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Calm Premium Lifetime Subscription via Turkey ₺532 (~A$62, 89% off RRP A$550) - VPN Required


Calm is an app for Sleep, Meditation and Relaxation. Experience better sleep, lower stress, and less anxiety with guided meditations, Sleep Stories, breathing programs, stretching exercises, and relaxing music.

Black Friday sale for 60% off the lifetime subscription. Currently $219.99 saving $330 from the RRP of $549.99 in Australia, an additional saving of $158 is available by using a Turkish VPN and the bargain price of ₺531.99 or approximately $62 AUD.

This deal has been posted previously with the same Turkish price @ $88 & $95; however, due to a drop in exchange rate, this is now even more favourable for Australians, making it the lowest price ever and even less than the regular annual subscription of $79.99!

You'll need to connect to a VPN in Turkey to process the payment, but will be able to use the app VPN free once sign-up is complete. This is a similar concept to the Netflix via Turkey and YouTube Premium via Argentina deals.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • Worth it ?

    • +7

      Absolutely! The daily calm's every day is great to keep the practice of meditation a little different each day, which you might need if you're just starting out

  • +1

    This is awesome, thank you. My free 12 month offer was due to expire in a month or so and I'm somewhat reliant on sleep stories to fall asleep now, so this has relieved some anxiety lol ;)

    • where was the free 12 months? i missed it

      • It was via Amex.

    • Have you tried the ones on YouTube? I rotate between guided meditations and sleep stories and ASMR. I have YouTube Premium so I dno the experience without it but should be similar.

      • +1

        I haven't, I only discovered sleep stories at Calm and found them great, so haven't needed to look elsewhere, but I'll check the YouTube ones out if the Calm ones get repetitive - thanks for the suggestion.

  • +1

    Thanks, was waiting for this again. Family loves using calm.

  • +5

    Don't normally go for these VPN deals, but that level of price discrimination is just insane!

    • -2

      Let me guess: you voted for privatised electricity which is so insane that not even the head of the ACCC, whose job depends on it, thinks privatisation works anymore.

  • +2

    I bought it for $88 sometime ago, totally worth every penny

  • +3

    I did this a few months back. The app worked and a week after transacting, they refunded my payment - app still works! Hope someone else finds the same luck!

    • +2

      Now that’s a bargain!

    • dammit how do i get a refund?

  • +2

    Thanks, have just signed up, missed the previous deal

  • Thanks op. I think this is great value.

  • Is there any difference between this and the education version?

  • Great deal and easy to access with VPN. Thanks!

  • +5

    Thank you! Upvoted. I feel a VPN via Turkey is appropriate given it's Thanksgiving Day in the US.

  • Thanks OP. I can even use my existing account.

  • +1

    Anyone know of a free VPN that allows me to choose Turkey as a location?

    • +1

      Windscribe extension on Chrome.

  • Got it, thanks op!

  • -1

    Just a warning, I got the last deal like this via Turkey and had my credit card cancelled as the bank said it was now being used in the US which they said occurred after the transaction to Calm in the US. Changing cards sucks.

    • Wow really? I hope it’s not prevalent, I’d hate having to change my credit card

    • Thanks for the update.
      I can confirm Apple Pay with Any of my cards failed, however I successfully used Google Pay with a BankWest platinum card. It failed with other cards.

  • Yeah I thought they got it wrong as I also thought Calm was legit which I'm sure it is, but something went wrong once they had my credit card, I thought it could have been via the VPN but no they said it was from Calm and yes it really sucks changing around cards. So if you use the deal just use a card or payment method that is not critical.

  • -1

    FYI Samsung users get free limited access anyways

  • Thanks..Used it regularly in the last two years with Samsung free subscription…I guess $62 life time is worth it.

  • +1

    Thank you - fell asleep to "northern lakes" last night

  • Anyone have a problem with the additional breathing excercises showing 'Unlock Calm Premium'?

  • +1

    There's a ton of meditation apps out there, is this generally considered the best or something?

  • Is this the best meditation app or are there better alternatives? Like Headspace or?

    • I have both. I mainly use headspace as I like their animations.

  • Just tried the trial to see if it’s worth it.. no ability to cast to google home from iphone is a deal breaker for me

    • It’s coming as a native app next month. I just currently play it via Bluetooth as a workaround.

  • Can someone recommend me a VPN that they have had success with this offer.


    • I used cyberghostvpn and worked, you get 24 hour trial no credit card needed.

    • +2

      Windscribe extension on Chrome.

  • worked perfectly

    • not for me. When I log in it only gives me a 1 year option at TRY 119.99, When I use the ozbargain link I get TRY 1,329.99 for lifetime
      UPDATE: Tried again and it worked….. charged $63 AUD

  • +1

    I’ve just removed the expiry on the deal because (for now) it’s still working, and the previous deal using a Black Friday code from 2019 remained working until August 2021.

    And tested with the following VPNs:
    NordVPN, Surfshark, Private Internet Access, CyberGhost, Getflix

  • what a turkish delight. Thanks OP. Wonder what other TRY deals are there with their currency plummeting. Feel sorry for the Turkish people though being robbed of hyper inflation.

  • Thanks OP. Charged $58 for lifetime. Amazing!

  • Thanks OP, AU$56 for the lifetime subscription!

  • Cheers OP, worked with Nord VPN. Charged to my bank $56.16 with no international fees

  • +1

    Still working 05/12
    Just paid $56.65

    Thanks OP

  • Has anyone got this to work recently? I connected via vpn and with 2 different credit cards and I get;
    "There was an error charging your card. Please contact your card issuer for more information."

    • +1

      Worked with my ING debit card.

  • +1

    Still working - 28/12/21. Used Windscribe extension on Chrome as mentioned above.


    • It worked! Must have been the VPN I was using :)

      • Same here. ING card rejected on Firefox with surfshark, but worked fine on Chrome with Windscribe. $54.29.
        I've been thinking the last month or so, I should head back to OzB and see if any Calm deals via Turkey are happening.
        Job done. Thanks guys

  • +1

    Still working in 2022.
    A$56.06 using hsbc multi-currency account.
    Great deal, thanks OP.

  • Offer is persisting at time of writing. Used NordVPN to access Turkish server.

    $56.59 AUD via HSBC, sorted. Thanks OP

  • Shows $219 AUD now even when connected to Turkey VPN.

    • Worked for me just now. Chrome with Windscribe extension. $54.29 ING Card.

  • Hi guys, if I use a VPN and buy this via Turkey, do I always have to use a VPN-to-turkey when using it? Or can I use it in Aus without a VPN, without issues?

  • Amazing, I just got it! Windscribe didn’t work for me on Chrome on my computer for some reason though, so it took a while to fiddle around to use a VPN that’d connect to Turkey, but after that all easy peasy.

  • Can someone please give a dunce like me a run down on how exactly to do the whole VPN thing? I had a go but couldn’t work it out. It would be much appreciated.

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