier they used failed to deliver stating address does not exist. Which is a load of crap . I've gotten probably 500+ deliveries not including normal mail. As well as any GPS showing the address and Google maps showing the picture of the place.

        Its been 2 days since that happened and now the laptop has gone missing and never returned to the depot. Looks like the driver may of gotten an early Christmas present and now i have to deal with Dell ebay support and the courier said an investigation is underway with no ETA on getting back to me.

    • I got mine delivered this morning. Happy with the delivery speed too because the ETA was 6/1/22.

      • Which one did you order?

        • FHD $1499 one

          • @zah: Yep also had a Jan delivery date for my FHD, but it was delivered today (Brisbane)… and has the pen which I had thought was not included…

  • Update from Dell Ebay


    Thank you for reaching out to us.

    Although we are unable to guarantee a delivery date, we are optimistic this would be earlier than the estimates. The delivery period we have set on eBay is due to the volume of orders we have during this sale period. We are taking into account the possible delays in the delivery from our warehouse and courier side. Generally, our units are fulfilled within 10-15 working days. We do not offer an expedited shipping or pick-up service but we will work hard in getting the item to you as soon as possible.

    Currently the order is being processed and we will update you with your Dell Order number within the week or next so you can track the order on our Dell website.When the order is already onboard for delivery, we will also upload the courier consignment number on eBay to give you a more accurate time of arrival.

    Should there be any issues, please feel free to reach out.


    • I got the exact same reply as well

  • Anyone else still waiting for shipping?

    • Ordered on the 26th (after first restock), still not posted in ebay, no emails etc.

      • Same here

      • +2

        I'm in the same annoying boat. It's a bit of a joke a company can sell something on eBay as "in stock" and then take 6 weeks to deliver it.

  • Still waiting on my order, looking like the real ETA is early January which is pretty disappointing. Ordered on 2nd December.

    Good news is, on the order page it includes the 2-in-1 pen SKU - not bad getting the $175 pen thrown in.

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